Powweb Raises Rates

Jul 23, 2008

Even though it is not mentioned anywhere on their web site, powweb billed me $8.77/mo instead of the advertised $7.77. I asked about this in their forum and that << removed >> Ian promptly deleted my post. Has anyone else heard about this?

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NYC Bandwidth Rates

Apr 16, 2008

What are some current prices I can expect for a 200-300Mb/s commitment delivered over a 1Gb/s connection in NYC ?

From some any provider besides Cogent and HE, companies like Verizon / Savvis / Level3 / Internap or any other top providers out there.

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Anyone Else Have Their XO Rates Raised

Jun 5, 2008

I was reviewing my colocation bill and noted that XO communications had increased my cabinet electrical fee by $80.

I have a contract that fixes the price for the term of the contract (2 years.)

I telephoned XO and was told *directly* that there are loopholes in every contract, and as far as they were concerned, they were using this one. The woman did not tapdance - she spit it right out like it was reheresed. She, and others at XO, further stated that they were raising the rates for electricity in order to remain competitive. I referred back to my contract; they referred to their Terms and Conditions.

Well, their Terms and Conditions state nothing about rate increases, and moreover, states unambiguously that when there is a conflict between their Terms and Conditions as posted on their web site, and a Service Order & Agreement (contract)(SOA) the SOA is the controlling document.

Knowing this has not helped. I even sent an email to the General Manager, Kevin Odden, who insisted that I fax a copy of my SOA because he simply could not trust that I typed the following to him accurately:

E. RATES AND CHARGES: Service rates and charges shall be set forth in the Terms and Conditions or in this SOA and shall remain in effect during the initial Term. In the event of a conflict between the rates and charges set forth in the Terms and Conditions and those established in this SOA, the rates and charges set forth in this SOA shall be controlling.

I know others here have XO. I am thinking Class Action.

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Good Transfer Rates

Oct 7, 2008

I have a web site currently at ipower. Until a few months ago, the transfer rate was good at over 1.5 mega-bytes per seconds, but after a transition to new servers, it's now down to 350 kilo-bytes per second.

Ipower's advertising claims 15,000GB bandwith per month, but in order to get that, it would require a continuous transfer rate of 5.787 mega-bytes per second, 16 1/2 fold increase in transfer rate over the current 350 kilo-byte per second rate. Yet another example of false advertising.

Anyway, other than signing up with a service, testing download rates, canceling the seriver, signing up with another service, is there anyone here that can recommend a web hosting service with around 1 to 2 megabyte per second transfer rates, or a link to a review of web hosts that includes transfer rates?

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Ping Rates - Should I Be Concerned

Jun 3, 2008

I currently have a server sitting with Provider A and another server sitting on provider B. I only recently purchased the server with provider B and planned to phase out server A. My concern is, when I ping both servers from the same location, server B's times are nearly twice server B (90+ ms versus 48ms). How big of a difference will larger ping times like this make with respect to the end user (e.g., web page loading, etc?)

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Colo4Dallas Raising Rates 20%, Anyone Else Get The Notice

May 1, 2007

I just got a notice from Leslie at Colo4Dallas that they are raising their rates by 20% effective June, 2007. Did anyone else get this notice yet today? And in order to get the lower price (20% increase), I will have to sign a 12 month contract. So for example, my 1/2 rack will go from $399 to $478, or if I choose to stay month to month, the new rate will be $600.

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Powweb :: What Do You Think?

Oct 12, 2005

Does anyone have any experience with www.powweb.com?

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Survey Of Tranfer Rates And Monthly Bandwidth

Jun 25, 2008

Maybe this will help in my search for a web hosting or VPS site. Please reply to this list if you know the data. I'm showing tranfer rates and bandwidth in bytes not bits.

Observed transfer rate, throttled to 360KBPS, virtually guaranteeed though. I've seen peaks over 600GB / month with no complaints from Ipower.

Average transfer rate 170KBPS, peak rate 250KBPS.

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PowWeb And Lunarpages?

Jun 16, 2006

Anyone got any recommendations on these two hosts?

PowWeb seems to offer a lot of storage, whats the catch?

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Anybody Tried Midphase Or Powweb Please?

Feb 24, 2006

Looking for more webhosting for different sites: I was wondering if anybody had any opinions on Midphase or Powweb please. I have researched them both throughly but would be interested to know what the latest opinions are on them.

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My 5 Year Review Of Powweb

Oct 19, 2007

I have had several accounts with Powweb for 5 years now and I thought I would write a brief review of them:


I originally went with Powweb 5 years ago based off of a referral from a friend. At the time, the “shared hosting environment” isn’t quite what it is today. For the first several years, I experienced trouble free hosting (for the most part) and truly felt as though I was “getting what I paid for.”

