Datacenter In California

Nov 27, 2008

Is there a great webhost with their datacenter in California?

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Sacramento, California Colocation

Jul 23, 2009

im looking for colocation services near sacramento. Im looking for the following, also i would only take unmetered...

1U Space
1Mb Unmetered

10Mb Unmetered

10Mb Unmetered

100Mb Unmetered

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Comcast Peering In California

Jul 14, 2009

Are there any co-location companies in California (preferably northern) that have a peering agreement directly with Comcast?

Not sure if it's peering or transit I should be asking about. Basically I'm trying to get the best path I can afford to Comcast customers in California.

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CoLocation Southern California

Jul 14, 2009

Are they any decent Co-Location around Southern California?

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VPS Host On California Faster For Me

Jun 5, 2008

I live in Hawaii and half my sites serve Hawaii. Webhosts in Hawaii are really expensive. Does it matter where on the mainland US that I host my sites? Would they serve the fastest if I host them in California considering it's the closest to Hawaii?

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Dedicated Server With Dc At California

Sep 5, 2008

i just need a low end server with the best possible speeds to california.

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California Server Provider

Nov 12, 2008

We're currently in need of a reliable provider in California. We're currently using ServerBeach and their LA data center but we're having major issues with their service and support (highly recommend staying away from them at all costs).

Normally we go through referrals from other data centers but we're having a hard time locating a solid provider in the California area.

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Dedicated Hosting In California

Mar 2, 2008

Anyone know a dedicated provider offering servers in California? Im looking for < $60/month.

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Finding 3000GB BW In California

Jun 12, 2008

to fire up a P4 in California to target Asia. GBLX or Sprint or AT&T transit is a must. The usage for this server would be a ~7mbps average with 5 hour daily bursts up to 20mbps(comes out to around 2300GB).

PacificRack seemed perfect for my needs, but won't answer sales emails...I've read good things, but i'm worried about signing up.

My budget is around $200, this shouldn't be a problem right?

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2 Hosting Companies: One In California And One In NYC

Dec 31, 2007

2 Hosting Companies: One in California and One in NYC..

If they have exactly the same plan ( Same servers ) at the same price and I lived In NYC would it be better ( Faster ) for my site/forum to choose the NYC host?

What I need to know is it beter to pick a host who i live closer to?

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Colocations For Southern California

Dec 12, 2007

I was also hoping if you could provide a review and pricing as well.

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Cheap Colo That Is In Southern California

Mar 2, 2008

I was wondering if anyone knew a cheap colo that is in Southern California. I am hoping to be paying under $150 month (if possible) but no more than $200 month and I need something that allows atleast 3-4 TB of transfer/month (More would be a big plus).

I currently get colo for free with the company I work for but I won't be with them forever and I would like to have a backup plan if I have to ever move my server somewhere else.

Northern california and other places near socal (arizona, etc...) *might* be ok but I would really prefer somewhere that I can drive to if need be.

The server is a regular 1U server with two HD's with a conroe based xeon 2.4 GHz dual core processor. Its power consumption shouldn't be that high.

To be honest I would love to have it colo'd at a place like as I had a really good experience with the 1.5 years or so I had a dedicated server with them before getting free colo at work but the one thing I didn't like was its in Chicago so latency is high (I like to run game-servers).

I don't have much experience with co-location although I have used a lot of dedicated servers so finding a dedicated provider isn't usually a problem for me.

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Southern California Data Center

Mar 16, 2007

Does anyone own/operate or work at a datacenter in Southern California (Riverside County). I am looking for a place to possibly colo at and even work at, I just havent found any Southern California Data Centers besides La and San Diego, and I do not really want to drive to either. Also if anyone has wanted to start one in that area but hasnt found a partner, let me know, I may be interested in getting in on a deal with someone.

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Southern California Top Notch Datacenters

Dec 26, 2007

The company that I work for in the recent year has made a few acquisitions. Doing so, means we now have clients all over the place, to be specific in multiple datacenters. We are now going to consolidate all of our servers into one location. The decision might have already been made but I would like to get some feedback. These are the top choices that our company was deciding on:

Savvis Irvine (OC2)
Savvis El Segundo
XO in irvine ( now actually)
ATT in irvine (we already have servers in this one)

Some of the datacenters we are in now:

ATT in Irvine (not bad)
Quest in Burbank
CorpColo (no comment)
Calpop (scary!)
Blacksun/OC3 (scarier than calpop)
And a few others I cannot remember. Regardless I believe this will be a big upgrade. So whatever information you can give me on the above four datacenters would be appreciated. Maybe if you know of any other top-notch datacenters in southern cali, let me know.

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Good Data Center For Colocation In California

Jul 25, 2008

what are the best options to colo one server in California?(preferably in San Francisco)

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Time Warner In Walnut Creek, California

Jul 18, 2008

Does anyone have presence here, or have any additional thoughts or info on colocating here? According to, its carrier neutral.. Would be awesome if they had reasonable pricing...datacenter 15 minutes from home!

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Server At California- Will My Sites Lag When I Login In Thailand

Oct 5, 2008

Does anyone have any experience having your server in the US and having to move over to Asia? Will my websites be too slow to work on while I'm over in Thailand?

