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Using WHM/Cpanel How Do I Open Up A Port

I am managing a server and just learning how to do everything. It is a linux server running WHM/Cpanel. I need web scripts on this server to be able to connect to external SMTP servers. Therefore I need to open up port 25 (if it is not already).

How do I open ports on my server? Hopefully by using WHM/Cpanel (I am not too familiar with using the command line).

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What Is The Secure Port Of Whm And Cpanel?
what is the secure port of whm and cpanel?

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Open A Port
i have a linux machine with centos5 64 bit. I have a firewall and would like to know how to open and close ports? I have tried several different things and cant seem to open a port?

Is there a command line i can use in ssh to open a port? Or is there something i can addon to cpanel to control ports?

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Open VZ Login Port
What is the port used for OpenVZ VPS login?

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How Do I Check For An Open Port
we have a new windows 2008 server

How do i enable a port

I tried adding a TCP under the control panel, firewall exceptions

but its not working, how do i open port 1533 or check to see if its open

I tried running netsta- an in cmd prompt

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Port 5190 Open
I have a VPS running CentOS 4.4 which I have just been securing. It is running apache on port 80, BIND on port 53 and ssh on an atypical port. However, when I do a portscan with nmap I find that port 5190/tcp is open. There is no daemon listening on the port (I think it is for AIM?) and in any case iptables should refuse any connection on this port. Should I worry about this or is the port pretty safe to leave open?

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Check Whether Port Is Open Or Not
How do I check whether certain ports (like 25, 53, etc.) are open on my server or not ?

If it is not open how do I open the port ?

It is a CentOS server with no Control Panel

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Open Qmail On Alternate Port
Due to some circumstances out of my control, I've had to move from postfix to qmail. In postfix, I simply edited and added a new line to open it up on port 26 and 25 at the same time. In qmail it's not that easy. I followed the instructions at and it worked, but it takes about 15 seconds for thunderbird send the mail (it sits there saying 'connected to

Is there a better way of opening qmail on 26 or forwarding requests for 26 to 25?

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How To Check If This Port Is Blocked Or Open
I want to check if certain port is open and not blocked by my ISP how can I do that?

let's say I want to check if PPTP VPN port is open what software show me these info

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Bindshell Port Open 444
I got a msg from the server that a port 444 is open in my server, how could i know what the bindshell ports open in my server and how to close it please ?

Checking `bindshell'... INFECTED (PORTS: 444)
i use cpanel/csf firewall

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APF Firewall Port 80 Open But Unable To Download
I install and configure apf firewall on my VPS and i have a problem. The port 80 is open, my website it`s up and working but i can`t download anything.

[root@HERA ~]# wget ***/
--02:03:49-- ***/
Resolving ***...
Connecting to ***||:80...

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Open Port 3000 On Server For Canada Post
How can I open port 3000 on my linux server.

I need it for Canada Post live shipping quotes.

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How Can I Open Up Port 3303 To Enable External Connection?
I want to connect to my mysql server from an external server. How can I open up port 3303 to enable external connection?

I am using Plesk on virtuozzo, with AFP.

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Pure-ftp :: 425 Could Not Open Data Connection To Port 2535: Connection Timed Out
I have ftp server (pure-ftp). with firewall.

i allowed 20 and 21 port in "CSF" firewall

now when i or our client connect to the server connection done.

and the they fire dir or ls command they will receive error

"425 Could not open data connection to port 2535: Connection timed out"

what is the problem.i have already allowed passive port 2500:3500 then why i received this types of error

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How Do I Disable Open Relay In Cpanel
How Do I disable Open Relay in cpanel?

My "Top Email Relayers" is not empty in cpanel.

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Ports To Open For Web Server (PLESK, CPanel, Etc.)
Our new data center provided us with a Cisco ASA5510 firewall. We're setting up all new servers and will begin migrating all of our domains from our current co-lo to the new place.

