Maintaining Production/Development Environment

Sep 2, 2008

Working on bringing up a new site and was looking to solicit some feedback regarding the optimum way to maintain build/production integrity.

I currently use FileZilla FTP client, set file override to trigger on size and do a bulk upload of the entire site.

The problem is that I need to exclude certain files and directories like the image directory and the configure.php etc. every time I do an upload.

I have used Dreamweavers development/production sync features for a client site in the past and that was very good.

I was thinking about writing my own script to do the maintenance work, but thought I would ask if there is a better way.

How do you all maintain your production/development synchronization?

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How To Create A Web Service Testing Environment (mini Production Enviroment)

Jul 15, 2009

I want to create a testing environment that is a miniature replication of a full production environment for a web service. From what I understand I'll need three components:

1. A web server

2. PIX firewall

3. DB server

Is there anything else I'll need or anything else I should be mindful of? Looking forward to insight/feedback.

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Maintaining CPanel Server

Apr 15, 2008

I am thinking of purchasing a dedicated server running Cent OS 5 with cPanel installed.

The reason for doing this is the websites I run have large bandwidth usage and usually result in getting banned from shared hosting. I will not be reselling the hosting or have other clients on the server, just myself.

I have found a provider that offers good server prices along with 100MB/s unmetered bandwidth. Unfortunately to keep the prices low there are completely unmanaged.

I have some Linux knowledge with setting up and maintaining servers in small environments but not on the internet where lots of security issues come to light.

Will this server running cPanel be hard to maintain and is a firewall installed with or will this be a third party add-on / installation. I am worried as this will be the first t cPanel ime I will have a server exposed to the internet and do not want to be hacked etc.

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Transfering My Clients To A New Host But Maintaining Website Function And Integrity

Jan 6, 2009

I have 35 clients hosting on my dedicated server.

I am going to be ending my service as a host provider, and I need to transfer all of my clients to a new host.

Many of my clients sites were written 3-4 years ago in php while global vars was still off, and so many of the sites might not function correctly if I just pop them to a new host.

My first solution would be to bypass the php .ini file with a public_html/ based ini that would override any newer server settings.

Does anyone know of a good host that could take my clients? And also support the php version locally to the shared account?

I need a host that is reliable, and honest.

Am I going about this the right way?

I am open to any suggestions or advice on this.

I should probably add, all of my clients pay on an annual basis from $89-$140. None of my clients run video sites or any heavy media stuff.

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Development Server

Jan 19, 2009

im using WAMP on a development server, and my main computer can't access the dev server
i.e. i should be able to type in the ip for the other computer and it should bring up my pages,

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Development Server From Old PC

Apr 19, 2008

I have an old PC kicking around that I'd like to turn in to a server connected to my home network for testing/previewing sites. The PC currently has Win XP Pro installed.

I propose to use Apache, complete with MySQL and PHP.

Do I need to have Win XP installed or does Apache work standalone? If I do need an OS, should I use Ubuntu?

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Development On Laptop And Desktop

Aug 29, 2008

I am setting up xampp on my desktop and when at home, I can develop on either the desktop or my laptop using xttp://localhost/ or xttp://desktop/. When I suddenly need to travel, what's the best/easiest/fastest way to make sure I have the files I need to work with on my laptop?

Is it to install xampp on my laptop, and then copy the files I need from /xampp/htdocs over from the desktop? How would I copy the MySQL databases over as well?

I was also looking into Microsoft's SyncToy 2.0. When combined with scheduled tasks I can do automatic sychronizations once per day. Multiple times per day would be ideal... but I could set up pairings and do manual copying everytime I need to run out.

Are there better ways? I could install the 'master' server on my laptop, but I would prefer to keep it on my desktop (more space, more power, etc.)

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Setting Up Identical Development Server

Sep 4, 2008

I have a dedicated Centos 5 server that is a live production server.

Now I need to have a server for testing things like new kernels, updated packages or changed settings to check if the web applications still run after these updates or changes before I update the live production server.

