Is Anyone Using Mosso As Their Hosting Solution?

Jan 19, 2009

Has anyone used or is anyone using Mosso as their hosting solution?

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Looking For ASP+PHP Hosting Solution

Oct 23, 2007

I've tried several companies and I almost gave up the search for what I need. Maybe someone here can help me find a hosting solution with these requirements:
1) A reseller account / Multi domains for different websites
2) ASP + .net + MS Access with mutli-lingual support
3) PHP 5 + MySQL 5
4) Allow Remote access to mysql thru port (not phpMyAdmin)
5) International Fast connection
6) 24/7 support
7) Location: US

Not asking too much I think...

Thanks anyone,

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Video Hosting Solution

Jul 2, 2008

I'm trying to find a good webhost/serverhost where any videos I create will not take forever to view. I have a few videos I made and want to upload them to my server but sometimes it takes way too long for the video to run

Currently, I'm with but they only offer one package so I dont know if I can have faster/more bandwidth.

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Video Streaming Hosting Solution

Feb 28, 2006

Hi Im new to this and about to launch a site where visitors to the site can upload videos and then they can be checked by me and then submitted to the site. Im looking for a hosting account which wont be madly expensive.

Ive heard about unmetred etc, but ive also heard about being charged large bills for excessive bandwidth etc..

Can anyone recommend a good solution to me that wont literally cost the earth?

(Poss about 1000gb Bandwidth PM)

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Is Godaddy A Good Hosting Solution

Jun 5, 2009

The price is great. How about the quality? (I want to join the $6.99/mo deluxe plan).

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Is SpamTitan For Hosting Companies The Right Solution

May 18, 2009

We are a hosting company with about 10000 customer domains. We are looking for a good spamfilter gateway and found Spamtitan.

Do you think SpamTitan would work well with so many customer domains? How many servers do you recommend for this amount?

I realized that in the admin area a lot is done with domain dropdown elements to choose the domainname. This is for sure not the best solution with this amount of domains.

Our plan is, that customers don't have access to ST but only get the quarantine report mail. Will there be a resource problem in creating this report once a day for about 50000 mail addresses?

Are there any other hosting companies which are using ST?

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Review Of Rageki Web Hosting Solution

Dec 30, 2008

I know its hard to take a review from someone who has one post, but please everything i say is entirely true.

A couple of months ago i started buying hosting from Rageki Web Hosting. I bought their RS-2 Plan for 2.00 a Month! I was amazed at the price so i went in thinking about the old saying "You get what you pay for." But boy was i wrong. I never experienced any downtime in my hosting so far. And If it happened it was overnight and i was alerted by email. Whenever i have a problem i hop onto Yahoo Messenger and nearly every time i do a John from Rageki is there to answer my questions immediately. Even at the most inconvenient times, like recently i checked if he was online 12:44 A.M. and he was online and helped me. Dont think because i constantly need help is because of problems with the service, its because i am not that great with websites.

I currently have their RS-2 Plan which has the following

RS-2 United States -
2GB Diskspace
20GB Data Transfer
50 Addon Domains
50 Subdomains
50 MYSQL Databases
Unmetered Email

Rageki Web Hosting Solutions offers it all.

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Database Driven Web-hosting Solution

Mar 5, 2008

I am developer and I ahve done web-site development and database development but it was for other companies where everything was already available.

I was not sure if this was the right place for the post, but I thought I would atleast start here, if I should post this in some other category please let me know.

I am satrting work on a Database driven web-site. I say database driven, becuase the web-site copares prices for multiple products. By some worst case scenarios(explained later) I need a database to easily acoomadate more than 1000 GB of data. I can definitely try cutting this down, but my question is what type of hosting should I choose and how when the web-site is completely relying on data that is updated on a weekly basis.

The reason to keep old data is to use that to show a Price history and forecasting on future Prices. The thought of storing this data locally and just creating a summary has crossed my mind.

The Data Scenario:
Price of Products per store: 50,000
Approximate size for the table per store: 3 MB

Number of stores: 500
Avg Size: 1500 MB

This is the bare minimum 1500 MB + other tables + overhead

Other tables: Forum data, Reviewes, User Favorite Products, etc.

Number of weeks: 52
Avg Size: 78 GB

Howevere the table with the most data and the table that would be changing the most is the Price table. So I am approximating the minimum requirement for the Databse to be atleast 2GB.

