Rapid Site Deployment (database Driven Domain Name Server (DNS) + Apache Config)

Oct 29, 2008

I am trying to do something that I believe is fairly non-standard. What I am looking to do is create a system where I can rapidly deploy web sites without having to restart named and Apache. For example, if a customer completes a process, I want to be able to turn that site on immediately using a temporary domain (somecompany.example.com or othercompany.example.com).

With some programming language (hopefully PHP) I would like to get the customer up and running with their site immediately without having to restart the server. While doing some research I found I could use MyDNS which uses MySQL to manage DNS data instead of configuration files. MyDNS can be updated on the fly.

For Apache I have seen wildcard configurations, but everyone seems to be suggesting the use of mod rewrite. I would prefer that the domain maps directly to a specific folder:

somecompany.example.com -> /sites/somecompany/htdocs
(*.example.com -> /sites/*/htdocs)

Does anyone know how I might do this with Apache. It seems similar to user directories (example.com/~username -> /home/*/htdocs)

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Database Driven Site

Jan 23, 2009

I was curious to know a basic thing about hosting, i've always wondered is it possible to host a database driven website on one server and get the database picked form other server?

I mean place the database on different server, and connect to it on the other one, which is hosting the site, Are there any options available in the control panel?

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Slow Page Response With Database Driven Site

Jan 24, 2007

I have built a database driven site with PHP & MySQL. Pages download quicker on some connections than other (obviously), however this is not due to connection speed. The web host server seems to respond very slowly to my boss's network (which is on a proxy server). Could it be that this problem is related to the web host? i.e. could it be that the web host is unequipped to deal quickly with this type of network?

On my home connection (2Mbps), pages often download instantly, however occaisionally I have to wait 10-20 seconds to receive the page from the host.

Finally, could you recommend an excellent web host to use with our site? My boss wants to offer a professional service where server response is quick. We are based in the UK.

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Entry Level Sever Config For VPS Deployment

Jun 7, 2009

we are expanding to offer vps. i have seen diferent servers config. but am not sure what to choose in terms of hardware

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Database Driven Web-hosting Solution

Mar 5, 2008

I am developer and I ahve done web-site development and database development but it was for other companies where everything was already available.

I was not sure if this was the right place for the post, but I thought I would atleast start here, if I should post this in some other category please let me know.

I am satrting work on a Database driven web-site. I say database driven, becuase the web-site copares prices for multiple products. By some worst case scenarios(explained later) I need a database to easily acoomadate more than 1000 GB of data. I can definitely try cutting this down, but my question is what type of hosting should I choose and how when the web-site is completely relying on data that is updated on a weekly basis.

The reason to keep old data is to use that to show a Price history and forecasting on future Prices. The thought of storing this data locally and just creating a summary has crossed my mind.

The Data Scenario:
Price of Products per store: 50,000
Approximate size for the table per store: 3 MB

Number of stores: 500
Avg Size: 1500 MB

This is the bare minimum 1500 MB + other tables + overhead

Other tables: Forum data, Reviewes, User Favorite Products, etc.

Number of weeks: 52
Avg Size: 78 GB

Howevere the table with the most data and the table that would be changing the most is the Price table. So I am approximating the minimum requirement for the Databse to be atleast 2GB.

My question now is:

To be cost effective I can store the history on my personal desktop. But I still need something that allows me to have 2 GB of Database space. What is my best solution?

I have no strict rules about platform or langauge, to get started I am just trying to be cheap but still find a decent web-hosting solution so that by getting started small I have hopes of going big.

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Apache :: Httpd -S Show Two Source Of A Site When Its Config In One

Jan 31, 2014

When i do httpd -S i notice one of my sites show with 2 config source. but i just config one file for the site.

for example:

[root@apachesrv ~]# httpd -S | grep devel.site.com
default server devel.site.com (/etc/httpd/sites/000-default.site.com:1)
port 80 namevhost devel.site.com (/etc/httpd/sites/000-default.site.com:1)
port 80 namevhost devel.site.com (/etc/httpd/sites/devel.site.com:1)

the problem is the following, when i do reload and in this moment the config is bind this result, the site is blank.

Why it shows me this.

version of apache
Server version: Apache/2.2.15 (Unix)

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Server Config And Bandwidth For A Youtube Like Site

Jul 31, 2008

Can anyone with previous exp. in Video Hosting/Streaming provide me some info on THE CONFIG AND BANDWIDTH REQUIREMENTS FOR ffmpeg hosting for youtube like site?

Here are the basic things-to-know & Server(s) Funtions:

1. Do Video Conversions from AVI, MKV, etc to FLV/MP4

2. Stream out these videos for viewers.

3. Expected Traffic: Quite High (1 Million Visitors/mo)

So can anyone suggest me the most suitable Server Config, Bandwidth (I'd prefer dedicated-unmetered b.w) and Host for this?

