How Do You Monitor Your XEN VPS's Bandwidth

Aug 6, 2008

I know cacti / MRTG can produce traffic graphs, but how you actually get Cacti to graph the VM's on a physical server?

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Monitor Bandwidth

Oct 7, 2009

I have a windows vps and I want to monitor my bandwidth. How can I do this? I tried using a program called DU Meter but it's counting bandwidth on all users on that node and not mine =[

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Bandwidth Monitor

Jul 10, 2007

Does any one know a bandwidth monitor that shows me stats and which programs or Ports and or Servers are using bandwidth and how much they are using in real time?

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Bandwidth Monitor For XenServer

Mar 29, 2009

How is it possible to monitor the data used (in and out) for each node in XenServer?

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Bandwidth Manager/monitor

May 23, 2007

I will be setting up a LAN at home where there will be a few PCs connected to the network.

My idea is that I will have linux box where I will route all the traffic through to monitor it. I was wondering what would be a free solution to go "hardcore" on this. When I mean hardcore, I really mean hardcore. I want stats, packet shaper etc.. It would be a learning process for me too. The only thing is that alot of solutions out there are more enterprise and expensive.

Anyone here use or know a good solution? I was told I could use m0nowall on freeBSD. Another thing I was looking at would be Squid. But to be honest I'm not sure.

Whats a good free software that can do this? Perhaps something really cheap if there is a cost involved.

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Monitor/track Bandwidth With Ipchains?

Sep 28, 2006

I'm working on setting something up for monitoring my bandwidth/traffic on multiple interfaces. I have setup interface aliases so I have eth0, eth0:0, eth0:1 and the issue I'm running into is that it seems snmp cannot tell the diff between the aliased interfaces. I've found references in the cacti forums of using ipchains rules to track the bandwidth, but I've not found a good howto that explains what I need to get going on this.

Any clues/hints?

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VMWare - Monitor Bandwidth Per Vmachine

Mar 3, 2008

Is it possible to monitor the used bandwidth of every virtual machine on a vmware server?

Cause that is something i would like to monitor...

I know it must be possible somehow.. but can anyone point me in the right direction?

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How To Monitor Bandwidth/traffic Using Munin

Nov 21, 2007

Does anyone have a tutorial or instructions to show how to set up munin to monitor bandwidth/traffic utilization?

I have a VPS from a provider that has no monitoring tools, and I need something to monitor.

(The VPS uses the HyperVM software.)

I am using the CentOS version 4.x right now, and munin is already set up and configured with a basic install.

Anyone know how to add traffic/bandwidth monitoring? (Ideally, it would monitor all active ports.. but I only really need it to monitor port 1194 for openVPN software.)

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Software To Monitor Monthly Bandwidth For Windows

Jul 14, 2009

if anyone knows of a good, free tool to monitor how much bandwidth a Windows machine uses monthly. I saw FreeMeter, but I don't know how well that will work to use for a whole month at once.

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Current User DL Speed Monitor/Bandwidth

Jun 27, 2007

I currently have a windows 2003 server box which is being used only for huge file downloads (Media server). Wanted to know if there is some sorta program or script that lets me check the current connections and what speed each connection(ip) is downloading at?

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Build An MRTG Graph To Monitor The Bandwidth Usage For Each IP?

Dec 11, 2008

I already have a UNIX server as the gateway/firewalls for few servers. How do i build an MRTG graph to monitor the bandwidth usage for each IP?

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Do VPSs Share The Same IP

Aug 10, 2007

Do VPSs on the same physical server share the same IP?

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Netdirekt And VPSs

Apr 22, 2007

I would to know if you know someone sells VPS on Netdirekt servers, cause I don't like very much the official NetDirekt VPS offers...

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Apache Memory Usage, Why So Different On 2 VPSs

Mar 24, 2009

I currently have 2 VPSs that I'm monitoring and I noticed that on one of them the memory usage is much higher than the other which doesn't make sense to me. I tracked the high memory usage to the Apache processes.

