Exim Mail Server Failing To Send Email

Jun 16, 2009

Just started to have problems sending emails out but no problem receiving.

Seems to be a exim problem.. tried updating it but the problem still exist but everytime I restart exim then it works for a few hours before the problem comes back.

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My Mail Server Will Not Receive Or Send Email

Apr 20, 2007

Here is what happened:

We have been running our web/ftp/application/mail server for about 4 years, and running flawlessly. This week one of the computers in the network was infected with a virus that was sending spam like crazy. We got blacklisted, as per this site mxtoolbox.com. Our domain is affordablerto.net. Since then we have isolated the problem, klilled the virus and are no longer blacklisted. But we are not able to send or receive any emails now. I wrote mxtoolbox and there reply was basicly "We can get you up and running if you pay us". I called our ISP and they stated that the ports(25) are open. When I do an smtp diagnostic from mxtoolbox I get the response that Argument 'Length' must be greater or equal to zero.

When I go to dnsreport and input our mail server (mail.affordablerto.net) I get ERROR:

The parent servers say that the domain mail.affordablerto.net does not have any NS records (although they may have some other information on that zone).

When I put in our mail server under mail test I get this Getting MX record for mail.affordablerto.net (from local DNS server, may be cached)... There is no MX record for mail.affordablerto.net! That's bad. Checking for an A record... Got it!

When I put in our domain I get this...well I can not put a link in yet - the software here says I need to take 5 posts before I can link anything. Go ahead and try it yourself.

I am not sure what most of this information means. I am in contact with our DNS provider and they keep on trying to sell me some solution. So does mxtoolbox.

I don't know what to do.

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Exim: Unable To Send Mail W/ New Users

Mar 11, 2008

I installed exim and have been able to successfully use it as an smtp server. My test setup was as follows:

email client uses smtp.MYSERVER.com, my login, and password

The email is successfully forwarded to the appropriate recipient. However, when I create a new user, and test it's email capabilities, it does not work. I get a 535 error:

535 Incorrect authentication data

I have double checked the login and password, and I've tried this on multiple accounts. Is there an issue with how I'm creating the users? (useradd)

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Cannot Send Email Through Squirrel Mail

Jul 27, 2008

I have a dedicated server with godaddy and it has squirrel mail/sendmail/dovecot etc installed on it. I am able to log-in to squirrel mail but when I try to send email, it fails. Even it's not able to receive email. I restarted sendmail but it still does not works.

I tried to send email through command line but it does not work either.

[root@ip-xx-xxx-xxx-xxx public_html]# /usr/lib/sendmail -v myemail@hotmail.com < /home/mysite/public_html/license.txt
myemail@hotmail.com... Connecting to [] via relay...
220 ip-xx-xxx-xxx-xxx.ip.secureserver.net ESMTP Sendmail 8.13.1/8.13.1; Sun, 27 Jul 2008 09:21:09 -0700
>>> EHLO ip-xx-xxx-xxx-xxx.ip.secureserver.net
250-ip-xx-xxx-xxx-xxx.ip.secureserver.net Hello ip-xx-xxx-xxx-xxx.ip.secureserver.net [], pleased to meet you
250 HELP
>>> MAIL From:<root@ip-xx-xxx-xxx-xxx.ip.secureserver.net> SIZE=15127 AUTH=root@ip-xx-xxx-xxx-xxx.ip.secureserver.net
250 2.1.0 <root@ip-xx-xxx-xxx-xxx.ip.secureserver.net>... Sender ok
>>> RCPT To:<myemail@hotmail.com>
>>> DATA
250 2.1.5 <myemail@hotmail.com>... Recipient ok
354 Enter mail, end with "." on a line by itself
>>> .
250 2.0.0 m6RGL99A018025 Message accepted for delivery
myemail@hotmail.com... Sent (m6RGL99A018025 Message accepted for delivery)
Closing connection to []
>>> QUIT
221 2.0.0 ip-xx-xxx-xxx-xxx.ip.secureserver.net closing connection
[root@ip-xx-xxx-xxx-xxx public_html]#

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Cpsrvd & Exim Failing

Jan 26, 2007

Does anybody know why my cpsrvd & exim keep failing?

It usually fails and slows the entire speed of my website.

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Windows Serve Runable To Send Mail To Outside Email

Mar 5, 2008

I have a Windows server + Helm 4 + smartermail 4.

I found that my server today all users web scripts suddenly cannot send the contact form mails, membership registration mails to outside user. (all acripts code by asp.net)

I try to use many form mail scripts, all als

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Unrouteable Mail Domain Everytime I Send Out Email

Jul 8, 2007

My mail server suddenly went into chaos. Everytime I send out an email it
retruns me back an email automatically telling me example:

"unrouteable mail domain "gmail.com".
"unrouteable mail domain "yahoo.com".


I try to reinstall exim
#/scripts/exim4 --force

I even reboot the server but nothing works.

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