Wholesaleinternet.com - Quality Hosting On A Budget

Mar 8, 2008

I've seen a lot of discussion regarding low budget providers and am surprised I haven't seen many mentioning Wholesale Internet. I'd like to give my personal review.

I've used them several times over the past two years, and currently have two boxes with them. Support has always been professional and fair.

It has been my experience that they tend to go above and beyond what the customer expects, which seems rare for budget hosts. I have never been nickel and dimed over a small upgrade or service.

Uptime is as good as it gets. Hardware seems reliable. Delivery time is fairly quick.
Their prices on servers with DirectAdmin are impressive.

I would wholeheartedly reccomend them to anyone in need of a budget box. Their prices are extremely competitive, and they can do seem to give extremely good custom quotes if nothing they offer quite meets your needs.

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Budget Hosting: 1 And 1

Jan 24, 2008

I'm considering moving from free to budget hosting. The maximum I would be able to pay would be $5 per month, and I don't really like the idea of a contract over 2 years.

I've been looking around, and it seems like 1 and 1 has the best deal. They allow unlimited domains, which is good as I plan on trying to host quite a few sites off one account. They also offer 10 MySQL db's. This is what i'm mainly concerned about, as most of my sites use 1-3 db's.

Does anyone have anything to say about 1&1? Or any other budget host recommendations?

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Budget VPS Hosting Review

Apr 2, 2009

I've been a customer of Budget VPS Hosting for about 10 months now and figured it was about time I wrote a review

I signed up initially for B-VPS's 111 package (CPU 100MHZ HD 10GB RAM 100MB BW 100GB PORT 100mbps, 100KB/s Uplink). There was a major fiasco with my Paypal account, which resulted in the payment eventually being treated as "spurious" and B-VPS being asked to refund the amount!

Despite this, Jon who handles support at B-VPS was very patient and agreed to help me get a 2nd VPS to work with (even with the 1st one still not paid!). I've since upgraded this server to a VPS333 account and in January this year, I signed up for a 2nd server with B-VPS

- Great support! I'm based in Asia, so timezones work against me. Despite that, I can usually expect a response with 12 hours of opening a ticket. Some problems took a very long time to resolve (I'm looking at you OpenVZ) but Jon stuck with me on figuring out the source of the problem.

Regarding provisoning of the VPS, I got my login details within a hour of putting in the order for both my orders

- Pricing: The VPS111 package costs just 5 USD/month and is more than enough to run some low-volume websites. Heck, with some careful tweaking you could even run a CMS on that.

-Bandwidth: I get very good speeds when running package installs from the server. My East Coast VPS (600K uplink) has a public speedtest page for folks who'd like to check this out from themselves: http://torbox.theaveragegeek.com/speedtest/

-Uptime: To be honest, Uptime has been a bit of a mixed bag. My central DC VPS (Limestone hosted) has had some pretty significant outages, where the host node is completely offline for upto 4 hours. The East Coast VPS (Burstnet) has had no issues so far though.

-CPU & RAM: Budget VPS does not offer Burst CPU or RAM. This can be a tad frustrating especially if you need a little extra RAM/CPU for installing packages but not otherwise. I'm not going to debate this (at B-VPS's prices, I've been able to afford the beefier package that allows me to do both ) but you should keep this in mind.

Well that's the review. I highly recommend B-VPS if you are looking to host a low-usage VPS cheaply and quickly!

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Budget Europe Hosting With Jailed SSH?

Apr 19, 2008

Something like 500MB/10GB. Know any hosts?

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Best Budget Hosting Package For My Phpbb3 Forum

Jul 12, 2008

I have found this forum through searching google for articles etc about the best/cheapest host for a small forum, and I think this is the best place to ask I have searched the many topics on this but none of them quite answer my question, so I apologise for repeating what may have already been done.


I currently use a free host (forumotion) and have become increasingly frustrated at not having total control over my forum, and not having access to the database.

I figure now will be a good time to move as the forum is only a couple of months old.

So what I am looking for is a basic hosting package including domain name, that can support phpbb version 3. Im looking for cheap and cheerful basically. I dont know enough about this kind of thing to elaborate, but here are my forum stats;

Number of posts 10781
Posts per day 121.13
Number of topics 625
Topics per day 7.02
Number of users 153
Users per day 1.72
Most users ever online 40
Stats generated on Tue Jul 08, 2008 2:31 am
Avatar directory size 1016.43 KB

As you can see it is pretty small.....it may grow over the next couple of years but has a shelf life of 2010 as that is when the TV show finishes (its a Lost forum), and it may continue for a while after that but I dont expect it to go on and on and on

We have a lot of media posted, mainly youtube vids and jpeg, and we also have a small aracde, so i'm guessing I would need a lot of room there? Plus we have newsletters that would need to be hosted as online versions but they are just html documents.

