European Datacenter

Jul 24, 2009

My company is about to start a project and need about 100 servers within 3 months. I am looking for a list of afordable and reliable unamanaged server providers from Europe. Can you suggest some? Which datacenter should I contact for such a project?

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European Host

Aug 9, 2008

Now My web be visitd slowly from europe area.

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Best European Host For Adult?

Feb 26, 2009

Looking to find a Europe based webhost for my adult dvd company's hosting needs, please suggest, thanks

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Softlayer - The European View

Apr 7, 2009

This review is based on my subjective experience with this service provider. Please take into consideration that each customer experience is unique in nature and can be heavily influenced by circumstances and cultural differences. My reviews are more prone to usability aspects rather than mips and milliseconds.

This review has not been financially influenced by the provider in question.

SOFTLAYER from the European perspective


I work for a value-added reseller hosting company in the Northern Europe and take care of server provisioning, offer request and service definition for our company needs.

We have used this company for the business hosting needs for over a year - we do yearly offer rounds and move our services should the need arise. Currently we are not hosting with Softlayer.

Experience is based on one dedicated server AMD Opteron 1216 with 4GB, 2x500GB RAID1 and Plesk 100 - location Dallas and Washinton DC facility. Reviewed services; control panel, private networking, help desk, sales support


Softlayer has been in business for a while. They offer wide range of servers from single processor multicore to quad processor multicore servers. They have 3 different facilities in U.S; Seattle, Dallas and Washington DC. There are no Softlayer facilities available in Europe, but they do offer services to European customers as well. ( which is not the case with all the U.S based providers )
They offer fully automated services, an integrated control panel, developer API and wide range of software solutions for their server range plus number of other services that we have no experience with.

Privacy Policy:

Standard privacy policy with one side note; Softlayer follows the EU privacy protection laws and participates in the EU Safe Harbor program. This is more important for us Europeans; we are obliged to treat customer data in a specific way. (It's a long story, I'm going to spare you from the details)

Contract terms:

Monthly contract with server cancellation, at the latest 3 days prior the monthly anniversary. The cancellation can be done with the customer control panel. No questions asked - you do get a sales rep email and confirmation enquiry surely, for your own protection.


The server provisioning was really fast - in a few hours we had fully functioning server available with the specs as ordered and tested. This was a great service, we've had experiences with 10 day provisioning times.

Control Panel ( Customer Portal):

Softlayer customer portal is a comprehensive one. You can handle everything related to your server with a click of a button; reboots, OS reloads, reconfigurations, support requests and sales orders. One of the notable features was the ability to test firewall settings with external scanning provided by SL; easily done with a novice understandable report and suggestions.

You can give different access rights, access levels to users and share the control panel with the system administrators and support people. Overall usability of the control panel is good, navigation is simple, the screen is calm and there are no distractive elements. Softlayer has done a rather good job in handling comprehensive set of features in customer control panel.

For a beginner, the control panel can be a bit overwhelming though - it has been designed for the professional administrators with tens/hundreads of servers and whilst supporting this purpose well, a novice user would feel more confident with more narrow set of features. My preference for the novice user would be the server-centric usability focus; choose the server you manage and then the tasks related to that specific server. Help could be more easily available; there is a comprehensive knowledge base, but task oriented help is not necessarily available where the task is at the control panel.

Out of 10 points, Softlayer deservers 8,5 to the customer portal

Private Network

This is one of the brand marks of the Softlayer. They offer an excellent private network with PPTP & SSL access. The bandwidth is unlimited between you and your servers and even between your servers. You can truly shut down the external traffic to your server and still manage it from the background. The access is granted using PPTP (1 user) or SSL browser access with (Java plugin?). I used the PPTP, so the experience with SSL is limited.

This feature is free, which is exceptional. The true value comes when you have several servers with Softlayer and you interchange data between server. For single server owner this is of a less benefit, but surely a secure feature to access your server. The setup for private networking is seamless, easy to understand for a novice and wins my vote hands down

Out of 10 points, Softlayer deserves 9 for their private networking.


