Small Business Site With Hawkhost - 6 Month Review

Sep 17, 2008

I've just passed the 6 month mark with Hawkhost this week. I signed up with a coupon that was floating around that made the deal hard to pass up.

I have a small business shopping cart based site that receives an average of 70 visitors/day which uses 40MB bandwidth/day or roughly 1GB/month. I'm on the standard package which currently gives me 3GB/month storage and 30GB/month bandwidth. It's not a large site by any means, but I need it to be up 24/7. I also have 4 domain add-ons, but they get very little traffic. FYI, I have my domains registered with godaddy.

The first week I opened a ticket requesting that ssh be enabled. My ticket was updated with a "we're on it" response after one minute, which appeared to be from an actual human, followed by a resolution 2 minutes after the ticket was opened.

Later the same day I submitted another ticket regarding setting up email in a particular email client - that was responded to and resolved in 5 minutes.

A month later I had an email bounce issue that I needed some help investigating. Two hours later it was responded to and resolved.

Since then I haven't had to contact support. I have a monitoring alert system to notify me of any downtime. It's alerted me one time in six months and by the time I sat down at the computer to check, my site was back up. With my previous host, it happened on what seemed like a bi-weekly basis.

I just referred somebody to sign up with hawkhost today - something I'd be worried about in the past with other hosts.

I have no complaints to speak of and it's tough to beat the price/reliability ratio. Keep up the good work!

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Host For CMS Based Small Business Site

Apr 22, 2008

I am currently facing a move from my existing web host, as they are altogether incompetent. Four of the last five days, my site has either been down, showing a suspended page, or redirecting to the main page of the host. (I am a legitimate business - not selling penis enlargement supplements)

So now, I need a good host, who will provide maximum value for dollar spent. My requirements are fairly simple. I need 5 SQL databases, the ability to install and configure a CMS of my choosing, and a site that is based in the US. (I need my site to be US based and listed, for very specific reasons)

I have used Rochen in the past, and am very happy with them. However, I want my sites on a different host, as several of my other sites are cross linked.

Finding services in such a competitive field is overwhelming. It's getting too hard to cut through the BS.

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Small Business Web Hosting

Jul 18, 2008

I just joined this forum because I want to let as many people as possible know about a horrible experience that I had with my last small business web hosting company: LogicWeb.

Then I would love to hear other people's horror stories about companies they hate and praises about companies they like.

Let me just say that I had originally signed up with another company that was bought by LogicWeb. I had their VPS package and the biggest problem was the customer service which used to be good under the other company. Run into a little problem, send them an email and have to wait three days for a response. A response that generally said something like "we don't cover that."

So, anyhow, I found another small business web hosting company and then tried to cancel with LogicWeb. Sent them email after email and I was still getting billed. Finally, I found their cancellation form buried on their site and submitted a cancellation with a note stating that I had sent several emails trying to cancel.

A couple of weeks later, I get another bill in my email box so I decide to call them up. I'm on the phone with a guy and tell him that I have been trying to cancel for three months and the first thing he says is, "I don't think you're being honest."

"What?" I say not believing that that could be the first thing he says to me. "I think you're lying."

"Well, I'm not lying and I resent this conversation so far."

"Well, you are lying. It's only been two months since you stopped using our system."

"So, because I'm off by one month, you call me a liar?"

"Yes, because liars lie!"

I couldn't believe it! I couldn't believe that any small business web hosting service would call their client a liar even if they were lying. So, I made a mistake and got pissed and cursed!

"I can't believe you're calling me a ****ing liar! I've never ever been called a liar before. Let me speak to your supervisor!"

"Well, I'm the owner and I'm recording this conversation and if you're going to use foul language with me then I'll just report you to my collections department!"

I say, "Let me get this straight. You say that I'm lying and call me a liar, something no business person should ever do to a client, and just because I say '****ing' because I'm insulted, you're pissed at me? Well, if you are going to hang up on me then let me just finish with this... you are a ****ing *******!"

I don't know how much worse a business owner can act with a customer and I highly recommend avoiding LogicWeb since they are the worst small business web hosting around.

