United Kingdom :: Small Hosting Account Hosting One Domain

Feb 27, 2008

Can WHT'ers please suggest some reliable UK hosts so I can do some research on them? I am just looking for a small hosting account hosting one domain.

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Recommend A Shared Hosting Company In The United Kingdom

Sep 2, 2008

I am currently on shared hosting (i will not mention who with) however since I have been with them my site has been down about 4 times. The good thing is my site hadnt launched it was just a placeholder page so nothing critical.

Due to the above issues, I need to change host, it is essential there is no downtime, its a new site and I dont want our reputation to suffer due to downtime.

What hosts would you recommend from the UK, thank you.

I started another thread in the VPS section but i do not know how to close it,

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Colocation In The United Kingdom

May 7, 2008

does anyone know of any datacenters in the uk? looking to get a server with lots of hd space but dont wanna pay some of the extortionate prices around as the rest of the server doesnt need to be powerful or anything. im in uk so would be nice not to have to ship a server overseas

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Windows VPS In The United Kingdom (UK)

Dec 27, 2008

I am pondering offering windows VPS servers in the UK. Just looking to see if anyone is interested in it.

Please vote if you would buy a windows VPS in the UK or Linux.

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Webnx For United Kingdom

Aug 3, 2008

Anybody used webnx in LA USA to host any mission critical i/o cpu intensive web based applications for UK or European customers? If yes did the distance have any great or neagitive impact on speed of service?

If noboday has the experience does anyone have any experience?

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United Kingdom Dedicated Server

Dec 12, 2008

Currently we've got around 15 dedicated servers in the USA, 1 in the Netherlands and 1 in Germany. We're currently expanding a bit and we've just put up another server in Malaysia and now wanting to hit the UK.

I'm after a dedicated server with specifications not to dissimilar to the following:

- Core2 CPU (E6600 or better)
- 2GB RAM (or better)
- 250GB HDD (or better)
- 100MBit NIC
- 2000GB b/w (or better)
- Windows 2003 (Standard Edition preferred)

We're looking to pay no more than 100/mo. Server will be used for gaming purposes.

I'm after a respected company that will accept PayPal. I'll ask that you do not suggest companies which do not accept PayPal or ask for ID verification because it's extra hassle I don't want to deal with.

I've had a look at RapidSwitch which seem good but I can't find ANYTHING about payment methods on their website which is a bit daft (unless I'm blind).

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Best Server Hoster In United Kingdom

May 2, 2008

What is the best and most secure hoster to colo my server in UK?

its for game servers.

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United Kingdom Colo Hardware

Feb 22, 2008

Recently I have gone from Dedicated Server to Colocation,

I contacted a UK colo and provided to them what I was currently hosted on and they advised me what I needed.

Web Server
Quad Core, 8GB Ram, 250gb HDD Raid 1

SQL Server
Quad Core, 4GB Ram, 250gb HDD Raid 10

Everything has been running fine.. Until now.

My websites have got alot more busy and Apache keeps using up both RAM & CPU although Apache was optimised this did not make much difference.

My main website is a vBulletin forum with about 100,000 users and anything from 1000 - 5000 users online.

I was also under DDoS Attack a few days ago which seems to have subcided.

BUT, now Im looking to expand my setup and have a few questions on how I should do it.

Here is how I think I should do it?

I have already purchased another Web Server, same spec as above and expanded my space in the Datacenter to 11U (1/4 Rack)

But looking to purchase:

Load Balancer
I have been looking at the following Load Balancers... any suggestions or any info on if these will do what I need?


any idea what the difference is between the above?

NAS Storage

as above


or a Dell Storage server?

So, It would be multiple Web Servers reading from the Storage Server.

I would also like to purchase the following so I have more control over the servers


This one?

or this one?

Remote Reboot

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United Kingdom For A Dedicated Server

Dec 11, 2008

My client operates a very busy online store ( i.e 500 high value orders per day, etcetra)

ps we dont require round robin etcetra yet- will look into that afterwards- first stage is getting the client of my box as my other online stores are suffering.