At the old co-lo, they provided us a very basic BSD based router, and our servers all had external public facing IPs on them. Firewalling was handled at the server (Windows Firewall or Linux IPtables).

The new place is NAT'ing us, so our servers all have a 192.168.10.x address inside, and they map the external address for us through to the inside.

By default, they are locking everything down. I had to ask them to open ssh so I could remote into my CentOS box last night.

I'm not a network guru-- what ports are going to NEED to be opened so I can give them a list? This is a standard PLESK hosting server so http (80), https, ssh, ftp, pop3, smtp, what else? Anyone have a list?

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How To Increase Open Files Limit In Apache In Cpanel
How to increase the Open Files limits descriptor in Apache. In the earlier version of Cpanel, we had an option of Raise FD Size Limit to 16384, but the option no longer appear while rebuilding Apache. What is the way to do it and make the change permanent?

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Cpanel :: Connection Timed Out 110 Can't Open SMTP Stream
Message not sent. Server replied: Connection timed out 110 Can't open SMTP stream.

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Running CPanel On Port 80
Here's an interesting article I wrote on how to use mod_proxy to allow your customers to access cPanel using port 80, in case other ports are blocked by a firewall.


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Internal Cpanel Port Squid
Here's my story: The landlord provides the internet for the house and it goes through a server which has squid installed. Squid in turn seems to block the internal port (or whatever the exact term for that is) for phpmyadmin or webmail in cpanel so I cannot access them.

At my reseller account at Hostgator they said they redirected that port to port80 via mod rewrite and that now works for me. I wonder how I would do the same thing on a dedicated server. I can't see what Hostgator did since it's happening out of my sight somewhere. Otherwise I would just replicate that on my box.

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CPanel, Email And Smtp Port 587
Is anyone successfully using cPanel with smtp port 587 and have a working email account?

After deciding that Plesk wasn't for me due to the lack of reference material in this and other forums, I had my hosting company, ServInt, delete my old vps and install a new one with cPanel.

Everything went fine until I configured my email. Just like with Plesk, I cannot access the smtp server via Outlook. I can ping it successfully, but it either terminates the connection or doesn't recognize the correct user name and password. With Plesk, it was a simple matter of enabling the use of port 587.

Not so with cPanel, at least for me. Even though the Exim service is enabled and another instance is enabled on port 587, I still can't connect. Thought it might be CFS, which is new to me with this install, so made sure it was disabled. Opened up a ticket with ServInt and even their techs can't get it functioning, so _they've_ opened up a ticket with cPanel.

Hence the title of this post, I can't beleive that I'm the only one whose had this problem before because blocking port 587 has been done by BellSouth/AT&T for many years now.

Nothing like having your company email down for over 6 hours to keep you up at night.

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Block External Access To Cpanel Through Port 2082?
if it is possible to block external access to Cpanel through port 2082?

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WHM / Cpanel
hosting whm/cpanel and i've just created a new account and everything works fine:

Great Success !
Apache is working on your cPanel® and WHM™ Server

I have an issue though, when I try to login via cpanel i just get a blank page, and when i try to login via FTP i get a blank directory with no folders.

Am i missing something that i've forgot to setup through WHM?

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Redirect 8080 Requests To 80 Port - Tomcat Problem At CPanel Server
Yesterday I installed tomcat on a RHEL 4 + cPanel and httpd 2.0.63 server using easyapache3, process was ok, jsp pages are loading fine using , but servlets, are not working using, how ever, if I load it loads the servlet perfect.

I read something about redirecting all traffict from port 80 to 8080, but you know.. this is a shared server, and that would affect all customers on the server.

So, mod_jk seems to be the only solution, now I read many documents over the web, but no one seems to be working to configure apache2 and mod_jk that is installed using easyapache3 script.

In my httpd.conf file, i have this:

LoadModule jk_module modules/
Include "/usr/local/apache/conf/jk.conf"
At jk.conf i have this content: ...

