Shared Host , Reliable Mysql

Apr 16, 2009

I know there are a million "looking for cheap shared hosting" threads. Hopefully my particular values/interests justify a new one.

I'm a (mostly PHP/MySQL/CMS) web developer, using Dreamhost for years (perhaps DH was better back then) to host staging/development sites for clients (once I've developed a client site, I usually make them get their own host somewhere more reliable), as well as for low-traffic sites, transferring files, etc.

What I don't like about Dreamhost:

a) SLOW. my guess is this is 25% web server overselling, and 75% MySQL server overselling. My simple sites are tolerably slow - including lightweight php/mysql sites (textpattern CMS, etc.) - BUT my Drupal and Silverstripe and ZenCart experiments are intollerable (5+ second page loads).

b) funny ownership policies - I can't (easily) create a client FTP user that is restricted to one of my subfolders. Each user = exclusive file/folder ownership.
c) not much else. I seem to get a-little-too-frequent DNS problems/outages, and used to get a-little-too-frequent server lock-ups... but I don't expect perfection from a cheap host. And of course I send my mail through google apps, I wouldn't trust a cheap host with my mail.

What I like about Dreamhost:

a) the control panel functionality. Yes, it's ugly, but god it does a lot of nice stuff that cPanel doesn't (and frankly, cPanel is usually ugly too).

b) the usual: a very low price for unlimited domains, unlimited mySQL, and huge storage.

So, who is my next low-cost host?

a) Interested in MySQL performance/protection - perhaps hosts that put MySQL [and mail] on separate servers, like DH, but don't overload them!?! Do I need to worry about this?

b) I wouldn't mind moving to a reseller account

c) I'd like a progressive control panel; I have clients on medialayer - who use directadmin (nice) - but their pricing structure is a bit tight on domains/db/storage. [As an aside, medialayer provides excellent shared hosting performance/value/support, if you don't need a lot of domains/db/storage]

d) I'd like to stay in the $10-20ish a month range

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Reliable Shared Host Plan With PHP 5.2.+ With PDO Drivers & MySql 5.+

Dec 14, 2007

I switched to HostGator because they had PDO drivers enabled on shared hosting plans with PHP 5 & MySql 5. The problem is that every time they update PHP (4 times in 8 months now) they don’t include PDO in the build and its takes day to get past level 1 support and get it fixed.

So I’m looking for a “Reliable” host. I had a hard time when I switched to HG finding shared hosting plans with PDO enabled.

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Max MySQL Connection On Shared Host

May 31, 2009

What is the standard number on maximum mysql connection on most shared host providers and which one give the highest number.

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Reliable Shared Windows Hosting

Jul 10, 2007

Long story short, my client has had issues with the last couple of hosts. We now need a new reliable yet affordable windows host urgently.

He has an ecommerce shop running on a shopping cart called Product Cart.

Basically need the following:

Budget: No more than $20 a month

At least 500mb of web space
MS SQL DB 50MB minimum
Ability to use third party private SSL certificate
Supports Linkpoint Connect payment gateway.

The recommended server configuration runs Windows 2000 or 2003 Server,

We've already tried CrystalTech but they don't include ASPupload.
We were ready to sign up for DiscountASP but it turns out to be $30 a month if we use a private SSL certificate and SQL DB.

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Great Reliable Shared Hosting Provider

Aug 14, 2008

I found out about downtownhost on here and signed up and am currently using them for one of my websites which is working out great. But I'm looking for another one as well (I don't like to host all my sites with one company).

I looked at iweb but there own site was loading slowly for me so that was discouraging.

Chatted with hostmysite and they made me wait forever and couldn't answer simple questions so that was scary. I currently have 2 sites already with hostgator which has worked out well, but like I said don't want to put all my sites on one host. Looking to get my sites off of dreamhost which I recently (last 6 months) have been having website loading time problems. My sites load SLOW So my once "dream" provider has turned into a nightmare. I also host with lunarpages (oy vey) my site goes down weekly and they don't have phone support on weekends.

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The Most Fast, Stable, Reliable Shared Hosting

Dec 30, 2008

Which company is the most fast, stable, reliable shared hosting.

list a few US and UK company hosting plans.

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Cheap Reliable Host ..

