Database Driven Web-hosting Solution

Mar 5, 2008

I am developer and I ahve done web-site development and database development but it was for other companies where everything was already available.

I was not sure if this was the right place for the post, but I thought I would atleast start here, if I should post this in some other category please let me know.

I am satrting work on a Database driven web-site. I say database driven, becuase the web-site copares prices for multiple products. By some worst case scenarios(explained later) I need a database to easily acoomadate more than 1000 GB of data. I can definitely try cutting this down, but my question is what type of hosting should I choose and how when the web-site is completely relying on data that is updated on a weekly basis.

The reason to keep old data is to use that to show a Price history and forecasting on future Prices. The thought of storing this data locally and just creating a summary has crossed my mind.

The Data Scenario:
Price of Products per store: 50,000
Approximate size for the table per store: 3 MB

Number of stores: 500
Avg Size: 1500 MB

This is the bare minimum 1500 MB + other tables + overhead

Other tables: Forum data, Reviewes, User Favorite Products, etc.

Number of weeks: 52
Avg Size: 78 GB

Howevere the table with the most data and the table that would be changing the most is the Price table. So I am approximating the minimum requirement for the Databse to be atleast 2GB.

My question now is:

To be cost effective I can store the history on my personal desktop. But I still need something that allows me to have 2 GB of Database space. What is my best solution?

I have no strict rules about platform or langauge, to get started I am just trying to be cheap but still find a decent web-hosting solution so that by getting started small I have hopes of going big.

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Database Driven Site

Jan 23, 2009

I was curious to know a basic thing about hosting, i've always wondered is it possible to host a database driven website on one server and get the database picked form other server?

I mean place the database on different server, and connect to it on the other one, which is hosting the site, Are there any options available in the control panel?

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Slow Page Response With Database Driven Site

Jan 24, 2007

I have built a database driven site with PHP & MySQL. Pages download quicker on some connections than other (obviously), however this is not due to connection speed. The web host server seems to respond very slowly to my boss's network (which is on a proxy server). Could it be that this problem is related to the web host? i.e. could it be that the web host is unequipped to deal quickly with this type of network?

On my home connection (2Mbps), pages often download instantly, however occaisionally I have to wait 10-20 seconds to receive the page from the host.

Finally, could you recommend an excellent web host to use with our site? My boss wants to offer a professional service where server response is quick. We are based in the UK.

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Rapid Site Deployment (database Driven Domain Name Server (DNS) + Apache Config)

Oct 29, 2008

I am trying to do something that I believe is fairly non-standard. What I am looking to do is create a system where I can rapidly deploy web sites without having to restart named and Apache. For example, if a customer completes a process, I want to be able to turn that site on immediately using a temporary domain ( or

With some programming language (hopefully PHP) I would like to get the customer up and running with their site immediately without having to restart the server. While doing some research I found I could use MyDNS which uses MySQL to manage DNS data instead of configuration files. MyDNS can be updated on the fly.

For Apache I have seen wildcard configurations, but everyone seems to be suggesting the use of mod rewrite. I would prefer that the domain maps directly to a specific folder: -> /sites/somecompany/htdocs
(* -> /sites/*/htdocs)

Does anyone know how I might do this with Apache. It seems similar to user directories ( -> /home/*/htdocs)

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Looking For ASP+PHP Hosting Solution

Oct 23, 2007

I've tried several companies and I almost gave up the search for what I need. Maybe someone here can help me find a hosting solution with these requirements:
1) A reseller account / Multi domains for different websites
2) ASP + .net + MS Access with mutli-lingual support
3) PHP 5 + MySQL 5
4) Allow Remote access to mysql thru port (not phpMyAdmin)
5) International Fast connection
6) 24/7 support
7) Location: US

Not asking too much I think...

Thanks anyone,

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Is Anyone Using Mosso As Their Hosting Solution?

Jan 19, 2009

Has anyone used or is anyone using Mosso as their hosting solution?

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Video Hosting Solution

Jul 2, 2008

I'm trying to find a good webhost/serverhost where any videos I create will not take forever to view. I have a few videos I made and want to upload them to my server but sometimes it takes way too long for the video to run

Currently, I'm with but they only offer one package so I dont know if I can have faster/more bandwidth.

