How Do You Monitor Your Ranges For Blacklisted IPS

Oct 4, 2009

We have a few customers who have multiple C classes with us and we are wondering how most of you monitor for blacklisting.

We currently randomly pick a few IPS and check them once a month but this is not very thorough. We were wondering if there is a program out there that can check say a /20 automatically once a month or atleast something we can initiate an automated check once a month with?

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Any DCs Offer Class C IP Ranges

Nov 2, 2008

Most dcs offer 1-25 ip addresses... looking for some that offer 100-300 IPs.

Let me know any you have used, or any recommendations, or any places you know of that offer several IPs..

My justifiaction would be for SEO and SSL (As each SSL cert needs its own IP) -- a lot of datacenters don't like to give out more IPs, so I need some more lenient ones.

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WinVPS And Block Large IP Ranges

Apr 26, 2007

I'd like to block off large ranges of IP's, much like the iptables does for a Linux server. I want to cut out China and a few others completely? Can I do that just with the standard Win 2003? I know the IIS has tables, but I need to also include all things outside the IIS too. What software is better for this?

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: How To Limit Samba Accesses To Certain IP / Ranges

Jul 18, 2014

Samba accesses can be restricted to certain IP / ranges through the access tab in the Plesk Samba extension screen.This builds the /etc/samba/ smb. conf.include file with entered information.All well and good so far.

This file contains the standard 'do not modify...' text, so making manual changes directly here is undesirable. In Plesk are some Linux commands such as /usr/local/psa/bin/php_handler through which permitted changes can be made from the command line.

Is there a similar command included which would allow a shell script to make changes in a supported manner like the /usr/local/psa/bin/php_handler file does? any changes the script makes can be seen in the Plesk Panel and unless admin changes them through the panel will be persistent.

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OpenVZ Different Gateways IP Ranges, Unpingable From Outside World "feature" Any Fix?

Dec 5, 2008

OpenVZ different gateways IP ranges, unpingable from outside world "feature" any fix?

The server main IP (eth0) is, the allocation is - being the GATEWAY.

The ADDITIONAL IP allocation is, being the GATEWAY.

Now, if I be specific on /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 and declare everything like so:


Please ignore all the above IPs config.

Now, using that VE nodes on the range are unpingable. How can I fix that?

Please take note that I remove all settings from ifcfg, and leave IPADDR and GATEWAY, the internet can ping the nodes. But within the no-one can ping the nodes on the range ( Which is my problem, that I came here to solve).

Here's the VE ...

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Not Getting Blacklisted?

Apr 3, 2008

We will shortly moving from our Shared to Dedicated hosting (First time). The main reason being the outgoing mails..

We need to send around 60k emails to our members/week (newsletter).

Our hosting company allowed only 200 mails per hour.. thus getting sick of this .. we decided to get our own server.

Now i have read many threads saying that they get blacklisted and their account being suspended..

How do i ensure that i don't land up being BLACKLISTED?

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Server IPs Blacklisted

Jul 14, 2008

I ordered a server on Sagonet, a company specializing in renting dedicated servers. Well, after paying 125 euros, I receive a server with dns almost totally blacklisted in my country, Italy. I ask those of Sagonet of risolvermi the problem but they are slow and rude and say that I hosted illegal content on my server. Too bad that my server has only a forum half-empty and no illegal content and they want from me other $60 for control my sites, blackmailing me. So I paid for a service, without being able to take advantage and they . Be careful to Sagonet, a disservice, because people rude and incompetent.

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Hostgator Blacklisted What Now

Apr 23, 2008

I found out today is black listed and so is the ip they have given me for my domain. I have allways been a happy customer but when your domain is blacklisted because of your hosting company thats not good. It also prevents some people from being able to send you e-mail.

When I talked with HG support today they suggested a dedicated IP but no promises. So thats not a positive indicator as well.

I have the baby croc plan with them and would like something simular with another hosting company that I can be for sure is not on a black list. I have had no compliants with them over last 2 years I have used them but this is something that will make me leave them if there is nothing they can do to solve it which appears to be the case after speaking with HGs support.