Also can anyone provide me info on the amount of video conversions and traffic a single server (with your recommended config) can handle?

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Plesk 11.x / Linux :: Website Files Copied To Another Domain But Database Remains On Old Site

May 18, 2014

When I use website copy function the website files are copied to another domain but the database remains on old site. I use this function to move the website from devel state to the production state. All sites work fine but when i schedule the backups all databases are saved on old domain. How to move the database on production domain?

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Apache :: Two Domain Names With Single Site

Jul 7, 2015

I am currently running Apache on Ubuntu 14.04. I tried adding an alias, but it doesn't do exactly what I need. I have a single site and I need to point two domain names to it. The thing is, if someone types in www.site1.com I want it to show the url as www.site1.com and if someone types in www.site2.com I want it to continue to show www.site2.com in the URL. Right now if they type in www.site1.com it shows the first site name as the URL, but if they type in www.site2.com it changes the URL to www.site1.com. Below is what I have as my virtual host in my conf file currently.

OS - Ubuntu 14.04
Apache/2.4.7 (Ubuntu)

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Fastest Server Deployment

Sep 27, 2008

Which Reputable Web host has the fastest deployment time for Dedicated Servers? The last server I bought took about one week to setup and that was not so pleasant.

I have read a lot of good reviews about The Planet and Softlayer on WHT. Which is the fastest in server deployment?

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DS Config Drupal Site On LSN

Jan 4, 2009

I 'm new user of LSN Dedicated server.

I have instal image sharing web and run well. But when i install my drupal site, my DS give me some error with that CMS.

1. First time, when i'v tried to open it, but browser always ask me to download it.

2. And then i've tried to change .htaccess and remove about addhandler, i can load my web. But not well. The page displayed just cache page. if i tried other page, just blank displayed no html or php tag displayed at source.

config my server? I think there is something wrong with my apache and/or PHP configuration.

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How May I Config Load Cpu And Memory For Any Site

Feb 12, 2007

i have dedicated server

one site on my server compress to my server

cpu and memory

how i can config that the site use of memory only 2% and ...

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Rapid Switch - 1st Weeks Experience

Aug 28, 2008

After loads of head scratching and months of searching for a UK Dedicated Server i finally come across Rapid Switch, And at only 46per month after VAT (Tax) i am extremely impressed at my Core 2 Duo Server.

That works out at just shy of $100usd per month which in my opinion for a UK Based server is an AMAZING price!

A few points since i signed up last sunday (1 day before bank holiday monday!)
- I paid direct with my Credit Card, no PayPal nonesense
- I Submit 2 or 3 support tickets to check response speeds etc, and didnt wait over 2mins for a reply!
- They got my server deployed between 11pm and 9am thats on a sunday night/bank holiday monday!
- They responded VERY well to my additional IP Request (Within 5mins)

All in all my first weeks experience with Rapid Switch has been amazing, So good ive subscribed my card for the many many months to come using there services!

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Need Dedicated Server With Hypervm Installation Plus Fast Support &IP Addresses Deployment

Aug 29, 2008

I need a dedicated server sometime in the future and I was wondering if I should use Virtuozzo or Hypervm and how much can I get a dual core or quad core with good support? Thank you for your time.

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How To Config My Domain

Mar 27, 2008

I have a domain, ex: hangnguyen.com at godaddy, I changed nameserver to ns1.everydns.net, ns2.everydns.net, ns3.everydns.net .

Now I order a shared hosting at bluehost, I should change nameserver to ns1.bluehost.com, ns2.bluehost.com to make it works .

But I want keep the nameserver ns1.everydns.net ....

So how I config my domain in everydns control panel to let my domain work on bluehost?

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Database Site Vs Comany Site

Jun 29, 2009

I'm on a short assignment to inventory and manage the fixed assets of a small company, and we've just bought a web-based database for this purpose. While I'm pretty good at administering/running local databases, the web part has me stymied. Our company is between IT people, and there's no one on site with any more idea than I have about what's going on!!

Here's what I have so far:

--The company has a website which I'll call "ourwebsite.org" -- which I think, from searching the IP address the website points to, is hosted by HostMySite.com.

--There's also a record in DNS Management with the same name (ourwebsite.org), but pointing to our little server's local IP address.

--I need to find a way to get my database -- which I can access on the network at (server's IP address)/database (ie -- online. I tried creating records in DNS Management (for ex., assets.ourwebsite.org) that point to our server's IP (the one that, if I type it in on the network, I can get to the site I'm looking for), but get generic "can't find the page" or "can't connect to the server" errors, even after 72 hours, when trying to access it from off the network.

--If I browse to assets.ourwebsite.org/database on the server itself, I get to the website! But if I go to that page from any other computer, on or off the network, it doesn't work.