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Video Streaming Hosting Solution

Feb 28, 2006

Hi Im new to this and about to launch a site where visitors to the site can upload videos and then they can be checked by me and then submitted to the site. Im looking for a hosting account which wont be madly expensive.

Ive heard about unmetred etc, but ive also heard about being charged large bills for excessive bandwidth etc..

Can anyone recommend a good solution to me that wont literally cost the earth?

(Poss about 1000gb Bandwidth PM)

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Is Godaddy A Good Hosting Solution

Jun 5, 2009

The price is great. How about the quality? (I want to join the $6.99/mo deluxe plan).

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Is SpamTitan For Hosting Companies The Right Solution

May 18, 2009

We are a hosting company with about 10000 customer domains. We are looking for a good spamfilter gateway and found Spamtitan.

Do you think SpamTitan would work well with so many customer domains? How many servers do you recommend for this amount?

I realized that in the admin area a lot is done with domain dropdown elements to choose the domainname. This is for sure not the best solution with this amount of domains.

Our plan is, that customers don't have access to ST but only get the quarantine report mail. Will there be a resource problem in creating this report once a day for about 50000 mail addresses?

Are there any other hosting companies which are using ST?

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Review Of Rageki Web Hosting Solution

Dec 30, 2008

I know its hard to take a review from someone who has one post, but please everything i say is entirely true.

A couple of months ago i started buying hosting from Rageki Web Hosting. I bought their RS-2 Plan for 2.00 a Month! I was amazed at the price so i went in thinking about the old saying "You get what you pay for." But boy was i wrong. I never experienced any downtime in my hosting so far. And If it happened it was overnight and i was alerted by email. Whenever i have a problem i hop onto Yahoo Messenger and nearly every time i do a John from Rageki is there to answer my questions immediately. Even at the most inconvenient times, like recently i checked if he was online 12:44 A.M. and he was online and helped me. Dont think because i constantly need help is because of problems with the service, its because i am not that great with websites.

I currently have their RS-2 Plan which has the following

RS-2 United States -
2GB Diskspace
20GB Data Transfer
50 Addon Domains
50 Subdomains
50 MYSQL Databases
Unmetered Email

Rageki Web Hosting Solutions offers it all.

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Hosting Solution For MP3 Download Site

Jun 28, 2008

I am searching for a reliable shared(or any other cheap option) hosting provider to host my mp3 download site. My site is getting 3000 uniques a day and monthly bandwidth usage is around 1000 to 1200 GB.

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Best Solution To Run Several Domains/sites On Your Hosting Account

Oct 10, 2009

As a domainer I have several domainnames I like to add to a hostingaccount.

Many of the domains will have a blog or minisite.

At this moment I have a shared hosting account with unlimited domains.

But for seo reasons it is better not to link the domains/urls to eachother cause they have the same IP.

What can you recommend me to have all the domains on different IP's?

Or is there another way to do this,I heard something about c-class....

If I have to put the domains on different IP's on my shared hosting account I will have to pay $2,50 for an IP per month,this will be quite expensive.

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Mailing List Solution - Hosting Company

Feb 12, 2009

Need to send emails to around 4500 subscribers.

Currently have PLESK (MailMan) - but if I create Mailing List. Mailing list email goes in "To:" field and anyone can see that email address, and may perhaps also use that.
Thought to use Desktop Software - but ISP (Cable Broadband) has a limit of 100 emails per session.

Experimented a php/mysql quick solution, but it takes very long time and browser times out. Also. not sure how cron can be configured via script.

Is there any hosting company having a better email solution (where in "To:" field individual's email address goes)?

How do you manage your business mailing needs currently?

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Hosting Solution Alternatives To Site5 Inode Limit

Aug 15, 2008

I currently have hosting with Site5 (started back before all the overselling), and although my sites are very low in traffic and don't take up much space, I am running up against their 25,000 per site inode limit, due to my hosting a Gallery2 photo album on one of the sites (as I understand, the base install of Gallery2 uses 14,000 inodes alone. Due to how my album is integrated with the rest of the site, it would require hours and hours to switch to something besides Gallery2). All the sites together have used 17 GB of bandwidth so far this month, although much of that has been me uploading stuff to one of the sites to set it up.

