How To Remove Hosting Account, Domain And User By SSH In My Cpanel Server?

Jun 17, 2008

Currently I have 1 user hosting crash in my cpanel server.

I fail to restore and terminate or recreate his account in whm.

May I know what is the steps to remove and clean the hosting account in ssh?

I user /script/killacct but fail. So, i need manualy to delete user, hositng account and his mysql database in ssh, mode.

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Script Auto Remove Account Cpanel - If Account Inactive

Nov 14, 2008

Script Auto Remove account Cpanel - if account inactive ?

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Redirect Domain/user To User.domain ONLY IF Folder 'user' Doesn't Exist

May 7, 2007

I thought I knew enough about my .htaccess stuff to do this, but I can't seem to work it out. What I want to do is if a user visits, we check to see if the folder exists. If so, show as normal (IE

If a user visits (dynamicusername is not a physical folder), redirect to

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Check Memory And Cpu User By Hosting Account

Mar 2, 2008

In the past WHM gave us the chance to check the hosting accounts daily cpu, memory and mysql usage in server status, but on the new WHM/CPANEL releases we noticed that this values are not so precise as they were.

Anyone know how can be found the average use of cpu/memory/mysql of each hosting account letting the hosting companies understand who uses more resources?

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United Kingdom :: Small Hosting Account Hosting One Domain

Feb 27, 2008

Can WHT'ers please suggest some reliable UK hosts so I can do some research on them? I am just looking for a small hosting account hosting one domain.

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Plesk: Remove Domain Name Server (DNS) Record Manually

Jul 10, 2008

somehow plesk is not listing a domain record I added recently, that I have to remove. so, I can't select it and delete it through the interface.

is there a way to remove a dns record manually, perhaps from the command line?

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How To Edit FTP User Permissions On A CPanel Account

May 15, 2008

My Pink Floyd website has a photo section of rare concert pictures that our members upload. We have about 3,000 of these pictures, that our members upload via an FTP server that is hosted on a simple cPanel web hosting account. Someone logged into the account and not only deleted all the pictures, but uploaded obscene pictures and index.html files to some really nasty stuff.

We delete all the obscene stuff, but before we re-upload all the pictures I need to know...

On a cPanel account is there a way to have the FTP User only able to upload files and not edit/delete/change? Somehow we can edit their permission?

I asked HostGator about this and the ChatTech said this cannot be done, and I was a bit surprised. I could easily do this on my own server, but i'm not sure where to start at the user level.

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Add-On Domain & Hosting Account

Oct 8, 2008

How do I stop my add-on domain from appearing in the search engine as a sub-domain? For example, it shows up as I only want

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Two Domain Names For One Hosting Account

Jan 30, 2007

I have several domain names and I pay for hosting for each domain name. Each domain name gets little traffic, uses little bandwidth, and little storage space. I would like to pay for hosting once and share the bandwidth and storage space amongst the multiple sites. Do you know of a hosting company that offers this? I suppose it would involve having one hosting account and multiple IP addresses that resolve to different folders in your account?

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How To Point 2 Domain Names To Same Hosting Account

Apr 4, 2009

I know this question has been asked before but I tried the solutions I could find on net but not total success.

So, I have a shared hosting a/c with a domain(say pointing to it ..

Now I want a second domain ( to point to

There was this article that says to use 'ZoneEdit' [url]how-to-...ting-aaccount/

And it works but the problem is when someone types in the browser, the browser url changes to

Is there someway to stop tht browser url change or what's the correct way to have 2 domain names point to one shared hosting a/c.

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Safe To Buy Free Domain With Hosting Account?

Dec 23, 2008

why most says it is not safe to join or purchase from that hosting provider, who offers free domain name?

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How To Restore Awstats From Normal Hosting Account To Addon Domain

May 26, 2007

I have created a addon domain using cpanel.

I would like to restore awstats from prevous host (normal account) to 'addon domain' (

My backup awstats:

need to restore it to addon domain? but addon domain is setup under

so i have to rename each file like etc?

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Mulcishell- Remove This From Clients Account

May 16, 2009

A client on my server has put Mulcishell on there account, It looks suspicious should I delete this from my server, does anyone know what it does?

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