High Speed Connection For Office In San Diego

Oct 27, 2007

a faster internet connection in our office here in San Diego, because we are going to run a few servers out of the office.

Currently we have DSL, but the upload speed inst cutting it, our current plan is:

Download: 1.5mbps
Upload: 512kbps
1 Dynamic IP

We are looking for something with the following:

Download: 1.5mbps or greater
Upload: 1.5mbps or greater
1 Static IP Address

Can anybody recommend any solutions in particular? Is t1 the only solution? We want to keep costs inline, and under $150 a month.

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Need Back Up Server With High Speed Connection

Jun 4, 2009

I need a backup server

main tasks

- Download/Upload files from/to my other servers very fast.
- 1 GBps Port
- Storage no more 250 GB .
- 600 GB Traffic
- access the server from the IP no domain
- Cheaper always better : )

What offers / recommendation do you have for me?

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Using CoLocation Connection At Branch Office

May 14, 2009

We have co-location space at a local San Diego data center with a 100mbps connection. We are looking for a faster internet connection at our office (currently just have DSL with is 1.5mbps down, 768kbps up) which is literally 2 miles away from the data center. I may be completely offbase and wrong here, but is there way we can setup a VPN connection or direct Point-to-Point connection between our office and our shared cabinet, and then utilize the internet connection and bandwidth provided by our shared cabinet for our office?

If this is possible, I would assume we would need special hardware, which is fine, just need details on how this works. Currently we have a SonicWall TZ180 at our shared cabinet and a Hotbrick SoHo 401W at the office.

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Connection Speed Review

Sep 1, 2008

I have been working on this site only 1 hour so it is not finished. I just seem to be having really slow connection issues and want to verify this as my computer probably only has 1gb space left from the 300gb space I used so this could be causing the problem.

I recently swithced to HostGator.com Shared. I may need to go back to LunarPages.

Please visit the site below....

Also, if you are encountering layout errors please let me know what internet browser and version you are using.

As you can tell from the name it will be a new site, community and help forum dealing with ecommerce and small business!

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FTP Connection Speed Is Different For Different Regions.

Feb 23, 2007

I have a client in the US who uses FTP server based in The Planet datacenter. He complains that since several days he experiences a way low connection speed (just 5 kbytes/s), while the speed to other FTP servers is at average 75 kbytes/s. So th eproblem seems to be with this particular server.

However, I tried the speed from Ukraine (where I'm based in). It is at the level of 100 kbytes/s.

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Server Connection Speed

Sep 6, 2008

I have a dedicated server, but i dont know how i can measure the bandwidth at specific time, the problem that i feal that my bandwidth is below what i requested...

what i mean with Bandwidth is not trfic, it is the connection speed at a moment
(i.e. 50Mbps)

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RackUnlimited.com With Very Limited Connection Speed

Oct 16, 2009

I am using their RVPS-3 plan (30$/mo, 1024 MB RAM, 40 GB drive, 500GB BW) and I am pretty unhappy about the connection and response speeds of their servers - especially during traffic peaks in the US. The server is sometimes so slow that I have to wait 5-10 seconds for a simple HTML page to load. :/

However the hardware itself works fine and for the money is IMO a very good deal. Also tech support is fine, I've had 3 requests so far and all were solved almost immediately (<20 mins). Although during the setup stage they changed the OS WITHOUT letting me know due to installation of an admin panel. They quickly changed it back when I asked them, but it's pretty strange anyway.

It really is a pity that the connection speed is so bad, because other than that I couldn't say a bad word about them. Now I have to consider moving somewhere else...

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How To Check Connection Speed Of The Server

Apr 16, 2008

Can you conduct me to check the server speed by commands ( linux fedora )?

How to check connection speed of the server. i.e. 100 Mbps , 10 Mbps, etc.

I saw an message like this : " NIC Link is Up 10 Mbps Full Duplex", according to my knowledge, this is my server connection speed/ bandwidth is 10 Mbps, isn't it?

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High Speed Colo

Apr 3, 2007

a collocation facility that can handle the high demands of video streaming, live and on-demand. I am current peeking 90 megs on live streams which usually last for a couple hours, the on demand is not that high itís about 10 mbs average. I am located in Jacksonville FL not that it matters but the closer the better. Does anyone know of any good collocation facilities

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FTP Server - High Speed / Capacity

Nov 19, 2008

I've been asked to look for a offsite ftp server solution as an alternative to having one inhouse attached to a 20-100mbps leased line. It will be used for storing ISO images of DVD's from client sites, must have a fast connection, reliable and full security.

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High Bandwidth, Fast Speed, Any Cp, Basic Hardware-manag. Only, Trustable & CheapVPS

Nov 27, 2008

High bandwidth, fast speed, any cp, basic hardware-manag. only, trustable

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San Diego Datacenters

Aug 10, 2009

Are their any web hosting data centers in San Diego California?

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San Diego Colocation

May 7, 2008

1/4 cabinet, 5 Amps, and 1mbps bandwidth, but more would be nice. It also needs to be in San Diego. LA is too far, though Irvine might work (I'm in Oceanside). I've checked out AIS and they have a fantastic set-up, but realistically more than I need.