Jun 28, 2008

I usually host my sites on Bluehost but they are a bit expensive. A friend of mine who wants to host a very small site of his not expecting too many viewers, needs a web host which is cheap, reliable and fast..bandwidth is not an issue since he wont need much.

Please suggest some tested options. Which one of the cheaper options are time tested and reliable?

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Is A Reliable Host

May 15, 2008

Into DNS

Alexa rank 10,190,846?

Web Archive


if I can trust this service

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Very Reliable Windows Host With MS SQL

May 28, 2008

im in the market for a very reliable shared hosting windows host. It i s crucial for us to have maximum amount of uptime.

storage and bandwidth needed is not very much about 40-50 gigs maximum per month. It is also important that we are able to add "alias" domains or "pointer" domains to go to the same place.

Price is not really a concern.

I was looking at the 1and1 windows hosting package but im afraid i wont get any support if ever I have any problems.

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Good Reliable VPS Host

Oct 30, 2008

I am planning to shift my sites from dedicated server to VPS as my site traffic

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Reliable Web Host With SSH Access

Aug 9, 2008

Before we get any further I would ask that people not relentlessly spam this thread with this or that, telling me how great your web-host is. Im sure it is. I do want serious replies that address my concerns.

I am currently with a web host called -- with which I am becoming VERY dissatisfied with. They are now consistently having downtime which causes me a lot of frustration when I am in the middle of editing a file (or many files as I like to do). Frustration aside, what is this going to cost me when I am not just developing and rather depending on them to keep me alive and available? This is NOT why I pay $7 a month.

Further, I find it absolutely rude and unacceptable the way I am treated by their customer service representatives. In this regard I am uncertain what is worse, letting them know Ive troubleshooted the issue on my own and therefore know something, or acting as if I don't know anything at all about the problem. Either way I receive rude, snarky, condescending, and / or passive-aggressive irritation from aformentioned representative. They "guide" me through steps they probably read from a script and when they are done "diagnosing" the problem I feel as though I've been raped. Its quite an ugly scene. I do want to mention however that I have NEVER had even 'acceptable' customer service from any of the 4 or 5 web-hosts I have tried (by tried I mean more than 6 months of sticking it out).

I wish to find a web host company that is relatively large in size. This would imply a few things to me that:

A) They have the capacity to reduce or eliminate downtime to something approaching zero at worst and zero at best.

B) They have the capacity to staff knowledgeable customer service representatives that are not snivelling, sexually challenged uber-geeks with a grudge against the universe.

I do realize this request is like expecting politicians to be honest or more specifically if the said host is large and resource laden, they probably did not get there by hiring the best and brightest to sit by the phone.

C) They offer SSH access to their customers. And other small details would include a list of basic and expected necessities such as: MySQL, PHP, FastCGI, Zend Optimizer, sub-domains, pop3 accounts / mail, a control panel for account settings, and of course error logs and the like.

So, if anyone knows of a host with these features, please let me know and / or please let me know of your experiences with this host. If you have had problems with Bluehost please keep in mind that they have treated me *relatively* well, with the exception of customer service not worth the goo between my toes.

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Reliable Aussie Host

Feb 1, 2007

Im currently with a unreliable host in the us with a lot of downtime and other issues, so am just after a good reliable reseller host with a server based in australia.

Every time I think im onto a good one i find a dozen reviews on how bad they are,

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Reliable ASP.NET Host For AbleCommerce

Dec 6, 2007

As the title says, I am going to be setting up a AbleCommerce website, and I need a high quality Windows VPS host. My main focus in on uptime, quality, reliability and speed. But at some point price will come into play as well.

The server requirements for AbleCommerce are as follows:
Microsoft Windows 2000, preferably 2003 Server
Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) 5.0 or 6.0
.NET Framework (Asp.Net 2.0)
Microsoft AJAX Library 1.0
Microsoft Web Services Enhancements (WSE) 3.0
Microsoft SQL Server 2000, preferably 2005

Besides these requirements, as with most e-commerce software I'm pretty sure AbleCommerce will be pretty server intensive (Its a pretty large script). It should also be noted that I have no experience with Windows hosting, so I need a managed VPS with good support staff.

