Serverbeach, Which Datacenter

Mar 28, 2008

I've heard people talk about it being important to pick the right datacenter if you go with serverbeach. Other than the two power outages in the VA one, what are the differences? Do they all use pure Peer1 bandwidth?

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LiquidWeb OR ServerBeach

May 6, 2008

I am looking at a dedicated server from serverbeach or a vps from liquidweb

"web stuff"
i run a website in which only my friends could access
the site is using gallery with about 3,000 pictures from local car shows

the monthly visits is under 80

"email stuff"
one important thing is eye candy
which one has a better email gui because i am willing to pay up to $100.00 per month for a flashy email gui

currently hosted with and they suck and my friends showed me 2 programs called zimbra & smartermail which look so cool and they told me you need a server or vps

and if you are wondering i am a college kid so that's why this post sounds so stupid but it's real

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Stay Away From Serverbeach

May 28, 2008

About two weeks ago serverbeach null routed one of our servers for over 48 hours with no proof of an attack what so ever. We would randomly see it back online for 5 minutes at a time and the server was perfectly fine. No lag, no attacks, no nothing then boom nullrouted again.

They claimed the traffic the server was receiving was too much for the 10mbit port we were paying for (after we waited 48 hours to receive a useful response) so we were forced to upgrade to a 100mbit port. No big deal, they upgrade us to 100mbit and 10 minutes later the server is online without any issues what so ever. Today we find out the server has been nullrouted once again and we have not had a response from them in hours.

Not to mention when we called support the first time we heard a party in the background and it was impossible to talk due to all of the loud noise and yelling. We were promised an update within 30 minutes, never heard back.

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Webmin And Serverbeach

Oct 17, 2008

i ordered a server today from serverbeach,

I have changed my nameservers at the domain registrar but when using the serverbeach DNS tool to use the serverbeach DNS service , its asks me for the IP of my domainname.

How do I find in webmin the IP address of the domain to be entered

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Any One Here With Experience With ServerBeach

Jun 13, 2007

Anyone have any experience with

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[30 Days] ServerBeach Review

Aug 11, 2009

I have always wanted to be a customer of ServerBeach since I found out that they hosted YouTube and so on. I have found their prices to be kind of high compared to all the others until they started offering their "Twitter" deals, and that is how a price I could not turn down came into my life.

Well, I ordered a server through Server Beach 7/12/2009 and have been rocking it out at 100% uptime since they set it up for use on 7/14/2009. When I first placed my order I had to send in a photo ID and such to verify it was me ordering the server, which I found to be kind of reassuring knowing that the datacenter took fraud that serious. It might have just been me though!

Server Specs
AMD Opteron 1218
2 GB DDR2 Memory (up to 667MHz)
2 x 500 GB 7200 RPM SATA II , RAID 1
Unlimited (10mbps) bandwidth (AKA 3300ish GIGs?)
Herndon, Virginia

So far, I have had NO network problems! My server is located in their Virgina datacenter outside of Washington DC. Which is a blessing coming from a former FDC Servers user. They have a super fast network, websites load fast.

I have had to contact support a few times, and they were knowledgeable and extremely helpful. One thing I love about ServerBeach support, is that they treat all questions as a true problem, even if it's just a question that has nothing to do with the server being down or anything like that. Support also answers tickets amazingly fast by the way!

I love the fact that I have a set account manager. I love being able to call a single person if I need something outside the realm of support needs.

All in all, these first 30 days have been spectacular, and I look to spending a long time with ServerBeach.

Side Note!

My Previous Providers have included FDC Servers and The Planet.

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1and1 Vs Liquid Web Vs ServerBeach

May 1, 2008

Currently hosted with hostway but i am thinking of moving

i want a windows server for sure either 03 or 08
and i don't need managed really

i was looking at 1&1
because they have a windows vps for only 29.00 a month

but i seen liquid web's offering in the offer section
and i have noticed they have not changed their offers in months are there any new offers and is liquidweb good

and serverbeach a friend told me about but i am wondering should i get a full server and they charge 20.00 more for windows

i run a blog about gun rights & nra stuff and i get about 100 visitors a month
also please don't recommend shared hosting because i don't want to check my site one day to see the word suspened so either vps or dedi

and this may sound stupid but can you use a windows server like a computer like play movies and music and stuff using remote asst?

