Awstats + Webalizer Stats

Mar 21, 2007

I don't like having to come here for help, but I'm stumped on this one and my server tech isn't really helping - perhaps I'm overlooking the obvious. I have an addon domain on which stats are not updating. As of the 11th of this month, the site had over 1.2k uniques and right around that time we did a server move (on the 10th so it may have started then).

It is only for this one addon domain that things aren't working. It registers 0 new anything since then with the exception of yesterday when my tech says he repeatedly refreshed the page and it registered a grand total of 2 uniques. Back to 0 again so far today. I know the site is getting traffic.

Secondly, Webalizer shows very minor traffic in its categories with numbers that remain in the low single digits.

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AWSTATS Stats Decreasing While Webalizer Stats Are Increasing

May 23, 2008

I look after a number of sites and monitor their stats. We use both webalizer and AWSTATS so we can have a comparison. Up until recently the stats for both of them where relatively the same, webalizer usually showing higher numbers as it doesn't filter bots but the progression of increase and decrease in stats was proportional. However, over the last few months a curious trend is appearing, the stats in AWSTATS are decreasing every month whereas the stats in Webalizer are increasing, the gap between them now is huge.

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How To Transfer Webalizer Stats To A New Server

Oct 16, 2007

I am moving a site from one provider to another. My client wants to keep the existing webalizer stats after the transfer. Could anybody help with how to do the transfer and to make webalizer continue working on the new server?

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How To View Webalizer Stats For All Domains (300+) On A Dedicated Server

Jun 7, 2008

I have a dedicated server with few hundred domains on it.

How can I automate to view all traffic stats for all of the domains in the server. Currently, I have to manually view the popular domains one by one to see the stats.

Ideally, I want to view daily visitors/per domain by a email report. Is this possible via backend script/cron job?

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: Webalizer To Awstats - Importing Current Data

Dec 18, 2014

Currently i am using webalizer... How can i switch to aw stats by importing the current data...

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Plesk 8.1 - No Stats Archives With AwStats And Weablizer

Mar 11, 2007

I do have a managed VPS at SolarVPS, it's set up with CentOS 4.2 p6, Plesk 8.1 and AwStats 6.6 and Webalizer.

Webalizer and AwStats are working, but there's a problem with accessing the monthly archives. When looking at AwStats or Webalizer I can only access the current month, NO previous months, NO archives, which makes statistics pretty useless.

I've already asked support at SolarVPS, but they said it's 3rd party software and they don't support it

I guess I'm not the only one having problems to access the web stats. Does anybody know how to fix this problem?

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Dec 27, 2007

Has anyone had any issues, or know of any issues with proccessing logfiles larger than 200MB under Webalizer? Seems to be a periodic issue. Cron says it processed, but stats did not update.

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Webalizer Gapping

Mar 27, 2009

my friend has about a 3 month period where webalizer has not been run and i was wondering if anyone knew how it could be run without reporting the gap and only processing the current month, the log files are still intact..

i know there are other options but i think he prefers webalizer.....

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How To Restart Webalizer In DA

Mar 14, 2008

I have a few domains in a DA server whose stats stop working for a few months, any idea how to restart these few domains Webalizer? The rest of the domains' stats are working properly though

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Migrating Webalizer

Aug 8, 2007

I'm running into some troubles moving my Webalizer installation. I want to keep all my stats, so what I did was to copy all the files to my new host, checked permissions as well.

Each website outputs their logs to a separate log file, and that log file is pointed to in the respective webalizer.conf.

My problem is that when I try to run webalizer -c /path to conf file/ it tells me that it found x new records (good!), but then it ignores all of them. Every single time it'll tell me it found so and so many records, and says, "(number of new records) ignored".

So I'm not sure what I've missed in the config, and why it can't update.

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Webalizer Doesnt Work Using EnsimPro X

Mar 11, 2007

After migrating from the old ensim to the new "X", everything is working fine, except for the webalizer, I activated webalizer in one domain a few days ago.. and everyday Im trying to see the webalizer information, and it is always displaying this message:

Could not retrieve the requested site report because the Web server logs have not yet been generated. These are generated once a day. Please check again later.