My question now is:

To be cost effective I can store the history on my personal desktop. But I still need something that allows me to have 2 GB of Database space. What is my best solution?

I have no strict rules about platform or langauge, to get started I am just trying to be cheap but still find a decent web-hosting solution so that by getting started small I have hopes of going big.

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Hosting Solution For MP3 Download Site

Jun 28, 2008

I am searching for a reliable shared(or any other cheap option) hosting provider to host my mp3 download site. My site is getting 3000 uniques a day and monthly bandwidth usage is around 1000 to 1200 GB.

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Best Solution To Run Several Domains/sites On Your Hosting Account

Oct 10, 2009

As a domainer I have several domainnames I like to add to a hostingaccount.

Many of the domains will have a blog or minisite.

At this moment I have a shared hosting account with unlimited domains.

But for seo reasons it is better not to link the domains/urls to eachother cause they have the same IP.

What can you recommend me to have all the domains on different IP's?

Or is there another way to do this,I heard something about c-class....

If I have to put the domains on different IP's on my shared hosting account I will have to pay $2,50 for an IP per month,this will be quite expensive.

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Mailing List Solution - Hosting Company

Feb 12, 2009

Need to send emails to around 4500 subscribers.

Currently have PLESK (MailMan) - but if I create Mailing List. Mailing list email goes in "To:" field and anyone can see that email address, and may perhaps also use that.
Thought to use Desktop Software - but ISP (Cable Broadband) has a limit of 100 emails per session.

Experimented a php/mysql quick solution, but it takes very long time and browser times out. Also. not sure how cron can be configured via script.

Is there any hosting company having a better email solution (where in "To:" field individual's email address goes)?

How do you manage your business mailing needs currently?

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Hosting Solution Alternatives To Site5 Inode Limit

Aug 15, 2008

I currently have hosting with Site5 (started back before all the overselling), and although my sites are very low in traffic and don't take up much space, I am running up against their 25,000 per site inode limit, due to my hosting a Gallery2 photo album on one of the sites (as I understand, the base install of Gallery2 uses 14,000 inodes alone. Due to how my album is integrated with the rest of the site, it would require hours and hours to switch to something besides Gallery2). All the sites together have used 17 GB of bandwidth so far this month, although much of that has been me uploading stuff to one of the sites to set it up.

Here are my sites:

- Site#1 is a family site, with family photos and a Wordpress blog. Very low traffic (a handful of visits a day), but lots of photos. Inodes not a problem for now (I'm at about 13,000), as unlike one of the other sites, I was able to switch to Zenphoto from Gallery2 pretty easily.

- Site#2 is the newest and fastest growing. It is a site for a small community of people who play a particular online computer game. It runs Drupal, and has about 60 members now, but 5-10 have been joining a day. Most online at one time has been 10. I get anywhere from 30-60 visits a day, but growing. The site uses about 150 MB of storage right now, and this will grow. No photo albums here.

- Site#3 (running Joomla and Gallery2) is for my own gaming group of 8 people that play the above computer game together each week online. Low traffic, but this is the site with the inode problem, as I post screenshots in Gallery2 after each session. Around 25,000 inodes, and 6.5 GB of storage used on the server.

- Site#4 is my wedding site, running on Wordpress. It only gets a handful of visits each day, and will get almost none after the wedding in mid September. No photo album here.

- Site#5 is my fiance's site (running Joomla), which she has pretty much not touched in a year and I doubt anyone visits, but I'm too much of a coward to take down.

With that in mind, I'm wondering what my best solution would be:
- Switch to a VPS, and if so, what kind and who?
- Switch to a different shared host with a higher inode limit
- Stay with Site5 and take the time to farm out the photo album somewhere off the site, or to another program like Zenphoto with a lower footprint.

I'm a tech-geek wannabe and willing to learn. I'm paying about $10 a month (I think) and could probably go as high as $30 or so.

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High Traffic Hosting Solution (dedicated Server?)

Jul 23, 2007

I'm working on launching this online store for a poster designer, and we're becoming more and more aware that we need a really robust and fast server. This site is looking at extremely high levels of activity whenever this designer posts a new poster. We're talking 1700 people surfing the store (downloading med-high resolution poster images) and 300 posters sold in 16 seconds kind of thing.

So, we need a really robust hosting, to work with PHP5 and MYSQL.