For this purpose I think the best way would be to have local virtual machines under vmware, also putting Centos 5 onto the virtual machine and even creating snapshots of it, before an update in case the update breaks too many things, I could just revert back.

My question is how can I make sure that I install the exact same packages and same versions of everything onto the development server that I have on the production server now?

How do I create an exact duplicate of my production server before I start to test updates?

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Development Tools On Dedicated Servers

Jul 21, 2008

I have a CentOS dedicated server that does not have gcc,make,other standard develomplent tools installed. The provider adamantly refuses to offer any assistance citing terms of the contract.

Being a newbie in running servers I have trouble finding binary form of packages matching the version of my OS and pre-installed libraries.

Obviously I cannot compile anything without a compiler (including the compiler itself!).

I have downloaded the centos distro, and mounted iso on my server, but that was wrong version. Turns out the right release is only available via bittorrent - which I again cannot install without gcc.

What is "industry standard" for dedicated Linux servers in this respect: do providers typically pre-install tools like gcc? or they leave users figure that out on their own?

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Mac OSX : MAMP Vs Ubuntu Install For Local Development

Dec 9, 2008

I have in the past downloaded/installed MAMP for PHP/MySQL development on my Mac laptop.

I recently learned about Ubuntu and am intrigued.

I need to either reinstall MAMP (from which is nothing more than a button click or two.

I do not want to find myself inside a unix shell on the command line - if that's required to install Ubuntu

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Anyone Using StarWind SAN In Production

Oct 23, 2009

Noticed they have a High Availability version coming out soon and was wondering how dependable their products have been over time and how responsive their tech support are.

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Hostingplex - 3rd Shift Admin Removes VPS And Destroys $1000s In Development

May 14, 2007


After one week and no email on my new VPS and repeated requests by the admins to document what the problem was over and over again I decided to contact sales and report how unsatisfied I was with their service.

The 3rd shift admin promptly removed my VPS and destroyed thousands of dollars worth of development.

I guess if you are that lame that you can't get email working on a week you need to lash out and cause damage to someone. I'll be calling in the morning to see if this is regular policy to immediately void a contract and destroy the current working website wothout any warning.

Reponse from hoaxingplex admin below.


We haverefunded the payment and removed the vps, your domain is not registered through us so you already have access to reconfigure it for a new vps, we are not withholding access to anything.

Kevin Moonlight

Ticket Details
Ticket ID: SYQ-564945
Department: Level 3 Support
Priority: Medium
Status: Open

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Apache 2.2 And CPanel 11 In Production Env

Nov 24, 2007

Has anyone successfully gotten Apache 2.2 and cPanel 11 running in production? I would love to have this setup.

I'm currently running cPanel 11.15.0-RELEASE with Apache 2.0.16 with no problems.

I would love to get Apache 2.2 running so I can actually utilize Ruby on Rails.

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Production Mail Server

Feb 17, 2007

I would like to set up a quick and dirty mail server for my production machine.

Basically, I just need to send emails to myself when I'm testing php scripts that use mail(). My solution right now is to comment the instances of mail() out until the site goes live, which is a pain.

I'm on a Windows Vista(64) box, I'm running Apache2, PHP5, and MySQL5. What (free) mailserver could I use that has a relatively quick setup.

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How To Allow Client-only Access To A Production Site

Aug 4, 2008

How I do put a website of a client that is in production and give them access it to view it while preventing search engines from indexing it? I had the production site on a sub domain but search engines would inevitably index it. I could a no-index robot text but if people had the domain, they'd still find it. I want to just put it on my server and the client can login with a PW and view the status.

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A Good VPS For A Media Production Company

Jul 8, 2008

After several issues with our shared hosting provider, I have decided to recommend we move our site to a VPS solution.

We are a video/media production house and although our actual site does not demand many cpu/memory resources, we have a huge need for ample disk space and FAST data transfers up and down.