Here are my sites:

- Site#1 is a family site, with family photos and a Wordpress blog. Very low traffic (a handful of visits a day), but lots of photos. Inodes not a problem for now (I'm at about 13,000), as unlike one of the other sites, I was able to switch to Zenphoto from Gallery2 pretty easily.

- Site#2 is the newest and fastest growing. It is a site for a small community of people who play a particular online computer game. It runs Drupal, and has about 60 members now, but 5-10 have been joining a day. Most online at one time has been 10. I get anywhere from 30-60 visits a day, but growing. The site uses about 150 MB of storage right now, and this will grow. No photo albums here.

- Site#3 (running Joomla and Gallery2) is for my own gaming group of 8 people that play the above computer game together each week online. Low traffic, but this is the site with the inode problem, as I post screenshots in Gallery2 after each session. Around 25,000 inodes, and 6.5 GB of storage used on the server.

- Site#4 is my wedding site, running on Wordpress. It only gets a handful of visits each day, and will get almost none after the wedding in mid September. No photo album here.

- Site#5 is my fiance's site (running Joomla), which she has pretty much not touched in a year and I doubt anyone visits, but I'm too much of a coward to take down.

With that in mind, I'm wondering what my best solution would be:
- Switch to a VPS, and if so, what kind and who?
- Switch to a different shared host with a higher inode limit
- Stay with Site5 and take the time to farm out the photo album somewhere off the site, or to another program like Zenphoto with a lower footprint.

I'm a tech-geek wannabe and willing to learn. I'm paying about $10 a month (I think) and could probably go as high as $30 or so.

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High Traffic Hosting Solution (dedicated Server?)

Jul 23, 2007

I'm working on launching this online store for a poster designer, and we're becoming more and more aware that we need a really robust and fast server. This site is looking at extremely high levels of activity whenever this designer posts a new poster. We're talking 1700 people surfing the store (downloading med-high resolution poster images) and 300 posters sold in 16 seconds kind of thing.

So, we need a really robust hosting, to work with PHP5 and MYSQL.

My previous go-to hosting provider was Lunarpages, but their customer service has gone down the crapper, and I've just about had it with them. My main questions are:
Should I be looking into getting a dedicated server, or are there hosting companies that can handle this kind of traffic on a shared server? I don't have experience administrating a server, so if we got a dedicated one we would have to pay the host to do at least some of the setup/administration, I would assume?
Dedicated server or not, what's a hosting company that has really good customer service, where we can be assured of getting somebody knowledgeable without having to wait on hold for 20 (or even 10) minutes?

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How To Turn Off Auto Renew On Network Solution Hosting Account

Mar 27, 2007

Does anyone know how to turn off auto renew on a NetSol hosting account. I have very bad experience with their customer service. Im trying to do this from last month and still no luck.

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Hosting For 4GB Website + 2GB SQL Database

Aug 9, 2008

I have a friend who has a dedicated server right now that uses a good 4GB for all his website content. (not streaming media but just a whole bunch of scripts and etc. well thats what he tells me). And so anyways, his SQL database is about 1-2GB. And he is not too sure about his monthly traffic but its a social networking site with a good amount of users (so its actively used by many users). Would it be necessary for him to have a dedicated server or do you think he could cut costs with a shared hosting account at like host gator or some other shared hosting service like that? I guess my biggest concern is his current database. A lot of shared hosting companies (from what i saw) offer unlimited Mysql Tables do they have size limits? And does a bigger sql database drastically effect the performance of the overall server?

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Pro's And Con's For Web And Database Hosting Options

Mar 26, 2008

I'm currently working for a company who are looking to migrate there current business system and also create an e-commerce website.

The company (Company A) who were doing the migration were also going to originally take care of the e-commerce side of things aswell, but after looking at the website solution they have now decided to give it to another company (Company B) to deal with. But seem to be sticking with the original company to do the business system migration.

Now this has created a bit of a problem with regards to the hosting side of things (amongst other things ).
Originally this was all going to be hosted by Company A. This would keep it all nicely integrated.
But now Company B are doing the e-commerce side of things it needs to somehow integrate with the business database.