I have my VPS in California, and I might be going to Thailand for about half a year or more. I like to know if I could still work on my websites and upload some files or would it be too lagy to work?

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Colo In Southern California (orange County)

Feb 6, 2007

provider to colocate my mid-size tower (not rackmount) somewhere in Orange County, CA. The uses will mainly be for web serving but also some game servers as well.

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Colo Service Providers Near To San Jose,california

Apr 12, 2007

I require information regarding colo service providers near to San Jose,california.I require high bandwidth for my work so that would be a major concern and also the cost should be affordable. Does anyone have any direct experience with the colo providers there?

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Data Centers In Orange County, And Los Angeles California

Jul 16, 2007

I am trying to find out all the data centers that are out there in Orange county california, and Los Angeles, California? I can not find alot of them on the search engines, or in yellow books?

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Aug 11, 2007

how the inside of a DC is but I was looking at NetDepot's.

I thought that they used rackmounts in datacenters?

Like these:[url]

These appear to me as desktops?


Am I mistaken?

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Jul 20, 2007


Which one of those datacenters would you choose your site to be hosted at?

I'm leaning towards softlayer, and then FDCServers (especially with the upgragde on august 1).

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Apr 25, 2008

Has anyone ever experienced first hand about CalPop Datacenter i hear they are good wanna see feedback from the WHT members i gotten a really good deal!

I started a poll the poll will be up for 24 hours!

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Joe's Datacenter Colocation

Aug 7, 2009

I'm looking around for a nice, cheap colo place for a Dell PE 2650 I just purchased...


* At least burstable to 10Mbit... dedi 10 is nice.. 100 is nicer..

* About 1000GB xfer should be good to start, I guess I can work with less

* Cheap IPs with no problems obtaining more

* Cheap remote hands since there's really not much in the RI/MA area. I will be going to school in upstate NY so I guess something around there would be cool too. I'm willing to ship anywhere though.

* Discounted/included DirectAdmin would be really nice...

* Not going to be selling IRCd stuff unless it's allowed and nice firewalls. I will probably only use it for a personal IRCd and irssi session.


* Joe's Datacenter [url]

This company seems too good to be true... they offer great services for great prices and have many good features. I also spoke to an admin who said he will be able to include a DirectAdmin license for free. They include 5 IPs right off the bat. I got about a reply in an hour at like midnight from Joe (or just another Joe) himself.. and I'm not even a customer! They do free reboots. $50 to colo our 2U with 1500GB and 100Mbit. It's 25 extra for unmetered w/10Mbit but I'm sure the admin would be willing to just offer more b/w staying at 100Mbit instead of moving to a 10Mbit port.

* FDC Servers

Great reputation.. Pretty good prices for what I would imagine to be quality service. Not much more I can say about them.. Did not ask them about DirectAdmin.


I think I'm mainly just looking for any input on Joe's Datacenter because I really think I want to start my company there. If anyone has any better offers I'm open to anything.. but DirectAdmin would be really nice... just remember that.

I'm also looking for a solution to HyperVM... LxLabs (to-be LxCenter I guess?) is now releasing it for free.. I'm not sure if it's patched yet or not though. I think I might just start with HyperVM for now since noone is going to target us.. seriously.. we are two kids with like 2 clients right now. We can always migrate later if HyperVM never takes off again.

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Starting A Datacenter

Oct 10, 2009

What if i got a really good connection to this house i have in Sweden and bought some servers there, is it a good idea and would it sell? How hard is it to get a good connection, the house is in a fairly populated area of Sweden and i have partners who could help run it and do support 24 hours.

But its just a thought and we would start small. What do you guys think?

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How Do You Find Joe's Datacenter

Oct 3, 2009

i want to know more about there service.
does any one work with them?
i need more review about them.

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Datacenter From My House

Aug 4, 2009

I just got a phone call yesterday because my house I just moved into came with a small peice of land about 3 miles away * no clue why* And a company wanted to rent it out for colocation. Is this a scam or should I do it? They said it would only hold 60 servers. The building on the land they would be renting already has backup generators emergency lights etc just no internet leading to it.

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European Datacenter

Jul 24, 2009

My company is about to start a project and need about 100 servers within 3 months. I am looking for a list of afordable and reliable unamanaged server providers from Europe. Can you suggest some? Which datacenter should I contact for such a project?

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Best Datacenter Malaysia

Aug 14, 2009

are there any datacenters in the us that got a good conection to malaysia ??
and are not that expensive like in asia itself ??

i ask it because i know some1 from malaysia and he got a ping of 450 to conect to my server ( a bit high , isnt it )

the other datacenters/company's i found are prices of 200 - 300$ for a dual core

so i was wondering if there are some cheap datacenters with some good quality to those country's

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San Jose Datacenter

Apr 15, 2008

Anyone know which providers have san jose datacenters?

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Datacenter Lanzarote

Sep 2, 2008

any datacenters on lanzarote ? my google searches found nothing (and yes i need it on lanzarote not anywhere else in spanin)

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