All my servers are based in the same datacentre USA and recently seem to be suffering connectivity issues.

anyways question is:

Can someone rec me a good datacentre / good hosting company. BASED IN THE UK with a UK DATACENTRE

I've been looking but got no idea who to trust. we used to run our own hosting company so i dont trust those tophosts or awards sites- ( they can be bought)

UKFAST i wil search on here in a sec but their sales pitch is soo hard and slick its too good to be true

unitedhosting has been really good in terms of replying to sales tickets but NO TELEPHONE CONTACT! even for sales. very odd.

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Datacenter In Australia, Canada & United Kingdom?

Sep 27, 2008

can anyone suggest few hosts whos Datacenter in Australia,Canda,UK ? price is $8-$20 USD

3-5gb space
15-20gb bandwidth
unlimited addon domains
unlimited mysql domains &
cpanel control panel

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United Hosting

Mar 31, 2008

Anyone knows some information about this company?

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Add-On Domain & Hosting Account

Oct 8, 2008

How do I stop my add-on domain from appearing in the search engine as a sub-domain? For example, it shows up as example.com/test.com. I only want test.com.

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Two Domain Names For One Hosting Account

Jan 30, 2007

I have several domain names and I pay for hosting for each domain name. Each domain name gets little traffic, uses little bandwidth, and little storage space. I would like to pay for hosting once and share the bandwidth and storage space amongst the multiple sites. Do you know of a hosting company that offers this? I suppose it would involve having one hosting account and multiple IP addresses that resolve to different folders in your account?

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Reliable Hosting And An Honest Registrar -Outside- Of The United States

Jun 24, 2008

I am pretty tired of the constant interference and harassment from competitors that is almost encouraged by rediculous US laws.

I would love to find reliable hosting and a honest registrar outside of the United States/Canada/EU.

My needs are somewhat simple - I have my own server at the Planet right now but a reliable (not oversold) VPS would suit me just fine.

Price is not a huge issue providing the fees are justified by the services received.

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How To Point 2 Domain Names To Same Hosting Account

Apr 4, 2009

I know this question has been asked before but I tried the solutions I could find on net but not total success.

So, I have a shared hosting a/c with a domain(say www.xyz.com) pointing to it ..

Now I want a second domain (www.secondsite.com) to point to www.xyz.com/secondsitefolder

There was this article that says to use 'ZoneEdit' [url]how-to-...ting-aaccount/

And it works but the problem is when someone types www.secondsite.com in the browser, the browser url changes to www.xyz.com/secondsitefolder

Is there someway to stop tht browser url change or what's the correct way to have 2 domain names point to one shared hosting a/c.

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Safe To Buy Free Domain With Hosting Account?

Dec 23, 2008

why most says it is not safe to join or purchase from that hosting provider, who offers free domain name?

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How To Remove Hosting Account, Domain And User By SSH In My Cpanel Server?

Jun 17, 2008

Currently I have 1 user hosting crash in my cpanel server.

I fail to restore and terminate or recreate his account in whm.

May I know what is the steps to remove and clean the hosting account in ssh?

I user /script/killacct but fail. So, i need manualy to delete user, hositng account and his mysql database in ssh, mode.

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How To Restore Awstats From Normal Hosting Account To Addon Domain

May 26, 2007

I have created a addon domain using cpanel.

I would like to restore awstats from prevous host (normal account) to 'addon domain' (domain2-addon.domain.co.uk).

My backup awstats:


need to restore it to addon domain? but addon domain is setup under domain2-addon.domain.co.uk

so i have to rename each file like awstats.domain2-addon.domain.co.uk.conf etc?

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Small Business Web Hosting

Jul 18, 2008

I just joined this forum because I want to let as many people as possible know about a horrible experience that I had with my last small business web hosting company: LogicWeb.

Then I would love to hear other people's horror stories about companies they hate and praises about companies they like.