We are constantly uploading video files for client approval, receiving files from animators/designers/etc., delivering files to clients, etc. and need FAST and RELIABLE hosting to accomplish this.

I may end up using a content management system for the site itself, probably Drupal, but our actual web content is minimal. Most of our traffic takes place behind the scenes as data transfer.

I simply don't have the bandwith onsite to run my own server, so I would like to try the VPS route. I don't think we have money to budget for a dedicated server.

One last question. Do any VPS solutions offer a media streaming server for Flash streaming?

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Buying Production-quality Switch

Nov 12, 2007

For learning purposes, I'd like to purchase a switch to network at least 4 servers. Based on your knowledge of switches and the ones you currently use in production, could you recommend some switches that, while initially for development use, could be transitioned to production?

I'd like a switch that specifically isn't meant for home use, because a big part of the reason for purchasing it is to get experience configuring, using, and troubleshooting a production-quality switch that has anywhere from 8-32 ports.

For those of you that actually network 32 devices together in production, do you have one mega 32-port switch, or multiple smaller (e.g. 8-port) switches? What setup, in your experience, have you determined to be ideal?

What criteria are very important to consider when purchasing a switch that, as a newbie to this area, I may not have otherwise considered? Most resources on this topic give pretty basic information, but don't highlight the real 'gotcha' areas.

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Apache :: 2.4.3 Mod Proxy Not Stable In Production

Dec 25, 2013

Have run through a bunch of threads on mod_proxy race conditions, possible causes, and potential solutions.

What is the status? Is there a fix for this, maybe in 2.4.7?

On 2.4.3 in production we literally have 10K errors in the past 2 months along the lines of:

Code : AH00898: Error reading from remote server returned by...

Application server (JVM webapp) issues no errors at the time of mod_proxy error occurring. It seems then that mod_proxy is sporadically broken, which is horrible for end users accessing an otherwise rock solid production application.

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Apache :: Accept Files In Home Directory - Development Server Access Denied

Jul 19, 2014

I have recently switched from Ubuntu to Mint because I would like to enjoy out of the box functionality. I installed Apache, PHP and Mysql. When I go to localhost, the page displays correctly indicating that the server is functioning. In /var/www/html I created devPages. In devPages I created a symlink to a directory in my home directory where I keep all of my html/php files.

When I point my browser to http://localhost/devPages/1/ I get "You don't have permission to access /devPages/1/ on this server". This appears to be a permissions/ownership issue. I don't want to change the permissions for the directory or files in the home directory because they are set to work properly on my production server. Is there a way to get apache to accept files in my home directory?

I have set owner and group for devPages and the symlink to www-data. Set permissions to 755 for devPages.

By the way, under Ubuntu, I have always used a symlink and it always worked without any issues.

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Apache :: Testing New Site And Then Migrating Into Production

Jan 30, 2013

I'm not sure if i posted this in the right place - but couldn't find a better place. Here is my problem.

I am converting my current site [URL] ... from one software to another. I am testing it on a temporary domain name [URL] .....

Once i finish testing i want to move the .co site to the .com site and i don't know the best way to do this.

An obvious way would be to move all of the files and databases to the .com site after first deleting all of the files at the .com site. I would also have to do a few tweaks to the software to make sure it's pointing to the .com and not .co where iI tested.

but this method seems clunky.

Is there a way to just point the .com to the .co when I'm ready to 'move' and therefore nothing would actually get 'moved'?? both the .com and .co are on the same VPS.

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Links Not Working In Xamp On Local But Work In Production

May 22, 2009

I installed XAMP and copied my entire site down and put it in htdocs. I can see the index page, but the page's links and css are broken.

My local site:


my production environment:


and the physical address on the box is:


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HP 2848 Reliable Enough For Public Facing Production Switching

Jul 16, 2009

The 2848's can be had at pretty good prices these days. Don't think I'll be needing any fancy features out of these guys aside from vlaning, spanning tree, port channeling and some other basic commodities -- all of which should be cake for this switch.

