Accurate Reporting On Hits/unique Visits

May 20, 2008

We've got a client who is using both AWstats and Webalizer and they are claiming the numbers are different between the two and that the numbers reported are not accurate. They need a specific list on how many impressions they are getting on a daily, weekly and monthly time period for advertisers.

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Visits In Server

Apr 11, 2008

I have a dedicated server in which there are multiple domains.

How do I know how many visits in one day or specific moment, example 10:00 a.m.?

Can I know the visit for all domains?

I use windows 2003

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My Accurate Hub Networks Review

Oct 1, 2009

6 months ago I signed up for their services, moving away from 1&1 shared hosting. So I spoke with Andrew about getting a server for the things I do. We worked a deal, which is probably too good to be true.

Im running on one of their Dell 1425s. I have servers here at the work (designing agency), so I know my way with servers etc etc. The performance of their network and support 10/10 I had no problems and although unmanaged, I was always able to get help and support.

They look like a new emerging host, but I recommend to give them a try. I've just picked up another server with them ($15 for my first month is quite a steal imo)

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More Accurate: Alexa Or Netcraft?

Apr 28, 2008

Which one is more accurate: Alexa or Netcraft?

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Accurate List Of Vps Providers

Oct 24, 2008

I working on a study and price comparison and for this I would really appreciate if you could provide me with a websitelist of the current vps providers.

Even tho I know many like vpsland and I could find them by just reading the forum, I think someone already collected them. If there is a topic just link that in.

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Millions Of Hits + DOS Attack

Jul 25, 2008

I have a website that offers web stats. It receives like 30 million hits per day (legitimate) in addition to a large number of invalid URL requests and DOS attacks that max at 50MB. I currently have a server at liquidweb who, after bearing too much with me, informed me that I might have to move away some day because the attacks are affecting their network. I have been with them for 4 years now.

We tried using a normal firewall but it couldn't handle the normal requests. I don't have a budget to afford an expensive one. Firewall tweaking is not easy because of the large number of legitimate requests.

So, my questions are:

1. What should I do? Is there a known, affordable firewall that can help (or any other setting)?

2. Which hosting company will take me and manage to make things work without getting their network affected?

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Email Address And Hits

May 13, 2008

I just wanted to know that could we track or are able to know the actual email address of the user that hits on our website or is this possible from the provider / host to know?

I just looked into some of the services like -

Trace Email
Domain Look up
Trace IP

But somehow it does not full fill my above query. Or it is not at all possible to track email addresses directly ?

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Host - Wordpress, 10,000 Hits

Jun 15, 2008

I'm currently hosting my wordpress blog with dreamhost (yuck). It recieves 2000 unique visitors a day, which amounts to about 10,000 page hits per day. Storage is around 2Gb at the moment and monthly usage is about 20Gb however both are likely to increase.

Please suggest what sort of hosting and a provider for me? Budget is pretty much anything (within reason). I would prefer not to spend more than $25 a month but can if the consensus is for something a little bigger. Reliability is important to me so I don't want the site to be down coz I was asleep when the server went down.

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A Slew Of 404 Hits In My Stats

Oct 27, 2007

It being the end of the month, I was reviewing the stats for my site,, a place where I put my songs for folks to listen to.

The site typically receives minimal traffic, topping out at 100 unique visitors / 200MB each month, as expected.

But, I did note that there were an additional 126 'Error 404' (file not found) hits.

Might this be an indication of attack attempts? In any event, how might I better determine the nature of the URL requests generating the errors.

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How Many Hits Should I Have Before Moving To A Dedicated Server

May 2, 2009

I have a drupal based site. The front page is about 200kb and I have 10 trimmed topics in front page. Currently the site is hosted on a shared server. My question is how many hits or page loads per hour/minute should I have before it would be necessary to switch to a dedicated server?

My host is hostgator.

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How To Do Reporting With IIS 5.0

Jun 2, 2008

if there is anyway that IIS 6.0 can do reporting of the websites that are running on it. For example I would like to get the local IP address and host header values for them. I can do it manual by going to each website but that will take forever. It seems like there should be a easier way.