I hope I have given enough information....oh budget wise I am looking at cheapest possible as I dont want to start charging members to fund the hosting costs.

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Apollo Hosting - Quality

Feb 6, 2008

Anyone have sites on Apollohosting (shared)?

What can you tell me about their service?

Security of sites - how is it?

Server uptime. And tech response time.

Is spamming about normal or excessive?

Overall are they getting better or worse?

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Quality Windows Hosting

Oct 5, 2007

Can anyone recommend any?

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Santrex Dedicated Hosting Quality

Jan 2, 2009

I have been using Santrex shared hosting for some time due to their low prices - below 3$ per month. And it has been quite good quality/price ratio. But now it's time to upgrade, so my question is - has anyone got experience with their dedicated servers and support?

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High Quality Shared Hosting

Oct 13, 2008

quality shared hosting solution for a WordPress-powered multi user blog. The blog currently has around 1000 posts, 5000 comments and around 2000 unique visitors every day, but those numbers will grow grow exponentially in future, so the hosting in question needs to be expandable since I will eventually have to move to a dedicated server.

Right now, however, I want a quality US-based hosting company that has good connection to EU, with fast support and basic features: PHP5, MySQL5, shell access, ~10GB HD space and ~50-100GB traffic.

First and foremost I am looking for quality and am prepared to pay as much as $25-30 per month.

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Check Server And Hosting Quality

May 6, 2008

We have a dedicated server with huge application that use intensively one database and we notice that we block at 15000 people / days ... our website is arkadia.com

So my questions are :

* is the server can be full and this why we block at 15000 people / days ? most important, how to check it ?

* is the DNS (enom.com DNS server) can be not fast enalf or not wheel configured ? how to check it ?

* is the hosting company can be not good enalf (low bandwith for exemple or someting else)? again how to check it ?

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Quality, Reliable Hosting For Up To $10 A Month

Feb 14, 2007

I am about to open a third web site and am looking for a good place to host it. My two existing sites are currently with a local (Croatian) The Planet reseller which has quite good support (and are partly sponsoring me), but tend to be a bit too weak when it comes to high load peaks (when sites get dugg mainly).

So for a third site I am considering something else. Having read some discussions I can conclude that these days the actual amount of space and bandwidth isn't such a good measure of actual quality and these numbers are mainly used for marketing.

I also learned that best web hosting depends on specific needs and desires. So here is what I want and I hope you can make some good suggestions.

I want a reliable, high uptime, fast web hosting with great customer support (24/7, quick, knowledgeable and friendly) which wont impose bad mysql limits and will not crash when slashdotted or dugg.

It would be good if it would use some sort of a reliability boosting system like clustering (although I guess it doesn't have to be clustering necessarily).

I also need it to have at least 2GB of web space and more than 100GB of monthly bandwidth but with an option of extending this if need arises *without downtime*.

If it would anyhow be possible for it to be Free Open Source Software friendly, possibly offering a webmin control panel in addition to or instead of cpanel. Of course, it has to run on GNU/Linux. I don't need *anything* Microsoft related on it.

It needs to have a good track record. Please don't advertise your own hosting companies here. I'd like to hear recommendations from real people with real experience.

My budget is up to $10 a month or $120 a year. I believe I should be able to get roughly the above with a good host for that price these days. It's a competitive market. Someone honest has got to fit the bill.

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Oct 21, 2008

I'v a server with wholesaleinternet 2 months ago,and I have some questions:

1. Why wholesaleinternet do not reply my 2 tickets that submited 5 days or a month ago, live chat nerver online, how many employees they have?

2. Wholesaleinternet says I have 1500GB Transfer , but where to find the bandwidth graph?

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Jul 10, 2008

Its been about one week since I ordered my server. I received my server with DA about 4 or 5 days after I ordered it, after I was told it would be setup in 1-2 days.

After they sent me the login details I found there were issues within the server. PHP didn't seem to run properly, mailing issues also seemed to occur. After telling them this they did not say anything about checking the server and fixing etc.

Its been now 3 days since the last email I sent I asked for a refund as I dont want to move my sites over to a server that is not functioning properly.

I was very suprised as it seemed like they were a good host and had decent reviews on WHT. The one thing I want is just to simply get my money back and move on.

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WholesaleInternet Reviews

Mar 23, 2009

Does anyone have any experience with WholesaleInternet? How's the uptime, support, etc...