I also tried forcing the log rotating for that site, but the problem still there.

Server is RHES 4 with EnsimPro X, log generation and webalizer is activated for the domain.

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Setup A Webalizer Which Can Run Weekly To Process W3log Files

Oct 29, 2008

My IIS W3Log File is under C:Inetpubw3LogFilesW3SVC1

looks like this which is daily log file:
All my web site is under c:InetpubVS

There is a webalizer directory under each domain folder.

Does anyone know how to setup a webalizer which can run weekly to process W3log files and put the result into corresponding domain webalizer folder?

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Webalizer Top Usernames: Unknown Users Found In Logs

Jun 22, 2007

While reviewing a Webalizer log of one of my clients' accounts, I found unknown users under "Top Usernames" table.

They kept appearing since 7 months ago, every month..
Names include persistent users:

other user names appear and go.

I am a hosting reseller and worried about being hacked.

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: Webalizer Stopped Working After Migration?

Sep 15, 2014

I have recently migrated my websites from Plesk 11.0.9 to a new server with Plesk 12.x and the webalizer is not working.

- Is there a chance to repair it and not loose the data? If yes, how do I do that?

- Or do I have to remove it and install Webalizer again? How do I do that?

OS Ubuntu

Uninstalling Webalizer with plesk updater is not possible.

After executing this:

# /usr/local/psa/admin/bin/statistics --calculate-all
I get:

WARNING during statistics_collector execution: : Executing logs preparation...
error: error creating output file /var/www/vhosts/system/domain.tld/logs/error_log.1: File exists
statistics[6845]: Unable to execute logrotate via: /opt/psa/logrotate/sbin/logrotate /opt/psa/etc/logrotate.conf -s /opt/psa/var/logrotate.status

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How Are My VPS Stats

May 16, 2007


root@srv01 [~]# free -m
total used free shared buffers cached
Mem: 10134 9598 535 0 249 7238
-/+ buffers/cache: 2109 8024
Swap: 4094 1 4093
root@srv01 [~]# Free
-bash: Free: command not found
root@srv01 [~]# free
total used free shared buffers cached
Mem: 10377476 9823916 553560 0 255984 7412716
-/+ buffers/cache: 2155216 8222260
Swap: 4192956 1032 4191924

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Very Different Stats

Feb 17, 2007

Below are some results from various stats programs from one day's activity on our site. webaliser and awstats give sort of similar results (although still 6400 pageloads difference), but these results differ so much from what google (analytics) says.

can anyone think of an explanation for this? does google have a different definition of a visit compared to webaliser and awstats? for these latter two is visits = hits?

Webaliser 4000 visits, 17600 page views. Aw stats says 3800 visits, 24000 page views. google says 637, 1500 page views. adsense says 3,600 page views.

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May 5, 2009

which kind of operation have performed by this COMMAND
because its always there on my server when i am monitoring server through top command .Is it generating logs? if yes then which kind of logs?

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Jan 21, 2007

how to install awstats on my server so that it is viewable in web/ftp stats in cpanel by all account on my server. Its been a while since installing it on a server so ive forgot the commands.

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Awstats On IIS

Mar 27, 2007

does anyone have a tutorial how to setup awstats on a windows webserver?

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Feb 6, 2007

ive just setup and installed Awstats on my server, its working great but i have one question id like to find a solution to.

i run a 'mobile' community site thats accessible on mobile phones, but for some reason awstats seems to think the browser called UP.browser (which alot of phones use) is a bot and therefore is not displaying it in the main results. does anyone know how to change this.

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Godaddy Stats

Apr 4, 2006

does anybody know if there is a possibility to circumvent godaddy´s pathetic stats they offer on shared accounts?

-I am not quite sure what tells you the unique visitors (always a good one to know )

-It doesn´t tell you what robots crawl your site. It just says: robots 28 (great!)

