Using WHM Tools To Set Up A SubDomain

Aug 15, 2005

I am using PayPal's IPN to set up hosting accounts. It works fine if the user is setting up a domain such as, but if they are using a subdomain from the hosting, such as, it fails to work. Here is the code I am using ...

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Apache :: Redirection Page From Subdomain To New Subdomain

May 11, 2015

Wordpress installation (WPML with 3rd level domain es. site. com, fr. site. com).

I need to redirect page from subdomain to a new subdomain

Example: -> (different subdomain) -> ->

Source site is very chaotic and there are no clear rule for redirection (no regex )

So I need to redirect every page but syntax:

Redirect 301 http://

doesn't work!

which is the correct syntax ?

Can I manage all from one .htaccess file in main root (www) or should I create "esp" directory (and point old subdomain to it - one for every language) and put .htaccess in every directory with redirection ? 

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Monitoring Tools?

Jul 9, 2008

Any website monitoring tools available that can tell you when a site is unavailable and/ or other tests/checks?

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Monitoring Tools

Jan 6, 2007

if there wre tools which can monitor the server load/apache/mysql and suggest settings to optimize apache/mysql/php?

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Tools To Optimize Apache & PHP

Apr 8, 2009

There are some great tools to optimize MySQL, however I have not been able to find the equivalent for Apache + PHP. I have a lot of experience tweaking these two in extreme traffic environments, but there is no beating a program that can simultaneously evaluate several inputs over time to calculate optimal settings.

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Web Construction Tools/Utilities

Oct 20, 2009

creation of my first web site.

I wanted to know what tools or utilities I should look for from the hosting service?

I'll be running my blog, selling software and technical notes,
allowing the download of software and technical notes, registering visitors, allowing some 3rd party advertising.

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High Bandwidth Log And Tools

Oct 25, 2008

Just an hour ago, my datacenter told me my server (cpanel + with CSF) is using up to 240mbps of inbound

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Server Harden Tools

Sep 30, 2007

Are there any good tutorials or tools for Serer Hardening on CentOS?

Additionally, any good Host based IDS units along those lines?

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Pingdom Vs Others - Monitoring Uptime Tools

Dec 4, 2008

Pingdom vs Others - Monitoring Uptime Tools
So i looking to buy a quality and reliable uptime monitoring service. I have been testing PingDom free trial, and all the reports went fine. Also the interface is good looking and as public reports to show to clients.

So in terms of use and fuctions, Pingdom is perfect for me, but i wanted to know if Pingdom is a quality / rock-solid / reliable service? Or its just has a beutiful interface?

Any bad or good experiences with Pingdom?

Note: From many other posts i see that Alertra is a quality and reliable service.

So when comparing to PingDom will Alertra be much more reliable?

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Development Tools On Dedicated Servers

Jul 21, 2008

I have a CentOS dedicated server that does not have gcc,make,other standard develomplent tools installed. The provider adamantly refuses to offer any assistance citing terms of the contract.

Being a newbie in running servers I have trouble finding binary form of packages matching the version of my OS and pre-installed libraries.

Obviously I cannot compile anything without a compiler (including the compiler itself!).

I have downloaded the centos distro, and mounted iso on my server, but that was wrong version. Turns out the right release is only available via bittorrent - which I again cannot install without gcc.

What is "industry standard" for dedicated Linux servers in this respect: do providers typically pre-install tools like gcc? or they leave users figure that out on their own?

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Apache Mod_status Tools / Frontends

Jul 12, 2008

I am just wondering if there are any frontends for the mod_status and (extended) status output.

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Domain Tools And Dedictated Server

Oct 9, 2008

When using to see what sites are on a server, sometimes it says dedicated server. Does this mean that there may be several sites on that server and it is just that the service cannot find out what the others are?

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Server Monitoring Tools/Services

May 22, 2008

Can you please tell me any free server/ services monitoring tools available.

I would prefer third party services rather than installing something on the servers unless its the only option

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Tools To Monitor Server Uptime

Jun 4, 2007

Are there any tools out there that can monitor the uptime of my server (of my websites)?

Maybe an application that keeps pinging it throughout the day or some type of web-service?

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Memory/CPU Usage Limit Tools

Jul 28, 2007

what tools are available for Fedora 4 that allow an admin to set limits on how much memory and cpu usage clients can use. I have plesk 8 but I can't seem to find anything related to it in there, and I set up webmin as well,

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Windows Server And Encoders And Processing Tools

May 4, 2009

We have Detected server and we use windows server 32 bit , and we are using this server To Encode Video From Avi To Mp4 , But the Problem is we can not get any avi files to play , we Reload the OS and Install it again and We install all the Codec Windows Need But we steel can not Get this video work , its really strange ,

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Server Management On The Move.. What Are Your Tools Of The Trade

May 29, 2009

Lots of things have improved in the last 5 or so years with regards to hosting.. faster hardware, improved control panels, cheaper bandwidth.. but the ability to keep your eye on your box whilst out and about is definitely amongst them I'd say.

So share your tech tips for when you're not at your desktop for monitoring your sites.

Key hardware: My iPhone. 3G is prevalent in my locality, but the deal on o2 means I also get free access to the two largest UK public wifi hotspots - TheCloud and BT OpenZone. Whilst some of these are free anyway (such as ones in pubs) being able to walk through town whilst on a wifi connection can be really useful if the 3G is lagging or just not there.