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Wholesaleinternet.com Uptime

Apr 25, 2009

has anyone here had a server with wholesaleinternet.com for a while? Preferably someone that can post some uptime statistics? A publicly available uptime report for at least the last six months would be perfect...

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Any Expereince With Wholesaleinternet

Apr 14, 2008

I saw some good offers from Wholesaleinternet and wanted to try them out. To check them out I called them at their number on website during office hours and it said something like "101 extension not available" . Then I tried out live support which said online and when I requested chat after waiting for 15-16 mins it returned me back to the starting page.

I wonder if they can be trusted or is it a one man show ? Any using them how do you contact them ? What is their response time and service quality ? Do they really
have something in USA or doing offshore operations ?

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WholeSaleInternet Reviews

May 24, 2008

I have been with Wholesale internet now for 6 months. I am very happy with there services. i have had some downtime but it was usually back up within a few mins. There support is fast when it comes to server being down but slow on normal things. Although i am very happy with them even if normal support is down.

I would recommend wholesaleinternet to everyone. I have two decided servers with them but i host my own site on another server.

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Wholesaleinternet.com ... Any Body Knows?

Jul 19, 2007

the current discounted rates at wholesaleinternet.com are really amazing..
$50 for colo of a 1u server with 1 TB bandwidth..! + direct admin

Any body who has experience with them..
AARON from wsi is on WHT... he does have a nice rep..!

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WholesaleInternet - Ongoing Review

Jul 4, 2009

I'm going to use this thread as a my home for an ongoing review of wholesaleinternet.com

Before Signing Up

I've been stalking wholesaleinternet for a few months now, mainly because they are the closest datacenter to my house with reasonable prices. In fact, they seem to actually be one of the few datacenters that price their servers at a level that will make them a profit, while still beating everyone else out there.

Before actually signing up with them I wanted to test their datacenter, mainly ping times, etc... So instead of getting a dedicated server with them, I went through a few other companies who colo with them.

Over the past three months there was only one issue, a bad switch. However, they had it fixed as fast as they could and kept everyone updated via WHT.

So after that I decided it was time to get a server with them.

Initial Contact

Aaron (the owner) was quick to respond to my emails and has always been very helpful. He worked with me on a custom setup, which is quite frankly, the best deal I have ever received on a server, ever.

The Setup

They work fast. I had them install CentOS with partitioning for OpenVZ and RAID1... There was only a couple of hours between the time I paid and the time my server was online.

The server is exactly what I ordered (in fact, it's more than I ordered), which is rare for me. Maybe I just have bad luck, but I seem to get misconfigured servers from other datacenters and it takes hours/days to get it fixed.

30-90 Day Review...

Coming in 30-90 days...

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Wholesaleinternet.net Response Time?

Aug 28, 2008

Any ideas on what's the average response time there?

Server is down for a whole day. Staff doesn't reply, called but signal is like a "busy" phone all the time. Not sure if this is my telephone operator issue or what.

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22 Months At Wholesaleinternet Review

Mar 4, 2007

Time really flies, I never expect to be using Wholesaleinternet for 22 months now. I took up the offer when Aaron and James graciously dug out one of their Windows 2000 license and installed that on one of their low end machine for me. That was a whole 22 months ago.

It was a low end machine, but it had been extremely stable, really a work horse type. I took it for a friend who needs hosting in the USA. I am leaving because he does not need it anymore.

My review on the server.

1. Initially there was some teething problems due to the power supply of the building their datacentre was in. That last some time. After their move to the new building, all these issues disappear.

2. Beginning there were some DOS attacks, it seemed to be disappear as time passed.

3. The biggest downtime was when another client put our IPs into their box, when we rebooted, server can't get up. We are using a low end dedicated server, so we do not have separate Vlan.

These are the 3 issues we faced. The first two seemed more or less solved. The last was a one time affair.

Support was timely, courteous and knowledgeble. Server seemed to be made of steel, no hardware failure despite being a low end model.

Sad to leave. I would say it had been a good beginning and a good ending.

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Budget VPS For SSH/Socks5

Oct 15, 2009

Are there any budget vps with decent bandwidth, about 50mbps up for short periods of time?

east coast
5gb hdd
100gb bw

I've tried three budget companies this month already.
dmehosting ~ 20mbps,
hostourweb ~ 3mbps,
photonvps ~ 3mbps

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Budget Proxy?

Sep 24, 2008

Is there any webhosting company that could provide me a budget proxy? I have already asked DTH and they told me they dont provide such service

Will be having 4 users ( 1 or 2 most of the times) at most and no weird use will be made.

