Downloading Using Browser On Linux

Mar 15, 2008

I'm trying to download this 1 GB file on my Linux server CentOS. But its requiring me to enter a Captcha image which doesn't show up using Elinks or Lynx the two browser I tried.

Wget was my first thing that I tried but that wouldnt work since its impossible to enter the captcha using wget command.

So I need some help how should I download this to my server I'm on Slow DSL connection and it would take weeks to download 1 GB using my desktop and then reuploading it again to server using FTP.

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Downloading LARGE Folders On Linux

Jan 15, 2007

On my site, there is a folder containing somewheres around 75,000 images.

I'm on shared hosting, but I do have shell access.

I want to basically copy this folder to another directory in the site. Can anyone give me any pointers?

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Plesk 11.x / Linux :: DNS Settings - Show Www In Browser

Dec 12, 2014

I want to know what settings to make in the Dns of my Server so always to show the www. in the browser, before the domain name.

For example, in the url to be and not

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: IP - Domain Not Resolve On Browser

Jul 13, 2015

Apply an IP fix to a specific domain but this domain dont resolve on browser [URL] .....

On chrome i got this : ERR_NETWORK_ACCESS_DENIED

I already disable iptabes and denyhosts

I check on dnsstuff and everything seems good.

I check ifcfg-eth0 file - ok

IP its add into Plesk panel by ToolSetings -ok

Its set on domain by Hosting parameters -ok

Reverse on IP is ok ....

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: Horde - JavaScript Is Either Disabled Or Not Available On Browser

Jul 17, 2015

When i try to go to horde after my upgrade from plesk 11.5.30 to plesk 12.0.18, my horde is loading as minimal cause this:

JavaScript is either disabled or not available on your browser. You are restricted to the minimal view.

But my javascript is enabled for this site.

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: Downloading Backups To Local Computer - Save File In TAR Format?

Jul 27, 2014

If I try to download a plesk backup to my local machine it saves a file a few bytes in size in .xml.tar.html format

My other non plesk 12 machines correctly save the file in .tar format ....

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Cant See Gmail At Browser

Oct 6, 2008

I cant access gmail from my internet connection, but google is opening and also all other emils are opend(yahoo,aol...). Im using windows 2000 OS. Is it a problm of mail server of gmai?

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Downloading And Streaming.... Use's Up The Same Mb?

Oct 13, 2008

I have a friend who we were debating about this.

He says he called up the internet company and upgraded his monthly plan to 60 gig or downloading a month, because he loves watching steaming videos(not youtube) im talking about actual movies.

They told him if he downloaded a 700mb movie or if he watched the exact same movie it would use up 700mb

So according to them downloading or streaming uses the same mb.

I found this hard to believe. But i have no wa of proving it.

What is the answer?

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VPS For Torrent Downloading

Mar 11, 2009

I would like a VPS so I may download my torrents on the VPS then ftp them home, I am with provider now but got told that's a not allowed to host "those" files.

So is there any one who does not monitor, is dirt cheap etc..

I looked in the offers forum and thought these looked good, bit not too sure if what I want to do is allowed/monitored.

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Downloading On A Server

Apr 11, 2007

I have no download possibility on some computers from where I access internet, but I frequently need it.

Can I download files from the internet resource sites directly to a hosting server (just like on a PC)? Can I do it with SSH? What are minimum requirements? SSH on a shared hosting? VPS with root acces?

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Windows VPS & Downloading

Aug 10, 2007

I understand having a Windows VPS service, is just like your Windows on your desktop, except it's on a server.

If so, I know I can download and exceute a Windows program on my desktop, how is downloading and executing done on a Windows VPS server?

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1&1 Ded Server Downloading

Mar 23, 2007

This is my 2nd server,i had a server with leaseweb and no probs wat so ever setting up utorrent on it.

Ive set it up on my 1%1 server but nothing is moving,ive tried random ports,ive tried turning the cisco firewall of on the 1&1 web page control pannel,but nothing moves wat so ever.

What have i missed here,theres no way they can block all says on there site all ports are avilible,but even if i picked a random port,and wasnt connectable it would still download just slow,any1 else with a 1&1 server had downloading probs with utorrnte.

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Ip Address Used For Downloading

Apr 2, 2007

Since I'll get 5 ip addresses for my server, I'm wondering which ip will be used if
my server acts as a download client. Does it pick a random one or a fixed one?

