Looking For ASP+PHP Hosting Solution

Oct 23, 2007

I've tried several companies and I almost gave up the search for what I need. Maybe someone here can help me find a hosting solution with these requirements:
1) A reseller account / Multi domains for different websites
2) ASP + .net + MS Access with mutli-lingual support
3) PHP 5 + MySQL 5
4) Allow Remote access to mysql thru port (not phpMyAdmin)
5) International Fast connection
6) 24/7 support
7) Location: US

Not asking too much I think...

Thanks anyone,

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Is Anyone Using Mosso As Their Hosting Solution?

Jan 19, 2009

Has anyone used or is anyone using Mosso as their hosting solution?

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Video Hosting Solution

Jul 2, 2008

I'm trying to find a good webhost/serverhost where any videos I create will not take forever to view. I have a few videos I made and want to upload them to my server but sometimes it takes way too long for the video to run

Currently, I'm with hostmonster.com but they only offer one package so I dont know if I can have faster/more bandwidth.

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Video Streaming Hosting Solution

Feb 28, 2006

Hi Im new to this and about to launch a site where visitors to the site can upload videos and then they can be checked by me and then submitted to the site. Im looking for a hosting account which wont be madly expensive.

Ive heard about unmetred etc, but ive also heard about being charged large bills for excessive bandwidth etc..

Can anyone recommend a good solution to me that wont literally cost the earth?

(Poss about 1000gb Bandwidth PM)

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Is Godaddy A Good Hosting Solution

Jun 5, 2009

The price is great. How about the quality? (I want to join the $6.99/mo deluxe plan).

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Is SpamTitan For Hosting Companies The Right Solution

May 18, 2009

We are a hosting company with about 10000 customer domains. We are looking for a good spamfilter gateway and found Spamtitan.

Do you think SpamTitan would work well with so many customer domains? How many servers do you recommend for this amount?

I realized that in the admin area a lot is done with domain dropdown elements to choose the domainname. This is for sure not the best solution with this amount of domains.

Our plan is, that customers don't have access to ST but only get the quarantine report mail. Will there be a resource problem in creating this report once a day for about 50000 mail addresses?

Are there any other hosting companies which are using ST?

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Review Of Rageki Web Hosting Solution

Dec 30, 2008

I know its hard to take a review from someone who has one post, but please everything i say is entirely true.

A couple of months ago i started buying hosting from Rageki Web Hosting. I bought their RS-2 Plan for 2.00 a Month! I was amazed at the price so i went in thinking about the old saying "You get what you pay for." But boy was i wrong. I never experienced any downtime in my hosting so far. And If it happened it was overnight and i was alerted by email. Whenever i have a problem i hop onto Yahoo Messenger and nearly every time i do a John from Rageki is there to answer my questions immediately. Even at the most inconvenient times, like recently i checked if he was online 12:44 A.M. and he was online and helped me. Dont think because i constantly need help is because of problems with the service, its because i am not that great with websites.

I currently have their RS-2 Plan which has the following

RS-2 United States -
2GB Diskspace
20GB Data Transfer
50 Addon Domains
50 Subdomains
50 MYSQL Databases
Unmetered Email

Rageki Web Hosting Solutions offers it all.

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Database Driven Web-hosting Solution

Mar 5, 2008

I am developer and I ahve done web-site development and database development but it was for other companies where everything was already available.

I was not sure if this was the right place for the post, but I thought I would atleast start here, if I should post this in some other category please let me know.

I am satrting work on a Database driven web-site. I say database driven, becuase the web-site copares prices for multiple products. By some worst case scenarios(explained later) I need a database to easily acoomadate more than 1000 GB of data. I can definitely try cutting this down, but my question is what type of hosting should I choose and how when the web-site is completely relying on data that is updated on a weekly basis.

The reason to keep old data is to use that to show a Price history and forecasting on future Prices. The thought of storing this data locally and just creating a summary has crossed my mind.

The Data Scenario:
Price of Products per store: 50,000
Approximate size for the table per store: 3 MB

Number of stores: 500
Avg Size: 1500 MB

This is the bare minimum 1500 MB + other tables + overhead

Other tables: Forum data, Reviewes, User Favorite Products, etc.

Number of weeks: 52
Avg Size: 78 GB

Howevere the table with the most data and the table that would be changing the most is the Price table. So I am approximating the minimum requirement for the Databse to be atleast 2GB.