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Serverbeach, User Privileges

Oct 19, 2007

I have a server from ServerBeach Linux Powerline 2600. CentOS5.

It even has webmin on it.

But this is what I'm trying to do, trying to add a user so the user can use apache/php/mysql/cron and cannot look into other directories like /etc

SB is taking sometime, so I thought to post here as well.

I know it's a linux admin thing, but I'd like to get some quick help as well..

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ServerBeach, Incredible Response Time

Apr 4, 2008

I've only had a server with them for a week and - being the guru that I am - managed to lock myself completely out of windows by mistake, no safe mode remedy or anything possible. I needed a fresh OS install but on top of that I needed access to my old data. It took them all of 6 minutes to notify me that my request was in the works. In under 2 hours I had a fresh C drive with a new OS and my old drive in there for me to copy data from.

I was fully expecting a slow, condescending response and a bill for the service (I asked to be charged but they refused and said that OS reloads are always free despite having to do more than a simple OS reload for me)... What I got was near immediate response from a polite and fully competent staff that did exactly what I wanted. Thanks ServerBeach!

I'll review their uptime after I've been with them for good chunk of time. I'm at Virginia and I read about two power outages they had before, but having dealt with their staff there I'm confident that these guys have that completely under control now.

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Recommend A Dedicated Server For Very High Bandwidth - Serverbeach

Jul 30, 2008

I have a site that uses extreme amounts of bandwidth, I checked some of the popular companies like serverbeach and softlayer. Right now I'm leaning more towards serverbeach because they are cheaper, Are they a good company to go with? Let me know if you have any other recommendations.

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Aug 11, 2007

how the inside of a DC is but I was looking at NetDepot's.

I thought that they used rackmounts in datacenters?

Like these:[url]

These appear to me as desktops?


Am I mistaken?

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Jul 20, 2007


Which one of those datacenters would you choose your site to be hosted at?

I'm leaning towards softlayer, and then FDCServers (especially with the upgragde on august 1).

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Apr 25, 2008

Has anyone ever experienced first hand about CalPop Datacenter i hear they are good wanna see feedback from the WHT members i gotten a really good deal!

I started a poll the poll will be up for 24 hours!

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Joe's Datacenter Colocation

Aug 7, 2009

I'm looking around for a nice, cheap colo place for a Dell PE 2650 I just purchased...


* At least burstable to 10Mbit... dedi 10 is nice.. 100 is nicer..

* About 1000GB xfer should be good to start, I guess I can work with less

* Cheap IPs with no problems obtaining more

* Cheap remote hands since there's really not much in the RI/MA area. I will be going to school in upstate NY so I guess something around there would be cool too. I'm willing to ship anywhere though.

* Discounted/included DirectAdmin would be really nice...

* Not going to be selling IRCd stuff unless it's allowed and nice firewalls. I will probably only use it for a personal IRCd and irssi session.


* Joe's Datacenter [url]

This company seems too good to be true... they offer great services for great prices and have many good features. I also spoke to an admin who said he will be able to include a DirectAdmin license for free. They include 5 IPs right off the bat. I got about a reply in an hour at like midnight from Joe (or just another Joe) himself.. and I'm not even a customer! They do free reboots. $50 to colo our 2U with 1500GB and 100Mbit. It's 25 extra for unmetered w/10Mbit but I'm sure the admin would be willing to just offer more b/w staying at 100Mbit instead of moving to a 10Mbit port.

* FDC Servers

Great reputation.. Pretty good prices for what I would imagine to be quality service. Not much more I can say about them.. Did not ask them about DirectAdmin.


I think I'm mainly just looking for any input on Joe's Datacenter because I really think I want to start my company there. If anyone has any better offers I'm open to anything.. but DirectAdmin would be really nice... just remember that.

I'm also looking for a solution to HyperVM... LxLabs (to-be LxCenter I guess?) is now releasing it for free.. I'm not sure if it's patched yet or not though. I think I might just start with HyperVM for now since noone is going to target us.. seriously.. we are two kids with like 2 clients right now. We can always migrate later if HyperVM never takes off again.

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Starting A Datacenter

Oct 10, 2009

What if i got a really good connection to this house i have in Sweden and bought some servers there, is it a good idea and would it sell? How hard is it to get a good connection, the house is in a fairly populated area of Sweden and i have partners who could help run it and do support 24 hours.