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Server Reporting Tool

Oct 19, 2009

I am maintaining a dedicated server ( which have apache,mysql,ftp,dns servers) for my organization , i want to produce a weekly report on server like,

1)Avg Server load for current week

2)Avg Memory usage for current week

3)No.of time apache,mysql,dns was killed in current week

As above i want produce a report ,How can take such kind of report from server? Is there is any tool for report generation?

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Exim4 Bounce Reporting

Mar 31, 2009

We developed an Exim server on debian that sending mails outside to our customers. It's an IP based auth server. For bounce reporting and management, what would you recommend us?

Is there anything like; send all bouncing mails that sent from this server to We need this to be done in MTA level..

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Performance / Reporting Tool

May 29, 2009

I have several servers and I need a tool to measure CPU/disk/memory performance.

I no nothing about hardware (and I also don't want/need to know).

The tools is to compare only - I don't care about the measure unit, I just need a way to compare the performance between my servers like which one as a faster CPU and so on...

Anyone knows such a FREEWARE (and not bloatware) tool?

If the tool has some kind of hardware report... well.. even better.

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WHM Reporting Way Way Under Actual Usage

May 13, 2008

One friend I host sites for is reporting 492MB in WHM, but running DU reports 5.4GB for just one site!!! I've had the DC run Quotafix, but it's still not correct. The site is drupal and DC said they can't even list the tmp folder for that account. Any suggestions so I don't loose $45/month in extra charges? I have no clue how many months this is been going on, but it's costing me allot it seems.

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Enabling PHP Error Reporting

Jan 7, 2007

I just leased a server through EV1. It's Linux (I think), Apache, and Plesk 8.0. I'm trying to get error reporting to work for my php scripts. I opened up the php.ini file (I'm about 90% sure that it's the right php.ini file) found in the /etc folder. I changed error reporting to "on" and restarted my server with Plesk.

PHP errors are still not showing up.

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Mod_Evasive Enhancing Reporting

Apr 27, 2007

I got mod_evasive installed and its working fine. Its detecting the IPs, blocking the IPs and sending me the emails.

The emails I'm getting only have the sender name "Apache" and the content shows the IP address is blocking.

How can I enhance the email report to display the following:

1) get a proper Subject header in the email

2) change the From header to include the hostname - i.e.

3) have the program do a reverse lookup on the ip, and include that in the body.

Do I need to include a script using the DOSSystemCommand to do this?

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Unique IP Addresses

Apr 9, 2009

I need web hosting that I can put 10 sites on with unique ips that the host provides.

How can I find someone who does this here on WHT?

I already have two accounts with other hosts like this but like to break things up through different hosts.

Please advise who would be good for this for $30/mo or less.

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Unique IP Addresses ...

Apr 8, 2008

I ordered 4 unique IP addresses 2 weeks ago for our server. Have still not had them even though I seem to be constantly chasing the company.

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2500 Unique/day Seems To Be Too Much

May 23, 2008

We're actually hosted at and our 7 wordpress blogs (+1 wp-mu) get about 2500 unique/day... blogs uses a lot of plugins and costumization, but i think we shouldn't have problem with such number of vistitors.
[about 20gb transfer per month and 1 gb disk space used]

Customer service sometimes write about mysql load, sometimes complain about server problems and so on... we're thinking about move somewhere else.

Of course we don't want to move to something like dreamhost and have the same problems after a couple of months and we're not rich, but:

- our readers are mostly italians, so we'ld like to move somewhere in europe, but european services are expensive

- we need mysql/php/... bla bla usual stuff

- we have a lot of domains for underdevelopment projects

- we gave a try to MT gridservice but it was really slow

- we need ssh access

- we don't have time to manage hosting configurations and so on

- we need a reliable hosting service but we aren't

- we can spent AT MOST 20$/month

which you think can be the best hosting service for us? is better to think about a VPS solution?? managed bla bla bla service?

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Realtime DNS Blacklist Fed By Reporting Admins

Jan 26, 2007

Wondering if anyone knows of an email DNSBL that are have a real time reporting tool which directly feeds the DNSBL?

I have been using Spamcop for reporting in hopes I might be able to get some IP's listed. However so far I have not seen any IP's listed until many hours or days after they are reported (possibly going through a validation process?).

Wondering if anyone knows a more pro-active DNSBL that is fed directly by reporting and administrators?

