PowerVPS & JaguarPC Feedback

Aug 11, 2007

Can you guys share your experiences with PowerVPS & JaguarPC.

Which do you think is better in terms of service and support.

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PowerVPS, Liquidweb Or JaguarPC?

Oct 7, 2007

I want to get the best available thing out there...which means:

-reliable company
-reliable service
-customer satisfaction
-FULLY managed support

After reading reviews I came down to Liquidweb, PowerVPS and JaguarPC. Liquidweb seems to be the most estabilished company, PowerVPS totally specializes in VPS solutions, and JaguarPC hmm they are certainly the cheapest of these 3.

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Any Feedback On Pie.us

Apr 19, 2007

I want to co locate 10 servers at the Pacific Internet Exchange [url] at 200 Paul street in San Francisco.

I am wondering does any one have any experience with them and how do I check A. the upstream b/w providers for pie.us B. The current b/w utilization for pie.us ?

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Midphase VPS Feedback?

Sep 23, 2007

Am considering Midphase's VPS as an upgrade from shared and after searching the net am fairly comfortable with them at this point. However, knowing that most happy/content customers usually don't think about writing a review and the dissatisfied ones sometimes do...I'm posting this question not as an opportunity to bash but to be informative.

Keeping that in mind, my specs are as follows:

1) Run 3 Wordpress blogs (one of which is picking up steam fairly fast)
2) Have 2 static sites that may see increased traffic. (At this point they do not but one is an offshoot of the blog with the most traffic so this may change)
3) Have a SMF forum setup for family that is fairly active.
4) I like to try out various scripts for review.

I'm looking for any feedback from current Midphase VPS customers or past ones. Like I said, this is not an invitation to bash them. That can be done somewhere else. I'm looking for those with experience with their company's VPS hosting.

I am presently a shared hosting customer with them on their Linux plan and would prefer to keep with Linux over windoze.

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HawkHost Feedback

Jan 5, 2009

Interested in getting the Basic plan that HawkHost offer.

Has anybody had any experience with them, and if they are a reputable host?

Their domains seem a little expensive though, might be better off registering one with name . com or somebody.

Am after a host for a personal low-traffic website and small file hosting, possibly to hotlink to forums.

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Feedback On Delimiter.us

Oct 29, 2009

Just looking for any feedback on Delimiter.us

I know they are very new but am hoping to find at least one customer of theirs on here with some info.

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Any Feedback For 1and1 DC

Nov 6, 2009

I want to buy some servers from 1&1 and I would like supporting VPS Server.

Does anybody know about this data center, if I buy a server from this DC, i can use it free for 3 month and than I have to pay it ( but it must be 12 month )

Has anybody heard from this data center and their hardware, their CPU are AMD, is it good?

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Ram Feedback From Connaiseurs...

Oct 12, 2009

I just got one that has 4GB of ram. Pretty much, off the bat, it is using 3GB of the RAM.

Does linux pre-allocate memory to be able to allocate it faster later?

Server details:

- Running Apache/mysql

- New server with no traffic yet

- R1Soft with mysql plug-in

- WHM/CPanel

- Standard FTP/Mail/DNS that comes with CPanel

Here is the info from WHM:
Current Memory Usage

total used free shared buffers cached
Mem: 3980104 3090756 889348 0 387608 2095308
-/+ buffers/cache: 607840 3372264
Swap: 6024364 0 6024364
Total: 10004468 3090756 6913712

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Toqen.com Feedback

Aug 15, 2009

I have a colo box with toqen.com for about 4 months now in their NYC data center. I was a Webhostplus refugee then went to The Planet but I went back to colo.

I just want to say how happy i am with their service and their quick responses to my support requests.

My server just went down 10min ago, and they had it rebooted within 2min.

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FDC Servers Feedback

Apr 19, 2009

Has anyone experience with FDC servers? We are looking at trying a dedicated machine to run some of our download services.

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Gigenet: First Feedback = MORE THAN BAD

Oct 18, 2008

Our website, hosted in Canada, came under DDOS attack 4 days ago and our IP immediately got null routed. I understand this action.

As Gigenet is reputed for being good there, I contacted them, among other suppliers of remote protection.

A first chat with Derek at Gigenet.com was pretty good, despite I got disconnected a few times due to my internet connection problems. Derek quickly supplied a test IP, and I sent the website there. Unfortunately (!) the attack had stopped and he could not see anything. Then I got disconnected and could not connect again before the morning
In the morning I sent an email to Derek as he was not online, asking him some details about the setup, especially technical modifications we would have to make to our scripts.

I had to wait TWO days to get a reply, more than short. I emailed him again.

I connected again yesterday on Gigenet, could catch Derek 2 minutes, he said "I reply to your email quickly". I told him we are waiting his reply to subscribe to their proxyshield protection.

