How To Build Your Own Datacenter

Oct 15, 2008

I am making some business plans and having an independent datacenter is one of them. Certainly it isn't easy as leasing a space, and buy some stuff. Some of the things I have to watch out for are network activity, getting bandwidth support, power supply, get an engineering company to design the facility and a lot of stuff.

Are there any companies who handles all that? What would be the specific steps to accomplish my agenda?

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First Rackmount Build

Nov 12, 2008

I am trying to put together a 1U server, and this is the first time I've had to deal with the space constraints of a rackmount server.

I am toying with a RAID 10 setup, which requires 4 drives, so I am looking at 2.5" enterprise drives so that I can fit 4 into a 1U rack. The problem is I was on newegg and don't see any cases with 2.5" bays. Are there kits that convert 3.5" bays to 2x2.5" or something of this nature? Furthermore, I see here:

that the 2.5" drive is inside a 3.5" brick. Can this be taken out of the mount? I don't see the point in paying extra for a 2.5" drive that only fits in a 3.5" slot.

I have read that in a 4-drive array, RAID 10 outperforms RAID 5. This seems counterintuitive to me because in RAID 5 there is essentially striping across 3 drives, and then parity on the 4th, whereas in 10, you would only have striping across 2 drives. Is this just because of the calculations involved in generating the parity?

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Colocation Build

Jul 24, 2009

I have been trying to get it to work for 3 days now, and just not having any luck at all. When I plug it in, the PSU fan comes on, and the green light on the motherboard flashes on and off. I have made sure all the connections on it are correct (to the best of my knowledge anyways, the manuals are ****) and it will not boot up.

This leads me to believe that either something is dead, or that the RAM is incorrect. All the parts I have were suggested by cwl@apaqdigital, so I assume they all will work together, but I need some help fast. Todays the last day I can RMA them to newegg.

Heres the build -
2x Nehalem E5520 - [url]
Supermicro 1U Chassis - [url]
Supermicro Mobo - [url]
2x Kingston 6GBx3 - [url]
3x 320GB WD HDDs -[url]

this RAM isnt going to work. It was suggested, but after spending 3 days looking, thats all I can think of. It looks like this mobo only supports ECC Registered or ECC Unbuffered.

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Php Build As Cgi With Exec

Apr 16, 2009

I have build PHP as CGI but now the function exec says with every command like uptime this error: [Thu Apr 16 10:28:37 2009] [error] [client] sh: uptime: command not found

This also happens when I do the command convert (yes Imagemagick is installed). Strange enough when I login with the permissions of the exame user I can do the commands through SSH without any problem.

I use DirectAdmin with custombuild. How can I resolve this? Am I required to build PHP to CLI to use the exec command?

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Branded Or Build Your Own

May 2, 2007

when you purchase your server, do you usually purchase a branded server such as Dell, HP, IBM, etc or do go and buy each component, and build it yourself?

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Server Build Checklist

Sep 15, 2006

Is there some sort of checklist of all programs and settings that should take place when building a new web server? I am outsourcing a server build to a new consultant and I know that basics of what needs to be installed but I am sure I am missing a few things, most importantly security issues.

Does anyone have an input on this or links that I might find useful?

Here is what I know needs to be built:
Free BSD
Apache 2
Mysql 5

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Auto Build Scripts

Apr 11, 2009

I am wondering does anyone know of either a program/software, and/or script that will auto build a dedicated server? For example, someone purchase my product as soon as it is verified than it starts the building process and builds the server to what they asked for, partitioning, etc.?

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SuperMicro Server Build

Nov 7, 2009

I received a chassis from SuperMicro today. It came with a translucent thin piece of plastic (about as thin as a piece of paper). The plastic has holes cut out that are roughly the same as the holes in the mother board. What is this thing? Is it just a guide so you know where to put the mounting screws?

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Upgraded To Openssl 0.9.8g But Now Can't Get PHP To Build

Feb 22, 2008

I might still be a bit too close to the newbie level to be trying this
but I wanted upgrade various components of my cpanel install for security issues.

So I got openssl to update to 0.9.8g and that seemed to be working correctly.


openssl version
OpenSSL 0.9.8g 19 Oct 2007

So now I am trying to build PHP 4.4.8 like this:


./configure --with-litespeed --with-config-file-path=../php --with-mysql=/usr --with-zlib --with-zlib-dir=.. --with-gd --with-jpeg-dir=.. --with-png-dir=.. --enable-shmop --enable-track-vars --enable-sockets --enable-sysvsem --enable-sysvshm --enable-magic-quotes --with-openssl

And it fails because of the openssl:


In function `zif_openssl_seal':
/php-4.4.8/ext/openssl/openssl.c:2885: undefined reference to `EVP_CIPHER_CTX_block_size'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

(I tried --with-openssl=/usr with no change)

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Build Apache Seems To Be Getting Stuck

May 18, 2008

I'm trying to build apache through WHM, but it gets to this point:


and just stays there. I can walk away from my computer for an hour and come back and it's still at that same point in the build.