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Small Business Hosting ...

Feb 2, 2008

It is looking like I am going to have to leave IX hosting. They have a bandwidth problem on my shared server that they cannot seem to solve. I am experiencing slow loading & slow interactive features. Ping times can exceed 500ms during peak hours EST. I have run tracerts that show them specifically that the bottleneck is between thier server and quest-comm and they still cant seem to get a handle on it. This has been going on for a month and I have given them till tuesday.

So, this leaves me to prepare to move my clients' sites UGH! My parameters are somewhat unique which makes it a little tougher to pick a new host. My clients sites are all small local business sites ranging from 5 to 60 pages. I need very little storage space and I use very little bandwidth. However, I do need unlimited domains, ASP support and I really like IX's web shell feature. I will also be doing some e-commerce in the near futures.

I am spending a paltry 7.95 per month with IX. I may spend as much as $20 per month for the right service. Beyond my afformentioned specific requirments, I want a host that is established, proven reliable, in the states, has their own real bricks and mortar facility and a stellar reputation with the experienced web guys.

I have contacted a few that I have seen mentioned here but many dont support ASP and many require a dedicated server deal to host unlimited domains, which of course, is outside my cost requirements.

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Webhost For Small Business

Aug 12, 2008

I'm setting up a small webshop.

Selling more to vintage bike parts and appreals.

I'm base in Singapore. Most of my customers from US and UK.

I need a reliable trustworthy webhost that can make my site payment methods by Enets which i dont really understand their policy and paypal (which i know that almost all virtual webhost do support) .

I had been doing a nice host hunting and here are too many webhost offers that are "too good to be true".

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Server For Small Business

Jun 17, 2008

I am the intern at a company that wants to install server. They just opened two new offices in Cali and Texas. The main office is here in Pittsburgh. Can anyone give me the name of companies that will help install this server, and details on what I need for the server?

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Web Host Reccomendation For Small Business

Jan 9, 2009

Very new....need a webhost for my 2 small businesses:

business 1: consulting. need to put up examples of my work that are photo heavy & graphic heavy. would like to use a diy template like rvsitebuilder or something similar business 2: ecommerce...something easy to use as i am not tech savy
i've researched and inmotion has a lot of good reviews, but sitebuilder does not seem that customizable. Also found Arvixe, but not true 24/7 support....

Also, being able to send large files through email is important.

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Small Business Server Will Not Boot

Oct 1, 2008

I have set up Windows Small Business Server 2003 and was testing it over the past week. Everything has been going well and yesterday it requested to install an update (not to sure what it was now) and soon after the update was installed a restart was required.

After the server shutdown and tried to restart the system will not restart.

The machine powers up and then I am faced with a blank black screen (no load bar nothing). The monitor led light flashes from green to orange then to a static green light after the Dell splash screen.

I can load up into safe mode although I do not know how to work out what is wrong. I am guessing the update has caused the issue, possibly a boot sector needs repairing. There are no new additions to control panel -> install/remove programs which i believe is where all updates can be uninstalled from.

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Small Business E-commerce Hosting

Jul 8, 2008

I've been poking around here for a few evenings trying to find someone else who's asked just the same question I need to ask, but I'm not really seeing it.

My situation is this. I am writing a website in ASP.Net 2.0 for a small business. I do web development for a living, so the database admin, asp/ coding is not an issue. However, I've never dealt with the hosting side of things.

I need the following:

1) ability to host two different domains using some shared DLLs that provide funtionality used by both sites. I've read that some hosting companies won't let you put DLLs on their servers, so I'm not sure if I can do this.

2) Ability to send and recieve e-mails at "". I think this is a no-brainer.

3) Ability to use SQL Server express.

4) We will be taking orders with credit card numbers, so I need to be able to do HTTPS and I need to know my data will be secure.

5) obviously, I need a server that has the .Net 2.0 framework on it.

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Small Business Server Hangs On Reboot

Feb 19, 2009

problem I was having which was Windows Small Business Server 2003 would hang on boot up. I never got the time to reinstall the server until now.