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Log Into CPanel Via WHM
I had a website created a few years ago. I am trying to update that website now. As ROOT, when I log into CPanel via WHM, I am unable to see a File Manager.

What would be my next steps?

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Disable WHM/Cpanel
I want to disable WHM/Cpanel.because client purchase dedicate server from us and he want to access from command line and no WHM/Cpanel so how can i do it and it will be effect on any service because i have installed all the service like dns, exim and http from WHM.

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New Server With WHM/cPanel
I'm holding a dedicated server on my own and have about 6 sites to transfer to that server, some sites get heavy traffic (8k uniques per day)

what is more effective (since im the only one using the server anyway) creating one cpanel account and hosting all the domains under additional domains on that account with unlimited resources or creating a new cpanel account for each domain?

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Danger On WHM / CPANEL
i have dedicated server

all thing is normal

but from 2 dayes there are an danger thisn happen

whilt enter to cpanel or WHM

this messages appear


and then redirect me to


why this error appear as sudden and how i resolve it?

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WHM/CPanel Splitting
My question may be simple to some but I have no idea on how to do it and dont want to cause server crash....

I have been offered part share in a server and the whm/Cpanel software is already there.

I dont want my customers details being shared wth the other party. Is there anyway I can set the whm/Cpanel software with root access so we can both use it but each others accounts are private.

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Login To Whm Or Cpanel
i have a problem with my box .. after i reboot the server the login to whm or cpanel didn't work ... everytime i must use this command

/etc/rc.d/init.d/iptables stop
then the logins work successfully

so .. what's the problem with the iptables with me?

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I have a reseller account with site5. The last months the service has been horrible, sites down, dns down etc.. and the people there dont do a thing..

so i want to change to something else. I assume that VPS+whm+cpanel will give me something similar.

Which vps hosts are good? and which packages can you offer me? I'm paying about 19 usd a month now.

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Login To Cpanel And WHM
I have someone on my server that is having problems login to Cpanel and WHM.

They can view all websites on the server even theirs, but they cannot login.

They keep getting: Firefox cannot establish a connection with the server.

Even in IE they get a error message.

They even tried with "" and got the same thing.

They are using a rounter also, so I told them to try unhooking that, but my main question is, it doesn't seem that their IP is blocked as I checked, so is there anything else on the server that could cause this or is it something on their end?

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Can't Login CPanel/WHM
I've unmanaged server, everything running well

but I can't login into cpanel/whm I tried :

when I try to login the [The connection was reset]Firefox msg.

I can login through ssh,and i tried to restart cpanel service and I update it...

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Can Not Connect To Whm Cpanel
i runnig backup, after runing backup, i can not connect to whm cpanel

show this error:

In order to access the interface, you will need to make sure that the software license on this server is active and installed.

Your license could not be activated because:

Cannot Read License File

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Can Whm/cpanel Do Billing
I see some VPS hosting company provide whm/cpanel for around 10 bucks per month, but after I get that, do I still need to purchase whmcs to take care the billing stuff?

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New CPanel/WHM Warning
first time I discovered the issue and I am not happy about it at all.

I was moving three of my largest sites over to a new server after performing a full cPanel backup of them completly and then FTP'ed the backups over and restored them in WHM on a new server; however, NONE of the MySQL data was saved. Now at this point I was not really worried because I knew I had weekly and daily backups so at most I was going to lose 1 month of SQL.

come to find out, NONE of the weekly or daily backups had the SQL eaither despite the fact that they are instructed to backup everyting. This leaves me with only three month old backups for these huge websites that are getting 2million+ hits a day.

Basically, I'm done.

I relied on cPanel/WHM to perform full backups which it did not. I followed all the procedures about having backups offi site and whatnot, but NONE of them have the SQL.

I am very upset, perturbed, and disappointed with the new cPanel/WHM and never should have upgraded.

I suggest anyone using it to do your own backups and do not rely on cPanel/WHM despite how tempting it may be.

my one mistake was to delete the websites off the server before they were fully restored (just so I would not have to turn off DNS clustering and whatnot). I should have checked if they were up working on the server before I deleted them off the old one. (Although I kept all the backups so I figured that would be enough).