My question now is:

To be cost effective I can store the history on my personal desktop. But I still need something that allows me to have 2 GB of Database space. What is my best solution?

I have no strict rules about platform or langauge, to get started I am just trying to be cheap but still find a decent web-hosting solution so that by getting started small I have hopes of going big.

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Hosting Solution For MP3 Download Site

Jun 28, 2008

I am searching for a reliable shared(or any other cheap option) hosting provider to host my mp3 download site. My site is getting 3000 uniques a day and monthly bandwidth usage is around 1000 to 1200 GB.

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Best Solution To Run Several Domains/sites On Your Hosting Account

Oct 10, 2009

As a domainer I have several domainnames I like to add to a hostingaccount.

Many of the domains will have a blog or minisite.

At this moment I have a shared hosting account with unlimited domains.

But for seo reasons it is better not to link the domains/urls to eachother cause they have the same IP.

What can you recommend me to have all the domains on different IP's?

Or is there another way to do this,I heard something about c-class....

If I have to put the domains on different IP's on my shared hosting account I will have to pay $2,50 for an IP per month,this will be quite expensive.

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Mailing List Solution - Hosting Company

Feb 12, 2009

Need to send emails to around 4500 subscribers.

Currently have PLESK (MailMan) - but if I create Mailing List. Mailing list email goes in "To:" field and anyone can see that email address, and may perhaps also use that.
Thought to use Desktop Software - but ISP (Cable Broadband) has a limit of 100 emails per session.

Experimented a php/mysql quick solution, but it takes very long time and browser times out. Also. not sure how cron can be configured via script.

Is there any hosting company having a better email solution (where in "To:" field individual's email address goes)?

How do you manage your business mailing needs currently?

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Hosting Solution Alternatives To Site5 Inode Limit

Aug 15, 2008

I currently have hosting with Site5 (started back before all the overselling), and although my sites are very low in traffic and don't take up much space, I am running up against their 25,000 per site inode limit, due to my hosting a Gallery2 photo album on one of the sites (as I understand, the base install of Gallery2 uses 14,000 inodes alone. Due to how my album is integrated with the rest of the site, it would require hours and hours to switch to something besides Gallery2). All the sites together have used 17 GB of bandwidth so far this month, although much of that has been me uploading stuff to one of the sites to set it up.

Here are my sites:

- Site#1 is a family site, with family photos and a Wordpress blog. Very low traffic (a handful of visits a day), but lots of photos. Inodes not a problem for now (I'm at about 13,000), as unlike one of the other sites, I was able to switch to Zenphoto from Gallery2 pretty easily.

- Site#2 is the newest and fastest growing. It is a site for a small community of people who play a particular online computer game. It runs Drupal, and has about 60 members now, but 5-10 have been joining a day. Most online at one time has been 10. I get anywhere from 30-60 visits a day, but growing. The site uses about 150 MB of storage right now, and this will grow. No photo albums here.

- Site#3 (running Joomla and Gallery2) is for my own gaming group of 8 people that play the above computer game together each week online. Low traffic, but this is the site with the inode problem, as I post screenshots in Gallery2 after each session. Around 25,000 inodes, and 6.5 GB of storage used on the server.

- Site#4 is my wedding site, running on Wordpress. It only gets a handful of visits each day, and will get almost none after the wedding in mid September. No photo album here.

- Site#5 is my fiance's site (running Joomla), which she has pretty much not touched in a year and I doubt anyone visits, but I'm too much of a coward to take down.

With that in mind, I'm wondering what my best solution would be:
- Switch to a VPS, and if so, what kind and who?
- Switch to a different shared host with a higher inode limit
- Stay with Site5 and take the time to farm out the photo album somewhere off the site, or to another program like Zenphoto with a lower footprint.

I'm a tech-geek wannabe and willing to learn. I'm paying about $10 a month (I think) and could probably go as high as $30 or so.

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High Traffic Hosting Solution (dedicated Server?)

Jul 23, 2007

I'm working on launching this online store for a poster designer, and we're becoming more and more aware that we need a really robust and fast server. This site is looking at extremely high levels of activity whenever this designer posts a new poster. We're talking 1700 people surfing the store (downloading med-high resolution poster images) and 300 posters sold in 16 seconds kind of thing.

So, we need a really robust hosting, to work with PHP5 and MYSQL.