I have installed the server and applied all updates. This worked fine until I install the Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 or 2. When I install SP1 or SP2 on reboot the server loads the Dell splash screen then the monitor LED light goes orange then green then orange and then just hangs with a blank screen.

I can boot into Safe Mode and uninstall the Service Pack and I can then reboot without any problems. I have installed ADAM SP1.

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VMware Smb (small Medium Business Package) For Hosting

Oct 13, 2009

I know ESXi free can't be used in a hosting environment but what about the smb edition?

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Expected Maximum Traffic For Yahoo Small Business?

May 16, 2009

I am a customer of Yahoo Small Business unlimited hosting. I am running Joomla (CMS) with jreviews which uses PHP and MySQL. I now need to expand my review and rating website to earn some profits. According to my business plan, I would need atleast a 1000-2000 unique visitors a day to actually earn off the website to afford a VPS. My question is, can Yahoo Small Business "Unlimited" hosting plan sustain that number under the usage of Joomla? I have been trying to find an answer to this for a long long time but to no avail. I know that "unlimited" is actually a marketing tactic and that one must move to VPS or Dedicated servers for serious traffic. But I cannot move to a VPS before I earn something from the website initially due to lack of funds. Can I expect to be tension free till the range of 1000-2000 uniques/day?

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Migrate Emails From Yahoo Small Business To A New Host

Mar 8, 2009

My client would like to go for a real hosting company. However, he has some concerns about his archived emails. He want to move all those email to the host.

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Need Advice: Very Reliable Email, IMAP, Storage, Small B2b Business

Apr 2, 2008

I'm looking for quality hosting at the right price for a small business. I have been searching these forums, but just got no conclusion, and would appreciate any advice concerning 'features' and 'providers' that I shall look at or avoid.

My needs are:

- very reliable email, with IMAP, good spam filtering, and ability to handle Challenge Response type system;

- rSync and storage of company internal documents (intranet like);

- host a small static website of a small b2b company, with little but valuable traffic;

- handle multiple (non limited) addon domains;

- for the near future: mysql, Ruby on Rails (need to explore it), Python and a good Content Management System;

- good stats tracking tools -- ability to log a list of sessions would be great;

- control panel doesn't matter, ssh would be nice;

- datacenter location doesn't matter too much, connectivity, reliability, and uptime do;

- 5~10GB storage mainly email and internal docs;

- 1GB traffic mainly email;

- preferably with a community forum - I trust more on those who have it, and have nothing to hide;

Do you think I can get something reliable for under $10/month or $100/year ?

I have found these options:

GeekStorage - looks great, LiteSpeed is appealing, people behind it look experienced, I was almost signing for it when I was caught by several issues with long downtimes (over 24h) during the last 2 months;

MediaLayer - also offers LiteSpeed, good comments by many on here, but no listed prices - why hidding the prices? are they trying to screw our bucks? that doesn't sound good to me;

HostGator and LunarPages - very popular, but they don't seem the thing for me, maybe for those with blogs, forums, or GoogleAds oriented websites, I get puzzled how can they offer 600GB for $7.95/month !?

FusedNetwork, Steadfast, DowntownHost and many others - seem to be oriented to lower storage and higher traffic, the opposite of my case.

I know I can get dedicated storage services, but a large amount of my storage need is for email which need to be synchronized through IMAP. BTW, can IMAP be used to synchronize files beyond messages?

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Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2003 Premium With Ms Sql For Hosting ?

Jul 10, 2005

Can I use this edition for hosting on dedicated server, and how does it compare to the enterprise edition ? Can it be used with hosting? The web edition sucks as I can not install ms sql on it, so it is useless. Anyone use sbs server to host his website, because most of the link i read never mention it for hosting, and only for print sharing/ filesharing/ business applications, but where is it's use for hosting?

So what do you think ? IO looked at its infor and it did not provide much?

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Dec 1, 2008

I just signed on with on a three-month trial basis, with their Basic shared hosting account. I'm so impressed so far that I think they deserve a review. Obviously I only just joined today, but I've had enough interaction to write a very preliminary review, which I'll update in the future (probably around the three-month mark, and perhaps thereafter if anything changes).