I was going to pickup some 2950's, but considering these are only ~600 each in most cases..might as well.

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SSHFS/FUSE + AFUSE Or AutoFS On A Production Server

Jan 30, 2008

I have two servers - one serves dynamic content (PHP) and the other serves static content (images and other files).

The PHP needs to have access to the images and files on the other server so at the moment I execute SSHFS manually to mount a directory containing the contents of the remote server. Permissions are set up so PHP can access and modify the images and files as if they're local files.

This works fine until the server needs restarting or network problems occur. I'd like to rectify this by using an daemon auto-mounter to make sure the directory is remounted if it ever becomes unmounted for any reason, including after a server reboot.

I understand that SSHFS is solid and secure, and both AFUSE and AutoFS offer suitable auto-mounting functionality, but I can't find any solid information on how suitable AFUSE or AutoFS are for a production server - my main concern being whether it's going to cause some unforeseen security issues.

Is AFUSE or AutoFS suitable for a production server?

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Setting Up An Environment On My VPS

Nov 3, 2007

I initially wanted to set up a VPS because I want to build a web application. The first phase is to set up a development environment, testing environment and production server. For the development environment, I want to set up an SVN server for my code (one reason why I chose a vps instead of a shared server) as well as a bug tracking system. Each environment would be under subdomains, except the production server (,,

My question is what is the best way to utilize my VPS for this type of environment? Should I create a client for each environment? Stick everything under my admin account? I'm sure this is a simple question, but I just want to make my system as organized as possible.

At the minimum, could someone point me in the direction of any resources?

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Setting Up VPS Environment

Oct 5, 2009

I bought brand new server (2x i7 (8cores), 12GB DDR3, 4x1TB HDD etc...)

Well basically i want to divide my server into few VPS, so how can i start, which virtualization to use etc...

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Your Server Environment

Mar 30, 2008

what others are doing within their hosting environment in which they are providing servers to their customers, either dedicated or shared. Do you build custom servers, use desktops or buy name brand like Dell, HP or IBM. I am curious as to why you take what approach you do. How large is your environment as far as servers go and how many customers you have.

Secondly are you currently taking advantage of virtualization technologies within your server environment. If so for what main purpose? Consolidation of server sprawl, availability, reduced hardware costs, heating/cooling, floor space, etc.

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Hybrid Environment

Jul 25, 2007

I am still in a thinking stage and will like to learn from your experience, and was wondering if any of you folks have a hybrid environment i.e. Linux and Proprietary systems and what kind of issues do you run into. And also, what pieces of technology you have - which are open source and which ones you have are proprietary and any changes you anticipate 1 year out.

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Grid Environment

Sep 27, 2007

I have 4 of these xeon servers, i want to setup a grid environment...

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R1Soft In A Virtualized Environment

Mar 1, 2009

Anyone have any experience using R1Soft in a virtualized environment as the VPS provider rather than the VPS user?

I'm wanting to offer some solid bare metal backup. It is generally difficult to do sound backup procedures in dom0, since can sometimes suffer file corruption when backing up running domUs from outside of them, and I use LVM drives rather than disk images.

I've always heard backing up from inside domU is best.

R1Soft is an obvious option but the pricing seems quite high and I'm wondering what kind of CPU/disk usage impact it could have. Say you just have 16 virtual servers per box (2 per core)... that is 16 instances running, and ~$2400 just in licenses alone.

Anyone have any experience doing backups/CDP in a virtualized environment? You using R1Soft or something else? Inside domU or out?

I wish R1Soft offered monthly pricing, since then the upfront investment per customer isn't nearly as much.

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A Perfect LAMP Environment

Feb 15, 2008

I'm in the process of trying to document a process for setting up any new LAMP servers in our hosting environment and I was wondering if anyone had any input on software and best practices that they use in their environment and why. I.E.

PHP setup
Apache setup
Preferred Linux Distro
FTP program used
User creation guidelines
Default php.ini settings
Default site settings

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