Time For A New Shared Server Host

May 21, 2008

I have been with Page-Zone for a couple years now. Just the past year I have had little problems with them.

-For instance once I was trying to update my website and their server went down. I thought it was something on my end so I started trouble shooting it for an hour and then it came back up.

-Another time the users on my website were without e-mail for a week, because they changed IP address.

-And finally the e-mail accounts couldn't receive any e-mails from Comcast, MSN, or Hotmail accounts. So I ended up setting up a Google Aps account for us to use for e-mail.

Granted they are very cheap but I have been having many problems with little support. Also today I just noticed that in the whois it lists Network Solutions as the technical contact. Are these things that I should be looking for a new host for?

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DNS :: Connect Time And Host Ping Time?

Jan 6, 2008

I got report from webceo that I have some issues. May someone help me fix this?

DNS Lookup: 0.22 sec
Connect time: 0.33 sec
Host ping: 0.10 sec

That mean too slow with the other sites!

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PEAR Installation On Shared Host Server

Feb 24, 2008

I have installed PEAR on my
localhost/apache server and
have no problem running pear
scripts such as HTLM Quickform
and validator. (php Anthology
Vol 1 & 2 by Harry Fuecks)

But I am having problems
getting Pear to install on
my Linux shared server.
GoDaddy say that Pear is loaded by
default with php4 and are not prepared
to assist in any further installations.

I know that a copy of the pear installation
can be uploaded to the folder where I host
my site. I ran the following script
and this shows that PEAR is enabled

$p = new PEAR();

:OutPut in browser:

PEAR Object
[_debug] =>
[_default_error_mode] =>
[_default_error_options] =>
[_default_error_handler] =>
[_error_class] => PEAR_Error
[_expected_errors] => Array
I have searched the forum but I am still
none the wiser. If there is anyone on the
forum who had been through the setup
procedure before I would welcome your help.

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Setup Proxy Server On Shared Web Host

Jun 24, 2008

Does anyone know if it's possible to setup a proxy server on a shared web host w/ cpanel? I just want to be able to browse using FoxyProxy from the IP of that shared web host.

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Domain On Shared Host - Subdomain On My Server

Nov 30, 2007

I want to host my site on my Dreamhost account for the IP benefit but I need to keep the high bw files on my dedi.

Anyone know how to set that in Dreamhost? And can you point how i will set the subdomain in CPanel on my server?

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How To Transfer Data From Shared Host To Dedicated Server(burst.net)

Jun 29, 2008

have set up a server at burst.net.But burst.net said they will not transfer my data from Dreamhost.com to my new server.I think it's a bad idea to download all my data from dreamhost to my computer and then upload them to the new server.So,is there any easier way to transfer the data from Dreamhost.com to my new server at burst.net?

It seems dreamhost has no SSH and cPanel,but my server has both of them.I heard that I can use the get/mget command to do that,

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When Is It Time To Move From Shared Hosting To Vps

Apr 9, 2008

I dont believe any of these shared hosting providers are different from another except maybe pricing and 24/7 telephone/email support.

So putting to rest which one is the "best", when do u decide that it is time for u to move on to a vps or dedicated server. what is the daily bandwidth that should make you realize that u need to move on to a better server before they cut u down cos u r taking up "too many resources"

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Shared Hosting With 10 Minutes Response Time

Sep 16, 2008

Do you trust in 10 minutes response time guarantee?

Sharkspace.com guarantee that for their clients.

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Squirrelmail: Email Arrives With Different Time Than Server Time

Nov 11, 2008

This is a rare issue i have on a RHEL 5.2 + cPanel server.

Server time is:

Tue Nov 11 17:02:51 CST 2008
Squirrelmail time show:
Last Refresh:
Tue, 5:02 pm

So, that is correct too..

But email arrives with -4 hours time, example:

webmaster@xxx.com 1:03 pm testing email

I already rebooted httpd, exim, and imap server, and the server itself too.. and problem stills.