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DataCenter In San Diego

May 5, 2007

The one I found to be best was an 3Level reseller, Iland located in San Diego, but I find their prices to be a little expensive. We got quoted a 2U @ .5MPBS for $200 a month. We've actually decided on a 1U server, but for a 2U, we still found that to be expensive. If we cant find something here in SD, which is Local for 3 of the 4 business owners, it might be put in Amsterdam with our Developer, this way at least 1 of us can have easy access to it. In Amsterdam, their best colo will go for around $120 a month which has great access to all of US and EU.

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Colocation In San Diego Wanted

Jun 17, 2009

I need 2U of colocation (I have 2 1U servers) I need to home in San Diego with 24/7 access.

I do not want to be in either I2B or AIS facilities.

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Los Angeles Or San Diego Colocation

May 1, 2008

Alright so i have been looking around for colocation and I LOVE Calpop.com's pricing however, after speaking to the owner and researching on this forum about that, i have realized just how horrible they are. The owner Lynn told me that the price of electricity is a lot more than their bandwidth costs. I only wanted A 1/3 1/4 or even half a cabinet and he basically told me that they wouldn't be able to offer me the services that I want since I will be using too much power with 5-6 servers. I'm not looking for high quality low latency bandwidth but it would be nice. I just need lots of "power", good network redundancy, and quick phone support in the event that i need a hard reboot on one of my servers.

I'm looking for a good price on 10Mbs of bandwidth, 10Amps of power and really just 1/3 or 1/4 a cabinet but in the near future i would like to go for a half or even a full cabinet. Any recommendations? I'm looking to keep the whole thing under $400.00 but i have a feeling my budget is way too cheap.

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Getting A T3 To Our Office

Jul 25, 2008

I've noticed on a T3 quote site that regardless of T3 speed, they seem to give you the same local loop connection (as it costs the same for each one). [url]It shows some of my information but I don't really mind (come get me! ). Notice that the local loop for T3 whether its 5 mbits or 45 mbits is ~1800 a month. Is that really what a local loop rated for T3 speeds costs?

I am in the bay area, in pleasanton specifically. It would be awesome to get a local loop to a datacenter and then pickup some bandwidth cheap from a provider. Does anyone have experience with local loops, and know their general price range and availability etc? I'd rather probe around here and be prepared before I go and give various providers a ring.

HE.net in fremont is about 14.7 miles from the office, and MPT in san jose is about 30 miles away from us.

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Going Colo In My Own Office With T1

Aug 10, 2007

I am located in Japan and presently am renting a dedicated windows 2003 server hosted in the US. However, most of my sites (about ten) cater to the local Japanese market. When I do a ping or traceroute to my server in the U.S. and compare it with same for servers in Japan, there is a world of difference.

8 hops in Japan as compared to 18 to the U.S. server. The hops in Japan are about 13 ms but the hops within the U.S. are 130 to 200ms from my location.

Based on this information, I would assume I would be better off having a server physically located here in Japan.

If I were running Linux, I would have no problems finding a good plan but I run Windows 2003 (all my sites are in ASP) and there isn't that much avaialble here. I got some quotes and even though the server rentals are reasonable, they kill you on options. Also, for some reason the plans here do not have additional IP's available as an option.

Backups are so high that they tell you to get two servers (nonsense).

I have also looked into colo in Japan. Most want you to rent a full rack. I found one that wanted $400 for 1/4 rack but then I would have to pay for a line on top of it.

The cost of bringing in a T1 line into my office is $275/mt which I think is reasonable (considering what stuff costs in Japan). My sites are not high traffic so a T1 line is probably enough. There is also 1GB optical fiber for the consumer market but I would think the T1 would be more reliable.

I realize there are those that insist that a server be located in a data center but power outings do not happen that often here. The office is located on the 5th floor of an office building.

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How Can I Setup DNS For Home Office Style

Nov 6, 2008

I have comcast cable with good speed, and would like to set up a web servers for five domains. Comcast does not provide more than one ip. Hence, I wanted to setup a dns server to host five different domains using this one ip for dns servers.

First, is it possible to host many domains with one public ip and many private ips.

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: Office 365 Lync Online SRV Settings In DNS

Nov 26, 2014

I am attempting to add Office 365 to a domain on my server. To verify my DNS settings they require me to add the following records:

Lync Online

Type Service Protocol Port Weight Priority TTL Name Target
SRV _sip _tls 443 1 100 1 Hour @ sipdir.online.lync.com
SRV _sipfederationtls _tcp 5061 1 100 1 Hour @ sipfed.online.lync.com

With Plesk 12 I cannot set a weight of 1 and a priority of 100 in DNS. What is the solution to allow this to verify?

OS: Ubuntu 12.04.5 LTS
Plesk version: 12.0.18 Update #25

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Performance Degradation After Installing Fiber Optic Lines In The Office

Feb 16, 2009

Here is the screen shot of the "mtr" running from two servers:

Server1: Fibre optic line from Tata Communication

Server2: DSL line from Tata Communications

Source servers are located in Kolkata India

Target server is located in Fremont California.