After 2 hours wait, I went to the gigenet chat again and John Lee helped me a lot, replying to my questions, but the last one "must be replied by Derek", he said. Concerning the price and concrete setup. He told me that Derek will reply immediately after his conference.

I went to bed as I am in another TZ, thinking that I will get his email during the night.
Morning; NO email. And now the chat is closed until Monday. So I sent an email to "sales", asking in short if gigenet is a serious company or what. FOUR DAYS offline due to attacks!

Mister Ameen Pishdadi kindly replied me right now "We are not interested in working on this project with you as you are not being attacked on the demo account we gave you.

When you have a real attack please contact us."

What is this crap? As soon as we are attacked we are null routed and I promised my hosting company we won't connect the site again without protection!

And gigenet does not sell their program (at $1300 by month, first level!) as a PREVENTIVE action?

I am more than disappointed by this so called "good company". If somebody could tell me an email of a HIGH executive, thank you. Writing to "sales@gigenet.com" will probably be without result.

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BigVPS Feedback

Aug 9, 2007

I'm having a debate with someone over BigVPS.

They're telling me to look at their site, and that it means bad things.

I've only heard such great stuff about Ray and Colo4Jax/BigVPS. Can you guys share your experiences with them?

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Jodohost.com - Any Feedback

Sep 17, 2007

I'm thinking about using JodoHost.com

Anyone used their hosting services?

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Some Feedback-Cluster

Sep 2, 2007

I just need a bit of feedback, I currently have a forum, getting around 20-35k uniques per day.

I am currently on a Intel C2D, 4gb Ram, paying around $185/month.

Would setting up a cluster help me reduce the costs or load?

Cluster = 1 server for httpd, 1 server for mysql, 1 server for images?

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Dedicated Servers Feedback

Oct 2, 2009

In these past many years I have used 7 major data centers which provide collocation and dedicated servers.

Out of these 7 provides, what would make a client impressed?

One is off course the level of reliability, the network must be up without anyone bothering it.

Second is the level of security, when someone is bothering it, their team must be extremely responsive to provide help to restore service back to normal, it doesn't matter if there is an additional fee for it, availability is crucial.

Third would be the response time, which is critical, because this gets personal. When a client needs an "urgent" help, if the provider successfully responded the urgency in a timely manner, it will build an great sense of trust.

It's like you as the provider is storing up "trust funds" into your clients. If you keep doing this, when something bad happens, you will have enough trust funds deposited into your client's faith, so they will eventually understand the situation.

From these many years of using many major provider, I can only experience an amazing level of service from one single provider, which are always dependable and are able to respond to my inquiries within minutes, not hours.

A client expect a reply in minutes when they are leasing a dedicated server or even collocating their servers with a provider.

So far, only one seems to be able to provide such an excellent service.

This is not a rating about a particular provider, but I would like to give an input to dedicated server providers on what's important when it comes to building a good client relationship.

Willing to do an extra mile help would definitely a big plus which I also experience with the same provider.

Lastly, I would like to leave my total satisfaction review for the one provider which surpasses my expectation being their client. The one and only provider which I personally experienced an outstanding level of service is ThePlanet.

With their pricing, the level of service I received as a client is outstanding.

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Any Feedback On Host Turnkeyinternet

May 27, 2009

I see under sitepoint webhosting turnkeyinternet dot net advertising what appears to be a very food price for a dedicated server. Just wonder if anyone has any experience with them or would recommend someone else to look at?

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Feedback About Servint Support

Oct 11, 2009

i need reviews about servint tecnical support.

I'm not english motherlanguage so i usually comunicate by email. Is, for servint, the email comunication fast? Does it works?

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Feedback On Windows Hosting

Aug 26, 2009

I am currently offering Cpanel Hosting, I was looking into offering a windows based hosting solution. I was just wondering if I could get some feedback on how it is and is it still profitable.

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Feedback Of Burst.net- Billing

Feb 26, 2008

I having problem with them particular cancellation.

first, I submit an cancellation form. Then customer service wrote to me to reconsider cancel my server. So I replied my ticket and they also know I having some problem with the server that support department had wrote to me. the next day I managed to solved the problem and replied to them no need their help. A few days later when I log on to the billing system failed due to my e-mail address was not on file. So I wrote the ticket to billing department before THU 9am GMT-5 EST, Friday till sun no responded. So I wrote to support with refer to billing ticket ID and support replied to me most department like billing work only in Mon to Fri 9am to 5pm EST GMT-5. In Monday afternoon, the billing replied said my server is cancel on 07 March 08, no payment due and my billing account closed even my server is still active.

There is nothing I can do about it. If you want detail can check my web site [url]or [url] which the billing department can made this mistake for very long reply time which I not happy wrote to customer service department that I spend a lot of time effort making the server work and also other department for hard work on trying to help me providing better service to me now waiting for their reply.