First off, Tony Baird, CEO of HH, answered my pre-sale questions promptly before I pulled the trigger. I was impressed with the HH site itself, which has the nice touch of actually listing each individual server they own--its specs and what purpose it serves in their company (hosting, VPS, etc). This, in combination with the other good reviews I read online, led me to believe I'd have a good experience here. (the only thing I didn't like about their site is that it's a bit obscure to navigate--for instance, it took me a little bit of time to poke around enough to find their AUP and TOS, but that's just because of the way their HTML menu is designed--once I found it, I realized it was easily accessible all along, I just hadn't poked around in the right place).

So I signed up. Amazingly inexpensive, if I'm not mistaken--the three month trial, with a coupon listed on their site, was a little over $9 USD (!). I won't go into detail about what that gives you, for fear of sounding like an ad--you can go look it all up on their website. Suffice to say it buys you quite a bit if your needs are relatively modest like mine.

A nice plus when signing up--you get the choice of picking where you want your server account to reside, Dallas or Washington, D.C. I'm not sure if other hosts do this--perhaps this is more common than I'm aware of, but it was a nice surprise for me. In any case it doesn't matter a whole lot since both locations, from what I read on their company forum as posted by their users, seem equally fast.

Setup went smoothly, payment and DNS redirection went smoothly as well. Within two hours everything was set and I was up and running. I checked my website ( and it seems fast enough for me. Unlike my last provider, they are running the latest version of cPanel.

I was able to restore my cPanel backup from my previous provider with no problem. However there did seem to be a glitch when trying to restore my email forwarding and filters. I think this wasn't due to HawkHost--almost certainly this had to do with the cPanel version discrepancy, or perhaps the initial backup at my other provider went awry and I wasn't aware of it. In any case, it was an exceedingly minor problem, but it led to my next nice surprise--the level of support.

I submitted a ticket, and almost IMMEDIATELY, Cody (their tech officer) responded with an offer of help. I couldn't believe it. With my old provider, it'd take me sometimes over a day to get a response to an email (and there was no ticket-opening system with them either). Cody was helpful, patient, and is obviously on the ball.

I have a feeling HH is one of those "Goldilocks" hosts....not so big that they're ginormous behemoths with overcrowded servers, and not so small that you feel like they're running a hosting company of their laptop. They seem just about the right size.

By the way, forgot--another nice touch is their level of communication with users. They use their forum (which I already mentioned) to communicate outages and maintenance and such, with notifications saying when things are going down, how long they're anticipated to be down, and then notifications when they actually go down and come back up. Cody and Tony also both seem to be highly active in that forum in terms of responding to user questions. This level of communication is incredibly refreshing to see.

So there you have it--initial impressions overwhelmingly positive. I'd score a 9.5 out of 10. I'm hoping the rest of my stay is as pleasant as Day One.

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HawkHost Review...

Apr 3, 2008

I've been with HawkHost for about 2 months now, and have not had a single issue to speak of. Extremely knowledgeable support staff, very friendly and personable in answering questions, and they certainly don't make you feel 'stupid' for asking about whatever issues you're having.

They give ample warning for maintenance, and I've had no downtime outside of specified maintenance windows.

Very competitive on price and services offered as well. Though I've only purchased their basic package, it looks like they can cater to all needs

Anyone looking for a good, reliable host, give Tony and the guys at HawkHost a shout.

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My Review

Jul 15, 2008

I have been with Hawkhost for around a year now and they are by far the best web host that I have ever had. There support is by far the best that I have ever talk with. They go the extra step, I have used the there live support over 20 times with questions and comments. Every time they answer quickly and if they did not know the answer they would do there research. They even knowingly helped troubleshoot one of my gaming servers that is hosted on another provider. If there live support is off line, I send them a email and it usually gets back to me in less then 10 mins.

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Oct 26, 2009

This is only a small review of me for I had used their Standard VPS for 4 months.

I ordered a vps and got my vps after a hour. Good for me.

