Info On Gnax' VPS

Oct 31, 2008

The glorified NetDepot (Gnax) has finally launched it's VPS services with a cool promo: only one buck for the first two months!! cPanel & all IPs you want for low prices, LxAdmin portal (you can install and reinstall a lot of OSs). Does anyone there tried this product? I'm interested in a honest report...

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Oct 19, 2009

Last night, server went down. I noticed, opened a ticket, and within 15 minutes had a response. By 20 minutes after the initial ticket, the server was back with a new power supply. While I was creating the ticket, I noticed it had been exactly 7 months since I had to open the last ticket.

15/20 minute response - not bad for after 11 at night on a Sunday night. 7 months without needing to open a ticket isn't bad either.

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DedNow Or GNAX

Dec 3, 2008

Currently we host with SoftLayer but are looking for other reliable providers also.
Which of the following do you recommend:
GNAX or DedNow

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Feb 7, 2007

GNAX themselves have been great and they are still working on this problem with us. We are having a problem getting passive ftp to work correctly on all of our servers at this location. We do not have this problem with any of our other data centers using the same server configurations/images/settings and have multiple servers at GNAX all sharing the same problem, which seems to reasonably say there's something at the datacenter itself that's causing this problem. Ftp connections fail when trying to login using the password or fail when trying to enter passive mode. If the connection does not use passive ftp, then it works fine. Passive ftp will work sometimes at this location, but itís rare and it doesnít work for long. Has anyone had any similar experience or may know what the problem might be?

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Gnax/NetDepot Or

Jan 12, 2009

what better DC Gnax/NetDepot or ?

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Starting With NetDepot/GNAX

Apr 23, 2007

I finally decided to go with NetDepot! I'd like to record here my experiences, in case anyone interested. I hope that after setup is complete, this thread will be no-news and boring.

So just for the record, I chose this config:
AMD Athlon 64 3800
HDD: 250GB SATA II + 250GB SATA II (raid 1)
OS: Debian Stable (They don't offer it at the web site, but Jordan@gnax was kind to offer it to me --
Control Panel: none
Backup: none

I used "whtfreehd" coupon to get the second drive for free. Also, a good thing that actual prices are lower than advertised! (70/mo vs. 75/mo) -- I hope that's not an error.

So at bottom line it costs $266 setup + $70/mo. In a year, this will total to $1,106, which is well within $100/mo budget.

I've paid late on Sunday, and now I'm waiting for the server setup. Let's see how long it will take.

A note to non-U.S. citizens: they seem to have strict policy on which credit cards are accepted. I'm Russian, and my Visa Business was not accepted, so I had to use PayPal.

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Review Of AtlantaNAP/GNAX

Mar 8, 2007

I am a client of GNAX since 2003, in 2004 I began with colocation with them.

The service has always been good.

Connectivity: Now they utilize 4 suppliers (Telia, GlobalCrossing, Savvis and BTN) by BGP and RouteScience by Avaya, never I have had serious problems of the conectivity with them, the maintenances that have had have always been notified and resolved with the maximum brevity, I can assure that the network is excellent.

Facilities: Before they were found in 55 Marietta st. , I am not an expert in facilities, but I know that all was correct, never I have seen none objection neither nobody that had it. At present they have their own building, in White St. here the things are a lot more large and fresh

Security: Great control security by professional cameras, registration check-in / check-out of personnel, and security guard the 24 hours, access by cards to colo area / tech rooms etc

Support OnSite: Fast support, pleasant and very attentive techs, and above all, well and efficient support. You can obtain the support attention to the 4PM or to the 4AM, they are there to every hour.

I do not put a scoring in each section by if does not seem real, but my judgment would be 9/10 or 10/10 in all. My business there is Atlantanap being at more than 20.000km of our offices, some motive should have

choosing atlantanap and you will choose well, you can test them with part of your business and soon will think the same as I.

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Compromised Account At

Sep 17, 2007

Ok...posting this here to hopefully get someone's attention at

I've written their and multiple times and even called into their support line and spoke with Stephen (or Steven). No one there seems to care.

They have a group of Vietnamese hackers on their network that are launching attacks from several of their servers. They also have a google phising site on one of the servers.

Spoke with Stephen at Gnax support and his answer was that it wasn't his job and I needed to send a e-mail to abuse. After telling him that I'd done that multiple times he basically said oh well that he didn't know what to do.

Seems like the admins of are either very irresponsible, stupid or just ignorant.