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My Server Is Blacklisted

Jul 2, 2008

My server seems to be caught under this listing, even though my IP address is not meantioned anywhere in the listing (nor have i been sending out any spam) The blacklist if of a netblock of 4096 ip address in which 2 of which belong to my server.


My question is really what do i do now?

Should I contact my provider or do I have to contact the spamhaus directly?

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Checking Blacklisted IP Addresses Given

Aug 5, 2009

Searching G, I find these for running checks on blacklisted ips:

Which both seem to be for blacklisted email servers. But what about checking if the ip has been blacklisted for other reasons ( business practices, reports of complaint, adult sites, etc)

What is a decent check?

This is for checking on newly assigned dedicated ip's ( or other) before applying them to domains on a new account.

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IP Blacklisted For Spam Reasons

May 23, 2009

we got a server blacklisted because there was a script sending spam emails, ofcourse we got that removed and taken more measures, the problem is that many lists still have our ips blacklisted (4 days after the solution was given).

is there some kind of script or any service/website that can check my server's ips for being in any spam list and notify me everyday ?

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How To Search If An IP Is Blacklisted In My Server

Apr 10, 2009

I'm having a problem with a client (X) which doesn't receive emails from one of his clients(Y). After few days of talking with Y hosting company I wasn't able to solve the broblem, but told from them to check if their IP is blocked in my server (which I'm sure it isn't).

My first question is where to check for blacklisted IP which blocks email, and not HTTP request ...

Is there a different place than /etc/apf/deny_hosts.rules .. is there a file in exim configuration ?

I have a linux server with WHM 11.24.2.


The error that Y client receives when sending mail to X is:

Server Response: '550 5.0.0 <>... User unknown', Port:
25, Secure(SSL): No, Server Error: 550, Error Number: 0x800CCC79

I'm very sure that if Y's IP was blocked he shouldn't receive that error.

What I belive is that there are some DNS problems, because X client was hosted on the same company as Y, now few years ago, and I belive that when moving X to my server, the other hosting company didn't deleted all DNS records .. and that's why Y clients get the error user unknown. Is it correct what I'm suppose ?

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Do You Get Blacklisted Right Away Or Does It Take Multiple Reportings?

Jul 7, 2008

We are starting to send our newsletter out to people who subscribe to it. We are using the same server our website is on, so we have the same ip address. We don't spam or anything like that, but what if someone wants to report you. Do you get blacklisted right away or does it take multiple reportings? Does it mess up your search engine ranking?

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Check If IP Is Blacklisted On Server

Jan 4, 2007

One of our customers has reporting not being able to access any sites hosted on our server. He is using a cable connection with a static IP number . He is able to access all other web sites on the Internet, he just can't access the ones hosted on our network.

Do you have any ideas on why this could be occuring, or if there is something on the server which could have blacklisted his static IP, preventing him access.

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Not Blacklisted But Mails Being Rejected

Aug 29, 2007

I've had problem with the VPS getting blacklisted alot lately.

Anyway, I think the problems resolved now and we've not been blacklisted for over 2 days, yet there still seems to be alot of e-mail servers rejecting mails from the server due to blacklisting.

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Blacklisted By Yahoo Mail,Gmail

Aug 22, 2007

All emails sent from my server go direct to Bulk or Spam folder,how can i remove blacklisted status?

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If Your IP Is Blacklisted On Hotmail And Yahoo Mail, Would Getting A New IP Change

Mar 1, 2008

I have contacted hotmail asking why automated emails such as registration verification are being blocked and they said that my server's IP was on a blacklist for spam. I never spam and I do not think a bot has phished using my server's IP. Anyway, if I were to switch server IPs would that solve the problem?

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DedicatedNOW / Fortress ITX - Blacklisted IPs, Slow Response

Jun 18, 2008

This is in regard to ongoing stress I've had over this server from DN...

Keep in mind this is a NEW server order; my first with this company.