My previous go-to hosting provider was Lunarpages, but their customer service has gone down the crapper, and I've just about had it with them. My main questions are:
Should I be looking into getting a dedicated server, or are there hosting companies that can handle this kind of traffic on a shared server? I don't have experience administrating a server, so if we got a dedicated one we would have to pay the host to do at least some of the setup/administration, I would assume?
Dedicated server or not, what's a hosting company that has really good customer service, where we can be assured of getting somebody knowledgeable without having to wait on hold for 20 (or even 10) minutes?

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How To Turn Off Auto Renew On Network Solution Hosting Account

Mar 27, 2007

Does anyone know how to turn off auto renew on a NetSol hosting account. I have very bad experience with their customer service. Im trying to do this from last month and still no luck.

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Feb 24, 2009

Are they good? They seems to be backed by Rackspace, which is a plus.

Are they a decent provider to deliver 100% uptime? (scheduled downtimes aren't a problem)

I know 100% uptime isn't really realistic, but AFAIK, Rackspace has been delivering 100% uptime for ~2 years? And Mosso has a large cluster, so I don't think downtime can be that often...

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Mosso ..?

Jan 2, 2009

I have been running my sites on dedicated servers from The Planet for 4 years now. I go through about 500,000 page views per day with a fairly intensive web app (1000+ queries/s). Mosso keeps coming up and it is really interesting me. The promised peace of mind would be a relief and I often have trouble with site lag during peak times even with fairly high end servers. I am wondering if Mosso could work for me or if it is just too good to be true.

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Anything Better Than Mosso Reseller Out There?

Nov 13, 2007

As far as the control panel being so easy, managing clients, billing, registering/transfering domain names. Is there anything comparable?

Im wondering if the $100 per month is worth it?

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Mosso Caching

Mar 27, 2009

Does anyone have this weird problem?? For php applications, they're not so much of an issue. But recently I started to put up .NET applications and there it started so many problems.

The first and most annoying is the caching problem. Whenever i uploaded an aspx file with some change, it takes ages to show up. I have to wait like many many hours to finally see the new version.

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Mosso Experiences ....

Nov 18, 2008

I'm a longtime lurker and finally decided to register today. This place has been great for hosting info., etc.

I've been piggybacking on a friend's Mosso hosting account for about six months. That is, I pay a % of the $100 full-account price, as I haven't needed the full allotment of space, bandwidth, etc.

While I like Mosso and especially the simple control panel, etc., it seems like they've had a tough run of stability problems lately. Other than a couple instances of my site taking a few seconds to load, I haven't been impacted myself (that I can tell).

HOWEVER, I've noticed Mosso very recently has changed the format of their Status blog by eliminating the archives and only showing the latest post or two. This tells me Mosso is concerned with the number and length of outages they've had lately, as it's no longer possible to review recent downtime issues as it was for most of the past few years. (I was watching Mosso long before switching to their hosting.)

Further, maybe I'm just paranoid, and it seems like others would be complaining if it's true, but lately I've suspected some email is going AWOL. There have been several instances lately when I've checked my email after a day or two and noticed 10- and 12-hour gaps with no emails (not even spam). I've also had weird stretches where I've sent emails to a dozen people but only received replies from half of them. (These are friends and business associates; people from whom I'd expect a 95% reply rate.)

After a lot of comments, and especially complaints, on this board over the past couple years, it seems like Mosso rarely comes up here anymore, which seems like it should be a good thing. I'm curious if others here have had recent experience with Mosso and, if so, if they've had any problems.

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Moving From Mosso To A VPS

Apr 21, 2008

I'm moving away from Mosso after their service is kinda shaky and expensive. For now, my websites don't need scalability.

I looked at WiredTree but they seem to have problems (as posted here) but they do seem like the best of the bunch.

What I'm looking for is managed VPS with spam protection, great uptime, and fully managed (updating software, helping out with DNS changes, etc.)

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Would You Buy From A Mosso Reseller And How Much Would You Pay?

Dec 18, 2008

Would you buy from a Mosso reseller and how much would you pay?

Would you buy a plan from a Mosso ( reseller? If so, how much would you pay?

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MediaTemple (mt) Vs Mosso: NOV 07

Nov 26, 2007

I’ve gone through a few monster threads about these hosts but for people like me who really like to research projects before making an investment in time/money this site is perfect! Most of the articles about these two hosts and their “grid cluster” type services are a bit outdated and so I thought a new thread was in order to give updated feedback and experiences of these platforms.