And now for the question (about time i hear you ask ).
Can you give me the pros and cons of the following scenarios:

Scenario A:
We host both business system (database) and webservers onsite.

Scenario B:
Company A hosts business (database) solution. We host webserver.

Scenario C:
Company A hosts business (database) system. Company B hosts webserver.

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MSSQL Database Intensive Hosting

Oct 4, 2009

We were on shared hosting until we were asked to move off due to our database using a lot of the CPU - how much, we dont know.

Anyway, moved to a 1GB Hyper-V VPS, seems like we have one core of an E5420 but presume the server is shared between 12 people.

When our ASP application runs, the MSSQL server reaches 100% CPU and the website performs slower than the shared server we were on.

Where can we go from here? Seems like going from shared to a Dual/Quad Core Dedicated Server is a large jump and a massive jump in price.

What about a host with a high performance dedicated server for MSSQL shared between customers.

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Managed Database Hosting (Mysql)

Apr 11, 2008

if there are any recommendations on managed database hosting services. This will be used for a fairly large project running on Mysql DB. Due to the size and complexity of the database a lot of resources are being used, so I prefer to find a company which specializes in dB hosting.

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Windows Hosting With MSSQL Database

May 7, 2008

Any windows hosting provider with MSSQL database?

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Hosting For MYSQL Database With 400 Plus Threads

Sep 28, 2007

I have a website that runs off a mysql database.

The first month it hit in excess of 400 threads.

Would anyone know whats the cheapest alternative to run a a site this size. Would a VPS account handle it?

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Where Can I Find Good Hosting With No Lock-in?

Jan 8, 2007

I'm wondering if someone can recommend a host to me. I know that researching a host before I go with it is important, this is part of my research.

I would like to make a site with ASP.NET 2.0 and a database (MS SQL preferred).

I'm just starting, so I don't have any traffic, but I don't want to rule out the possibility in the future.

I'd like a host that has no lock-in (Does not own my domain name, lets me backup and download my own database files) to a host that scales (allows me to upgrade plans easily, or purchase add-on space and bandwidth), although both are useful, I really don't want to be locked-in.

The site is not for profit (personal) and budget is a concern.

Right now Lunarpages Windows plan is looking good, it does give me a ‘free domain’, but specifies that they do not own it. Does anyone know how easy it is to transfer a free domain from lunarpages to godaddy or another registry? Has anyone had experience with this host for

I'm also interested in finding a unbiased, legitimate host searching site that allows me to search hosts by features, with no affiliate links to the hosts reviewed, that do not sell hosting, etc.

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How Long Does Database Creation With Godaddy Hosting Take

Aug 17, 2008

I created a database for my site and then a subdomain.

The subdomain is already working but the database still shows pending setup. Normally, the database setup is much faster than the subdomain setup.

I'm not sure what's going on. Their email support sucks. They don't even reply on time. I can't call them because I'm overseas. It would be a very expensive phone call.

This is my first week with them. Do you guys experience this with Godaddy?

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Hosting Company With Odd Database Handling Procedure

Nov 14, 2007

I created a SQL Server database that need sto be setup for the customer on their hosting account. The hosting company wanted the sql statemens, ok so I gave it to them to setup my tables and stored procedures. I also mentioned that if they gave me a username and password with database location and catalog name for the connection string and as long as I had create rights for that database I could run my own sql statements via SQL Server Enterprise Manager to set it up. They sent an excuse about how insecure that wasy and that they couldn't send any usernames or passwords for the database to me t set this up.

They also said it's becomming more common for Hosting Companies to not allow access to the databases for thatpurpose. Ok... uh how in the world do they expect to have a programmer create and run their data driven website without that information? I'm confused on what these guys are doing.

So.. is this true? Are more hosting companies hording their database infromation and customer usernames and passwords from the developers?

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Windows IIS Hosting, Support For .NET 2.0, MS SQL 2005 Database & ISAPI_Rewrite

Jul 1, 2008

recommend me about a good hosting provider for those requirements: Windows IIS hosting, support for .NET 2.0, MS SQL 2005 Database & ISAPI_Rewrite?

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