My previous go-to hosting provider was Lunarpages, but their customer service has gone down the crapper, and I've just about had it with them. My main questions are:
Should I be looking into getting a dedicated server, or are there hosting companies that can handle this kind of traffic on a shared server? I don't have experience administrating a server, so if we got a dedicated one we would have to pay the host to do at least some of the setup/administration, I would assume?
Dedicated server or not, what's a hosting company that has really good customer service, where we can be assured of getting somebody knowledgeable without having to wait on hold for 20 (or even 10) minutes?

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How To Turn Off Auto Renew On Network Solution Hosting Account

Mar 27, 2007

Does anyone know how to turn off auto renew on a NetSol hosting account. I have very bad experience with their customer service. Im trying to do this from last month and still no luck.

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Backup Solution

May 2, 2009

Can you recommend me backup solution?

Currently I use rsync and I am thinking to use R1Soft CDP

Its worth what is your oppinion?

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Backup Solution

Jun 2, 2009

We now have a WHM Vps and also a Dedicated for reselling VPS both located in the UK. At the moment our WHM Vps backs up to an 'Unlimited shared hosting package' but we're sure we're going to be kicked off sooner or later because were using about 50GB storage. We were wondring what everyone else uses to backup? Another disk attached to the server?

Offsite? And how you deal with the extra bandwidth a backup would use.

We now need a solution that can backup our new VPS server and our WHM server. It needs to be in the UK/EU to comply with data protection.

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Scalable VPN Solution

Apr 29, 2009

Could you get me some input on a setup that should be able to handle 2-500 concurrant VPN users online?

Can be commercial or opensource - ideally not an appliance.

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Backup Solution

Jun 24, 2009

Could anyone give me any recommendations on a new backup solution?

The one that I have been using didn't work the past few times, and that is starting to bother me.

I've looked into CDP, although I do not necessarily have the budget for that.

I'm just looking for an easy way to do daily and weekly backups with

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Backup Solution

Jan 14, 2009

I almost signed up for the crissic backup service, but I waited because I saw some complaints.

I definitely remember somewhere around here--someone posted that crissic was reselling this backup solution.

Does anyone know what this website? Or Can someone post a similar website?

I really want an offsite backup source, But I really can't afford to pay an extra $60-$80/month for a VPS with the actual datastorage I'll require.

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Liquidweb Vps Solution

Apr 8, 2009

we have a vps hosting package through liquidweb which offers 200gb of bandwidth.

Recently we got a bill with an overage fee of $2527.5 for 3370GB additional bandwidth. I looked at all the cpanel logs and since we had the hosting account we never went over 10gb including the month they said we went over 3370 GB. I put a ticket into liquidweb and they said we launched "Multi-media services" during the same month of the overage, resulting in the overage. We did no such thing, the only thing we did was add content to our website. In the end they want us to pay the bill without offering any log or idea where the bandwidth came from. I'm just wondering if theres anything we can do other then just taking a bill for $2500 of unknowns.

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Reseller My Best Solution

Sep 12, 2008

Been trying to decide the best solution to my problem with my current hosting limitations (site has outgrown current shared hosting...getting lots of suspensions due to high load or "exceeds CPU" errors.

Since I am a developer/designer, I'm wondering if a reseller account would be a solution to my problem.

I was looking at managed VPS as well and trying to educate myself on all the ins and outs.

With a reseller account, are you still sharing with others?

What are the limitations?

Would I have better performance with a reseller account than a regular budget priced shared account? (currently w/BlueHost)

Please educate me so I can FINALLY make a decision. I'm so sick of the problems I've been having lately and eager to find a good solution.

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FTP Storage Solution

Jun 11, 2008

We need a High Speed "FTP Storage Solution" for transferring our files securely between our offices.

requirements are simple:
1. High Speed / Good Port Speed in Megs.
2. Unlimited Sub-Accounts
3. Restrict Access by Sub-Account
4. FTP Based Access is Important
5. Ability to Create Read Only / Write Only Sub-Accounts

Space: 2 GB +
Bandwidth: 20GB +
Speed: Speed is Key For us. He need high speed Solution. Something in tune of Many MeGPS connectivity. Not shared.

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VPS For Backup Solution

Sep 6, 2008

im getting a server redone soon and looking for a small temp backup solution I got about 40gb of data that I need to backup and will need double in transfer. Also hopefully can run some basic web services to do somepicture hosting for auctions I run. Uses a few 100mb/mo. Im looking for rec. of cheap VPS hosting that offer big space/transfer and dont charge a really high setup fee I dont need any kind ofcontrol panel.

