Random Blank Pages

Jun 19, 2009

Seems my site is getting random blank pages. I did some research and maybe but not sure its related to open files.

[root@dedicated ~]# cat /proc/sys/fs/file-nr
3264 0 900000

Is this something to worry about? I just did a reboot and it did it.

Current Time: Saturday, 20-Jun-2009 00:18:53 EDT
Restart Time: Saturday, 20-Jun-2009 00:11:17 EDT
Parent Server Generation: 0
Server uptime: 7 minutes 36 seconds
Total accesses: 106629 - Total Traffic: 898.2 MB
CPU Usage: u294.39 s37.64 cu2.91 cs0 - 73.5% CPU load
234 requests/sec - 2.0 MB/second - 8.6 kB/request
590 requests currently being processed, 99 idle workers

Server outputs 53mbps constantly.

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Why Non-ssl Pages Are Blank, Ssl Pages Work

Feb 1, 2008

I am moving to a new server. At first the [url]version of the site was fine. I had trouble getting [url]working. Once I had the path to the certificate file correct, I was good to go. So, I started moving data. I also ran some updates on the new server (installed mysql, php, related pkgs). I don't know when the [url]pages stopped working, but I didn't realize it until I had everything moved over and tried to go live. The pages are completely blank. If I view source, I get this: ....

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PHPSuExec & Blank Pages

Aug 9, 2007

I am running Joomla on a server and am trying to get phpsuexec to work with it, so far without success. From searching the web and forums I managed to get rid onf my 403 and 500 errors, but now I am dealing with blank white pages on all of my sites where the page being loaded is a php file.

I have all of my php calls removed from .htaccess and put into a php.ini file.

What else am I missing here? Is there a conflict in my apache build maybe?

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Apache Serving Blank Pages

Oct 1, 2007

I am having this issue with a new box where Apache at random serves blank pages and won't serve anything but until it's restarted. I see no errors in /var/log/messages either to show why this is happening.

It's not all pages either just several various ones. I know it's not a programming issue either because the only thing the server is running is one instance of vBulletin.

I look at top during this and CPU and RAM usage are very low.

The only fix to get Apache to serve the pages is to restart it.

Anyone have any clues on what it could be?

I set my php.ini memory limit to a gig (I have 16 gigs in the sever)

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Blank Php Pages- Mod_cgi- Suexec? W00t

Jul 25, 2007

I am having trouble with blank pages on some web applications; ccHost and phpBB3.

I can get these to run on a seperate VPS, that isn't as securely locked down and the dedi --- but it is of course the dedi I want to run these apps from.

I simply get blank pages when trying to access ccHost. As if PHP isn't parsing it. But in a phpBB3 installation I'm getting random blanks, some of which I can refresh out of ... What's even weirder: sometimes when I try to viewtopic - or call some function ... I get the download dialogue!? (Do you want to open or download index.php for instance).

I've been trying loads of stuff. It seems that mod_security isn't running anymore, so that isn't the issue. Could mod_cgi or mod_suexec perhaps be the cheeky offenders? I have absolutely no idea.

Just hoping someone can help me where to look... Or how I can debug this issue. I'm at a loss in how to continue. Any help will be very appreciated.

Some details... The server is hardened and secured, but...
I'm running other CMS installs on the server, and they are working fine. Even a phpBB2 install is running smooth. Besides this I'm using LAMP setup on CentOS and webmin is running.

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How To Password Protect Web Pages, I Can Protect Directories But Can't Put Pages In

Mar 4, 2007

i did make a big message on here but it deleted when i back spaced

my website is aviation cafe dot net / sample and i need you to help me with password protecting a webpage, i wanted the address to be / the silver sword and definitly not to look like it does now.

username: webforum
pass: password

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Random DNS

Mar 2, 2008

Two of my domains experience random DNS problems; I've had frequent complaints from eastern countries (and sometimes experience the problem myself) that at seemingly random moments the domain will not resolve. For the eastern countries, this may go on for days at a time, while for myself (in the US) it's no more than an hour or two. While it may work for some, it randomly goes down for others.