I decided that you all can look a last minute visit my homepage if not a blink of an eye 7 March 08 my server will be switch off by them.

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Feedback About Cirtex Hosting

Jun 27, 2008

I'm trying to leave my old host, and consolidate all my websites into one host. I have about 5 websites, each running php/mysql with community features such as message boards and flash video.

In total on all the websites I have, i would say that the average is about 30 users online at the same during peak hours.

I need a host with the following at minimum:

# Web Server API - Apache
# Supported Operating System - Linux
# PHP Version - Minimum - 4.3.3
# MySQL Version - Minimum - 4.1
# GD complied with your PHP Build - Yes
# SendMail - Yes
# PHP safe mode - OFF
# PHP memory_limit - 32M
# Unlimited addon domains
# FFmpeg
# FFmpeg-PHP
# Mplayer + Mencoder
# flv2tool
# Libogg + Libvorbis
# LAME MP3 Encoder
# PHP file_uploads - 1
# PHP post_max_size - 100M
# PHP max_input_time - -1
# PHP upload_max_filesize - 100M

I plan to eventually move into a dedicated server, but can't afford the costs at the moment. However, I need a host where i don't have to worry about:

# my databases corrupting
# slow connections
# account suspensions for mundane things
# downtime

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Dedicatedserver.com/Verio Feedback

Apr 8, 2008

What do you guys think about Dedicatedserver.com/Verio services? I am going to have a managed dedicated server with them. Should I go with them?

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Any Feedback On Hostnine.com Hosting

Dec 23, 2008

I'm thinking of hosting a bunch of domains with hostnine.com, I'd hate to set them all up and have to transfer later to another host. I'd appreciate some feedback on them, either positive or negative.

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Any Feedback About Cirtex Hosting

Jun 26, 2008

URL: [url]

I'm trying to leave my old host, and consolidate all my websites into one host. I have about 5 websites, each running php/mysql with community features such as message boards and flash video.

In total on all the websites I have, i would say that the average is about 30 users online at the same during peak hours.

I need a host with the following at minimum:

# Web Server API - Apache
# Supported Operating System - Linux
# PHP Version - Minimum - 4.3.3
# MySQL Version - Minimum - 4.1
# GD complied with your PHP Build - Yes
# SendMail - Yes
# PHP safe mode - OFF
# PHP memory_limit - 32M
# Unlimited addon domains
# FFmpeg
# FFmpeg-PHP
# Mplayer + Mencoder
# flv2tool
# Libogg + Libvorbis
# LAME MP3 Encoder
# PHP file_uploads - 1
# PHP post_max_size - 100M
# PHP max_input_time - -1
# PHP upload_max_filesize - 100M

I plan to eventually move into a dedicated server, but can't afford the costs at the moment. However, I need a host where i don't have to worry about:

# my databases corrupting
# slow connections
# account suspensions for mundane things
# downtime

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Your Feedback On Iweb Technologies

Mar 18, 2008

For their dedicated server solution.

seems to be the best deal in town.

@ $69 / month you get to have 320gb worth of HD space!

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Feedback On LiquidWeb VPS Services

Sep 15, 2007

I am considering LiquidWeb VPS services to host my own sites (and may be to resell too). Their VPS comes with managed services. I just would like to hear from the current users about the experience they have with them.

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Dell 6224 Feedback

Sep 7, 2007

As I mentioned in a previous thread, I'm doing research on Foundry alternatives and one of the leading contenders to replace our FESX 424s is the Dell Power Connect 6224.

I've read a couple case studies and gone through the tech specs, etc., but I'd like to hear some real-world feedback from anyone that has deployed the 6224(or 6248) on their network, especially in a data center environment. How well has the switch performed when taxed, how well does it operate in a multi-vendor environment, and so on?

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Apr 30, 2007

I have rented PowerVPS servers for a couple of years now. In fact, I have a special XMS setup and one VPS.

Up to now support has been excellent. But man...over the last week there have been so many problems, and even attempts to brush me off with shoddy tech support.

Could it be they have grown too big too fast?

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Jul 20, 2007

Over the past few weeks I have been having problem after problem. What worries me is that 2 seem to get fixed then pop up again a week or so later.

3 examples

-server compromised because of an apparent OS vulnerability
-hours and hours spent removing malicious code from .htm pages
-message in forum from tech support that new OS used to rebuild servers
-server rebuilt, but on same OS as before
-tech advises that if I want to be safe, VPS should be rebuilt on newer OS

-email is down server wide
-tech fixes squirrel mail, not popmail
-I report email still down, and different tech fixes
-email down a week later

-I change password to WHM after server compromised
-suddenly I can't logon
-tech fixes the problem
-today again, I can't logon

A number of questions go unanswered .. several tickets never closed.