The deal is I'm based in SE Asia now, and I have clients mainly in BKK & Singapore.

There are lots of fly by night hosts and resold resellers of reseller hosting providers so there's no real consensus, from what I can gather, as to which would be the best most viable option if your anything bigger than a SOHO. Ok, well that could probably be said of the US market as well since these things tend to fluctuate and a great host one month is being shat on the next but there is no market domination in Asia everything's scattered.

In terms of uptime promises I've seen 98%, 99%, 100% and even the infamous 200% or your 4.95 back guarantees, you get my drift, but probably THE hottest names on the market right now if you're a designer or blogger based on my month of research in October-November of 2007 are:

MediaTemple . com
Mosso . com

For reference I'm a web developer so most these offers are designer centric (hosting multiple sites, separate reseller panels, gobs of space, oodles of bandwidth, and ability to handle major spikes in traffic.) Mediatemple even has some spiffy iPhone integration into their CP so you can sched ur chron jobs while getting ur drink on at the local starbucks in ur best apple fanboi attire if one so desires...

At the moment (MT) logos are propagating throughout the blog-o-sphere at an astronomical rate. Almost every trendy designer or blog has either been on, is currently on, or knows someone sister’s uncle’s cousin on Media Temple. I half suspect there are people affixing the (MT) logo just to get in on the cool factor while enjoying the 200% uptime guarantee from 4.95 hosts. But all that aside their offerings are quite impressive for the Grid Server and Dedicated Virtual.

The GridServer concept sounds amazing, exactly what I needed a service to handle the massive influx of visitors my ego imagines I get all the time from DIGG (aka the digg effect) and the ability to host multiple domains with enough space/bandwidth at a reasonable price. So I read the reviews, yes there were growing pains from 2006, a few more in 2007 but people were generally saying things improved as well they should.

So I gave it a shot! I decided to test their GS service out using my resource intensive JOOMLA (mySQL/PHP) a luck-foad of extensions and modules installed to drive up my sql queries, and a server side image processing suite that dynamically scales images for slideshows on demand (slideshowpro). With a 30 day money back guarantee it was worth a test why not.

Now to be fair, I'm in BKK (Thailand) atm so perhaps my results would be different but on the GS running my CMS and image resizing progs (also sql driven) holy crap pictures were taking minutes to resize and send... MINUTES! It was as though every pixel was being pulled from one part of the grid, processed at another, sql query goes to the sql side of the grid and if you jumped twice and pat yourself on the head twice while bouncing a quarter off your foot without letting it drop maybe a picture would come through.

That was pretty disconcerting considering the company that develops my slideshow software is... HOSTED ON (MT), but he's on the (DV) servers I do believe.

Responsiveness of the site was horrendous, and maybe if I was running a very lean mean blog only CMS this would be ok but I have calendaring, site wide translation into 14 languages, Dynamic image processing, Forums, HD videos, my porn collection, and a host of other things my clients don't know about...

Anyway, I'm still testing MediaTemple out and have for the time being bit the bullet and decided to upgrade to the DV line of servers which I've heard good things about for $50/mo that also has a 30 day money backer. Online research shows people who've been having issues with the GS seem to find happiness on the DV servers. I'm still transitioning my databases to this platform but it must be the transpacific journey because it's still seemingly slow! Faster than GS but still 2-4x slower than my bargain basement (Singapore based) shared hosting test servers in every way.

The problem is people who are currently on DV are saying it's not digg-proof, whereas the GS tends to be more so if you can live with the performance although I've been hearing some evidence to the contrary as of late. With regard to the DV solution buckling here's one example of a very popular blogger/designer who was making the jump:

"I’m looking for a better hosting company to host my sites. Do you have any good ones to recommend? This site and Best Web Gallery are hosting at Media Temple, 512mb dedicated-virtual server. Lately, my sites have been down almost every day. I’m getting very frustrated with Media Temple and I want to move out. I’m tired of restarting my server (VPS) everyday.
Their tech supports told me that my WordPress sites use too much SQL and CPU resources and I should upgrade to higher hosting plan. But I already upgraded three times since hosting with them: from SS (shared hosting) to GS (Grid-Service), then GS to 256mb DV, and now 512mb DV plan. My site has proved that they can’t handle the Digg Effect.