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Random High I/O

May 5, 2009

Anyway I can trace down who is doing it or what is going on?

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Random House

Apr 14, 2009

Has anyone ever heard of Random House hosting? Know anyone that is using them? Reviews?

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Random Mail

Jun 14, 2008

I am having an issue with sending out emails via any mail client. This issue started randomly with every account on the server just the other day and I can not seem to figure out what the issue is. I have attached an error message. Let me know if you have experienced this before.

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Random 403 (forbidden) Errors

Aug 2, 2007

I am trying to install a website builder script. I am using the correct permissions, the install worked fine, but while I'm using the script I get random 403 errors. It always occurs while browsing through the builder, but not on any particular pages. Sometimes I'll get a 403 error right when I log in, other times it will take several minutes before I run into a problem ...

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Ecatel Random Down Times

Jun 9, 2009

Anyone else notice random power failures to theirs around 2-6am EST?

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Random Thought For The Day: PoE Servers

Feb 28, 2008

Just a random though, (and my initial research suggest there isn't anything like this) but are there any servers that can work via PoE (Power over Ethernet) as I figured it might be a handy way of keeping wiring down and also inline APC (not sure if turning off a port would kill the power)

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Random Cron Job Command

Nov 29, 2007

I am running wordpress with wp O matic. I want to update my content after 24 hours (but different time each day). Bottom line is I want a cron command which randomly execute after 24 hours instead of a particular time.

For example currently wp o matic shows the following command the following command, would you please advice how i change the this command to achieve the above results (right now wordpress is running on my computer so following thing is just for example)

*/20 * * * * F:Testlogwp-contentpluginswp-o-matic/cron.php?code=8b935355

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Debugging Random Server Reboot

Jul 7, 2009

I was searching google when I saw this => [url]and decided to sign up and post my issue...

I've been plagued over the past few weeks when I noticed the server keeps rebooting randomly ...

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Random Domain In Email Headers

Jan 22, 2008

A few customers have noticed random domain names inside their email headers and I can't figure out why.

Here's a copy of an email header to show you where the domain is being shown..

Received: from 87******.no-dns-yet.**** (HELO Computer4) (
by randomdomain.co.uk with SMTP

The domains that it is using are hosted on the same server as the client, but do not belong to this client.

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HTTP IP Showing Random Account

Oct 29, 2008

My server is centos 5 with cPanel.

When I go to [url](xx.xx.xx.xx being an IP on my server) it shows a random web hosting account that is on that IP?

How do I stop this and put one page there or the "great success, cPanel and apache are working on your server" page there?

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Random Heavy Memory Leak

Mar 23, 2007

I am running a VB forum using lighttpd and ranomly one of PHP proccess is using about 80 90 % of memory ! and i should kill it manualy

i want to know how to find reason ?

Config :

Centos 4.4 32 Bit
Kernel : 2.6.9-42.0.3.EL
Lighttpd 1.3.14
PHP 4.4.6 FastCGI
xCache 1.2.0

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Random 403 Forbidden Error (after Activating Keep Alive?)

May 31, 2008

recently I have an weird problem and I don't know what might be, I just suspect that this error appeared after we have enabled Keep Alive on apache

I have the same error with randomly Forbidden error. The most time I see it is on 2 websites that are build with Gallery 2 and very rarely on other website, on my end never happent on other websites but some people told me it did.

Bellow is a small part of cPanel's "Last 300 visits" it shows every request so you can see first request was a direct link , I have wrote the galery name .. and the others are aither requests to images either other files ....

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Network - DNS Lookup Error At Random Times

Sep 27, 2009

I regularly have DNS issues with some of my sites hosted with a specific host... At random sites, the urls done resolve and I get a DNS error.
Just to find out that a few hours later it loads again without issues...

I always thought it had something to do with my ISP... My host says that there's nothing wrong with their DNS.
However, I asked a few people now and it seems they're having DNS problems too sometimes when accessing the problematic urls...

