Exim: Send Separate Message For Mailing Lists

Jul 9, 2009

I've just came across an issue with mailing list on a Linux server. Problem is that when a message is broadcasted from a mailing list having around 1500 subscribers, most of them having @yahoo.com and @hotmail.com addresses, message to most of the recepients fails with following error...

2009-07-09 12:26:25 1MOn2u-0001CB-QJ SMTP error from remote mail server after RCPT TO:<he***k@yahoo.com>: host c.mx.mail.yahoo.com []: 452 Too many recipients
It is becuase exim tries to send a message to as many recepients as it could to users on same domain

On a Windows server, i was running Merak mail server and there was an option to send separate message to all mailing list subscribers, but i don't know where it could be located in exim config, or even if it has!

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Mailing Lists On Shared Hosting

Oct 8, 2009

I have a client/friend who I am developing a website for and they want a mailing list feature.

I have a shared-hosting account and they have quite strict mailing list policies.

Firstly, they require a double opt-in for each contact, so that each address is validated. I have discussed this with the client, who run an events company, most of the email addresses they receive are taken from attendees who write their email down at the event. They would rather not have to verify each email address before adding to list.

My other concern is whether my hosting will be able to handle the mailing list. There seems to be quite strict limitations on amount of emails that can be sent (1 every 8 seconds).

I have no idea as to the volume of the list, they do not have any emails at the moment, but as the list and company grows I am worried there may be problems which I would rather not have to deal with.

Is mailing on shared-hosting often a done-thing, or should I suggest a third-party mailing solution?

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Mailing Lists Keeps Sending Out The Same Emails

Jan 6, 2007

I'm currently experiencing a problem on several accounts on the same server. It seems that the mailing lists sections of Cpanel keeps sending out emails that don't exist.

For example, I have one of my sites set up with a moderated mailing list. When an email comes in, I get an email telling me that I have something waiting to be approved. Well, I got about 100 in 2 days and there's nothing there to be approved. Actually it's the SAME message over and over.

I have several clients with the same issues where the mailing lists keeps sending out old emails but the same ones over and over.

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Plesk 11.x / Windows :: Configure Mailing Lists With MailEnable?

Sep 19, 2012

Is there a way to configure the mailing lists created with Plesk (using MailEnable 6.5) using Plesk or another web interface like it is possible with mailman under Linux?

It is not very convenient to be required to do such stuff via RDP (and so manual by me for every customer)...

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: Whitelisting Localhost And Mailing Lists

Apr 3, 2015

There seems to be confusion and documentation conflicts around whether we should be whitelisting localhost or not when using Mailing Lists.

In this documentation it suggests that localhost is no longer needed, and in fact needs to be removed from the whitelist if Outbound Spam protection is to function correctly: [URL] ....

But on the other hand, this documentation suggests to add localhost to the whitelists, even though the warning says otherwise, and that outgoing mailing list mail will still be processed by Outgoing Spam Control. [URL] ....

Through trial and error, i've found that my mailing lists were not able to send mail to external email accounts unless localhost is whitelisted.

If I want all mail scripts to be going through the Outbound Spam Control, and also having my mailing lists working, should I be adding localhost to my whitelist?

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Plesk 11.x / Linux :: Statistics Report Errors For Mailing Lists

Aug 26, 2012

When executing "statistics" these errors occur:

# /usr/local/psa/admin/sbin/statistics

WARNING during statistics_collector execution: : statistics_collector: Unable to get dir size of /var/lib/mailman/lists/14
System error 2: No such file or directory
statistics_collector: Unable to get dir size of /var/lib/mailman/archives/private/14.mbox
System error 2: No such file or directory
statistics_collector: Unable to get dir size of /var/lib/mailman/archives/private/14
System error 2: No such file or directoryClick to expand...

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Plesk 11.x / Linux :: Mailing Lists Work At Domain1 But Not On Domain2

Mar 17, 2015

I have 2 domains on a CentOS Linux server running Plesk 11.0.9.

Domain1.com has several mailing lists, and they work OK visible at http://lists.Domain1.com/mailman/listinfo.

I just created a mailing list for Damain2.com. The list is created OK, but I can't acces it over the web http://lists.Domain2.com/mailman/admin/mylist1

Browser reports "Firefox can't find the server at lists.domain2.com."