Softlayer network is well connected, a connection to Northern Europe is around 80 - 100 ms from the WDC data center, it is barely noticeable for standard web user. During the year with SL, we did not experience any problems with their network connections. Some minor issues with private networking side ( nothing to do with SL )

Out of 10 points, Softlayer deserves 8 for their network connections to Europe

Help desk

Support ticket system; the response times are adequate, but you can sense that there is a night in the U.S and day in Europe. The response time improves at our night time and the tone tends to get more cheerful in the evenings. The responses were always professional though, and we never had a problem that wasn't resolved in a matter of an hour. The hardware was replaced and problems solved efficiently.

Out of 10 points, Softlayer deserves 8 for their helpdesk (If I were in U.S, I might give a 9)


Like with any service provider contact their sales before ordering; you might get lucky and get unlisted offers and pricing for your server. Softlayer has a good sales staff, but the service level is not consistent . If you are lucky, you might get a sales person not the "I just working here" - type. Their sales people are cheerful, genuine problem solvers and would like to find you the best alternative - the "I just work here" will read their price list and give you exactly what you asked; ie. they might have a great offer on AMD opteron 1216, but you asked for 1212. You'll get what you asked for - not the great offer available. Reason being, "you never asked".

Out of 10 points, I give 8 for the Softlayer sales.

Server pricing

Softlayer is not cheap and not even competitive always. The have a new outlet for bargain servers, but their pricing seems to start with USD119 what ever the case or name of the bargain is. Before signing-up with them, you should always do your own shopping around.

Out of 10 points, I give 7 for the Softlayer pricing


I would suggest Softlayer to any business owner with some experience and with several dedicated servers. For the novice user, with some reservations - maybe a smaller hosting provider would be better to start with. Their technical service is professional, coherent and they certainly know what they are doing.

Softlayer has an impressive service offering, especially with their private networking, but you need to be prepared to pay for it as well.

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European Dedicated Provider Like TMS

May 12, 2009

We use in the US and are looking for a similar flexible provider in the UK / Europe. Basically looking for a reliable provider who allows you to pay down the price of the server and also allows you to pay for RAM / RAID upgrade with one setup fee.

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European Hosting Providers

Mar 28, 2009

This post is the result of a frustrating 2 week search for a decent dedicated server provider in Europe.

My conclusion is: there isn't one. At least not without paying a heavy price, often double or triple of what you'd pay with a US provider. And even at that price, you often get a service that is far far bellow the quality of service you receive with many US providers.

I simply can't believe that things that are considered rather normal and expected in the US require you to pay a premium price with many EU hosting providers. I'll list just a few:

99% Network SLA
Seriously? 99%? Most providers I see in the US have at least 99.9% if not 100%. Running a good network is essential for every hosting provider. Do they distrust their networks or are they simply incapable of managing a stable reliable network for their clients?

Hardware Replacement SLA
This is a good one. Many hosts I found either have none, or they have insanely horribly... horrible ones! One example: 8 hours within office time. So what if your server goes down on Friday night? You'll be doomed until Monday, and even then it can take them all day to fix it as far as their SLA is concerned.

Others require you to pay a premium price to get a better SLA. I saw one host that wants something in the area of 150 euros for a 2 hour hardware replacement SLA. I could get another server for that.

This is really a gem. Trying to find any sort of fully managed provider is nothing short of impossible. Many advertise it, but if you contact them and ask specific questions the answer is mostly "Huh? You want what installed / configured?". I did manage to find some German ones that provided decent answers, but they were German only.

Last but not least, I simply cannot believe the price difference I see when comparing US to EU providers. I usually find the following combinations:

- Cheap server, expensive addons, expensive SLA options
- Expensive server, cheap addons, expensive SLA options
- Cheap server, expensive addons, horrible SLA with insane price to upgrade to a better SLA

I don't understand how the EU providers expect to receive double or triple of what you pay in the US for perhaps half or one third of service.

Reading LeaseWeb support horror stories and lately a lot of Ecatel ones too I really do wonder how those companies plan to operate in several years. I'm pretty sure that if it weren't for their larger clients they would seriously reconsider the way they operate.