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Random Error Temporary Failure In Name Resolution

Apr 9, 2009

All of a sudden my site gives me this error


Warning: file_get_contents() [function.file-get-contents]: php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: Temporary failure in name resolution in /home/nnnnn/public_html/manga/update.php on line 2

Warning: file_get_contents(http://img2.domain.com/robot.php) [function.file-get-contents]: failed to open stream: php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: Temporary failure in name resolution in /home/nnnnn/public_html/manga/update.php on line 2

It was working fine a week ago. I don't believe I changed anything major.

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Apache :: Dev / Random For SSL Encryption Seeding On Windows

Jun 25, 2014

What's the go with seeding the PRNG on windows as there isn't dev/random or dev/urandom? Should I use CryptoAPI or just use a file with random contents and change it often, or just leave the PRNG to "almost" randomise itself?

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Blank Reply

Aug 4, 2008

I have a mail server and MTA is exim.I have 20 email ids and one email "wdreport@mydomain.com" when i sent mail through this id, client and other users receive blank reply what is the problem.

Is this email server problem or not.

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/etc/nameserverips Goes Blank

Apr 20, 2007

when I manually edit the /etc/nameserverips file and add the ips along with their Ns addresses that is ip=ns1.xxx.com it saves up.

But in the WHM,when I open network setup-->nameserver IP it goes blank and when I go back to the nameserverips its empty!

Can anyone help me what can be done to stop this?

I have tried to add it via the whm basic setup too...but that goes blank too.

Also done the upcp

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Blank Page

Jul 14, 2007

I just installed this php module for phpnuke it worked before but now its a white page?


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How Do I Apply A MAC Address (of My Choice, Not Random) To A VE (Virtuozzo Powered)

Jul 13, 2009

How do I apply a MAC Address (of my choice, not random) to a VE (Virtuozzo powered)

I tried this:

[root@node root]# vzctl set VEID# --mac "actual mac address here" --save
Invalid usage. Option --ifname not specified

In order to license software for use for my client's company, the vendor needs the MAC Addresses setup for their vps' virtual enet interfaces.

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Apache :: AH00141 - Could Not Initialize Random Number Generator

Aug 27, 2013

I am attempting to install Apache HTTPD on a PC running Windows 7 Ultimate SP1.

VC9, VC10 & VC11 redistributables are installed.

When I attempt to start Apache - both from the command line and as a service - I receive the following error messages:

[Tue Aug 27 15:33:27.624800 2013] [mpm_winnt:notice] [pid 5192:tid 284] AH00455: Apache/2.4.6 (Win64) configured -- resuming normal operations
[Tue Aug 27 15:33:27.626800 2013] [mpm_winnt:notice] [pid 5192:tid 284] AH00456: Apache Lounge VC11 Server built: Jul 15 2013 20:45:22
[Tue Aug 27 15:33:27.626800 2013] [core:notice] [pid 5192:tid 284] AH00094: Command line: 'C:Apache24inhttpd.exe -d C:/Apache24'
[Tue Aug 27 15:33:27.667800 2013] [mpm_winnt:notice] [pid 5192:tid 284] AH00418: Parent: Created child process 7684
[Tue Aug 27 15:33:27.668800 2013] [mpm_winnt:debug] [pid 5192:tid 284] mpm_winnt.c(422): AH00402: Parent: Sent the scoreboard to the child
[Tue Aug 27 15:33:27.704800 2013] [:crit] [pid 7684] (-2146173818)Unknown error: AH00141: Could not initialize random number generator
[Tue Aug 27 15:33:27.709800 2013] [mpm_winnt:crit] [pid 5192:tid 284] AH00419: master_main: create child process failed. Exiting.
[Tue Aug 27 15:33:27.710800 2013] [core:info] [pid 5192:tid 284] AH00096: removed PID file C:/Apache24/logs/httpd.pid (pid=5192)

The Windows event viewer merely says that HTTPD stopped with an application-specific error #1.

I have also tried with SSL both enabled and commented out.

For what it is worth the message appears to be generated by the routine ap_init_rng in the server core.c module.

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