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Need Reliable VPS Host W/ FFMPEG Pre-installed

Jun 30, 2008

I'm looking to move from The Infrenion VPS has been really great as far as speed and performance. However, Infrenion leaves the number of max diskinodes to 200,000. I've tried fighting with them to get it increased to where it should be (for a 20GB partition), 2 million nodes. I run a social networking site that uses Smarty templates and requires as much nodes as possible.

So, I'm looking for a VPS that has FFMPEG pre-installed, speed, 15 to 20GB of space, and is under $50/month.

Infrenion, if you're reading this, please reconsider your configurations of your servers.

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Cheap Reliable Business Host In UK

Mar 28, 2008

Friend of mine is starting up a business and is looking for a reliable and fast web host in the UK but also not too expensive around £100/year and maybe 100gb bandwidth not sure on that.

Looked over and picked out some high rated ones with more than 5 reviews, however every single one I have read horror stories about elsewhere (including ukfast which seemed so good looking at reviews).

Can someone recommend any decent ones to me who won't screw up payments or have much downtime, with maybe a year or more of being with them? All I need to start is a bit of bandwidth for pretty much one image to start with, uptime and email, already got the domain from domainmonster.

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2 Months, 4 Hosts. RELIABLE Host

Sep 7, 2007

I have changed four hosts in less than two months, absolutely disastrous.

I need a VPS with:
+700mb ram guaranteed (1gb preferable)
300-500 gb bandwidth (basically 300 for 1st month but if its reliable i will expand)
2gb space is enough.
100 mbit line.
location doesn't matter.
and a company that does not oversell
Adult content Allowed
A server that can stay up three days in a row??

MAX 55$/month (or if it does not work out, what is the max you can offer for 55$?)
Please help me find a reliable host, after months of suffering and instability.

Reason for changing hosts:
host 1: too much for shared, noobish attacks causing downtime. (
host 2 : scammed on directadmin. (peerlessmachines)
host 3 : a reseller of host 4, vanished suddenly, and domain got parked free. (
host 4 : seemed perfect but recently a 5 days in a row downtime, blaming a faulty error and 'node 1 issues'. (

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Reliable, Secure, Non-oversold, Non-cPanel Host

Jan 3, 2009

I've used many webhosts over the years and have run into various issues from which I've compiled my key wants:

Reliability - availability of mail & web are both just as important - I've had a few hosts who have great HTTP uptime, but mail can go down for hours and is not covered by any SLA. Prefer clustered solutions using a NAS, or at the least RAID-1 (or 10). I recognise downtime is inevitable, I care more about the impact of single component failure and recovery time.

Control Panel/Security - I'd prefer the host to have a custom control panel (i.e. not cPanel/WHM, Plesk/Parallels, DirectAdmin, H-Sphere etc). I really like DreamHost's panel, in particular their model of arbitrary combinations of shell users and domains underneath them. I like to use this to separate installs of untrusted software (such as MovableType, Wordpress, Gallery, Joomla) into their own user accounts so that if one gets compromised it doesn't hose everything. Need multiple domain hosting.

Disk - 2GB sufficient, 3-4GB preferable.
Bandwidth - 10GB or more (I don't really use more than 2GB but prefer not to worry about overage)
Price - I'm happy to pay US$20-30 for a premium service.
Support - I'm technically savvy and only need for support to be responsive to technical questions & issues (i.e. reporting downtime).

To provide some background - I'm currently a customer of both DreamHost and Media Temple (gs). DH sucks because their uptime is completely unpredictable, I have kept it only because their user/domain model is convenient for toying with untrusted software. (mt) was to be the ideal host but reliability of their (gs) service is crap despite all the claims about superior architecture. Additionally they don't allow separation of users/domains and I don't want to host multiple 3rd party apps in the one account. To their credit (mt)'s support is extremely responsive and the company as a whole are very transparent about outages but they simply have too many technology issues.

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Host With Reliable Server W/ Unlimited Domains

Jul 9, 2008

My current host has gone the tubes as far as reliability so I'm looking for a new one. I need PHP/MySQL, CPanel, 1 GB of space should do for now and bandwidth will easily be met. I also want unlimited domains (add-on is fine).

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The Cheapest & Reliable Server To Host A SWOOPO Clone

Sep 6, 2009

I am a working on a website which will be more diverse but will work in the same way SWOOPO and many other auctions websites work with bids being placed etc.