I have been in the hosting market for roughly 6 years now. Started from shared to VPS to dedicated. All those 6 years, the service has improved with most companies I've had business with and service expectations have also risen quite high.

However, here in Euroland it seems providers live in some sort of relaxed state where after work hours, things are not really their problem anymore until next day.

So tell me, what am I missing here? Am I nuts, or is it really such a big difference? Why is there such a big difference and what do you think will happen in the future with many big European hosting providers?

And please don't take this personal if you live in Europe. I live in Europe myself and I really tried to find a service acceptable both in price and features, but so far this didn't work out at all.

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European Colocation/Dedicated

Jun 18, 2008

We are looking for an affordable yet reliable colocation in northern Europe. We only need 1 or 2 U at this point and would be willing to lease the servers if the price was right.
We are not dumb and are willing to spend money on reliable service but we do not need a full rack or anything like that as our European business is small (only 2 servers right now with the need for a 3rd) and we do not have any aggressive strategy to grow this.

We would be interested in any deals in terms of providing space or routing services in the US in exchange for some in Europe as we are looking to form a strong partnership with a host on the grow.

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European Dedicated Server

Jul 18, 2008

I currently have 3 powerfull server (each with 8 processors and 12 GB of RAM) at Softlayer.

I'm extremely happy with their server but since my business is now 99% located in Europe i need to change to an European provider.

My softlayer server ping from Italy is 180 ms while an european server pings at 30-50 ms...

Softayer has a great administration pannel that let me do almost everything: Reboot, Manage dns, manage Load Balancer etc..and their hardware offer is defintely wide. Maybe the only thing missing at softlayer is pre-paid discount.

In my reasearch i didn't find any european provider who seem to offer a quality closer to Softlayer. Main problems are:

- lack of specific hardware
In their public price-list they don't even have 8 processors servers and load balancer.

- Extremely high Bandwidth price.
For example check the most famous italian provider prices:
5000 GB/month = 1000Ä + IVA
The same at softlayer (and at any other american provider) costs 300 Ä!

if there are european providers who offer high performances server for good prices like softlayer?

If there are not can you please tell me if i will have more or less the same performance with 2 PHP/HTTP servers each with 4 processors (served by a load balancer) instead of 1 server with 8 processors.

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European Domain Registrar

Feb 6, 2008

Can't get - is a free extension? hasn't specify any price on this domain zone.

But why? It can't be free of charge, right?

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Recommend Me A Large European Company

Oct 14, 2009

I know there are many topics asking about European hosting companies but I need some specifics.

First of all I'm going to buy a reseller account but I will only use it for my own websites. I won't sell so I don't need end user support.

I would like the company to be at least 2 years old and very large. For example Hostgator has 7000 servers but it's in Texas and not Europe(though I will get reseller account from them if I can't find a host I like in Europe).

They also should have good support and should be trustworthy.

My budget is between 20-30$. Right now I don't have any high traffic websites but I would like to be able to upgrade in the future when I have.

I also have a question. If I get a host which has Fantastico, are the programs I can install the same on every host? For example Hostgator has programs like Zencart,Cubecart,osCommerce. Are they included in every host that has Fantastico?

Linux or Windows doesn't matter.

Country doesn't matter much but I would prefer UK for English language support.

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Is One Of These Data Centers Better For European Access

Apr 23, 2008

I could go with hosts offering space in

Denver Technological Center (DTC)


Equinix Chicago

For Europeans accessing, which would be better?

Is comparing ping times sufficient or is there some more sophisticated analysis I could do?

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Page 2 - European Domain Registrar

Mar 18, 2008

Can you guess what are the most looked-after domains during the landrush period? and, no wonder

And naturally is a leading registrar for .asia domains.

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German/European Proxy Server/Service

Aug 5, 2008

I am trying to test a website and see 'exactly' what a person viewing from Germany sees. We have implemented some programming that looks at the clients IP address and then changes the content based on the region of the world they are located in.

In order to fully test it, I need to access the site via a proxy server in Europe (preferably Germany), so that the IP address will show up as originating from Europe.

I have used here in the states, but I have not been able to find one based in Germany. The site has some flash on it, so it will also need to support flash. The one proxy I found bombed on the flash.