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Best KVMoverIP Solution

Mar 22, 2007

I am thinking about getting a 2161DS from Dell. Is anybody aware of products with similar specs and has any experience with the overall quality ?

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Architecture Solution

May 28, 2007

we have 5 Rack with about 110 servers and 200mbit of connection, every rack use 1 cisco catalyst 2950 without any hw firewall (we use iptables) now we want organize all with a cisco pix 535 firewall and a traffic shaping solution, what do u think of this configuration?

Ethernet connection from datacenter
1 Gigabit swith with the 200mbit connection
2 Cisco Pix 535 in fail over
Traffic shaping server
| | | | |
switch1 switch2 switch3 switch4 switch5

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Redundant VPS Solution

Apr 14, 2007

I have a few VPS's, the main one has cPanel/WHM and runs all my sites / email / DNS and MySQL DB's. Heres a little info:

VPS1 - CentOS 4.4, cPanel/WHM, runs all domains (OpenVZ)
VPS2 - CentOS 4.4, Webmin, Slave DNS to VPS1 using Webmin cluster (OpenVZ)
VPS3 - CentOS 4.4, Webmin, Slave DNS to VPS1 using Webmin cluster (Xen)

However, if VPS1 fails for say 24 hours, im screwed!

So, my question is can I get some kind of redunadancy built in somewhere. For example if someone is trying to access my domain "mydomain.com" and the main VPS is down, then the request for the site would go to VPS2, or VPS3...

The same for the mail server, if some is sending mail to one of the domains on the VPS, and the main VPS was down, the mail would be sent to my other VPS's.

I just don not like the fact there is a single point of failure!

I do have WHM managed Weekly and Monthly backups of all cPanel accounts etc.

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Best Windows VPS Solution

Jul 17, 2007

i am currently using Ultimahosts.net shared hosting, and i am more than happy with them. Their support & DotnetPanel are two best things.

Now i am planning to move my sites to Windows VPS. i cannot host it with them because their packages for VPS are bit expensive for me. As it starts from 69$.

i am looking for someone with their level of service & support. Can you guys suggest me any windows VPS solutions. i want to sleep peacefully after signing up.

i signed up one VPS with easyCGI last night and their sales person promise me to get it ready within 4 hours, after 16 hours from that i just canceled my order without using anything because they didn't process my order in 16 hours (i hope i will get my money back!).

i have read too many views about 1&1, gate.com,godady, solarvps, powervps,jodohost etc... but as i found some -ve comments i dont think i can carry on with them.

i am thinking of something solid & permanent. i dont wanna to move my sites every 2 months ........

i am looking something around 50$. Thanks in advance for any good suggestions. Please do not reply any marketing/sales stuff. i am looking for genuine feedback.

As many of hosts doesn't offer too much SQL so i am thinking something with 512MB RAM and running SQL express on the same machine.

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What Is The Best Solution For An Internet TV

Apr 23, 2007

We are a group who are working on an internet TV project. We are hoping to achieve over 4000 viewers at the end of next year. We are trying to see what would be a best solution:

Should we buy the bandwidth and server up front and work our way up to the objective or should we start small and buy a bandwidth dedicated server for the start.

I would appreciate your guidance about how to build such a server and how to buy the bandwidth and also the cost for such a thing.

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Backup Solution

Mar 7, 2007

we have about 95 linux server with Cpanel and we use the backup solution in whm and send file on two Dell 2900 with 8 HD 250Gb sata in raid5 but we see that the backup servers are really slow in the data transfer i think that the raid 5 and all the ftp session slow it, what server backup solution do u can suggest for this structure?

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DDOS :: Firewall Solution

Feb 17, 2007

we have about 100 servers in colocation with a 200mbps connecetion, every server have install a software firewall on, this night we got a DDoS (4 hours down) and naturally we was unable to find the source or destination of attack so now we have think to add a firewall solution on the connection, can u give me a good firewall solution for this structure? we have think on a cisco pix 525 but seem to be expensive 10.000$

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Server Overload Solution

Oct 26, 2009

i want to kill apache/http and restart it again automatically. i need this because sometime we are not in front of the server to fix an overload issue immediately, which can affect a server very badly. i believe many of us already face this kind of situation and hope there is some kind of script or way to do this.

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