-The graphs are all reversed. Meaning that the now date is always on the very left hand corner of the x-axis towards the 0 intersection. This is pretty pathetic as it goes against anything human brains are accustomed to.

I´ve got to stop venting now. I would appreciate if somebody knows where I can find the unique visitors (hosts served maybe?) and how I can install a better stats program on Linux shared hosting at go daddy.

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Ixwebhosting Stats

May 28, 2008

I have a hosting pack with them, its not bad, didnt had any downtime yet, but...

Disk Space1.30 TB
In Use849.04 GB(63.56 %)
Free Space 486.75 GB
CPU Load: 38%
Memory Used: 3.78 Gb of 3.96 Gb

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How Are They Doing This With Links In My Stats

Jan 2, 2008

When I go through my AWStats under "Links from an external page (other web sites except search engines)" I see several domains that have linked to me. When I visit these sites they are generally porn and drug sites that do not contain a link. Some of the sites redirect you to other sites. When you look up these domain names they are all from Russia.

These sites account for mulitple hits as high as +14.5%. These sites do not represent the content on my sites.

My questions are.

How do I stop this? I have found banning IP addresses does nothing.

How are they doing this?

Can this lead to your site being blacklisted?

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AW Stats Substitute

Jun 18, 2007

Anything good out there that you recommend that does not need a lot of set up?

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Stats App For Windows

Mar 31, 2007

I'm aware of AwStats for Win and SmarterStats, but I'd like to know of any other, if available?

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Stats Not Updating

Jul 11, 2007

root@server [/scripts]# ./runweblogs username
Log checker loaded ok..
==> WARNING: The configured processor count does not match the
==> actual processor count (4)! Running log analysis programs
==> on this system may cause excessive load! You should set "extracpus"
==> to "0" in /var/cpanel/cpanel.config if this is not ok.
==> cPanel Log Daemon version 22.2
==> Shared RRDTOOL support enabled
==> Starting cpbandwd (bandwidth monitoring for IMAP/POP)
cpbandwd is already running.
Processing eldred...
Run Logs domain: BW Limit: 262144000000 Domains: []

Stats are not updating for this account. I ran this twice, keeps getting stuck at this line forever..

Run Logs domain: BW Limit: 262144000000 Domains: []

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Analog Of Awstats For IIS 7

May 12, 2009

I've always used Awstats on my LAMP servers, because it's server side and gives easy to read and powerful web statistics.

I wonder is there any similar easy to install and powerful server side web statistics software for IIS 7?

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Awstats Config

Jun 4, 2009

I have tried to manually setup awstats on a website in Windows 2008 with IIS 7. The problem here is that I have to create two conf files for each website, one named awstats.sitename.conf and the other awstats.www.sitename.conf. If I don't do so, then awstats does not work on either or I cannot update the stats or view it from the browser. I have a few Hosting controller servers in which awstats is used and I compared the conf file with them and there is no difference. I wonder what could be the issue.

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DownTownHost And AWStats

May 2, 2008

I have been more than 1 year with DownTownHost, and although overall they are quite OK, yet I need to point out some serious flaws which no one ever mentions. This is just an honest complaint.

Namely - downtime.

There is downtime on DownTownHost which in my case lasts a few days each month. I have not been analyzing my stats closely, but when I do, I notice there is a monthly downtime...

The reason - I don't know.

The last time, I can see from AW stats that for about 48 hours there was downtime resulting in site became inaccessible, and there were ZERO visitors for 24 hours at least.

It seems towards the end of the month, there will be downtime...of some kind. Around 27/28/29 of the month. Visitor levels will show a drop for a few days during this period.

Or if not the end of the month, then in the middle of the month....

But last month was bad....1 whole day my blog was not available. Zero visitors recorded.

I just want to know if anyone experienced this also or not.

My server is server 20.

DTH is OK in most things....but downtime is something I really don't tolerate....

Maybe there is an explanation for this, but if these continue, I will look for another host.

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