Recently I got dugg twice and my site was down immediately as soon it made popular to Digg front page. So, I don’t think upgrading will make any difference. I think it is time to move and find a better host."
via ndesign-studio . com

Well that just won't do, clients of my caliber like asiandogwhistles . com are constantly under bombardment from sites like Digg and Fark. So to hear this from a 3rd generation (MT)er doesn't look good and I'm over in Asia so add another 150 ping on a good day but if a whale farts near the optical cable in the pacific it can spike to +250 ping. My whale ping theory is currently being circulated in various academic circles if you must know…

That brings us to now, and right now we are trying to figure out how viable Mosso's solution could be but most of the posts here are from last year. I have written this essay in hopes of being able to get UP-TO-DATE reviews of the Mosso system from users who have spent some time on it. If you are in my boat, your situation will be similar to this:

1. looking to step up from Shared Hosting
2. looking for reliability to handle digg/fark/slashdot
3. looking for a service that just works with little management
4. Ability to add multiple sites with custom user panels
5. Ability to focus on more web development and less on server management

So while I know I'm merely postponing the inevitable move to dedicated right now I'd like to just do what it is I do best, writing long articles... but after that is web development.
I've heard great things about rackspace of course, and while Mosso is using their systems to a degree they have a fully customized their "hosting system" similar to (MT)'s grid concept so it’s not exactly Rackspace.

The question is where do they stand now? Is anyone running production sites on there?

Or better yet is there anyone outside of the US running their sites on there or is that just not a viable option anymore? I’ve done enough searching to understand Mosso’s clustered solution is supposedly better than (MT)’s but is it production stable at this point?

I don't mind giving up ping and throughput slightly if the reliability and service is higher so let's hear it!

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Mosso, Too Good To Be True

Jan 3, 2009

I have been running my sites on dedicated servers from The Planet for 4 years now. I go through about 500,000 page views per day with a fairly intensive web app (1000+ queries/s). Mosso keeps coming up and it is really interesting me. The promised peace of mind would be a relief and I often have trouble with site lag during peak times even with fairly high end servers. I am wondering if Mosso could work for me or if it is just too good to be true.

I searched the forums, but most of what I found was from 2006 when it first came out, wondering if I can get any info from people who have had experience or heard things more recently. I am really interested about loading times. I read from a lot of people that they experienced slow load times for pages (again these posts were at least a year old), but I viewed some sites hosted on Mosso and they seemed quite fast to me.

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Mosso Becomes The Rackspace Cloud - Good, Bad Or Just Re-branding?

Jun 28, 2009

The title basically says/asks it all. I believe Mosso initially had no Rackspace affiliation other than using Rackspace's services, and then subsequently became a subsidiary of Rackspace. Now, over the past few days, Mosso has become The Rackspace Cloud.

Given Rackspace's reputation, I have to believe this is good news, but I figured I'd toss it out there for the pros to discuss.

I've thought about taking the plunge to Mosso/Rackspace Cloud but haven't pulled the trigger yet. I wouldn't use anywhere close to the full $100 package at the start but I'd probably grow into it within 6-12 months, as my sites get back online and grow. Thus, I'm kind of facing the old chicken-and-egg conundrum: I don't want to pay $100 for $10 worth of usage, but at the same time, moving sites -- and especially IMAP email accounts -- is such a pain in the rear end, I don't want to keep moving every time my sites/traffic grows.

I wish these guys had a $25 or $50 starter plan from which users could upgrade. I'd be all over that. (I know about their lower-cost Cloud Server packages (or whatever it's called), but I'm not tech-savvy enough for unsupported hosting.)

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Mosso Analysis - Not Ready For Prime Time

Sep 16, 2008

Given the novelty, the backing of a primary hosting player, etc., I had expected more info on Mosso than I'm seeing. One advantage I bring is I'm not a developer or operate a hosting company, just an entrepreneur who deals with his own servers. Here goes -

I don't think Mosso is ready for prime time. The marketing on their site is beautiful. When a friend recommended it (an entrepreneur like me), coupled with all the promises on their marketing pages, plus the pricing, I thought moving my service to Mosso was a no-brainer.