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Jun 24, 2007

On occasion I have mentioned problems with PowerVPS. It seems only fair that I give everyone an update. Since switching to a VPS account (several months ago) I have been very impressed. While it has meant a much bigger load for me and a steep learning curve, I now have a server that I can configure to my liking and the support could not be better. I am very very pleased with the service and the amount I have learned from the support staff at PowerVPS. I would now recommend them highly.

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PowerVPS Vs SolarVPS

Sep 25, 2007

Today, i will tell you the history of last 2 years which includes some good providers and what are their pros and cons, and if they can improve those things then everyone will benefited.

First i launch my website on shared hosting and I choose site5 for that, due to exciting pricing and features but actually features (rollback) doesn't work well and they have taken back by site5 but on my server there is some problem and that's get restarted in 10 days and downtime was around min 1 hour. But after various complaints they reduce the load on that server and then no looking back but site5 customer service is simply ok, get a response in 6-7 hours. But after 1 year load on my site increases and they asked me to please move on VPS because we can't handle so much load.. I paid them on yearly basis and they refund my whole money of the second year which i already paid in advance.

Then my second hosting service is PowerVPS, no doubt when you move from shared to VPS you will get better performance but actually I am getting the best server performance..? I have no idea because speed little bit improved and looks no other problem and i think i am getting the best after paying $120 per month when for shared service i am giving same amount for a year. But actually on PowerVPS i am hosted on lowest performance server when i am on the highest paying plan and that is revealed by the customer executive after 6 months stay. The problem with PowerVPS is the admin is very rude and can't listen to you but customer service is very helpful and gives you very prompt reply and help you in every matter. PowerVPS servers are also very prone to hacking and this can you check by searching on WHT, and they always replied server is hackable due to your script but no idea which script.. quite interesting :-) When server hacked and asked them to backup the server then they charge $85 per hour for backup your data which is too high and billing time was also not accurately logged. But in my plan 600GB bandwidth is allowed and 1-2 times i gone till 700 GB and they didn't charge anything, that's really good.

Now from last 2 months i am with SolarVPS and want to say this is one of the best i used till date and if they improve 1-2 things then probably i will be solarvps customer for long time. After transferring of data on solarVPS, many members of my site asked me what you have done on site... site is too fast now. Which is never said by anyone before when my site on powervps and my site is graphics heavy. The price is also half on solarvps in comparison to powervps. And like to mention admin is very very helpful. On some matters which i arise to check the customer service, they totally denied to do but after talking to admin the customer service done that task in a few minutes. Response from solarvps is also very prompt. But few things i didn't like about solarvps and hope they will do anything...

a) If server goes down for any reason then they must post in the forum about what's the problem but they didn't do, like few days before server goes down, even solarvps site is also not opening but actually don't know what is the problem... except some server problem.

b) They asked you to buy a extra bandwidth in advance @.25 per GB, but how anyone can calculate if they required more this month or not like on my website sometimes i used 400GB and sometimes 600GB without doing anything extra. Secondly they say otherwise we will charge $.50 per GB for overusage but customer service said when you touch 600GB then account will be blocked and have only limited access but admin said account will not be blocked and we will charge on overusage but actually don't know what going to happen because both giving different answers and also not have a bigger plan. So, why don't they give + 50GB on every account (or on client prompt payment records) and asked the user to take action within this 50GB otherwise we will blocked the access and if month finishes within that 50GB then don't charge anything. Hope they will do something soon because i am looking for a plan which gives me same service and price with better bandwidth, but i like to stay with them if they do something.

Currently i am also using hostgator.com for another website and no doubt customer service is very good and online availability at every time its awesome. If looking for shared hosting account then they are must look.

PowerVPS - 2.5 Star because of admin rude behaviour, charging high price and don't give the server as per their cost and inform the user that they are on the best config .

SolarVPs - 4 Star for nice behaviour by admin and wonderful performance by server. If bandwidth problem is solved then 5 Star.

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Dont Use Powervps

Oct 26, 2008

Last month i have problems and outgages with a node in powervps vz45 in the 205.234.106 .20 and in other threads i mention previously that server.
Last 1 october, node have a rare problem and they say in a few days they move accounts to other node.

Because a SERIOUS Problem with my personal life, this last week i dont get backups, and wednesday a thief in house stole my mobile HD (without passswords and ciphered).
The Friday my VPS crash.... and three days later they are restoring the backup... and None of the 140-180 sites yet online.

I read in other thread a more problem about they laterly, but for me is near fatal, because 33% are my best customers (i plan to migrate to other host the server the 15 of the month but for the personal thing i cant.

88 USD monthly and three days to recover the Nodes ?

No way, as soon as possible i go to liquidweb.

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