I do not want to run the site on a hired dedicated server, I have a budget of around £5000 (around USD $8000) to buy a server. I was thinking of buying something from ebay, I am as of yet undecided exactly what to buy but I am leaning towards an affordable DELL 1855 blade chassis with the full 10x blades that is available. I have already made enquiries with datacentres in London about colocation costs, just waiting for an official quote.

Each blade has:

2 x Intel Xeon 3.6Ghz/1Mb Processors Both Installed
1 x 36GB U320 10k Hot-Swap SCSI Hard Drives
PERC 4/iM RAID Controller

Further information in the advert:

Blade Centre Components:

1 x Digital KVM Module

1 x 10 Port Gigabit pass Through Module

1 x DRAC/MC Module (1 x Serial Port, 1 x 10/100 RJ45 Port for Remote Management)

3 x 1200Watt Power Supplies

7U Rackmount Chassis (No Rails Supplied)

All housed in PE1855, 7U Rackmount Blade Centre

Optional Gigabit Ethernet Daughter Cards Available @ £60.00 per Blade

This can give 72ghz of processing power with 40GB RAM and that is awesome. Does anyone know an approximate figure of how many customers/queries the server can handle at % rates? I know this depends on the size of the database and so on but I am just looking for estimates please.

I know I will need at least two cheap servers for a SWOOPO clone, one to run the website and the other for the SQL so rather than do that and get two servers I thought this route was better when weighing up the 7u size along with 72ghz processing power.

I am not looking for advice and tips on hiring a dedicated server but I really would appreciate some advice on what server to buy because the script is nearly 95% complete and we should be launching within 6-7 weeks after heavily testing it.

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Cheap Reliable Server That Can Run PHP/MySQL With Plesk

Jan 16, 2008

I currently have a decent server that runs around 10 websites, but 1 of those sites contributes around 99% of the total traffic. This large site is being moved onto a new server, leaving the remaining 9 sites rattling around on this big (and expensive!) server.

So, I am now looking for a smaller server to handle the other smaller sites. They get minimal traffic - around 5k uniques a day.

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Dedicated Server With Anti Ddos Feature = Reliable Web Host

Jun 3, 2008

i would like to have reliable web host who can provide

1- anti ddos

2- fully managed dedicated server

3- server location - traffic mostly come from asia regions for 60% and usa for 25% - pls suggest the best location

4- bandwidth req 2500 gb

5- hard space - 1000 gb

6- daily backup req

7 - cost ?

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Why Asking For A "test File" Is Not A Reliable Way To Shop For A Host

Jun 1, 2009

I did not put this under the tutorial section because it is not comprehensive enough. Its just a simple rant.

Those of you shopping for a host come to this forum, and are often given the advice to ask for a "test file" to download.

1) Hosts who offer test files will most likely put the file on their fastest server, not the server where your site will actually be hosted.

2) If they have servers in multiple data centers, they will use the one that is the most well-connected, not necessarily the one where your site is going to be.

3) Even if your account is assigned to the same server as the test file, what does your ability to download a static file actually prove? A test file does not show how well a server is going to perform, which is usually the biggest factor in page load times.

4) Barring all the above, and assuming your site is going to consist only of static files, most web site visitors are not all in the same area, so your results may differ from the rest of the people visiting your web site.

A test file can be helpful in rare circumstances, but as a potential customer you would have no way to really know whether your download is a true test of what you can expect, so it is best not to rely on something like that unless you are downloading it from your own hosting account with that host.

The only way to really know how a host is going to perform is to try it out. This is why hosts offer full money-back guarantees and free trials.

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Looking For New Linux Shared Host

Jun 27, 2008


No less than 2GB storage
No less than 10GB transfer
SSH access (mandatory)
pop/IMAP (IMAP is a biggy for me)
ruby on rails (would be nice)
multiple subdomains

datacenter located in texas or surrounding region

Under $12/mo. No signup fees. Month to month payments.

Is this doable?

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Recommend A Shared Host

Jun 8, 2009

after posting here at WHT ive really learnt much about overselling and cpu usage.

now with some questions again,

1GB space

around 50gb transfer

around $6 a month

hosted in USA

very well established company that would never shut down like tomorrow.

just list the hosts down and let me consider them.