What can I do to fix this? I need to edit the lists preferences.

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Exim - How To Remove Rbl Lists From Exim.conf

May 2, 2007

I am having issues in receieving emails. For some reason, the rbl lists I had setup are causing the server to reject emails (retry - timeout). So, I need to take this rbl list completely. How can I do that? exim.conf is locked and using the advanced editor is no fun even though I tried it putting the dnslists without the rbl causing the problem.

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Send To Mailing List Via Outlook

Sep 27, 2008

As you know, most mailinglists are built as you have to send emails from a control panel.

But I am searching for a script or service where a group of members can email each other from their favourite email program, such as Outlook.

Only those members would be allow to send to the list.

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Exim Error Message

Apr 6, 2008

exim_mainlog is showing this errors continuously

2008-04-06 12:35:59 Berkeley DB error: PANIC: Invalid argument
2008-04-06 12:35:59 Berkeley DB error: PANIC: fatal region error detected; run recovery

What should I do to correct it?

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Message Is Frozen At EXIM

Jan 29, 2007

This message was created automatically by mail delivery software.

A message that you sent has not yet been delivered to one or more of its recipients after more than 72 hours on the queue on server.blablablabla.com

Im recieving this kind of errors from some domains of this server...

Im using cPanel + RHEL 3.

Looking at the logs I found this:

23.red-88-22-154.staticip.rima-tde.net (lista@domain.info) [88.22.xxx.xx] is currently not permitted to relay through this server. Perhaps you have not logged into the pop/imap server in the last 30 minutes or do not have SMTP Authentication turned on in your email client.

And SMTP authentication is enabled at the mail client.

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Can I Delete A Locked Message On Exim Queue

Aug 8, 2008

can it be done? because a dumb customer sent an email with like 500 recipients... and its stucked on the queue. So i wanna delete it... but when i go to Mail queue manager (i use WHM) i got this:

Message 1KRTsr-0006tc-F6 is locked

So what can i do? should i just sit and wait until its "unlocked"?

can i kill any process? i already tried restarting exim... but its still there... and btw the size of that message is of about 500 mb >.<

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: Error Message On Email Send Since Update 12.0.46

May 18, 2015

we regularly get this message in boxmail of adress used to send email from server.This is the mail system at host DOMAIN.fr. You can delete your own text from the attached returned message.The mail system

<1@SERVERNAME.HOSTER.com> (expanded from <1>): User unknown in virtual
alias table

If i look in maillog i see that :

May 18 16:48:52 SERVERNAME postfix/error[22737]: F22521B4E45: to=<1@SERVERNAME.HOSTER.com>, orig_to=<1>, relay=none, delay=0.07, delays=0.04/0.01/0/0.02, dsn=5.0.0, status=bounced (User unknown in virtual alias table)

Just after that we can see email go normally :

May 18 16:48:59 SERVERNAME postfix/smtp[22736]: F22521B4E45: to=<EMAIL@DOMAIN.com>, relay=mx3.mail.icloud.com[]:25, delay=7.3, delays=0.04/0.03/2.4/4.8, dsn=2.5.0, status=sent (250 2.5.0 Ok.)

The problem is in error message (at top) the message attached is the one sent to EMAIL@DOMAIN.com. So we can think the message is not sent to EMAIL@DOMAIN.com. SERVERNAME, HOSTER and EMAIL@DOMAIN are here to mask real data.

OS: Debian 7.7
Plesk version: 12.0.18 Update #46

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Exim Send Errors

Feb 28, 2007

I'm getting this email errors (cpanel box)

2007-02-28 16:36:51 1HMXPn-0005P3-Ea == user@recipient.com (user@senderlocal.com) <user@senderlocal.com> R=lookuphost T=remote_smtp defer (-53): retry time not reached for any host
2007-02-28 16:41:25 1HMXTl-0005zF-C0 => user@recipient.com (user@senderlocal.com, user@senderlocal.com) <news@senderlocal.com> F=<dont@orfa.com> P=<dont@orfa.com> R=lookuphost T=remote_smtp S=11767 H=c.mx.mail.yahoo.com [xxx.142.237.182]:25 C="250 ok dirdel" QT=28s DT=1s
2007-02-28 16:41:27 1HMXPn-0005P3-Ea => user@recipient.com (user@senderlocal.com) <user@senderlocal.com> F=<bounce-flnl-35375142@mx01.castlemountains.com> P=<bounce-flnl-35375142@mx01.castlemountains.com> R=lookuphost T=remote_smtp S=5503 H=c.mx.mail.yahoo.com [xxx.142.237.182]:-1* C="250 ok dirdel" QT=4m36s DT=1s
2007-02-28 16:41:27 1HMXOJ-0005Dm-Fg == user@recipient.com (user@senderlocal.com, user@senderlocal.com) <freeclipart@senderlocal.com> R=lookuphost T=remote_smtp defer (-46): SMTP error from remote mail server after end of data: host c.mx.mail.yahoo.com [xxx.142.237.182]: 451 Message temporarily deferred - [170]