I use winhttp to download stuff from internet.

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Strange Browser Agent

May 10, 2009

i recently got multiple logs regarding this weird browser user agent,

Browser Agent:
XXX<? echo "w0000t"; ?>XXX

anyone have information regarding this?

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Defend Against Browser Spoofing

Aug 10, 2008

How do you defend against browser spoofing? From the tutorials shown at [url]. it seems really easy to spoof a firefox useragent.

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How To Access Ftp From A Browser (for Cpanel)

Mar 25, 2007

I know that if you want to access your ftp account from a browser you use this link format:

ftp://username :

But what happens when your usersame is in the form of:

How can I access my ftp from a browser then?

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Files Not Downloading To Users

Feb 6, 2008

I run a download website boasting many files (entirely legal, non-pornographic), the sizes of which range from 100KB to 500MB. Some users of the site seem to be complaining of the files not downloading and or being truncated (i.e: it says it has been downloaded even though it has not been fully downloaded.)

Here is one reply I received:

"No specific massage appears, only sign the download is complete and infact it is not. About 7 mega down loaded instead of 79 mega. I use fire fox browser and ADSL internet line speed 512"

All the files however do seem to download perfectly on my computer, though I have a good 8mb line, which leads me to believe it may be something to do with a timeout setting?

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Downloading Speed From My Site

Nov 9, 2008

I have a website on bluehost and i have a major problem in downloading speed from my site. for ex. if you went to any game page on my site "that download the game to play" the download time for the game "flash file" take DOUBLE the normal time.

I am on shared hosting, i know it may be less perfect but not to that level of slowness.

I have no errors in the log file .

When i searched for the server i found it has 1260 web sites.

My site and you may check for game page.

how to solve the slow of downloading the flash files from my BH account.

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Downloading To Plesk In Windows VPS

Aug 11, 2007

On MY Desktop in Plesk 8.1, it shows:

Server Info

How/where can I download a windows program?

Do you download to Plesk, like you would to your own Desktop,
or do you upload to Plesk?

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Downloading A File Off Of A Server

Dec 8, 2007

I have a file in the directory of /backup I want to download a file from that directory to my PC, how would I do this.

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Dedicated Hosting For A Browser Game

Jan 7, 2009

i run a browser based game in (php/mysql/javascript) and i currently have noticing with the growing numbers of players that my shared hosting is not going to handle the load, obviously.
i am not sure if this is the right place to ask but are there any hosting companies out there willing to negotiate a deal where they provide hosting for such a thing in return of advertising?
we havent even began to advertise the game and expand it, it will reach thousands of players easely... we would need atleast 2 highend boxes to split up the database from the webserver.

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That SSL Invalid Error Shown In A Browser

Apr 21, 2009

This is the error i'm getting after i installed my cert.

i did the installation in plesk 9 and it asked for three files:

1. private key

2. certificate

3. CA bundle

for the CA bundle i used the: intermediary_certificate1.cst, intermediary_certificate2.cst, & root_certificate.cst files and in that order.

What could have went wrong? and how can i get rid of this error?

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New VPS, Files In Httpdocs Inaccessible Via Browser

Jul 16, 2009

My client was rather forcibly moved to a VPS by their host (long story, involving inadequate PHP memory allocations).

I've run sites on MediaTemple's VPS's without any issues. This one, via Network Solutions (not my pick) is driving me nuts. It uses Plesk and Virtuozzo, and is, I believe, running Redhat.

I am able to FTP files into httpdocs, but when I try to pull them up via browser, I get 404's. Additionally, the default landing page persists, even though I deleted their index.html.

I can SSH with root, but have thus far not been able to find my way to httpdocs via command line. Updated: scratch that. Found it. Files are there...

I am accessing solely via IP, as I do not want to redirect the domain until the new site is up and running.

Any thoughts on where I need to be looking for a solution? I'm not really a server person, though this is the first time I've encountered so much trouble. I do not foresee NS support being much help, per prior (recent) experience.

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Blocking A Country Using Browser Language

Nov 3, 2008

I got a list of IPs from the country i want to block from and i added them to my .htaccess as I have no access to PF or IP tables firewall.

I am concerned about the server load if I get too many requests from that country to access the webpage, I have been told of a better solution, blocking someone based on the browser language they use, for example for China that is "zh-CN" but I don't know how to implement this and I have not been able to find it through Google, help with this appreciated.