Pingdom - It's not the flashiest of all apps, but it tells you what you need to know - is the server up?! It'll echo all your reports for all servers into one quick and easy screen. I really hope Pingdom puts even more time and effort into this, it could make the service unbeatable with a few more features. The app is free too, which is a bonus.

TouchTerm - there's a bunch of SSH clients for the iPhone out there, I've not had chance to try any of the others but will do at some point. All my accounts are bookmarked in and I can replicate whatever I need to with ease. I've installed software and configured it with relative ease just using the touch keypad. It was either free or at most a dollar or two.

iStat - The software/server combination used to be Mac only but someone has ported the server side over to *nix now and it runs pretty well. I'm having issues with one of my boxes showing it's bandwidth usage but I'll look more into that. Live CPU/Memory figures AND graphing?! Very impressive, and if you're doing face to face with your client it's bound to be a good thing to show off (make sure it's working first tho!!). It was 1.19/$1.99 on promotion when I bought it, should still be for a little more.

Critical email accounts IMAP'd - all my key accounts are on 15minute checks, and I'll be making an emergency PUSH account for when time is very much of the essence. Having instant access to email is absolutely essential on a handheld device these days, and the iPhone does a pretty neat job of it.

EverNote - great note syncing between various boxes. No more having to ring people to jump on my laptop to read me out an IP address or similar ever again.

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Your Favorite Security Tools For Your Linux Web Servers

Nov 18, 2008

Your Favorite Security Tools For Your Linux Web Servers

Just wanted to know what all you guys favorite tools are for your Linux Web Server Setups

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Monitoring Tools Like HPSIM, OpenManage And Zabbix

Feb 21, 2008

At the NOC I work at we use HP SIM. It's hosted on a central management server (CMS) and monitors the few hundred HP servers that we have in our DC. We also use MOM 2005 and TEC.

Question is, how would HP SIM work for my own single server setup, just to monitor for hardware issues, disk failures and such? Do I need to hook into a CMS server or can it be run standalone?

I guess same question applies to Dell OpenManage. Curious how these work if I just have the one server to keep an eye on?

Also I had a company install Zabbix agent on my server. They were monitoring my server from their "host" server. This company decided to disappear so now I have Zabbix agent installed, but no host server to login to to collect the data. Any idea if this can be run on a single server setup, or should I look for another "host" to monitor my server via Zabbix?

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Best Tools To Check If Our Sites Load Quickly Or Not?

Apr 21, 2008

What are the best tools to check if our sites load quickly or not?

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Email Account Compromised: Tools For Analysing

May 27, 2008

whose has 5 email accounts and several computers Windows and Mac.

Some spam has been sent out to people in his address book. I received one and have the email headers.

What tools are there for identifying which account/machine has been compromised?

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Tools To Measure Server Connectivity Times

Nov 6, 2007

I've got a housed server within my customer's datacenter. I consider application runs ok, but it goes very slow.

I consider it's due to their connection (DSL) and installed another provisional server with a simple "Hello World" and no traffic. I'm to install the same server within another datacenter, and would like to find an external tool to certify connectivity times.

Do you know any of these tools? I'm not searching tools like 'Apache AB' or 'HP httperf', but public online services.

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Tools Repair Disk - Window Server 2003

Nov 13, 2008

My server show the error:

The file system structure on the disk is corrupt and unusable. Please run the chkdsk utility on the volume DeviceHarddiskVolume1.

The file system structure on the disk is corrupt and unusable. Please run the chkdsk utility on the volume C:.

I have requested them to add another disk and copy the data

With which utility can try to repair the disk

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Checking What Packages/software/tools Are On A Linux Server

Dec 8, 2008

I've paid for a site to do some harding of my new server and I'm not up to speed with it all yet.[url]

They say they've completed it but I can not find any config files for mod_dosevasive in my httpd.conf file. Is there a way I can check to see what packages or software or tools are installed on the server?

CentOS 5 with WHM/cPanel.

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What Tools Do You Use To Track Down Frequent Apache Segmentation Faults

Sep 7, 2007

I've been trying to use mod_forensics [url]-- which has helped on one server track down some one causing the segmentation fault due to trying to abuse FrontPage shtml.dll, but on another server also suffering from regular segmentation faults, this tool has not helped.

What other tools are available to track down the cause(s) of Apache segmentation faults?

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: Tools And Settings Page Loading Icon

Aug 25, 2014

Is there any way to get rid of this loading icon every time you visit the tools and settings page (top right during page loading)? It only happens on our Plesk 12 servers that were not upgraded from Plesk 11.5.

Its irritating because the page layout jumps around after the loading is complete. It is the only page to do it and it happens regardless of the internet speed.

Disabling "Enable access to premium commercial apps on the Interface Management page fixed the issue in Plesk 11.5 but this does nothing in Plesk 12.

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: Cannot Access Backup Manager (Tools And Settings Or Any Subscription)

Jul 11, 2014

After a successful upgrade from 11.5.30 to 12.0.8 the Backup Manager cannot be accessed anymore. The system replies with:

Internal error: Failed to parse response. Reason: Failed to read data from stream Process output:

MessageFailed to parse response. Reason: Failed to read data from stream Process output:
File PMMConnector.php

Apparently the backups are not saved anymore either.

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Plesk Automation :: Error Using PPA Migration Tools - No Handlers Could Be Found For Logger

Sep 3, 2014

We are in the middle of a huge migration from Expand to PPA using the migrations tool provided by Parallels. But since a few days, we constantly receive the message

Code: No handlers could be found for logger "parallels"

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