Let me just say that I had originally signed up with another company that was bought by LogicWeb. I had their VPS package and the biggest problem was the customer service which used to be good under the other company. Run into a little problem, send them an email and have to wait three days for a response. A response that generally said something like "we don't cover that."

So, anyhow, I found another small business web hosting company and then tried to cancel with LogicWeb. Sent them email after email and I was still getting billed. Finally, I found their cancellation form buried on their site and submitted a cancellation with a note stating that I had sent several emails trying to cancel.

A couple of weeks later, I get another bill in my email box so I decide to call them up. I'm on the phone with a guy and tell him that I have been trying to cancel for three months and the first thing he says is, "I don't think you're being honest."

"What?" I say not believing that that could be the first thing he says to me. "I think you're lying."

"Well, I'm not lying and I resent this conversation so far."

"Well, you are lying. It's only been two months since you stopped using our system."

"So, because I'm off by one month, you call me a liar?"

"Yes, because liars lie!"

I couldn't believe it! I couldn't believe that any small business web hosting service would call their client a liar even if they were lying. So, I made a mistake and got pissed and cursed!

"I can't believe you're calling me a ****ing liar! I've never ever been called a liar before. Let me speak to your supervisor!"

"Well, I'm the owner and I'm recording this conversation and if you're going to use foul language with me then I'll just report you to my collections department!"

I say, "Let me get this straight. You say that I'm lying and call me a liar, something no business person should ever do to a client, and just because I say '****ing' because I'm insulted, you're pissed at me? Well, if you are going to hang up on me then let me just finish with this... you are a ****ing *******!"

I don't know how much worse a business owner can act with a customer and I highly recommend avoiding LogicWeb since they are the worst small business web hosting around.

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Small Business Hosting ...

Feb 2, 2008

It is looking like I am going to have to leave IX hosting. They have a bandwidth problem on my shared server that they cannot seem to solve. I am experiencing slow loading & slow interactive features. Ping times can exceed 500ms during peak hours EST. I have run tracerts that show them specifically that the bottleneck is between thier server and quest-comm and they still cant seem to get a handle on it. This has been going on for a month and I have given them till tuesday.

So, this leaves me to prepare to move my clients' sites UGH! My parameters are somewhat unique which makes it a little tougher to pick a new host. My clients sites are all small local business sites ranging from 5 to 60 pages. I need very little storage space and I use very little bandwidth. However, I do need unlimited domains, ASP support and I really like IX's web shell feature. I will also be doing some e-commerce in the near futures.

I am spending a paltry 7.95 per month with IX. I may spend as much as $20 per month for the right service. Beyond my afformentioned specific requirments, I want a host that is established, proven reliable, in the states, has their own real bricks and mortar facility and a stellar reputation with the experienced web guys.

I have contacted a few that I have seen mentioned here but many dont support ASP and many require a dedicated server deal to host unlimited domains, which of course, is outside my cost requirements.

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Hosting Many Small Sites

May 12, 2008

For hosting smaller sites 10-20 pages with low niche traffic would it be better to host them individually on small hosting plans or would it be to your advantage to host themt together on a dedicated server?

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A Small Orange Vs A2 Hosting

Dec 18, 2008

I know this is like comparing apples to oranges but I've never been on a VPS.

So am wondering, given the following plans, which would you choose?

I mean, for $5 more, you get VPS, more bandwidth, more space.

A2 Hosting Core VPS (128mb) Hosting - $15/mth
A Small Orange Medium Shared Hosting - $10/mth
Assuming 2 wordpress blogs with 1000 uv/day.