Just now I ran...

exim_tidydb -t 1m /var/spool/exim wait-remote_smtp
exim_tidydb -t 1m /var/spool/exim retry

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Exim Can`t Send E-mails After Cpanel Upgrade

May 2, 2009

we have a freebsd/cpanel box what seems to be trouble prone combination, specially for exim.

After cpanel upgrade, exim simple has stopped. Somehow I managed receiving on this way:

# /etc/init.d/exim start
/libexec/ld-elf.so.1: Shared object "libperl.so" not found, required by "sendmail"

I checked which perl version is running: perl -v
This is perl, v5.10.0 built for i386-freebsd-64int

then applied:

unix1# ln -s /usr/local/lib/perl5/5.10.*/mach/CORE/libperl.so /usr/local/lib
unix1# /etc/init.d/exim start
exim exim antirelaydunix1#

but this solved only half of a problem, now we can receive e-mails, but not send them, what is really frustrating.

Here is the error which cpanel sends on each 5 min:

exim failed @ Fri May 1 16:06:15 2009. A restart was attempted automatically.
Service Check Method: [tcp connect]

Failure Reason: TCP Transaction Log:
<< 220-xxxxxxxxxx.xxxx ESMTP Exim 4.69 #3 Fri, 01 May 2009 16:06:41 +0200 << <<
>> EHLO localhost
<< 250-xxxx.xxxx.xxx Hello localhost [] << << << << <<
>> AF9fY3BhbmVsX19zZXJ2aWNlX19hdXRoX19leGltX19Nd2NxU1pyUng1S3R5YTl2enZaV
>> UWXM1WnU=
exim: ** [ != 2]

and I can not find the solution for this almost two days (!), no help for host support either. Closest what I have found on net is this topic:


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How To Make Exim Send Out Only Emails From Localdomains

May 16, 2009

I've looked through my exim logs a number of times and I see emails being sent out with "from:" fields with email addresses of other domains. Usually they are spam related and fraudulent.

How can exim be setup to only send out emails that have localdomains in their from fields?

E.g. if I have account bob.com on my server then the owner of bob.com can only send out emails "xxxx@bob.com" no matter what else he tries to do that's all exim will send out.

How can you get exim to do this? I have been using filtering to block commonly spammed domains like aol.com hotmail.com etc - any emails sent out with these in their from fields are filtered and blocked - but rather building up a larger and larger filter of commonly abused domains - why not just block everything except domains on your server.

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Exim: Unable To Send Mail W/ New Users

Mar 11, 2008

I installed exim and have been able to successfully use it as an smtp server. My test setup was as follows:

email client uses smtp.MYSERVER.com, my login, and password

The email is successfully forwarded to the appropriate recipient. However, when I create a new user, and test it's email capabilities, it does not work. I get a 535 error:

535 Incorrect authentication data

I have double checked the login and password, and I've tried this on multiple accounts. Is there an issue with how I'm creating the users? (useradd)

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Exim Mail Server Failing To Send Email

Jun 16, 2009

Just started to have problems sending emails out but no problem receiving.

Seems to be a exim problem.. tried updating it but the problem still exist but everytime I restart exim then it works for a few hours before the problem comes back.

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How To Find The Script Which Uses Exim And Apache To Send Spam

Mar 14, 2008

Not far ago somebody hacked our customer account through the vulnerability in phpBB Album module and uploaded some scripts. Then it started to send nigerian spam using exim and apache. These scripts were found and deleted and the Album module was fully deleted too. But when I look at the processes now I see that exim and httpd still start very often so the system resources are probably overused by them ......

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