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Server Response Time :: Network Time Out

Sep 25, 2008

I can't get access to a certain site. I always get the page with:

network time out - server at *** takes to long to respons. More people have noticed this and apparently it only happens to people with certain specific providers. And not all the time. Some times they DO get access eventy to they belong to the same ISP. So I guess an ISP isn't blocking access to it otherwise it would be permenantly/The site administrator insists that certain ISP's are blocking his site. He's hosting it on his own server. The domain belongs is registered at namecheap.com.

If an ISP is blocking this site (if that's possible?), that would lead to that 'network timeout' page wouldn't it?

What is the most likely reason for getting a timeout page anyway?

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Buying Host For The First Time

May 31, 2008

I am going to buy a Shared host for the first time. I am currently considering big hosts because of my bandwidth requirements are high.

I am considering Dreamhost, BlueHost, HostiCan, and most preferably HostGator.com

I have heared a lot about hostgator and saw many persons praising it, but when i was going to buy it, i accidently saw a few sites on google giving bad remarks about the HostGator.

Also the link [url]shows a story about the Host.

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Looking For A Host With Mapserver (This Time Linux)

Jul 22, 2008

I am now looking for a Linux based Mapserver host (I learned that there is no such thing as Windows based mapserver host).

So we have convinced our client to look into Linux.
I found a few Linux based Mapserver host... but they all look very fishy (No physical address, telephone number no longer in service, missing pages, no reply on my email...)

I mean, EVERY single mapserver host seem like they are being run by a school kid.

Does anyone know a real professional Mapserver host (Linux or Windows)?

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Small Time Host, No Reply

May 28, 2009

I have had an account with a small UK hosting site. Now about two days ago I submitted a ticket to them here we are and no reply yet, I even emailed the admin, yet to no reply.

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Website Hacked. Time For A New Host

Jun 14, 2009

I have a small but somewhat popular space-history website. Very simple HTML that I typed into wordpad, but it has long pages full of photos. Since 2003, I've been using media3.net with their business-class Windows service.

A few weeks ago, mypages were hacked, and a one line script inserted that called an Adobe Flash file. Apparently this was a server-wise attack, not just my web pages. Media3.net cleaned this up, but now it has happened again.

This is bad, because Google blacklists my site, and folks on Wikipedia get upset because there are a lot of links to my site.

How are they breaking in to media3.net? I think I must change hosts, but I don't want to put my image-intensive site on overbooked hardware with limited bandwidth.

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Conflicting Web Scripts, Anyway To Host Them Both At The Same Time

Jan 8, 2008

I have a forum hosting script that generates a forum for you when you sign up. It NEEDS to be in the public_html directory, its one of the requirements of the scripts and it will not work without it so it must be there, and thats the basis of my whole site. However, the CMS they include with the forum hosting script is very bad, and it would take A LOT of work to get my current website design to fit to this forum hosting script.

I want to install joomla, a CMS my website template is made for. I want it so that when users go to my website they see the joomla page instead of the crappy forum hosting script's webpage. I will just use a wrapper and wrap the forum hosting signup page into joomla.

However, the files conflict such as folders and configuration files, so I can't put them both in the same directory and I really don't feel like making a subdomain for joomla or putting it in another folder as I know that is bad for SEO.

Is there anyway to make the joomla site hosted in another folder and then appear on the frontpage when someone goes to www.mydomain.com

Like a .htaccess command or anything?

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Has Anyone Experienced Down Time With A Clustered/loadbalanced Host

Oct 16, 2009

Has anyone experienced down time with a clustered/loadbalanced host?

And if so how much.

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Page Load Time And Host Speed

Oct 9, 2008

What difference in page load time does it make if I move away from GoDaddy hosting? Or doesn't it make much difference? If it does make a difference, what kind of percentage improvement are we talking about?

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Apache :: Server Going Down From Time To Time

Feb 6, 2013

The server is going down from time to time, every 12 days or so the site hosted there is no longer accesible, everything starts with the site slowing don and down and then is not longer reachable, what we do is to request a power cycle, and with this we start all over again till next power cycle, so on so on, of course, here are my server details and more info on this:

- MySQL - 5.1.41-3ubuntu12.10
- Apache - 2.2.14-5ubuntu8.4
- PHP - 5.3.2-1ubuntu4.9
- operating system: Ubuntu Server 10.04 LTS

After some time emailing the support guys to barely check about what's going on, we received an email with a few things:

1.- found a few errors that likely would cause issues with Apache. The first error is:
[Mon Feb 04 05:03:10 2013] [error] mod_fcgid: fcgid process manager died, restarting the server and the next error is:
[Mon Feb 04 14:32:34 2013] [error] server reached MaxClients setting, consider raising the MaxClients setting ...