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Java 1.5 On Cpanel/WHM
Is there any simple way to update the Java SDK to 1.5? I currently seem to have 1.4x. I have a very typical Cent OS 4, Cpanel/WHM box. I need this to run the Caucho Resin server, so if there's any advice on getting that working, that'd be lovely too!

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How To Stop Using WHM/Cpanel
I have my own server which I use for my own websites.

I use the following features of WHM -

Creating accounts
Deleting accounts
Creating "packages" for my accounts
Restarting services
...and possibly one or two other items once or twice a year.

I use the following features in Cpanel -

Checking statistics
Adding e-mail accounts
...and possibly one or two other items once or twice a year.

I'd like to break the (small) WHM/Cpanel habit I have and do all of the above via the command line.

Is this a big task?

Where should I start?

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WHM / Cpanel Optimization
anyone have any tips on how to optimize WHM / cpanel to run at top performance on 256-512mb guaranteed VPS accounts?

I've had several VPS providers in the past, and each one of them run webpages and LAMP stuff fine, but as soon as I bring up cpanel /whm, it either crashes the VPS altogether, or cpanel and whm run very slow, choppy, pretty much bogging the whole VPS down, doesn't seem to matter if the VPS is running on 256 or 512, still same issues. I run on Virtuozzo, which I don't know if thats part of the problem, or not,

really all I use out of cpanel/ WHM is the standard things like

creating/deleting accounts
RVSkin, Fantastico

basically what a reseller would use. the rest of the stuff I do not use, so I was just wondering if there was a tutorial on how to strip down WHM / cpanel somehow so it would run better on VPS accounts? or if someone could write one up perhaps?

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PLesk Or Cpanel/whm
Considering getting VPS but it comes with plesk..

Im used to cpanel/whm

What would you do? cpanel/whm is 7$ extra month

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How To Protect Cpanel And Whm
what is the best way to protect whm and cpanel from unwanted login?

If i change the port they still can sniff, is there away to put another layer to protect it or assigned specific ip to be able to login ? I'm on a dedicate server and only hosting for 1 site so there no customer that i should worry about.

can i change /whm and /cpanel to something else just to hide it form novice users.

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Ticket System And WHM And Cpanel
I have VPS having whm/cpanel base, i also install RT ticket system, it install successfully, same way i did on 5 other server its ok, but on VPS due to apache different configuration it gives me.

You haven't yet configured your webserver to run RT. You appear to have installed RT's web interface correctly, but haven't yet configured your web server to "run" the RT server which powers the web interface. The next step is to edit your webserver's configuration file to instruct it to use RT's mod_perl, FastCGI or SpeedyCGI handler.

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Vps Or Rps With Cpanel And Whm..
can anybody make me offers on a vps or rps with cpanel and whm?

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Backup In CPanel/WHM Without Mysql
The automatic backups you can setup in cpanel/whm bundle the entire user account. Is it possible for it to save everything except the mysql databases?

I have an account that has databases over 5GB+ and would like to handle backing those up separately.

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[OpenVZ Based] Which OS For Cpanel/WHM?
for running a vps server, openvz based, which is the best OS among the following to use cpanel with?

Centos 4x
Centos 5x
Ubuntu 8
Fedora 7
Debian 4

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Getting More Out Of LogWatch On A CPanel/WHM Server
I was searching for something else the other day and came across this (search for LogWatch on the page).

It changes the default paths for some of the log files so that they work on a cPanel/WHM server.

This will give you more reports in your daily LogWatch email - specifically, it adds exim, apache, courier and PureFTP logs.

Most tutorials only show you how to change the detail level or the email address in logwatch.conf.

So, I thought I'd share this piece of information.

I found that a few changes were necessary for my system.