--The Server is running Windows Server 2003

So, what are my options? Do I have to talk to the HostMySite.com people to add this page? Shouldn't I just be able to use my server's name (ourcompanyadc.ourcompany.org) and have that route to the server? What's going on here! Is there a simple way to get a tiny local-server-hosted website online outside of the network?

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DNS Config For Domain, Website & EMail On Different Hosts

Dec 16, 2008

DNS config for Domain, Website

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New Apache Config

Oct 6, 2007

ive just upgraded to Apache 2.2.6 today and ive found a problem. Im trying a new way of doing mass virtual hosting using mod macro.

<Macro vhost $domain $path>
<VirtualHost *>
VirtualDocumentRoot "$path/Web/"
ServerName $domain.spkweb.com
ErrorDocument 404 "drive:/folder/404.php"
php_admin_value open_basedir "$path/Web/;$path/Temp/"
php_admin_value upload_tmp_dir "$path/Temp/"
<Directory "$path/Web/">
Options FollowSymLinks
AllowOverride all
Allow from all

Use vhost DJSmithy "drive:/Hosting/DJSmithy"

Mostly it works fine but if there is a 404 then i get a 403 permission denied error instead of the error page. the folder that contains the error page does have a <directory> bit for it and i even tried adding it into the virtual host but i get the same result.

if the file does exist then it loads like normal

can anyone see any problems with my config or do i have to do something diff for 2.2.6?

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Apache 2 Config

Nov 9, 2007

I had to switch to Apache 2 from Lighttpd and I'm running into a little bit of trouble trying to make it handle all my traffic. I'm using the worker MPM module, which has the following default config:

<IfModule mpm_worker_module>
StartServers 2
MaxClients 150
MinSpareThreads 25
MaxSpareThreads 75
ThreadsPerChild 25
MaxRequestsPerChild 0

I need Apache to be able to handle about 200-500 requests per second. I tried increasing ServerLimit and MaxClients but that didn't work very well.

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Apache 2 Config

Sep 27, 2007

I have kind of inherited this server from another person so I'm not totaly sure how it was set up. It is a:

red hat machine running
2.6.9-22.0.2.ELsmp kernel
running apache 2.0.52(red hat)

at any rate this server mainly serves up images but also a few video encoded in flash(.swf files). Basically the issue at hand is there are a few domain names that all point to this server but only one domain name will let the .swf files stream correctly. All other domain names will wait for the whole thing to download before playing. I'm pretty new to apache 2, but I do know apache 1 pretty well. I'm not totally sure where to start with all this. The server is set up with no virtual hosting for each domain which I think could a problem.

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Apache Config N Plesk

Jul 22, 2009

how can i compile apache and php in a way that i want?

a customized compilation of php and apache?

will it be gone after plesk update?

or has plesk a module to work as easyapache in cpanel?

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Apache 2.x Config Entries

Apr 13, 2009

I used to have a dedicated server running Apache 1.x (1.3 I think) and in my httpd.conf there were entries about keepalives, maxservers, minservers etc.

I've now got a VPS from FutureHosting, which is brilliant. In my httpd.conf file though, there are none of the above entries. It is running the latest version of Apache (2.2.11).

Are all the keepalive / minservers settings handled automatically in 2.2 or do I just have a default setting and maybe need to add them manually?

I don't have any load issues so haven't touched the config so far.

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Config For Apache 2.2 Needed

May 20, 2008

i thought for moveing my apache 2.0 to 2.2 but iam in little bit confused for max client and keep alive setting in normal apache 2.0 we can see that in httpd.conf file but in apache 2.2 we can able to see that all,any one help me in finding these kind of setting and move my apache 2.2 without any issues

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Adding Extension To Apache Config

Apr 20, 2009

I run a Perl/CGI script from a Web page to download some files located in a Linux server. When I click from a Windows XP on the link of the file to download via this Web page (IE), a dialog box will be displayed to ask me to "Open" or "Save" the file (.txt, .doc, .xls,...) but for some extensions like ".dat" or ".asc", the dialog box ask me to save it only and I have not an "Open" button.

I tried to configure Apache to add these extensions as text/plain by adding these lines in http.conf:

AddType text/plain .asc .txt .dat

How can I add these extensions (.dat, .asc and other extensions) to Apache configuration to be able to open it with Textpad or Notepad?

I hope that the users will be able to open it with Notepad or TextPad without saving it. I know that we can add this type directly in the stations XP but I have a lot of users and I cannot manage that. I hope to perform it from the server. I think something is wrong or missing in my AddType, AddHandler or LoadModule?

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Server Restart Direct Site To Apache Test Page

Jul 14, 2014

When I restart my server all my domains opens at apache test page. Suspending and reactivating any domain fixes all domains.

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