Both these errors seem to indicate that you have a process that is running out of control on your server. We were unable to determine what script on your site is running caused your connections to be maxed out however it does appear that before these errors were generated there was a WordPress plugin referenced in your access logs...

2.- Additionally during our review we did find that your error log for mercadodedinerousa.com is 45 GB's which is excessively large and can cause problems when Apache is trying to write a such a large file.

3.- The majority of the errors being logged are:
[Wed Feb 06 12:12:31 2013] [error] [client] Options FollowSymLinks or SymLinksIfOwnerMatch is off which implies that RewriteRule directive is forbidden: /var/www/vhosts/mercadodedinerousa.com/httpdocs/index.pl, referer: [URL]

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T=remote_smtp Defer (-53): Retry Time Not Reached For Any Host

May 5, 2009

Getting an error specifically to sympatico ISP in Canada.

A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its
recipients. This is a permanent error. The following address(es) failed:

retry timeout exceeded

exim_mainlog shows:

T=remote_smtp defer (-53): retry time not reached for any host

telnet sympatico.ca 25
telnet: connect to address Connection refused
telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused

Port 25 adn 53 are open in my CSF firewall (cpanel server), TCP and UDP (for 53) and TCP for 25.

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Looking For New Linux Shared Host

Jun 27, 2008


No less than 2GB storage
No less than 10GB transfer
SSH access (mandatory)
pop/IMAP (IMAP is a biggy for me)
ruby on rails (would be nice)
multiple subdomains

datacenter located in texas or surrounding region

Under $12/mo. No signup fees. Month to month payments.

Is this doable?

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Recommend A Shared Host

Jun 8, 2009

after posting here at WHT ive really learnt much about overselling and cpu usage.

now with some questions again,

1GB space

around 50gb transfer

around $6 a month

hosted in USA

very well established company that would never shut down like tomorrow.

just list the hosts down and let me consider them.

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How To Pick A Shared Host

Apr 1, 2009

I've used two different shared hosts in the past. First host had little to no support and got slower and slower as time went on. Second host, has been fine for my personal blog and portfolio site, but the load time is way slow at certain times of the day.

How in the world do you find a shared host that is actually going to be fast? I know you don't want a host that is over-selling, but how do you know a host is overselling? I assume any host that is less than $10/mo and has unlimited everything is going to be oversold, but how do you find one that is going to be responsive. Trial and Error? I've been trying to read the reviews on sitepoint, but I feel like a lot of the time the reviewer is unaware of site load times.

I don't mind doing the research myself, but I can't figure out where to look or how to look.

All I want from my host is fast load times, all the time. I don't have huge traffic, I do have a lot of files, and it's very important when someone comes to my site it loads as fast as possible.

Obviously cheaper is nicer, but I don't mind spending a little extra to have a server that loads fast.

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Recommend A Shared Host

Feb 11, 2009

Does anyone have any recommendations for a GOOD shared/reseller host? Geekstorage has had good reviews here, but I've been sorely disappointed in the frequent downtime I've had on two separate servers. Looking to move elsewhere soon if I can find someone else.
So -

Price isn't really an issue. I need at least 20GB of storage. Bandwidth also not an issue.

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Shared Host For My Fansite

Oct 8, 2009

I had a fansite on Dreamhost but they wont host us anymore. Probably my fault but i didnt see putting pictures in a zip wrong, since uploading pictures to my gallery singley can be tedious.

Anyway i now have myqsl backups for wordpress and coppermine. The coppermine gallery has around 15,000 images. Its a fairly new site which got 200 uniques roughly a day.

I need a cheap shared host, since i have 2 servers already (but my friend is unable to tell me the details due to health) So im looking for a cheap shared host, that i will pay a yearly sum. I also need this host to restore my fansite since i have no clue what to do with these backups. So my rough budget is 1-3 dollars per month. I have looked around on

Last night i got messed around by ServerRhino - i wont post again what happened but basically i paid for a year package, waited as long as i could before i had to go to bed for the ftp login, i wake up to find ive been refunded with no explaination. All this has made me very angry as i thought il wake up today and have my site back.