First ticket, i asked them for setup lxadmin/kloxo for me and they did it in next two hours. Good for me.

Second ticket, i asked them for setup some php modules for me. They didn't do it for me, but they teach me how to setup it, and everything done. Not bad for me.

This month i had some attack in my site, and i asked them to buy some traffic, and i paid $24 for 200GB ( i think their BW is not cheap ), but addition 200GB is not enough for me, this time are days end of invoice, i asked them to give me 20GB BW free, and they accept. Good for me.

Downtime : I don't get any downtime in 4 month. Excellent

At this time, i've request them for refund because i'm no longer use my vps. I ask them today and my current invoice will expire tomorrow. They accept and they give me refund $18 to my paypal account. Good for me.

And this is my score:

- Service : 10/10

- Support : 9/10

- Price : 8/10

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Cheapest Web Host For Very Small Site

Feb 22, 2009

I just want to make a little information site with about 5 pages, nothing fancy, there will just be a very small amount of traffic. What is the cheapest reliable web hosting company or package out there? I am in the U.S. if that matters.

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Cheap Budget, Small Site

Oct 9, 2008

One of my contacts is looking for a domain/hosting server that's cheap (under $15/month total), and reliable (the usual 99.9% uptime). My contact has used Yahoo (paid) before, but wasn't really satisfied by it.

I doubt that the total disc space will go over 1 gig, and PHP/MySQL is preferred, just in case.

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Lenient Host For Small-Mid Site

Nov 13, 2008

I've been using for a few months and they suspended my site because I was using proxy scripts. I had to remove the scripts to get my site back, but now a main function of my site is missing.

My site does not take up that much space (only 100MB), but it gets accessed frequently and especially with the proxy script it can sometimes be a burden on the server.

I need a lenient web host that allows proxy scripts and other things like CRON jobs, PHP, MySQL (with PHPMyAdmin, preferably, and multiple DBs) and email capabilities (400/hr is okay). I'm used to Linux with CPanel, so staying with the stuff I know would be best.

I need to find a reliable host that can meet these needs.

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Dedicated Or VPS Or Reseller Hosting For Business Site

Jul 30, 2008

I'm managing our business websites and we're presently using budget shared web hosting.

As the business grows, the uptime of our websites (and web server) is important to the bosses.

I'm wondering whether we should go with managed dedicated web hosting (expensive), VPS hosting (not too familiar with it) or go with a reseller hosting account?

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59Box A Small Review

Apr 9, 2009

I want to make a small review of 59Box , chinese hosting company that i pleased to work with for last period.

I needed a dedicated server placed in China and started to search the web . I did a few conversations mostly on messenger with a few companies , but it was very strange for me that they sometimes even didn't knew to answer my very simple questions about upload/download speed limitation, trial period,they clients web sites for test connection etc. So i found it not so easy to find some professional loooking company with good and quick support in China.

After of few days of searching in forums i found 2 recomendations, one is for 59Box and second is for HiChina so i contacted them both.

I was amazded by very quick response from 59Box and started my conversation with them. Ken , this is the name of guy who helped me all the way , answered my questions extremely fast , and all of them was cleared . Hichina answered on the next day , also with very good and detailed mail , sample contract attached etc . But i seen no reason to try them cause Ken's proposal was good for me and I liked his support.

I paid by Paypal and my server was ready in 24 hours as promised by Ken. Since then it's running with no problems. Line is very good for my needs. Latency is good and connections is stable.

So i'll recommend this company to everybody who looking for server in china with great support and good prices.

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Mar 9, 2009

this is my small review CMBHosting after a month.

I'm an old customer of level3hosting, after that company run away [url]i need another place to host my forum . My friend recommend me cmbhosting [url]with good offer. And i go with them. After making payment via paypal, i got my vps information.

I have a medium vbb forum , having about 400 visitor online same time ( cookie set to 2000 ) but cpu never load high more than 1.0. I'm happy with it.

After i run my site two weeks, i got big problem. Someone attacked my site and my site was hacked. I contacted CMBhosting via Chat Live Support, and they helped me to fight.