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Hosting Multiple Sites On The Same Hosting Account. Getting A Weird Redirect

Oct 26, 2009

I have about 5 sites all hosted on my same hosting account. One of those domains is attached to the hosting account. I place my other domains in a folder of a sub-directory of my main domain. This has been working fine, up until today when i noticed a weird error. I give you a little example of how my sites are setup

my main domain:

My other sites hosted in a sub-directory of my main domain:

How my other sites appear on the web:

This works fine for every page until i go to www.site2.com/index.php
It redirects to www.maindomain.com/sites/site2/index.php for some reason

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Small Business E-commerce Hosting

Jul 8, 2008

I've been poking around here for a few evenings trying to find someone else who's asked just the same question I need to ask, but I'm not really seeing it.

My situation is this. I am writing a website in ASP.Net 2.0 for a small business. I do web development for a living, so the database admin, asp/vb.net coding is not an issue. However, I've never dealt with the hosting side of things.

I need the following:

1) ability to host two different domains using some shared DLLs that provide funtionality used by both sites. I've read that some hosting companies won't let you put DLLs on their servers, so I'm not sure if I can do this.

2) Ability to send and recieve e-mails at "mydomain.com". I think this is a no-brainer.

3) Ability to use SQL Server express.

4) We will be taking orders with credit card numbers, so I need to be able to do HTTPS and I need to know my data will be secure.

5) obviously, I need a server that has the .Net 2.0 framework on it.

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Adult Hosting, EU Based, Small Package

Jun 17, 2009

I am looking for a host that allow adult content.

it is to be used for a blog, wordpress based with a minimum of space requirements.

EU based is a must have.

currently it is using 25mb + 200mb bw/month.

I need it to be cpanel based and with awstats.

Mysql is not required as it is hosted aldready.

so I am looking for something reliable with a fair amount of space/bw for a small monthly price.

not required but a nice thing to have would be the posibility for more domains on the account.

Eny host you can recommend for this?

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Best Host For Hosting Numbers Of Small Sites?

Jul 16, 2009

Which hosting service is best in terms of SPEED and COST for hosting numbers of small sites?

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Best Hosting For A Small Scandinavian Webdev Company

Sep 10, 2008

We're a small company developing with PHP (Code Igniter and WordPress) and need somewhere to host our pages.

Today we have a dedicated server managed by me, but i realize it's a little too much for me and we're looking into moving to a shared host, preferrably, but we're open to others solutions (VPS?) as well.

As per now our customer's pages are rather low traffic, the highest is approx 1000 per day, and the other ones are maybe a 1000 more, so 2000 in total. Maybe a little redundancy should be added as well.

So our requirements are (in no particular order):

- SSH access
- Unlimited domains (or at least 50)
- 10-20 GB/day bandwidth (as the large site hosts some videos ~10-40 MB/video)
- ~5-10 GB disk space
- Unlimited MySQL-dbs
- European - we're in Scandinavia, but that's not required for host
- Preferrably green
- Price is not the most important - we can pay up to 35-45/month
- CP could be cPanel or custom. I tried Plesk but i seemed quite horrible to me
- And of course: Linux

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VMware Smb (small Medium Business Package) For Hosting

Oct 13, 2009

I know ESXi free can't be used in a hosting environment but what about the smb edition?

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Suitable UK Linux Hosting Packages For Lots Of Small Sites

Sep 5, 2007

Does anyone know of a hosting Linux package (must be UK based) that has the usuals (PHP, MySQL, subdomains, email, Apache ModRewrite) that is geared towards hosting lots of low bandwidth sites?

I use several great hosters but they limit the amount of addon domains or charge you through the roof for extra ones. I'm thinking a package that will let me do 15 - 25 domains. More would be a bonus. The bandwidth allowance is not a problem. A lot of my customers' sites use less than 100 MB a month.

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Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2003 Premium With Ms Sql For Hosting ?

Jul 10, 2005

Can I use this edition for hosting on dedicated server, and how does it compare to the enterprise edition ? Can it be used with hosting? The web edition sucks as I can not install ms sql on it, so it is useless. Anyone use sbs server to host his website, because most of the link i read never mention it for hosting, and only for print sharing/ filesharing/ business applications, but where is it's use for hosting?

So what do you think ? IO looked at its infor and it did not provide much?

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