Second thing, anyone knows what happens when someone attempts to access a webpage from a blocked IP? Do they get a "Page not found" or "your IP is blacklisted" message?

If I block by browser language it would be good if the blocking message does not tell the user about this

(Notice that I am aware that blocking by browser language is not a perfect solution).

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Addon Domain Browser Location

May 10, 2007

I have setup an Addon Domain in cPanel.

[url]is pointing to:


That is working fine, test it for yourself.

However, I want the URL in the browser to read: [url]but currently as you can see the long URL appears.

How can I make the short clean URL appear in the browser?

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Hot Link Prevention And Browser Security

Dec 23, 2007

I recently initiated "Hot Link Prevention" on one of my web sites on my Dedicated server (via CPanel). It woks well in re-directing hotlinked images to a small image that says "Unauthorized Hotlink Image." This of course prevents other web sites from leaching my bandwidth. However, I have had a number of people complain that when they visit my forum, they don't get my site's images, but instead see the Unauthorized Hotlink Image. The common thread seems to be the people with the problem are using Security Software. In one case, a guy is using Norton Confidential. Another guy is using some Security software provided by his ISP. I'm guessing that this security software is somehow messing with the Referer in tehir browser and confusing my server into thinking the images are being hotlinked from some other site. Short of turning off Hot Link Prevention, does anyone have any suggestions to tell the folks...are there settings in their Security Software for example that will prevent the problem when they visit my site?

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Apache :: After Upgrading To 2.4 Does Not Get PHP Output In Browser

Dec 20, 2013

I have upgraded to Apache 2.4 and Php 5.5.7. I am not able to get any php script to show output in the browser. Html and text files work fine.

phpinfo works fine and shows output.

Phpmyadmin gives "No data received" in chrome and "The connection was reset" in Firefox.

In command line php -f filename gives me output.

Last lines of my Apache error log:

[mpm_winnt:notice] [pid 2028:tid 376] AH00456: Apache Lounge VC11 Server built: Nov 21 2013 20:13:01
[Fri Dec 20 2013] [core:notice] [pid 2028:tid 376] AH00094: Command line: 'C:Program FilesApache Software FoundationApache24binhttpd.exe -d C:/Program Files/Apache Software Foundation/Apache24'
[Fri Dec 20 2013] [mpm_winnt:notice] [pid 2028:tid 376] AH00418: Parent: Created child process 2628
[Fri Dec 20 2013] [mpm_winnt:notice] [pid 2628:tid 276] AH00354: Child: Starting 64 worker threads.

In Php log it is giving no error.

httpd -t shows: Syntax ok

php -v shows:

PHP 5.5.7 (cli) (built: Dec 11 2013 13:48:27)
Copyright (c) 1997-2013 The PHP Group
Zend Engine v2.5.0, Copyright (c) 1998-2013 Zend Technologies

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Apache :: Unable To Access VPS Through Browser

Apr 14, 2014

i signed up for vps from and i got ssh credential i logged in ssh using token2shell but when i put my server ip "" in google chorome but then it says unable to find even i am not able to access ftp through filezilla also

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Alterntive Way For Downloading A MySQL Database

Apr 6, 2007

A friend of mine has an account with a hosting company that recently became unstable and he wants to move his site away.

I downloaded the files, but it now seems impossible to download the databases in the conventional ways.

I tried downloading them using their control panel (vDeck) but I get an error "File Permissions do not allow to download backup".

Then I tried to export it using PHPMyAdmin but the files either doesn't download at all, or it downloads inccomplete with the last lines having something like the following:

Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /usr/local/apache/htdocs/phpMyAdmin-2.6.3/export.php:121

I tried to contact their support but they have no clue.

Is there any way to download the database? I thought of creating a script that would manually itterate through the tables and create an export fie similar to what phpMyAdmin creates. I don't know if this is possible, and I hope there are better ways.

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How To Allow Only One Ip Downloading Files From A Directory At A Time.

Oct 19, 2007

if it is possible to allow only one ip downloading files from a directory at a time.web server is apache , may be with some apache module or if there is some build in configuration can be applied to .htaccess .

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Downloading Files From Hosting Server

Dec 22, 2007

I was asked to redesign one web site. Nothing much complicated. I've got username and pass to hosting provider. Now I can see the files of web site that are already there but how can I download them because only upload seems to be possible. And if so why is that so?

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