Here are the URL's.



Just replace the 1's with t's and you can see for yourself. The attempts to download a trojan to your system so if you don't know what your doing don't visit either URL.

Hopefully admins from Gnax watch this forum.

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GORACK Or GNAX? Or Other Cheap Colo

Jul 10, 2009

We need colo in 2 or 3 different locations within the USA.. we're going to be growing to over 3-4 cabinets in each location within the next 18 months.

We're looking for rates (including power and everything) for less than $800/rack.

We're also looking for a semi-small company who is willing to be quite flexible with our service (as we are a service provider) and we will need remote hands etc..

First question:

What do you think of GORACK, I was unable to find any reviews on them, which could either be a real good thing, or a real bad thing.

Second question:

What do you think of GNAX Dallas?

Third question:

Is there any other companies you would recommend to me?

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Gnax IP Address Range On Dnsbl-3

Mar 30, 2009

Some of our client emails are being blocked and it appears that the whole GNAX range of more than 103680 IP addresses was blocked.


As you should know now: It is not you, it is your complete provider which got UCEPROTECT-Level 3 listed.

Your IP was NOT part of a spamrun, but you are the one that has freely chosen your provider.

By tolerating or ignoring that your provider doesn't care about spammers you are indirectly also supporting the global spam with your money.
Seen from this point of view, you really shouldn't wonder about the consequences.

What I want to know is how often do it happens that a datacenter have all it's IP addresses being blocked?

I contacted Gnax about this but their response was merely that they will take steps and the whole range will eventually be delisted. (Obviously the immediate removal fee of $200 something is too much for them)

Ironically merely a few hours AFTER I contacted them I got a "warning" about spam send from one of our clients.

The date of the email was a few weeks AGO and We already long ago warned our LEGIMATE client that such emails are not allowed and the account will be terminated if it happens again. (In other words WE immediately acted against potential spam while Gnax not and then have the nerve to warn US after WE informed them of the blacklisting)

On the one hand I understand that it can be difficult for a very large provider and seems a bit harse to block ALL IP addresses due to 0.238 % spam ip addresses.

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Netdepot/GNAX 1 Year Review

Jun 9, 2009

GNAX/Netdepot 1 Year Review

I posted a review at six months and thought I'd update now that it's been a year. My dad ordered a server, which I run for him, after reading good reviews here at WHT. The site to verify that the server is at GNAX is [url]

My six month review can be found here:


That thread talks about the Pre-Sales and Upgrading process. Since I haven't had anymore Pre-Sales or Upgrading since then, there's nothing new to add.

Support: Their support has been excellent every time I've needed it. In that first six months I needed it quite a few times, and they were always quick to answer and professional. Since then, I haven't needed support as often. There haven't been any issues on their end at all, and I've learned a bit so I haven't messed up DNS, etc. as often, but when I have needed them, they've been quick to answer.

Uptime: As far as I can remember there haven't been any issues of downtime in the last six months. I could be wrong, or have missed something, but none that I've noticed.

Speed: Sites load quickly, uploading is fast.

Sometime in the next week or two, I plan to order a second server and definitely plan to order it from Netdepot.

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Imhosted Vs GNAX - Users Can't Get To Site

Apr 21, 2008

I have a site hosted with Imhosted.

6 days ago, three users, one from Denmark, one from the UK and one from California - all reported connectivity trouble. I asked for tracert's from all three.

Two of them fail at ( the California and Denmark one ) and one fails at

Both are GNAX servers.

I contacted Imhosted - and for 6 days they have ducked, dived, denied, and given me totally inappropriate stock replies ( such as asking me to check my IP address - when the actual affected IP addresses have already been supplied numerous times). They tried to fob me off saying it was an ISP issue ( two continents, at exactly the same time - yeah, right )

Imhosted have SAID, on two occasions, that they've contacted GNAX to have them fix the issue. So far, the problem remains for all three users.

Fortunately, we have a dedicated server of our own already, and we will be moving to it in the next few weeks. But meanwhile - what the hell can I do to rattle some sense into Imhosted and/or GNAX to get these poor guys back onto the site?

I've had three years of hell with Imhosted. Useless support, dreadful performance, unusable email, PHP and SQL issues - all in all, a dreadful experience.

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Colo Rate Increases, Gnax . Others

Jul 18, 2008

Thanks to rising costs of energy we have received notices from GNAX that they are raising costs of power and colo space. Has anyone else seen similar notices from other colo's already ?