Here's the overview of the VPSs:

LiquidWeb VPS- 512MB RAM, 10 Sites with minimal usage.
Average httpd process (Owner Priority Cpu% Mem% Command):
nobody 0 0.0 1.2 /usr/local/apache/bin/httpd -k start -DSSL

Virpus VPS- 384MB RAM, 61 sites with moderate usage.
Average httpd process (Owner Priority Cpu% Mem% Command):
nobody 0 0.0 0.3 /usr/local/apache/bin/httpd -k start -DSSL

Both Apache configurations are identical, the only difference besides the hardware is that LiquidWeb runs CentOS4.7 and Virpus runs CentOS5.2, any ideas? It's not to big of a deal since I'm not near my limit for either of them but I was just curious.

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[Powervps] Older VPSs Are Better Then Newest

Aug 7, 2007

what's going inside my provider Powervps/Defender hosting, they are offering now 25% OFF of new customers + triply bandwidth.

Curent customers are not allowod to get this offer, until they order a new VPS and cancel the older.

I'm asking, because i feel, it's samething, why they don't go upgarading the account throughly with keeping IPs and data..? why do old customers need to cancel the old VPS then they go get a new VPS..?

are Old VPSs powerfully then the newest..? any informations...?

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How Can I Make VPSs From Dedicated Server

Jul 6, 2007

I'm searching for how to create a VPSs From dedicated servers and sell it ..

the dedicated server will be :
4 processors 3.0
8 GB ram
1024 GB H.D.D. Sata II
1 GB Uplink

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How To Use 2 Windows VPSs For Higher Reliability

Oct 3, 2007

In order to increase the reliability of a audio streaming service I am thinking to take the action I describe below.

1. Buy two Windows VPSs with WMS installed.

2. Register a domain name (i.e with 4 nameservers: ns1.ip1_vps1, ns2.ip2_vps1, ns3.ip1_vps2, ns4.ip2_vps2.

3. Create all publishing points (streams) on both servers.

Normaly VPS1 should serve all clients. In case VPS1 goes down, VPS2 should jump in and serve all clients-connections. As soon as VPS1 becomes available (ns1 & ns2 start responding again), VPS1 starts serving all new connections.

Load balancing or any other kind of advanced load, traffic, etc management is not important.

Then we have the following cases:
1. VPS1 is down , which means that VPS2 should take charge.

2. VPS1 is up (ns, http, ftp services), but WMS1 is down (crashed). Means that the playlist (asx) file should be built so that it also includes the IP, port & publishing points of VPS2. This should be done because ns1 & ns2 will answer without any problem, but WMS1 will be crashed and won't serve any media connections, thus ASX will look for the next available stream in the playlist.

Do you think that the above is possible. Is this gonna work?

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Can I Have Mix Windows And Linux VPSs On The Same Server Running CentOS

Feb 15, 2009

if i can create 2 VPS with completely different OS such as CentOS5 and Windows 2003 Std.

The main server will be running CentOS with HyperVM.

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Xenvz Stop My 2 VPSs, Because I Spread Conficker Virus?

Oct 13, 2009

Last month I order 2 Xen VPSs from and use them for VPN proxy.

But a few days ago, xenvz stopped one vps and state "This is because it is spreading the Conficker virus.". I'm a little surprise because there's only 10+ users on this vps. Most of them use VPN for visting Youtube or P2P download or gaming. And Conficker virus can only run on Windows, but all my vps is running on Debian.

Maybe someone had download something that contain Conficker virus?

Anyway, I had to move a few users to another vps yesterday.

But xenvz stop my another vps today for the same reason!

I really do not know whether or not one of my user is spreading or other reason, but as I know, Conficker virus had affected thousands of hosts in the past. If someone download or being affect by conficker for any reason, provider then stop their host, I'm afraid thousands of sites would down.

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"Burstable" RAM In VPSs

Jan 28, 2008

Most VPS offerings have "burstable" memory allocations. I get how you can do this with most things -- letting a VPS access more CPU cycles can be done pretty easily, and a 10 Mbps line burstable to 100 Mbps makes sense.