They setup firewall and check all my file to fix error. After that, my site run and run . The day after that, my site was attacked again, they protected me again . And now, my site run without problem. I'm happy with their support, fast and great. With $10 per month, it's a great service.

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EuroVPS Small Review

Oct 28, 2009

Just a small note from me about my experiences with EuroVPS, I transferred to them from Siteground Shared Hosting about 1 1/2 years ago, I run a fairly busy vbulletin forum, I say it's 'busy' because siteground said my site was consuming too many resources and they basically gave me 7 days to upgrade to their VPS or they said they would shut my site down, so I promptly transferred to EuroVPS.

The transfer went fairly smoothly and my site was up and running in no time at all, this whole VPS thing was totally new to me so the WHM and Plesk things etc. were like toys at xmas, albeit a bit confusing, naturally I had a few tickets in the beginning asking how this and that worked, their response time was phenomenal, I don't think I have ever had to wait longer than 15 minutes for a response. I have opened a total of 20 tickets so far.

Since then I have had the occasional ticket regarding problems and questions from my side and they have always been polite and have always solved my issues 100%. About 6 months ago there was a bit of an issue with regards to the transfer of my domain name that hadn't gone through from siteground to EuroVPS which caused my site to go down. A few tickets later and we managed to figure out what the problem was between us, believe it or not but EuroVPS actually phoned me at home to apologise for the confusion, in my opinion that is oustanding customer service and damn decent of them to go to all the trouble they went to and then still phone me.

Fantastic guys on their support team and in the Accounts department, I have nothing but praise for them, especially Sam M, Jeff D and Eugene K, thank you guys for top notch support.

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A Small Review Of Various VPS Providers I Have Tried

Oct 18, 2007

Here is my mini review of the various hosting providers I have tried in the past 3 months.


A. Setup: Instant. The server was setup in about 3 mins after I paid.

B. Stability: Excellent. I tried various operating systems from their control panel. Not a single issue. The server was very stable. The control panel was also very stable.

C. Support: I am a self made server admin and as such, I do not need much support. The few support tickets I sent were answered to the point and promptly by Selvaraj and his crew. They really know their technical stuff to keep the whole setup running smoothly. Excellent.

D. Speed: The server speed was fast and the site loaded fast. No problems.

Rating: Excellent.


A. Setup: The account [a shared hosting acct] was setup in 18 hrs after I paid.

B. Stability: Excellent. The control panel [plesk] is very stable and the server ran smoothly. showed 110 other sites on the same server but my site loaded fast. Mysql performance was also good. That probably indicates that the server was not overloaded.

C. Support: Fair. Support tickets took a while to be answered. The time varied from anything between an hour to a max of 8 hrs.
The responses were mostly to the point but in a few cases indicated that they replied without reading my ticket fully.

d. D. Speed: The server speed was fast and the site loaded fast. No problems.

However, the greatest annoyance: Their email setup does NOT allow mails from free email services to be received. All mails from gmail, hotmail, yahoo and rediff are blocked.

Support did NOT want to fix that.

Rating: Bad. Many people have free email addresses and blocking emails from such people is nonsense. Also, I cancelled with them but till now I have not recd a refund. Bad.


A. Setup: The server was setup in about 2 hours after I paid.

B. Stability: Excellent. Not a single issue. The server is very stable. The control panel is also very stable.

C. Support: I am a self made server admin and as such, I do not need much support. The few support tickets I sent were answered to the point and promptly. These people are also very good technically to keep their servers running very smoothly. Excellent.

D. Speed: The server speed was fast and the site loaded fast. No problems.

Rating: Excellent.


A. Setup: The server was setup in about 15 mins after I paid. Infact Adam did a cutom plan for me.

B. Stability: The HyperVM is unstable. Diskspace and memory display on the control panel are totally incorrect and misleading.

The Ubuntu template crashed the server after a day, while the opensuse and debian templates have a big problem - after you install, you cannot ssh into the system.