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How To Pick A Shared Host

Apr 1, 2009

I've used two different shared hosts in the past. First host had little to no support and got slower and slower as time went on. Second host, has been fine for my personal blog and portfolio site, but the load time is way slow at certain times of the day.

How in the world do you find a shared host that is actually going to be fast? I know you don't want a host that is over-selling, but how do you know a host is overselling? I assume any host that is less than $10/mo and has unlimited everything is going to be oversold, but how do you find one that is going to be responsive. Trial and Error? I've been trying to read the reviews on sitepoint, but I feel like a lot of the time the reviewer is unaware of site load times.

I don't mind doing the research myself, but I can't figure out where to look or how to look.

All I want from my host is fast load times, all the time. I don't have huge traffic, I do have a lot of files, and it's very important when someone comes to my site it loads as fast as possible.

Obviously cheaper is nicer, but I don't mind spending a little extra to have a server that loads fast.

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Recommend A Shared Host

Feb 11, 2009

Does anyone have any recommendations for a GOOD shared/reseller host? Geekstorage has had good reviews here, but I've been sorely disappointed in the frequent downtime I've had on two separate servers. Looking to move elsewhere soon if I can find someone else.
So -

Price isn't really an issue. I need at least 20GB of storage. Bandwidth also not an issue.

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Shared Host For My Fansite

Oct 8, 2009

I had a fansite on Dreamhost but they wont host us anymore. Probably my fault but i didnt see putting pictures in a zip wrong, since uploading pictures to my gallery singley can be tedious.

Anyway i now have myqsl backups for wordpress and coppermine. The coppermine gallery has around 15,000 images. Its a fairly new site which got 200 uniques roughly a day.

I need a cheap shared host, since i have 2 servers already (but my friend is unable to tell me the details due to health) So im looking for a cheap shared host, that i will pay a yearly sum. I also need this host to restore my fansite since i have no clue what to do with these backups. So my rough budget is 1-3 dollars per month. I have looked around on

Last night i got messed around by ServerRhino - i wont post again what happened but basically i paid for a year package, waited as long as i could before i had to go to bed for the ftp login, i wake up to find ive been refunded with no explaination. All this has made me very angry as i thought il wake up today and have my site back.

The main thing im looking in the host is good support and cheap enough. I also may want to host a second site on it in the future.

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Recommendations? Windows ASP.NET Shared Host?

Sep 7, 2008

I'm looking for a good ASP.NET Windows shared host. Here is my current experience thus far:

- WebStrikeSolutions - Excellent web host but doesn't offer MSSQL as part of base package.
- WebSecureStores - Excellent host that does offer MSSQL as part of base package but hasn't updated their website in over a year and hasn't released support for .NET 3.5.
- DiscountASP.NET - Excellent web host, CP is a little wimpy, doesn't offer MSSQL as part of base package.
For me, the essential features are:
- Reliable, reasonable performance (especially uptime).
- Includes MSSQL databases (limited number, but at least 3-5).
- Can handle CMS sites like DotNetNuke without significant slowness.

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Deal With Outages On Shared Host

Mar 24, 2009

I run and maintain many websites on a shared server (ICDSoft)

While I am extremely happy with their service and support, the outages are still a problem when they happen. Especially for the e-commerce customers.

They are beginning to ask what do we do in this situation? Generally I reply, there is nothing to do but wait in this situation.

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Shared Host <$5/mo - 10+ Addons, 1gb+ Bandwidth

Jun 7, 2009

I tried to put as much as possible into the title

I've had asmallorange for like 6 years now, was great host but lately uptime seemed to suffer a bit. Searching for some new one to try.

Could You recommend a cheap less than $5/mo shared hosting?

What I need:

highest uptime available, 99.8 or above would be great
use more than 10 websites with them, addon domains feature.
bandwidth above 1 gig, maybe above 5, not sure.
support doesn't matter that much, cause I almost never ned to contact them, lol
another thing I'd prefer is to use company's details in WHOIS info - that's really kind of important. Don't like Godaddy's $10 service. Just don't want to pay.

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Shared Host With .jar And .mp3 Files Support

Mar 3, 2009

I am a mobile site developer so tht i need a shared linux host for uploading contents like java applicaations,.jar files,.mp3 files etc any one please help me to find a suitable host with monthly paying suuport

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