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North America Speeds For European Hosting

Sep 18, 2008

I'm the proprietor of a high-bandwidth site, and obviously, it's important to me to get the cheapest bandwidth possible. I've looked around, and it seems like European web hosts provide cheaper prices than North American hosts.

However, most of my users are in North America. Will a server in Europe be able to deliver the full available bandwidth to users in the US? If not, how much of it should I expect?

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European & Asian Rackmount Server Sellers

Nov 12, 2007

We`re running a datacenter in Iran, So we require about 1000 1U and 2U rackmount servers.

Do you know any great rackmount seller in Europe or Asia?

* Asia is prefered because of shipping costs.

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Any UK Or European Host Accepting VPN (Virtual Private Network)?

May 28, 2007

I'm looking for a host located in UK that can accept/support vpn/tunnel connections to the VPS - creation and access to vps' /dev/net/tun (TAP/TUN device) for use with tunneling services like vtun.

I am currently a customer of, they look very good host but unfortunately they dont accept or support vpn on their VPS plans.

The bigger the list of hosts supporting vpn, the best.

Maybe hosts of other european countries too, if connection speed is acceptable.

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European Web Site Using US Servers - EU Data Privacy Regulation

Oct 11, 2008

We are developing a new web site that will be collecting private information (no credit cards - only names, phones, email addresses and potentialy addresses etc).

Our company will be based in the EU and the target audience will largely be located in the EU.

We were thinking of using some of the very respected US companies like theplanet or softlayer that have very good prices for a quality service instead of the more expensive and less flexible EU based solutions.

But I was wondering whether this would violate the EU privaxy regulations (not sure if softlayer or theplanet are part of the US Safe Harbor) or whether there would be a way to cover ourselves (e.g. special contractual binds with the provider (which i am hoping would be part of their standard SLA/T&C) or by mentioning in the Terms & conditions of our site that data will be stored in the US.

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Cheap European Server For Small Game Server

Aug 31, 2008

I've been developing a small 2D MMORPG lately. I bought a VPS to run the server on a few days ago and sadly it doesn't work so well. Sometimes the loads go pretty high (afaik not caused by me) and MySQL freezes, causing the server to just wait for MySQL to unlock, hanging all the players around on the map. Not a good thing.

Anyway, the game is very small scale, and I'm not planning to have more than maybe 30-50 players online. It does not suck up much CPU, I had ~10 guys online and loads stayed down at 0.00 on the VPS box.

Problem with getting a dedicated is our very low budget. As I'm still underage and living at home hammering my pc and don't have any real incomes, we're talking numbers like $ 30 - $ 50 USD per month - it's really hard to find for that price in Europe.

Monthly payment, $ 30 - $ 50 / month, no setup (or very small setup, like $ 20)
10Mbit/s or faster connection, 100GB traffic should do
500MHz CPU is all cool
512MB or more RAM
5GB diskspace is enough
Has to be in Europe due to ping times (< 100ms)
Linux, Debian 4.0 prefered

If anyone knows where I could get something like this for a low price, $ 30 to $ 50 USD, it'd be great.

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Aug 11, 2007

how the inside of a DC is but I was looking at NetDepot's.

I thought that they used rackmounts in datacenters?

Like these:[url]

These appear to me as desktops?


Am I mistaken?

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Jul 20, 2007


Which one of those datacenters would you choose your site to be hosted at?

I'm leaning towards softlayer, and then FDCServers (especially with the upgragde on august 1).

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Apr 25, 2008

Has anyone ever experienced first hand about CalPop Datacenter i hear they are good wanna see feedback from the WHT members i gotten a really good deal!

I started a poll the poll will be up for 24 hours!

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Joe's Datacenter Colocation

Aug 7, 2009

I'm looking around for a nice, cheap colo place for a Dell PE 2650 I just purchased...


* At least burstable to 10Mbit... dedi 10 is nice.. 100 is nicer..

* About 1000GB xfer should be good to start, I guess I can work with less

* Cheap IPs with no problems obtaining more

* Cheap remote hands since there's really not much in the RI/MA area. I will be going to school in upstate NY so I guess something around there would be cool too. I'm willing to ship anywhere though.