I have WHM 11.15.0 cPanel 11.18.6-R24255
FEDORA 4 i686 on standard - WHM X v3.1.0

What can I do? I don't know if apache is building.

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Want To Build An Image Hosting

Dec 8, 2008

i have plan to build a image hosting. I will build a site using script like this . I need some advise.

I trust i will get about 7k-10k page view everyday , may be 1k-2k unique visitor, just see image on my site, not direct link.

- Of course, i will start with shared hosting. But in future, do i need to updrage vps or server ?

- Does Image hosting make server load highly, using more resource on server?

- All images is legal and have adult content, of course sometime it will have some illegal image ( will be banned and deleted )? Can HPs will allow?

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How To Build Web Hosting Business

Mar 15, 2008

how to build web hosting business..

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Data Center Build?

Mar 4, 2008

we are currently in need of someone who has had experience with Data Center build-outs. We are located in Northern California so someone in that area would be great. Does anyone here have any recommendations for someone they know or have worked with?

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Build A Hosting Coompany

Jul 5, 2007

I wanna set a server system to provide hosting services to customer. Which requirements is need?

At moment, I am having 2 servers, includes : 1 webserver and 1 database server.

All things place at my company. So Which internet lines do i need to care for this services?

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Build A Datacentre Blog

Jun 13, 2007

If you've ever wanted to know how to build your own DC, the nice chaps at Pipe Networks in Australia have been blogging about their experiences building their own.


The facilities staff at Pipe Networks is live-blogging its bid to build a new data center in just 60 days. The effort began back on April 16 with an empty room in Brisbane, Australia, and is entering the stretch run with a completion deadline of 9 am EST Friday (June 15). Pipe Networks has put the entire effort online, providing a window into the data center fit-out process with daily updates via Pipe Networks' DC3 blog, a live webcam of the data center in progress and a checklist of key items and their stage of completion.

(currently slashdotted, try again later)

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How Can I Build A Linux Hosting

Dec 8, 2007

i have my own server, a good internet provider, and i want to make my own server to host my website.Can anyone let me know what do i have to install on my computers to work as well.From what i know, i have to install:

apache, php, mysql, cpanel(is this optional? from where can i buy one), DNS (what is exactly dns)...

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How To Build Kernel For Centos

Apr 3, 2007

how can i recompile kernel for centos with following options


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Apache :: 2.4.12 Build With OpenSSL 1.0.2

Feb 11, 2015

Do you have plans for building Apache 2.4 with OpenSSL 1.0.2? One good reason for upgrading Apache to OpenSSL to 1.0.2 would be the ability to disable TLS session tickets, eq. when using PFS:

Code : SSLOpenSSLConfCmd Options -SessionTicket

Here are a few references:

[URL] ....

[URL] ....

I tried to experiment with replacing OpenSSL dlls and exe in apachein directory but that did not work, because it looks like SSLOpenSSLConfCmd configuration directive is only available when Apache is compiled against OpenSSL 1.0.2.

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Directadmin Has Custom Build, Plesk Has ...

Jun 10, 2009

I find it easy to update softwares (PHP, MySQL, phpmyadmin, Apache, etc.) in Directadmin because they have integrated custombuild. I plan to try Plesk for the first time, what is the counterpart of custombuild in Plesk?

Is it just yum with the atomicrocketturtle repo?

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How To Build Private DNS Server As OpenDNS

Aug 31, 2008

In my country (VietNam),ISP DNS server ( and is updated cache very slowly, but OpenDNS is faster. I would like to build a private DNS as OpenDNS. I want to using it which replace ISP DNS Server . What do I need more except BIND?

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Companies That Build Servers And Ship?

Mar 9, 2008

are there specific companies that build servers for you and then you have it shipped?

also how much bandwidth should one be using to consider a switch to colo from dedicated?

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Parts To Build Custom Server

Jun 19, 2007

I'm wanting to build a little custom server just to do test and things at the house. I plan on buying all the parts for this at

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Do I Have To Reinstall Firewalls, EAccelerator, Etc After I Re-build Apache?

Feb 21, 2007

Do I have to reinstall or re-config firewalls (BFD, APF, etc), eAccelerator, etc after I re-built Apache?

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How Much Would It Costs Roughly To Build A Data Center

Jun 28, 2009

How much would it cost roughly to build a data center? I am curious because in the future I may build one

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Is It Possible To Build An Automated Server That Could Record Radio From The Net

Nov 13, 2008

I run an online music archive site . Djs can upload their mixes to share and we also archive radio shows for people to listen back to.

Basically I was wondering if it would be possible to build a secondary server that could do this for me.

The secondary server could have multiple cast rippers running and could record internet radio shows, then once finished recording transfer it could send them over to my primary server to add to the website for people to download.

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