Powweb, back then, was a privately owned company based out of California ( I believe) and I usually got the impression that most of their employees truly cared about their customers and the quality of service they provided. What made them semi-unique at the time, was that they offered only a “one plan solution” (they didn’t offer multiple plan types) and the simplicity of their business model worked well for most.

Powweb was also unique in that they offered community forums which were pretty “open” and it truly allowed customers to discuss problems and issues with one another. A few years ago, they transitioned from private dedicated servers to a clustered environment and that did bring along some hard time, but they got it under control eventually. Overall, I was satisfied with the service.


A year or so ago Powweb was bought-out by Endurance. If you do not know anything about Endurance, they are a very large web-hosting company which has acquired several other large shared-hosts over the past few years.

Once Powweb was purchased by Endurance, the quality in service immediately decreased. Part of what Endurance does with most of their acquisitions is to assimilate them into their fold. This was a very shaky process and nearly everyone experience a large amount of downtime.

Additionally, Powweb is now plagued by horrible MySQL issues where the service is nearly completely useless. For the past year, Powweb has been either unable or unwilling to fix these issues. It can often take several minutes for even the most basic of queries to run. Any dynamic type of an application: forums, blogs, CMS, are usually rendered completely useless.

To make matters worse, Powweb continues to aggressively advertise these resource heavy applications and then ask for patience as they attempt to get their issues fixed. It has been about a year now, and still it is not resolved. Much of these issues come from the extreme overselling that Powweb does. Nearly every day, all websites (even static ones) come to a complete crawl.

Calling customer support is also a waste of your time. 95% of the time, you are met by a rude person who simply tells you “well, it seems to work for me” or that “we are aware of the problem” (at best). Opening support tickets is also usually not helpful. Tickets are often closed without any contact with the customer and it is very common for them to “give you the run-around.”

I have been told by support several times to keep an eye on the forums for updates on issues and whatnot. Then, if you go to the forums and attempt to get any information from there, you are told that ‘these are only user-helping user forums’ and that you can’t get any official help there, though customer support told you to go to that very place. Additionally, Powweb’s staff practices extreme censorship of the forum and it is common for negative remarks to be removed or posts completely deleted, many times without any acknowledgement of the act.

In addition to the MySQL issues, Powweb also experiences frequent “lock-ups,” CGI issues, email issues, dns issues, and so on and so forth. The list of problems that has occurred over the past year is literally too long to remember.

In conclusion, the Powweb of new is nothing like the Powweb of old. This new Powweb is controlled by an over-selling giant (Endurance) that is only concerned with the number of accounts as apposed to the quality of service. While certainly any business related site should not be in such an environment at all, I would even suggest that people looking for a host for hobby related purposes stay clear of powweb – it’s that bad.

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Powweb Charging Loyal Customers More...

Jul 11, 2008

Powweb's regular monthly charge is $7.77... Long term customers have been paying this for years, and it's still the price listed on their main page. It's even the price new customers will pay...

However, existing customer for some reason now have to pay the undocumented price of $8.77 a month.

Way to treat your existing customers! Charging them more for no reason other than they've been loyal!

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FatCow, Dot5, PowWeb, IPower: One In The Same!

Aug 5, 2008

I found out today that FatCow, Dot5 Hosting, PowWeb, and iPower Hosting are all part of the smae hosting conglomerate. The parent company is called Endurance International Group. It seems that the companies have gone out of their way to make their connections unpublished, which is very misleading to their customers. However, I recognized some similarities of their websites, and spoke with a representative over the phone who admitted that they were all connected. There are probably other companies too, but they wouldn't give out any more info.

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Powweb Live Technical Support

Sep 5, 2008

The sales Live Support of powweb is great but after signing up an account with them, the technical support seems to be very bad.

I need to wait more than one hour to get a support staff.

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Is Powweb And Dot5hosting Owned By The Same Owner? Or Are They Diffrent?

Apr 11, 2008

I'm looking both at powweb website and dot5hosting and the products page look exactly the same with different colors. Are they owned by different owners, or do do their pages just look the same?

Here are the links ....

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Go Daddy Domain W/ Powweb Hosting Problem

Mar 6, 2007

I just registered a .info domain with GoDaddy for $0.99, and have the nameservers set up for Powweb, and my htaccess also setup; however, going to "mysite.info" works, but typing "www.mysite.info" does not work. I do not have this issue with any other of my domains. Any ideas?

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