But how does the guest OS handle all of a sudden having more memory? Since a lot of VPS guests run without modification, how does this work? Does the typical Linux system support dynamic changes in RAM? I can only imagine that dealing with "un-bursting" is even more complex: suppose I have 128MB, burst to 512, but then the host node tries to reclaim some of it. Is the system smart enough to seamlessly swap out to disk when RAM "disappears?" I'd fully expect a kernel panic when the system's RAM shrinks in size, particularly when the RAM was in use.

I'm curious about exactly how all of this is managed. Given that 95% of VPS hosts give a burstable range of RAM, what exactly manages this? Is the virtualization platform handling this and somehow "tricking" the kernel, or is the guest system able to deal with changing RAM allocations? And, if the latter, is this a standard feature of the Linux kernel, or are guest OS mods still necessary to deal with burstable RAM?

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Bandwidth Monitoring :: Create Bandwidth Charts Of Network Objects

Apr 3, 2009

I have a Sonicwall NSA 3500. Does anyone know if you can use it to create bandwidth charts of Network Objects (e.g. IPs or Groups of IPs)?

I am thinking something like Cacti, but I don't know the code to pull that info or if it's even technically possible.

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A Shared Web Hosting Service With Unlimited Space/bandwidth, Or A Dedicated One With Limited Space/bandwidth

Jul 29, 2008

which case is more preferred: a shared web hosting service with unlimited space/bandwidth, or a dedicated one with limited space/bandwidth?

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What Do You Monitor

May 28, 2009

if you use a site monitoring service (or two) do you need to setup monitors for each website/domain on your VPS or can you just monitor the primary services on the VPS?

Pluses/Minuses for either way?

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How To Monitor Ram Usage

Feb 26, 2009

Can you recommend a method to check ram usage of my vps for the last 24 hrs?

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Monitor Application

Jan 7, 2009

I want to monitor my application to make sure it is 24x7 uptime, if there is anything interrupt, I will be notified by email/SMS right away. There are several web monitoring service, but they all monitor ports, not application. I have bad experience, like, althoguh the web server is alive, but the application is already dead.

So, I want to monitor application instead of monitor a port. Anybody knows where I may find this kind of service?

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How To Monitor Server

Apr 26, 2009

i want to monitor my server. i try mrtg buti cant install it. so how can i monitor my server?

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What Does Everyone Use To Monitor Their Servers?

Mar 4, 2008

What does everyone use to monitor their servers? I've come across a pretty impressive service from Panopta but haven't head of them before. Has anyone tried them out?

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Monitor Traffic

Jun 30, 2008

I want to be able to monitor (with statistic) and cap traffic on 3+ servers.

how is this done best?

I was thinking of somekind of switch or server set inbetween the servers and the internet monitoring and keeping data on the traffic use etc.

but what do you do?

and how to make such a monitor redundant so if it fails the network is not cut off from the world?

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Uptime Monitor

Dec 2, 2007

I see a lot of web hosts that link to which tracks the uptime of their main page. i would like to offer a similar service, where i track and list the uptime of hosts. can anyone point me in the proper direction for this? is there a particular script that I can purchase? how is this done?

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Monitor Traffic

Apr 2, 2007

Don't know if this is the right place to ask for this but here goes.

I have a 20U rack space and i use 4U of this space (1U + 2U servers and a 1U switch).

There is a 20Mbit internet connection on a 100Mbit network.

But here comes my problem, some friends have there servers in my rack space to, There is 12 servers that are my friends and i want to know how much traffic they use.

I want to know how many GB traffic they use to i can charge them (they don't pay right now).

2 of my friends servers must max take 50gb traffic!

Is there a switch that can do theys two things?

Show traffic and limit traffic?

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Hardware Monitor

Aug 25, 2007

My server has a tyan thunder 8kse (s2892) motherboard, and i'm looking for some script to monitor it. Unfortunately, tyan only offers such applications for windows. So, how can i monitor the motherboard in linux? Or preferably, webbased.

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