But its just a thought and we would start small. What do you guys think?

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How Do You Find Joe's Datacenter

Oct 3, 2009

i want to know more about there service.
does any one work with them?
i need more review about them.

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Datacenter From My House

Aug 4, 2009

I just got a phone call yesterday because my house I just moved into came with a small peice of land about 3 miles away * no clue why* And a company wanted to rent it out for colocation. Is this a scam or should I do it? They said it would only hold 60 servers. The building on the land they would be renting already has backup generators emergency lights etc just no internet leading to it.

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European Datacenter

Jul 24, 2009

My company is about to start a project and need about 100 servers within 3 months. I am looking for a list of afordable and reliable unamanaged server providers from Europe. Can you suggest some? Which datacenter should I contact for such a project?

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Best Datacenter Malaysia

Aug 14, 2009

are there any datacenters in the us that got a good conection to malaysia ??
and are not that expensive like in asia itself ??

i ask it because i know some1 from malaysia and he got a ping of 450 to conect to my server ( a bit high , isnt it )

the other datacenters/company's i found are prices of 200 - 300$ for a dual core

so i was wondering if there are some cheap datacenters with some good quality to those country's

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San Jose Datacenter

Apr 15, 2008

Anyone know which providers have san jose datacenters?

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Datacenter Lanzarote

Sep 2, 2008

any datacenters on lanzarote ? my google searches found nothing (and yes i need it on lanzarote not anywhere else in spanin)

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How Much It Take To Make A Datacenter

Mar 15, 2008

I was just wondering and searching for it but i couldnt find the estimated answer, anyone who have made one or operate one can answer me.

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DataCenter In Toronto

Feb 19, 2008

I want to get a server in Toronto and am looking for some datacenter recommendations for the area. I seen a thread from last May but would like some more current info. Iíve been looking at either ColoHotel or 3z, does anyone have any experience with either of these locations? Also does anyone have any other suggestions on who to look at or who not to?

My requirements are pretty basic 100Mbit would be better then not, remote reboot, 24/7 access.

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Creating A Datacenter

May 4, 2008

I have a old pentium 2 lying around. I was actually wondering if I install a smll linux distro such as DSL linux, is there a way to make it into a fileserver only?

3 comptuers will connect to it.

My main computer and server will use the same internet (ive got a 5MBS line but right now I am just doing an expirment so I dont care if its slow.)

theres a laptop which connects wirelessly using my neighbours (i dont have wireless) so thats a whole different IP and differnt ISP.

and my dads computer which is about 3 KM away.

So I want to do it, store like a couple of word documents

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Picking A Datacenter

Apr 23, 2008

we're in the process of revamping our website and was curious what you, the customers, look for when going to a datacenter's website. Do you like seeing customer comments? Upfront pricing? Facilities' amenities? Which providers' websites do you think are good examples of what a good website should look like?

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May 15, 2008

I read a lot of positive comments about, his service, his professional and fast support, etc. but I was unable to find informations and (better) some pictures of their datacenter.

Their website come from web 0.1 (alpha) era and there are not information about this. So, if someone has more informations, I kindly ask:

Do you know some more details about datacenter structure, power redundancy, ups and, moreover, diesel generators?

Do you have some picture of this datacenter?

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How To Build Your Own Datacenter

Oct 15, 2008

I am making some business plans and having an independent datacenter is one of them. Certainly it isn't easy as leasing a space, and buy some stuff. Some of the things I have to watch out for are network activity, getting bandwidth support, power supply, get an engineering company to design the facility and a lot of stuff.

Are there any companies who handles all that? What would be the specific steps to accomplish my agenda?

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VPS In Gigenet Datacenter

Dec 4, 2008

Does anyone know of a reseller (as gigenet doesn't sell them directly AFAIK) of VPSs at the gigenet datacenter?

I need a new VPS for a new project and I'm looking at one located in the midwest and Chicago seems a perfect location. My project isn't big enough to require a dedi, but I was hoping to find a vps company who has nodes at gigenet.

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Datacenter In California

Nov 27, 2008

Is there a great webhost with their datacenter in California?

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WorldStream Datacenter

Sep 26, 2008

Does anbybody has any experience with WorldStream datacenter?

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Distance From Datacenter

Mar 27, 2007

What would be the furthest (driving time) you would want to be from the datacenter where your servers are?

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