The fiber optic cable has:

A. Higher ping time and

B. Higher standard deviation

compared to the DSl line.

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Plesk 11.x / Linux :: Mime Types For Newer Office Files

Jul 24, 2014

I'm running plesk 11.5.30 and I'm having an issue with the new word doc format (.docx) being recognized as a zip file. I've read several posts that explain what mime types to add, and I've found the spot where I need to enter them. The part I'm not sure about is whether the custom mime types field is an addition to the current mime types or a replacement list. Does that field just needs the new mime types or a full list?

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Pure-ftp :: 425 Could Not Open Data Connection To Port 2535: Connection Timed Out

Apr 7, 2008

I have ftp server (pure-ftp). with firewall.

i allowed 20 and 21 port in "CSF" firewall

now when i or our client connect to the server connection done.

and the they fire dir or ls command they will receive error

"425 Could not open data connection to port 2535: Connection timed out"

what is the problem.i have already allowed passive port 2500:3500 then why i received this types of error

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Speed- At FDC ( Speed Tests )

Sep 14, 2007

I am having some serious speed issues with my 1Gbit server at FDC. After opening a ticket, they've simply dismissed it as a server configuration problem. However I am convinced it isn't because certain ISP's (usually universities) get good speeds, usually 700kb/sec but the vast majority of my users get between 20-50 kb/sec and it's causing a lot of complaints.

Furthermore I have other servers with FDC which are 100mbit which perform better than my 1 Gbit one. There are no server bottlenecks (CPU/RAM/HDD), since I've closely monitored them (PRTG) and they aren't even heavily utilised. So the problem is with the network at some point.

Speed Test : [url]

where abouts you are downloading from, your ISP and net connection. Wget's from servers are also welcome as are traceroutes.

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High Server Load / High Swap / Lots Of Httpd

Feb 20, 2008

I have a cPanel server with 4GB RAM

My server hangs time to time, once or twice a day. This is the last status when it happens.

Server Load 75.90 (2 cpus)
Memory Used 92 %
Swap Used 65.78 %

When I was still inside SSH when it happens, the processes I can see inside "top" are a lot of httpd processes.

So I "killall -9 httpd", I had to do it 30~40 times

#killall -9 httpd
#killall -9 httpd
#killall -9 httpd
x 30~40 times until no pid process found & the server load is back to normal.

Before that, I check httpd fullstatus, they look very normal, same goes to what I see inside WHM Apache status & cpu usage status.

At first I thought it was a memory problem after consulting with a server admin, so I replaced all 4GB new ram stick (such a waste)

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: High Memory Usage - Swap So High

Nov 14, 2014

This is my free -m

total used free shared buffers cached
Mem: 1998 1903 95 0 45 542
-/+ buffers/cache: 1315 683
Swap: 2662 36 2625

Not good ....

I got 5 wordpress and 5 statics website on this server and 100 visitors by 24H00 each day.

Question 1 : Why the memory is so low and the swap so high ?
Question 2 : Why i don't find high usage process in top command ?
Question 3 How can i resolve this problem ?

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My Server Is Very Slow, High CPU, High Apache Load

Oct 31, 2009

My server is very slow, High CPU, High Apache load....

I got a new server and i had setup a script on it.

No server tweaks has been done.

I run a filehosting site so it gets very slow when traffic is high.

Here is some info:

4135 filedip 19 0 12812 8892 2212 R 18.9 0.4 0:00.74 index.cgi
3140 apache 15 0 22624 9604 2768 S 17.3 0.5 1:54.45 httpd
3556 apache 15 0 22792 9592 2768 S 17.3 0.5 0:43.53 httpd
3739 apache 15 0 22672 9556 2744 S 17.3 0.5 1:09.67 httpd
3884 apache 15 0 22664 9560 2744 S 17.3 0.5 0:23.98 httpd
3474 apache 15 0 22672 9572 2756 R 16.1 0.5 1:34.09 httpd
3548 apache 15 0 22792 9560 2740 S 16.1 0.5 1:33.67 httpd
3991 apache 15 0 22640 9588 2756 S 15.1 0.5 0:22.44 httpd
3475 apache 15 0 22672 9580 2756 S 13.2 0.5 1:31.42 httpd
3493 apache 15 0 22664 9592 2768 S 12.9 0.5 1:15.52 httpd
3769 apache 15 0 22664 9580 2756 S 12.9 0.5 0:45.19 httpd
3638 apache 15 0 22664 9576 2756 S 12.3 0.5 0:32.82 httpd
3724 apache 16 0 22664 9580 2756 R 12.3 0.5 0:34.25 httpd
3626 apache 15 0 22672 9580 2756 S 11.7 0.5 0:52.54 httpd
4023 apache 16 0 22792 9560 2740 R 11.3 0.5 0:13.16 httpd
3882 apache 15 0 22664 9576 2756 S 10.1 0.5 0:38.56 httpd
3005 apache 15 0 22672 9588 2768 R 9.1 0.5 2:06.61 httpd

I dont know much about server managment...

how to fix this so server doesnt go slow?

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