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ASO Has Everything I Need, With The Exception Of A Unique IP Address

Oct 9, 2009

any other hosts as rock solid as they are and able to offer small shared accounts with private nameservers?

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Unique Apache Timeout

Jul 30, 2008

I have a new website that has a similar feature to tripadvisor's Reviews, where users share detailed thoughts and experiences. They fill in all this information on one form so there is no interaction with the system while they are writing.

I know Apache has the TimOut setting which is set to 5 minutes by default. This ensures that you do not have users using active memory and sessions for a long period of time.

But the problem I have seen is that some users are spending 15-20 minutes writing very detailed experiences and when they hit the submit button obviously their session has timed out and they lose everything and get a system error.

I really don't want to change the TimeOut value in Apache to 20 min due to resource constraints, but is this my only option?

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What's The REAL Definition Of A Unique

Apr 29, 2007

Got a bit of a debate going here because I have a site that is showing wildly varied results for traffic between different trackers.

The three we are watching are:

extreme paid version



Extreme shows 70k uniques for this month while awstats is showing 16,555 then to make things even more confusing webalizer is showing 22564.

So that leads us to the question, what exactly is a unique and is there really any precise definition of how a unique should be counted. is it:

1. one unique IP visit for the whole site

2. one unique IP visit per page on the site

then on top of that we have to factor in the time frame so now is it:

1. one unique IP visit for the whole site per day

1. one unique IP visit for the whole site per month

3. one unique IP visit per page per day

4. one unique IP visit per page per month

Now some may say the above is being picky BUT how many site owners do you hear saying "I get 100,000 uniques per month". This comment alone begs for an answer to this question. I don't think I have ever heard someone come back at a comment like that with "Really, How do you count your uniques?"

With all the trackers out there and all the companies that are relying on accurate statistics to sell advertising and / or value the site this is one of THE grayest areas around ......

So again, the question is:

What the heck is the definition of a unique and for that fact is there one?

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Reporting A Website For Illegal Hacking And Other Activities?

Sep 29, 2008

How would I go about reporting a website for illegal hacking and other activities?

Their host is fully supporting them. They have even given them the ip address of the proxy I used, in which case the client of theirs have added the proxy to their htaccess deny list.

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Munin Stopped Reporting Eth0 After Reboot

Apr 30, 2008

I rebooted my server and now munin is not showing any eth0 traffic. All other graphs are fine. I can see there is a ton of apache accesses so there is definitely eth0 traffic. Munin logs report no errors. I restarted munin and munin-node. I even did 'yum remove munin munin-node' and reinstalled again but it still doesn't work for eth0.

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Microsoft Junk Mail Reporting Program - Who Uses This

Jul 20, 2008

Anyone else sign up for this?

Did microsoft require your host email them and say "[you] have exclusive sending rights for this IP"?

Here is the part of the email from microsoft:

xx, unfortunately, we have not received an e-mail confirmation from
your ISP, [host], for your IP
x.x.x.x. Please ask them to re-send the e-mail confirmation to [email] with the [id] subject. Please also
ask them to include you on the "To" or "Cc" field in case that we fail
to receive their e-mail confirmation.

Is this a requirement for everybody?

I signed up for AOL's junk reporting program a few months ago and I didn't have to bother anybody about it.

If I recall correctly, all AOL cared about was whether or not my reverse DNS was set properly.

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Telia Is Reporting A Fiber Cut In The US - Any Other Carriers Impacted

Aug 20, 2007

Telia is reporting a fiber cut in the US - any other carriers impacted?

from Telia:

We regret to advise that we are currently experiencing a cable cut in
the United States. This outage is causing degradation in our IP
backbone, which may affect your service.

The fault has been brought to the attention of senior management, and we
are actively working to resolve the fault. Unfortunately we do not know
when the fault will be resolved.

We will update you as soon as we have further information, and apologise
for the inconvenience caused to you and your customers.

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Shared Hosting Including Unique IP's

Apr 25, 2008

which hosts offer unlimited or to "x" amount of unique ip address per shared hosting account

i liked hostgator, but they didn't offer the free unique ip addresses... which are needed so i can add ssl certs to my domains (ecommerce sites are what i plan on launch)... not all domains need a unique ip, just 3-4 per account would be nice...

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