So, I'll give all the steps I followed below:

1) After you have installed LogWatch, change the following in /usr/share/logwatch/default.conf/logwatch.conf :

Detail = High
MailTo = <your email address>
You can use Detail = Med if you want to reduce the details you get.

2) Add the following to /etc/logwatch/conf/override.conf (you may have to create the file):

logfiles/exim: LogFile = exim_mainlog
logfiles/http: LogFile = /usr/local/apache/logs/access_log
services/pop3: *OnlyService = cpanelpop
services/pop3: *RemoveHeaders = 1
services/pureftpd: LogFile = messages
services/pureftpd: $show_logins = 1
services/pureftpd: $show_logouts = 1
services/pureftpd: $show_new_connections = 1

So, if you are not bored reading LogWatch's daily logs and would like to increase your workload, you now know how to

How have you configured your LogWatch installation ? Or do you use something other than LogWatch?

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CPanel WHM Password Reset
restore a VPS onto a different server due to a hardware failure. The new VPS is up and running and I can apache is displaying the cPanel WHM login panel ok. So I know the VPS is fine.

However, my WHM username/password are no longer working.

What options do I have resetting the password for the WHM? I have full access to the shell of the VPS (root access).

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How To Enable SSL 3.0 In WHM/cPanel
My becky email client don't work with SSL 3.0 (POP3s).

by the way, when use SSL 2.0, it still can't verify certificate. I install StartCOM Free SSL successfully with every services (


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Disable FTP In CPanel/WHM
I've a VPS to run my only one website. As I don't use ftp, I'd like to know how to disable it.

I tried WHM -> Service Configuration -> Service Manager, then uncheck ftpd, but it's still there

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Configuring SSL With CPanel/WHM
I have got a WHM Reseller Account, with a Dedicated IP address and RapidSSL Certificate.

My host has setup the SSL for me, and it works fine when I access [url](where is the Domain associated with my WHM account).

However when I try and access https on any Account which I've made under my Reseller Account, I'm just redirected back to [url]

I was under the impression that if I accessed a Domain on an account I made that shares the same IP as my SSL Certificate, that the SSL Certificate would appear for that Domain name too, but this isn't the case.

Is there any change the my DNS records, or something I can ask my host to do to get it to work?

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Moving Accounts Between 2 WHM/Cpanel
When you move accounts from one WHM/CPANEL on one VPS to anoter CPANEL with another VPS, will it transfer the whole thing including MySQL as well?

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How To Protect Access To Whm/cpanel
is there a way to protect whm/cpanel access?

At the moment anyone can type or or server/cpanel or server/whm.

I would like to limit access to these pages by adding additional password (like folder password) or restricting IP.

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IP Addresses, Packages On CPanel WHM
I've been on shared hosting for ages but I needed to add an IP and site5 only allows one per account (even on the 'multi-site' plans). Before that I was with Pair Networks.

So, I got the VPS server all setup and I went through and did the initial configuration of the WHM. I have two IPs with my account. My question is about setting up packages and dedicated IPs. When I first set up a package with a dedicated IP, it only lets me choose the second IP on my account. So, I created a package without a dedicated IP for the first site. But now it's on a shared package. So, I take it I can't setup two dedicated IP packages unless I have 3 IPs? Does the cPanel access for the package with the dedicated IP allow for SSL functions? The cpanel access for my first account doesn't have any SSL options - so I guess I need to manage that with the WHM?

Anyway, if someone would be so kind as to shed a little light on the topic of IPs and packages with dedicated IPs and SSL management for accounts under both types of packages,

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Cpanel / Whm And SSL's On Subdomains
I have recently run into the need to setup subdomains on one of my site's with their own SSL certificate. Cpanel only allows one SSL per domain.

Does anyone have experience or a recommendation on how to setup a subdomain with it's own SSL.

My thought is to setup a separate hosting account for the subdomain. i did this in plesk a few times successfully, and in theory it should also work in cpanel. With the separate account, i can install a separate cert and the problem is fixed, but I'm not sure if it will work.

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