I know we have seen power rates increase the last few months in our homes, we talked about that here in another thread. It was envitable that colo facilities followed suit. How does this affect the other colos and providers?

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GNAX/Netdepot - 6 Month Review

Dec 26, 2008

It's been six months since signing up with Netdepot/GNAX, so I wanted to offer a review. I signed up with Netdepot after reading good reviews here. For the record, the server belongs to my dad, and I mostly run it. The site to verify that it's hosted with GNAX is [url]

Pre-Sales: My dad spoke with Jeff, who patiently walked through any questions he had about which server he would need, settling on the Q9300 with 2 gigs of ram.
Initial setup: The initial setup was completed in right around 24 hours. Everything was working well, and we had root.

Upgrading: We added a second hard drive, and two more gigs of ram. We requested a date for the upgrade to occur, and promptly at midnight on that date, they upgraded. Quick response to the request, quickly upgraded, no issues.

Support: GNAX/Netdepot support has been excellent, each time I've tested. Most of the time, there is a response within 15 minutes, and a solution soon after. In the first month, I messed up several times with the DNS, and had to open tickets to have someone fix the settings I messed up. There is a charge for Admin time, if it isn't an issue on their end, but I would expect that with an unmanaged server, and it was worth it since their techs were good about explaining what the issue was, so I learned a bit in that first month as well. I've been impressed and looking back through my tickets, I'm impressed all over again. It doesn't seem to matter if it's 3 in the morning, on the weekend, or during business hours, the response is quick, courteous and helpful.

Uptime: I think there were a couple of times that there were ddos attacks on one of their routers and so intermittent downtime, but for the most part, the server has been up and running well.

Speed: I'm editing to add this. I forgot to mention speed, because I take it for granted, but FTPing always seems to go quickly, the sites load quickly, and I have yet to notice any time of anything slowing down.

I'd like to thank the support at GNAX as well as Jeff, for six months of excellent service.

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Netdepot / Gnax 1 Month Review

Jul 3, 2008

Setup 8/10
I purchased 2 servers on the 30th of May 2008. I took advantage of their 99% off first month sale. I received login info 3 days later although I was told it would be setup within 24 hours, I can understand they were busy due to their sale, so I waited patiently.

Sales 6/10
I need a new harddrive added which is critical for my website. 24th of June I requested for a SCSI harddrive to be added. 2 days later I got a reply saying if a SAS disk is fine, to which I replied yes and asked for the size. Another 24 hours past and a reply stated it would be 36GB for $50 a month and $50 setup. After some more inquiring and paying the bill I have no harddrive, its been 8 days since I opened the ticket and 8 days of slowness for my websites users because of this. If this were Softlayer it would be done and dusted within 48 hours at the most.

Also, their live chat has not been active for weeks, or at least whenever I visit their website its always offline. I have also tried their phone number a couple of times with no luck.

Support 6/10
On the 25th of June I requested a reboot at 8:33AM and at 10:22 AM I got a reply and they rebooted. This is 2 hours of downtime. Only later did they tell me they can setup a remote reboot for free, so luckily I don't have to use their slow support for any reboots.

Network 6/10
I did a basic speed test (the server is on a 100mbit port) for various file locations around the world, here is an example:


#[root@localhost ~]# wget
Connecting to||:80... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
Length: 10547200 (10M) [application/octet-stream]
Saving to: `10meg.file'

100%[=======================================>] 10,547,200 462K/s in 28s

14:48:47 (373 KB/s) - `10meg.file' saved [10547200/10547200]

Most results came back with around 500kbps in the USA, pretty poor but not complete crap. Certainly seen better networks.

Final comment - Nothing special
If they improved their support and sales response times, they would be a great company. I still await my harddrive upgrade after 8 days of waiting. I certainly won't be buying more servers with them.

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GNAX Colo: Gold Vs. Silver Networks

Jun 10, 2008

I want to get peoples opinions that HAVE USED or DO USE GNAX and their network.

What is the main difference between their networks, which one are you on, and have you tried the other, etc. I want to get some real feedback here. From what I can tell, the gold just appears to be bigger name connections that are charging alot more money for their backbone. The silver has nearly as many connections as the gold it appears.

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GNAX Is Top 10 SpamHaus "Worst Spam" ISP

Jan 4, 2008

Someone brought to my attention something very interesting today: GNAX has a significant number of SpamHaus listings, many over a year old. There are also multiple ROSKO listings.