C. Support: I am a self made server admin and as such, I do not need much support. The few support tickets I sent were answered to the point and promptly. Adam and Chris did fix the debian template temporarily for me. However the problem with HyperVM being misleading and unstable is a big turn off for me.

Here is my latest email from HyperVM:


Warning: The Account michael is using 100% of quota for realmem_usage.
Limit: 640
Used: 640

Warning: The Account michael is using 100% of quota for swap_usage.
Limit: 512
Used: 512

Here is my latest email to Adam:


Hi Support,

The HyperVM info is thoroughly misleading:

S Resource Used Max Graph
Disk 1.01 GB 29.3 GB
Mem NA 640 MB
Backup 0 Unlimited
Traffic 312.53 MB 341.8 GB
Ip 1 1
Traffic 0 MB -

The actual disk space usage is:

Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/sda1 29G 561M 27G 3% /
none 321M 0 321M 0% /dev/shm
[root@host ~]#

The actual memory usage is:

total used free shared buffers cached
Mem: 640 38 601 0 4 14
-/+ buffers/cache: 19 620
Swap: 512 0 512

I am sorry to say, I do not like this one bit.

Please move me to a different HyperVM system which functions stable and without any problem with the statistics as well as without conking out on various OS templates.

I have used Xen before and never had a problem until now.

Please let me know when you can give me a stable Xen system without problems.


I am awaiting a reply from Adam.

D. Speed: The server speed is fast. No problems, when the server works but the ubuntu crash along with all these problems is not good.

Rating: I am not rating this yet.

I do hope Adam will put me on a different server where everything functions fast, stable and without any problems.

Here is my question to all the experts at WHT:

Is it true that if I have my server in the US, the govt and the FBI can put a backdoor into the server and see through info when they feel like it?

This is what I heard from a friend of mine. I am NOT trolling but when I heard this, I was quite upset. This is what made me seek a server outside the US.

Please let me know if this is true or this is bull, so that I can keep myself informed that this is just crap.

Vpsfarm and, please keep up your excellent service. I may come back and get other servers from you. JP stream please fix the email problem and you will be no 1 in Japan. Adam, your xen setup needs to be more stable. Please fix this.

The domain in question is technichristian [dot] net. The web server is not yet installed. I am waiting for Adam to fix the problems first.

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A Small Orange Review After 2 Years

Sep 9, 2008

How did A Small Orange get the name? Years ago Tim Dorr, owner/operator, used it as his AYM screen name. There's a great interview with him from 2005 here. Even have a look around if you want.

"A Small Orange" is an Atlanta based web hosting company with a great attitude. It began as my backup host for my web based voiceover site and now it is my main host. I first read about them on this forum where they came highly recommended. When I first joined they would only accept 25 new accounts a night to ensure the best customer experience.

It took me two nights to get mine and I'm still there. Don't worry, they haven't done that in years and you can sign up any time.

The first thing I check when selecting a new host are their forums. A Small Orange (ASO) has a very active one that has "support" members who post, and even Tim himself. "Pre-sales Questions" is a popular area.

Not that this takes the place of a superb tech support who won't quit until the problem is solved. I've found them to be very patient with folks who may not be the most tech savvy. That would be me. There is a thorough Knowledge base online as well as an ASO Wiki written by staff and customers. Plus, step by step demonstrations of CPanel functions. The only issue I've ever had happened a couple of weeks ago. I had a problem with a disappearing sub domain. It was a CPanel code problem. Tech support was nothing short of amazing.

Their plans are very reasonable. All have the same features. Even their "Tiny plan" with 75 MB of space and 3GB Bandwidth at $25 a year has all the features of their most expensive "Super plan" with 4500MB of space and 100GB Bandwidth. Turn any account (except Tiny) into a Reseller account for $5 more a month. You can easily upgrade or downgrade as needed. Plus there's ASO Extreme which is just for file sharing. No scripts, e-mail or Cpanel. But, you get 1500MB of space and 100GB Bandwidth for $20 a month.