The main thing im looking in the host is good support and cheap enough. I also may want to host a second site on it in the future.

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Max MySQL Connection On Shared Host

May 31, 2009

What is the standard number on maximum mysql connection on most shared host providers and which one give the highest number.

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Recommendations? Windows ASP.NET Shared Host?

Sep 7, 2008

I'm looking for a good ASP.NET Windows shared host. Here is my current experience thus far:

- WebStrikeSolutions - Excellent web host but doesn't offer MSSQL as part of base package.
- WebSecureStores - Excellent host that does offer MSSQL as part of base package but hasn't updated their website in over a year and hasn't released support for .NET 3.5.
- DiscountASP.NET - Excellent web host, CP is a little wimpy, doesn't offer MSSQL as part of base package.
For me, the essential features are:
- Reliable, reasonable performance (especially uptime).
- Includes MSSQL databases (limited number, but at least 3-5).
- Can handle CMS sites like DotNetNuke without significant slowness.

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Deal With Outages On Shared Host

Mar 24, 2009

I run and maintain many websites on a shared server (ICDSoft)

While I am extremely happy with their service and support, the outages are still a problem when they happen. Especially for the e-commerce customers.

They are beginning to ask what do we do in this situation? Generally I reply, there is nothing to do but wait in this situation.

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Shared Host , Reliable Mysql

Apr 16, 2009

I know there are a million "looking for cheap shared hosting" threads. Hopefully my particular values/interests justify a new one.

I'm a (mostly PHP/MySQL/CMS) web developer, using Dreamhost for years (perhaps DH was better back then) to host staging/development sites for clients (once I've developed a client site, I usually make them get their own host somewhere more reliable), as well as for low-traffic sites, transferring files, etc.

What I don't like about Dreamhost:

a) SLOW. my guess is this is 25% web server overselling, and 75% MySQL server overselling. My simple sites are tolerably slow - including lightweight php/mysql sites (textpattern CMS, etc.) - BUT my Drupal and Silverstripe and ZenCart experiments are intollerable (5+ second page loads).

b) funny ownership policies - I can't (easily) create a client FTP user that is restricted to one of my subfolders. Each user = exclusive file/folder ownership.
c) not much else. I seem to get a-little-too-frequent DNS problems/outages, and used to get a-little-too-frequent server lock-ups... but I don't expect perfection from a cheap host. And of course I send my mail through google apps, I wouldn't trust a cheap host with my mail.

What I like about Dreamhost:

a) the control panel functionality. Yes, it's ugly, but god it does a lot of nice stuff that cPanel doesn't (and frankly, cPanel is usually ugly too).

b) the usual: a very low price for unlimited domains, unlimited mySQL, and huge storage.

So, who is my next low-cost host?

a) Interested in MySQL performance/protection - perhaps hosts that put MySQL [and mail] on separate servers, like DH, but don't overload them!?! Do I need to worry about this?

b) I wouldn't mind moving to a reseller account

c) I'd like a progressive control panel; I have clients on medialayer - who use directadmin (nice) - but their pricing structure is a bit tight on domains/db/storage. [As an aside, medialayer provides excellent shared hosting performance/value/support, if you don't need a lot of domains/db/storage]

d) I'd like to stay in the $10-20ish a month range

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Shared Host <$5/mo - 10+ Addons, 1gb+ Bandwidth

Jun 7, 2009

I tried to put as much as possible into the title

I've had asmallorange for like 6 years now, was great host but lately uptime seemed to suffer a bit. Searching for some new one to try.

Could You recommend a cheap less than $5/mo shared hosting?

What I need:

highest uptime available, 99.8 or above would be great
use more than 10 websites with them, addon domains feature.
bandwidth above 1 gig, maybe above 5, not sure.
support doesn't matter that much, cause I almost never ned to contact them, lol
another thing I'd prefer is to use company's details in WHOIS info - that's really kind of important. Don't like Godaddy's $10 service. Just don't want to pay.

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