I have always heard generally good things about GNAX, so I wonder why they are dropping the ball here.

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O/s Info

Apr 15, 2008

I know uname -a out puts the kernel info, but how do you output the actual linux flavor and version?

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Need Info On Dreamhost

May 16, 2006

i have decide to buy hosting plan on dreamhost with a discount coupon of 24$ per year, i want to know whether this offer is valid for year or for ever.

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Nameservers Info

Apr 3, 2009

I need some info please about nameservers in a new unmanaged dedicated server.

Do i have to get the nameservers from my hosting company or i must setup them manualy?

What does private nameservers are?

I need some info please in general and where i will find the nameservers so i can setup them?



I think that i will need somethink like:

NS1.HOSTING.COM -->With my main ip

NS2.HOSTING.COM --> Another ip?

What is the difference to use company name e.x NS1.COMPANY.COM and my NS1.MYNAME.COM?

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How Do I Change SOA Info

Oct 1, 2009

How do I change start of authority (SOA) info, specifically I need to change the email listed?

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File Info

May 6, 2009

any idea on this error,? my fiend is having pb with fileinfo after his installation

Warning: finfo_open() [function.finfo-open]: Failed to load magic database at '/usr/share/file/magic.mime'. in /home/tomita/public_html/ff/fileinfo.php on line 2

Warning: finfo_file(): supplied argument is not a valid file_info resource in /home/tomita/public_html/ff/fileinfo.php on line 3

Warning: finfo_close(): supplied argument is not a valid file_info resource in /home/tomita/public_html/ff/fileinfo.php on line 4

these are the errors he see when he use the following code


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Email In PHP Info

Apr 25, 2009

i have a strange problem, i use a VPS with CentOs 5 linux and i noticed when i look on the php info page that my email adresss is there and i need to change that email to another one but i don`t know where to do that

I have looked in my HyperVM control panel and in Plesk 9 control panel but i don`t find that adress...where is that set ?


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Info About

May 29, 2009

I made a couple of search on this forum but that did not fetch me what i exactly wish to know.

Obviously, the first question which has been asked millions of times
1. How good is their server performance?I have my site hosted from When i go for speed test of my site i always found the speed to be about 0.40 seconds while google and yahoo being 0.01 and 0.04 respectively.

2. I am need JAVA hosting. seems to offer every thing under one hosting plan which is really good for me.

3. I tried seeing their help files to find out how many times their TOMCAT restarts a day but i guess their help files are restricted to only registered user. Can some one please tell me is there a way to manually restart Tomact in

4. The number of MySQL database is not important for me. What i am looking for is how much data can i save into each database. offered 25 databases, for which i was pretty happy but latter on i figured out that the amount of data i can store is limited to 200 MB only. which is really sad!

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Any Info About

Oct 9, 2009

Any info or any review about Are they reliable?

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Any Info On

Mar 27, 2009

if anyone had any info on or Richard Perez?

They were hosting several of my websites, my server-side autoresponder and ad-tracker, etc. up until they disappeared last Mon-Tue, March 23-24.

I don't know whether to keep waiting, see if they re-appear or give up and just start re-building everything from scratch.

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SoloGigabit Info

Nov 6, 2008

I did some searching and couldn't find any relevant information on
has anyone used then before? hows the network? service? hardware?

I am referencing this ad:[url]

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Mar 28, 2008

We have a webhosting company
our details and our webhosting users is Secure
i don`t like any body else knows our users list

but 2 website is there
1 -

those Show our users and website list to everybody

i am not interest for this service,

how can i Stop this service?

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.info Nameserver

Oct 22, 2008

My server is with cheapvps.

I have just purchased a .info domain just to use for playing about on.. I purchased it from I have 3 other domains with them but these are .com, and domains. All pointing to my VPS nameeservers..

For some reason when i goto add my nameservers to the .info domain it says
Error text: Nameserver doesn't exists in the registry
Error text: Nameserver doesn't exists in the registry
Ive not encounted this before. My friend purchased a domain last night and when i added the nameservers to his it worked fine.

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How To Get All My Server Info

Oct 6, 2008

how can i get all my vps / servers information and configuration reports, like a full report on a server.

So i already uploaded phpinfo.php so i can get the PHP report. And about getting other reports, like sql config, apache, plesk,?

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Info About

May 28, 2008

What do you think about what are you using it for?

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