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What Hardware To Buy With $300 Budget

Jun 8, 2008

I live in the UK and have a budget of 150, so say, $300 to spend on hardware for colocating my server.

I already have a 1U Queenserv Chassis with 280w PSU & rails.

I also have 2 SATA drives so i wont need to buy Hard Drives.

What i need is:

- A motherboard


- At least 2GB RAM

Anyway what would be the best hardware to buy on my tight budget?

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Budget Virtuozzo Providers

Jan 5, 2009

I have a few small VPS accounts (think 64MB memory, low disk etc). I usually pay around $10/month and everyone seems to use HyperVM with XEN/OpenVZ. I've pretty much had it with issues with HyperVM mainly and I want to move back to Virtuozzo.

I used to be with Future Hosting but I see their lowest price is $20/month for their lowest 32bit packages. Are there any others that are cheaper? Not looking for crazy specs, management or a particular country. These are just test beds.

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Building A SeedBox With A $35,000 USD Budget

Oct 17, 2009

building a SeedBox with a $35,000 USD Budget

how to build one of these bad boys. While staying under my budget.

I want to build a top of the line SeedBox that can handle 100 users. I need help on what kind of software and hardware I need with prices. I want this to be able to hold a 10Gbits line. (Or 10 1Gbits lines) And security stuff I need like firewall or virus scanner stuff. And Back-Up type stuff like in case of a HD Crash. And how to get 100 different IP addresses.

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Need Low Budget Dedicated Server

Mar 30, 2009

I run a site that has a medium sized forum (23,000 members; 350,000 posts), about 1000 pages of content (but not heavily viewed), and some relatively un-resource-intensive features. We have one feature that is a bit stressful on the database side of things, but nothing too extraordinary.

I'm looking to migrate from our current dedicated server at LunarPages to another alternative. LP has been great to us, and I would recommend them to anyone, I just feel like we can get a similar server for slightly less somewhere else.

We are paying $165/mo for these specs:
- Intel Pentium 4 2.8ghz
- 2 GB RAM
- 160 GB Storage
- 1500 GB Bandwidth
- cPanel

I would like to shoot for something more like this:
- Something better than a P4... open for suggestions, but I'm pretty greedy in terms of processors, I'd like something pretty nice.
- 1 GB RAM should be fine
- 100 GB Storage or more
- 1000 GB Bandwidth or more
- cPanel
- Less than $150 total

So not too many major changes I suppose... and maybe I'm being too greedy. I've found some offers I like the looks of, but I need some suggestions. Companies with good customer support are always preferable as well, of course.

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Good Budget L3 Router

Jul 31, 2009

We're building out a small setup for a client, and we're wondering what's a recommended L3 switch on a budget?
Basically, we're going to be colocating in a rack with about 12 servers & a 100 mbps drop, and won't really be doing any major bandwidth (less than 10 mbps).

The datacenter was saying something about a /30 handoff for the C class of IPs they're going to be allocating to us. They also said they will NOT handle any Vlans for us, and will just basically handoff the IPs and we will need to route to them and do our own vlans.

One thing we need to be able to do is route additional IPs to servers if a client orders them. We were recommended a 3550-24-EMI by a friend, it seems old but if it does the trick, it works. One thing I was reading about it though was PVlans and the 3550 not supporting them. I don't think we'd need PVlans in our setup, just basic 1 vlan per client.

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Mid Budget Servers CPU AMD Celeron

Jan 20, 2008

Now i've been looking at a LOT of servers in the past few weeks, many many sites.

I've seen a LOT of CELERON 2.4 GHZ being unloaded

BUT what about the AMD Semprons?

Who would rule over?

Whats the min Sempron that would rule over an Intel 2.4ghz?

Assuming both 1 GB RAM

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The Perfect Servers ($15,000 Budget)

Feb 4, 2007

I would like to build two servers. I have a budget of $15,000 to build one (1) database and one (1) web server. These servers would have to be very very powerful and have the best hardware money can buy but remain within the budget.

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Budget Chicago Server Wanted

Mar 30, 2009

Alright, here's the deal--

I need a budget chicago server -- I know, very difficult to find (last company I went with was Singlehop, and they're great, but I can't afford it for what I'd wish to do.)

Anyways, here's what I need my server for --

Some personal, non busy websites(my webhost that I've been using is being let go by me :[ I need this server for it reliably.)
CentOS5 or RH4 is preferred.
cPanel is required

I intend to host a few websites, and TWO counter-strike 1.6 servers (not busy or CPU intense really)

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