* Discounted/included DirectAdmin would be really nice...

* Not going to be selling IRCd stuff unless it's allowed and nice firewalls. I will probably only use it for a personal IRCd and irssi session.


* Joe's Datacenter [url]

This company seems too good to be true... they offer great services for great prices and have many good features. I also spoke to an admin who said he will be able to include a DirectAdmin license for free. They include 5 IPs right off the bat. I got about a reply in an hour at like midnight from Joe (or just another Joe) himself.. and I'm not even a customer! They do free reboots. $50 to colo our 2U with 1500GB and 100Mbit. It's 25 extra for unmetered w/10Mbit but I'm sure the admin would be willing to just offer more b/w staying at 100Mbit instead of moving to a 10Mbit port.

* FDC Servers

Great reputation.. Pretty good prices for what I would imagine to be quality service. Not much more I can say about them.. Did not ask them about DirectAdmin.


I think I'm mainly just looking for any input on Joe's Datacenter because I really think I want to start my company there. If anyone has any better offers I'm open to anything.. but DirectAdmin would be really nice... just remember that.

I'm also looking for a solution to HyperVM... LxLabs (to-be LxCenter I guess?) is now releasing it for free.. I'm not sure if it's patched yet or not though. I think I might just start with HyperVM for now since noone is going to target us.. seriously.. we are two kids with like 2 clients right now. We can always migrate later if HyperVM never takes off again.

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Starting A Datacenter

Oct 10, 2009

What if i got a really good connection to this house i have in Sweden and bought some servers there, is it a good idea and would it sell? How hard is it to get a good connection, the house is in a fairly populated area of Sweden and i have partners who could help run it and do support 24 hours.

But its just a thought and we would start small. What do you guys think?

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How Do You Find Joe's Datacenter

Oct 3, 2009

i want to know more about there service.
does any one work with them?
i need more review about them.

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Datacenter From My House

Aug 4, 2009

I just got a phone call yesterday because my house I just moved into came with a small peice of land about 3 miles away * no clue why* And a company wanted to rent it out for colocation. Is this a scam or should I do it? They said it would only hold 60 servers. The building on the land they would be renting already has backup generators emergency lights etc just no internet leading to it.

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Best Datacenter Malaysia

Aug 14, 2009

are there any datacenters in the us that got a good conection to malaysia ??
and are not that expensive like in asia itself ??

i ask it because i know some1 from malaysia and he got a ping of 450 to conect to my server ( a bit high , isnt it )

the other datacenters/company's i found are prices of 200 - 300$ for a dual core

so i was wondering if there are some cheap datacenters with some good quality to those country's

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San Jose Datacenter

Apr 15, 2008

Anyone know which providers have san jose datacenters?

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Datacenter Lanzarote

Sep 2, 2008

any datacenters on lanzarote ? my google searches found nothing (and yes i need it on lanzarote not anywhere else in spanin)

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How Much It Take To Make A Datacenter

Mar 15, 2008

I was just wondering and searching for it but i couldnt find the estimated answer, anyone who have made one or operate one can answer me.

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DataCenter In Toronto

Feb 19, 2008

I want to get a server in Toronto and am looking for some datacenter recommendations for the area. I seen a thread from last May but would like some more current info. Iíve been looking at either ColoHotel or 3z, does anyone have any experience with either of these locations? Also does anyone have any other suggestions on who to look at or who not to?

My requirements are pretty basic 100Mbit would be better then not, remote reboot, 24/7 access.

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Creating A Datacenter

May 4, 2008

I have a old pentium 2 lying around. I was actually wondering if I install a smll linux distro such as DSL linux, is there a way to make it into a fileserver only?

3 comptuers will connect to it.

My main computer and server will use the same internet (ive got a 5MBS line but right now I am just doing an expirment so I dont care if its slow.)

theres a laptop which connects wirelessly using my neighbours (i dont have wireless) so thats a whole different IP and differnt ISP.

and my dads computer which is about 3 KM away.

So I want to do it, store like a couple of word documents

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