As far as up time, I don't think my site has ever been down for longer than a few minutes. The time I caught it they were doing some server maintenance. I'm always on my site since one of my web pages is my browser start page. I've hosted two sites with them, one for me and one for a local band. They were on different servers and both had the same great performance and reliability. ASO's business concept is to not overload shared servers. Period. I can go online any time and check my hosts status from a web site and CPanel. If there's any problem it's corrected quickly.

ASO offers CPanel and the latest updates and features. I like to check my stats often and use a lot of subdomains. Latest Visitors and AWStats helps me keep tabs of things. It has everything you'd expect from CPanel.

Believe me, I'm no expert. But, I do recognize a friendly attitude and willingness to help when I see it. The most important thing is that my web site up and online. If it didn't work well and consistently, I wouldn't be there. If that ever changes you can bet I'll be the first to leave. So far I am very impressed with A Small Orange.

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Wiredtree Month By Month Review

Jan 28, 2009

I've signed up with Wiredtree for a Managed VPS 12 days ago.

I know it's not enough time to write a review. But I decided to write my first impression then keep you updated by writing a new review at the end of each month, so expect one at 12 February.

For now, these guys are simply the best I've tried.

They reply you in 15 minutes or less and if it took them more, 20 minutes or something, then be sure that they're investigating your problem. If you can't wait for 15 minutes, then go ahead and give them a call on their toll-free number and they'll be with you second by second. Their support wont just solve your problem, but they'll educate you telling you what caused the problem and how did they fix it.

I'm solicitous about security. But with these guys, I finally sleep peacefully knowing that my VPS is well secured.

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Apr 29, 2008

I joined epicvps on 28-April-2008 and on 29 the same month I asked a refund minus 1$ for almost 2 days of use (him refunded me the full amount I paid).

The VPS was 28.49 because I used a coupon for the first month.

I paid 28.49$ because I also wanted a server hardening optimization and security settings against crackers.

The speed was ok, the VPS access was given to me in less than 6 hours from the payment time.

Ray called me after 2-3 hours after the server was up to ask me about the service, was a nice gesture from his part, also informed me that I can call him if I have a emergency related to the VPS.

I never used his ticketing system, all his replies where under 3 hours.

Him also tried to convince me to remain by using his services 1 more month and to refund me this month but I refused because I don't trust him 100% percent, after 1-2 years from now on, if it will still be there and the customers will be satisfied I will buy another VPS from him.

epicvps has a template for LxAdmin DNS that I did not found on a other company that I don't want to mention because today I use there services (shared).

After chating with Ray on epicvps online support I understood how to set-up the DNS using the 2 IP's that him gave to me.

The reason of the refund was a downtime of 42 minute on 29-April 2008, 1 or 2 packet loss from the checkers, I use Pingdom in the present, checking at 1 minute interval.

I had a nice conversation with the owner Ray Amaresh, is from India, I was afraid that I will not get the refund and I can't do anything.

When I chosen his company I did not checked his location, only server location, and that is a datacenter in Dallas.

Ray refunded me in less than 10 minutes from the chat.

I told him that I will probably come back if the service quality will improve and I will because I like people correct peoples and I hate scammers.

I don't like to asks for refunds because I want always quality in what I buy, probably was a datacenter problem, not his fault but up-time is very important for me.

If Ray will allow me I will use a checking service in the future for his main website to show to others the quality of the server where the main site is: ping (network), http checking.

Low prices does not seem to be from overselling but because there are not 20-30 people working 24/24 so you can get a low cost if you have less people but good in what they do.

I hope that I did not forgot anything if I did I wait for Ray replay to complete the review.

The conclusion is:
Ray the owner of epicvps is a great person and I hope that the money that him will make will not change his behavior.

It is a genuine review, I tell the good and the bad VPS service parts.

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Jan 11, 2009

I am posting this thread as a warning about!

My web site has been unavailable for > 1 month now, yes for more than a month.

When you go to our site you get a message

Service Temporarily Unavailable

The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or
capacity problems. Please try again later.

With Temporarily = > than 1 month.

I have been trying to get the support people to respond to me about this issue now for
weeks & there only response is that I need to be P A T I E N T.

Obviously I am being unreasonable when I complain about no web site for > than a month.

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