First of all, kudos to them for having a user forum. I firmly believe this is the right way to go. Unfortunately it also confirmed my experience was not unique. On the day I signed up, the control panel was not responsive. It took a long time and several attempts to load. The user forum also points to almost daily downtime, though granted for only a few minutes in most cases (via the pingdom links provided).

The forums are currently password protected, but a Mosso employee said this is accessible via a demo account. I suggest you review the forums before signing up with Mosso, it would have saved me time and effort.

In short -

1. The service doesn't provide the uptime suggested by their marketing pages.

2. Initial review suggests the software needs security updates. I emailed them my findings, hopefully it helps them. No response after 2 days. I'm keeping this vague intentionally.

3. The cancellation of an account was a mini-AOL-like experience. You can't cancel via the admin console. Turns out you cancel via email. What kills me most about this is the lack of understanding of security. They want me to email them my account's username and password. Since I'm human, I only have 2-3 passwords for all my accounts (banking, registar, etc.). And for me to email them my password is not appropriate at best. I had to use the "forget password" function to create a new one so I could email it to them.

4. I really think they over promise on their marketing. I think they should label it as a "beta" product to better reflect its status. The parent company has a great reputation, and I've used them in the past, hopefully they'll better protect their reputation by more openly reflecting Mosso's status. How can they have an enterprise level system with almost daily downtime?

5. My bad, but I didn't realize until after signing up that they offer no SLA uptime, just a partial refund when it goes down.

I really like the concept, and except for the fact I felt deceived, I would happily go back to Mosso because it provides what I'm looking for, once the marketing matches the delivery.

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WebDesigner Friendly Hosts Like (mt)mediatemple Or Mosso

Oct 5, 2008

im a webdesigner, so most of my time as to be for designing and not to manage hosting settings.

So from my experience hosting companies like (mt) mediatemple (20 dollars/moth) or mosso (100 dollars/moth) are indicated to webdesigner´s that whant to host some low/medium resources websites to their clients.

So any suggestion on other companies similar adequate for webdesigners? I dont mind paying for premium service

Must have/be:

Customized control panel (like mosso or mediatemple)
@Mail (or other beautiful email client)
Quality Support/Uptime
Created more than 4 years
Location: UK / Europe Datacenter

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Single Dedicated Vs. Multiple Mosso Cloud Servers

May 10, 2009

I have been very interested in Mosso for quite some time, though Cloud Sites didn't seem quite right for what I needed with the compute cycles they had. However, their fairly new Cloud Sites looks very interesting, and their sales people at least will have me believe load balancing with several server instances will be superior to my current dedicated server.

Right now I have a server with Liquid Web that costs me $424/mo and 4x Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz with 4GB of RAM. The average load on the server is anywhere from 30% at low times to 70-80% at peak times and memory usage is usually 20-50%. On average there are about 1000 mysql queries per second as the site is very ajax-intensive (hence Cloud Sites being way too expensive).

I don't really know the difference and technical side of all of this, I just program and do the business side of things, but I really like what Mosso has and am wondering if I would get a performance boost going with their Cloud Servers (Going with something like 8 server instances at 512mb RAM each @ only around $200/mo including bandwidth). Also, would I want to load balance all 8, or do something like 4 running the mysql and the other 4 serving the actual site?

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Backup Solution

May 2, 2009

Can you recommend me backup solution?

Currently I use rsync and I am thinking to use R1Soft CDP

Its worth what is your oppinion?

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Backup Solution

Jun 2, 2009

We now have a WHM Vps and also a Dedicated for reselling VPS both located in the UK. At the moment our WHM Vps backs up to an 'Unlimited shared hosting package' but we're sure we're going to be kicked off sooner or later because were using about 50GB storage. We were wondring what everyone else uses to backup? Another disk attached to the server?

Offsite? And how you deal with the extra bandwidth a backup would use.

We now need a solution that can backup our new VPS server and our WHM server. It needs to be in the UK/EU to comply with data protection.

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Scalable VPN Solution

Apr 29, 2009

Could you get me some input on a setup that should be able to handle 2-500 concurrant VPN users online?

Can be commercial or opensource - ideally not an appliance.

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Backup Solution

Jun 24, 2009

Could anyone give me any recommendations on a new backup solution?

The one that I have been using didn't work the past few times, and that is starting to bother me.

I've looked into CDP, although I do not necessarily have the budget for that.

I'm just looking for an easy way to do daily and weekly backups with

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