I was assigned IPs that appear to be on multiple spam block lists. The "biggest" problems are mail being dumped to bulk by yahoo and dumped to bulk or completely black holed by hotmail. It was also blocked by comcast,, and anyone who uses SORBS (those are the only ones I KNOW about so far). This helps reinforce the suspicion that bulk mail was being delivered from the IPs at some point.

I Contacted support at 9PM on the 13th and was referred to abuse. Only after complaining again on the 17th, was I told they requested removal from ONE of the blacklists and they would "look into" the others. I replied saying I wanted new IPs or I would request a refund and that I did not feel the service I recently purchased was actually delivered.

Now here is the part that is giving me the feeling this will not end well for me; I no longer see the abuse department ticket when I log into their ticket system.

What If I ordered the server to use as a mail server? Am I out of line for finding a new server unable to deliver mail to the hotmail/yahoo inbox unacceptable?

Telling my customers to wait and maybe someday their mail will be delivered to the major free mail services is not the kind of reputation I want to have. Its feels like I was sold a problem someone else created and am expected to wait an unspecified amount of time to see if it can be resolved. I do not feel its fair to be left hanging while waiting for white listing attempts on IPs I did not soil in the first place.

I really hate bulk mailers and spammers. : /

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Blacklisted Because Of Legitimate Email Sent Via Web-based Forms

Jan 30, 2008


Client has a nice website with a "contact us" online form. The form itself is secure (no injection attacks etc) and simply collects some data from the site-user, and emails that data to the site owners email address.

This email is sent using php "FROM" the siteusers email address (eg: etc), so that when it arrives with the site owner, they can simply hit reply etc.

However - the site owners email is protected by "FrontBridge" (aka Microsoft), and suddenly they stop receiving such form-mail.

Response from FrontBridge is
"If the IP that is sending these emails does not have the domain names that it is sending on behalf of registered to it, it can not send to our domain as it will be picked up and flagged as spam. " They then indicate that too much of this so called "spam" will result in a blacklisting - which is what seems to have now happenned.

Pretty unfair I'd have thought, and probably how MOST web based form2email scripts are setup.

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: Blacklisted By CBL When Using Domain Names In SMTP

Jul 6, 2014

After upgrading to Plesk 12, I switched on email sending limit to 50 emails per hour per account and also changed mail config to start using domain names in SMTP and less than 12 hours later became blacklisted by CBL - hotmail and live rely on this blacklist - ; the argument was we were sending bots and malware. This server has been under ASL since over a year now and we are positive its clean; still we did a full scan and nothing came up and none of the mail accounts were even close to sending 50 emails per hour. Being sure we were not sending spam nor malware contacted CBL and got whitelisted ..... for less than 24 hours. This happened three days in a row until we switched back to the previous mail settings where domains are not used in SMTP greeting and since then, we haven't had any trouble with CBL. how can we prevent being blacklisted while using domain names in SMTP greetings?

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What Do You Monitor

May 28, 2009

if you use a site monitoring service (or two) do you need to setup monitors for each website/domain on your VPS or can you just monitor the primary services on the VPS?

Pluses/Minuses for either way?

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Monitor Bandwidth

Oct 7, 2009

I have a windows vps and I want to monitor my bandwidth. How can I do this? I tried using a program called DU Meter but it's counting bandwidth on all users on that node and not mine =[

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How To Monitor Ram Usage

Feb 26, 2009

Can you recommend a method to check ram usage of my vps for the last 24 hrs?

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Monitor Application

Jan 7, 2009

I want to monitor my application to make sure it is 24x7 uptime, if there is anything interrupt, I will be notified by email/SMS right away. There are several web monitoring service, but they all monitor ports, not application. I have bad experience, like, althoguh the web server is alive, but the application is already dead.

So, I want to monitor application instead of monitor a port. Anybody knows where I may find this kind of service?

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How To Monitor Server

Apr 26, 2009

i want to monitor my server. i try mrtg buti cant install it. so how can i monitor my server?

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How Do You Monitor Your XEN VPS's Bandwidth

Aug 6, 2008

I know cacti / MRTG can produce traffic graphs, but how you actually get Cacti to graph the VM's on a physical server?

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