Positive SSL Certificate

Jun 26, 2008

Namecheap.com offers PositiveSSL certificate for free at the moment


I was wondering what is its encryption ability compared to RapidSSL certificate?

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XenVZ Positive Review

Jan 2, 2009

It's been almost 3 weeks, more or less, since I signed up with XenVZ (xenvz.co.uk). Sean does a good job on support whenever I put in a ticket - fast responses, always.

As for network stability, it hasn't disconnected from Quakenet (IRC network) since I've gotten it - signon 17d 20h 40m 25s ago.

As for speed, 19:36:39 (10.80 MB/s) - `100mb.test' saved [104857600/104857600] (from cachefly).

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Positive Review About HostChum.com

Feb 11, 2009

I'm a VPS customer of Hostchum.

I found good customer support officers there.

They provide about 20 hours a day live-chat service .

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Sologigabit.com Positive Review

May 11, 2009

Now I'm about two month with sologigabit.com and want to share some impressions with you.

Sologigabit was extremely helpful to me. I needed server with custom config and they ordered some hardware for me. They take only two month upfront.

While they didn't have hardware required, they set up server for me and made it available, so I could familiarize myself with a system. That helped me a lot when I started to install system later.

They didn't offered FreeBSD as available OS to install but downloaded image for me and put installation media into dvd drive, so I could install it myself. They also were helpful providing information about system while I was installing system, as I encountered some problem with FreeBSD default kernel.

I have dedicated remote APC and KVM, so I could resolve almost all my issues myself.
Running for two month with them I didn't encountered any problems, so I probably stay with them for a long time.

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Positive/negative Reviews With One.com

Sep 26, 2009

Any one have any thing to share with us regarding the one.com hosting company (located in UK)?

According to their awards page:

"#1 UK Budget Web Hosting Provider - UK Web Host Directory - June 2009"

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Burst Positive Review

Sep 7, 2009

I am a current customer of Burst for more than 6 months already and so far I am loving their service. There are very, very minor issues but it gets resolved in a timely manner. I have 7 servers with them and looking forward to expanding more. Their sales support Shawn and Benj are very considerate and their technical support Brian is very helpful, knowledgeable, polite and treats customers the right way.

Burst live chat support (AIM) is also the best I have seen with a host.

I recommend them to everybody who's looking for a reliable network and good support!

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About Site5.com (positive Or Negative)

Apr 22, 2008

I did a search on this site, and read a lot of negative things about site5.com

Is it still a 'bad'company or has their service changed?

Is it better to take a hosting with hostgator.com

Because aren't they overselling their packages: 1500 gb (storage) and 15.000 gb (bandwithe)

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VERY Positive Review- VertexHost

May 30, 2008

Thought I would share my recent experience with VertexHost.

I run a vBulletin forum and I had a VPS for over 2 years through PowerVPS. However, due to irreconcilable differences with them offering my current package at a lower price than what I was paying, then refusing to give it to me at "todays price" unless I canceled my service and transfer my data, I parted with them.

I had a "contacting spree" weekend where I contacted 23 different hosts and talked about what I was looking for (I wanted to move to a dedicated server since I figured with my community growing I might as well select a place that I could grow into)

I needed a managed server with decent specs since VB is a server intense application.

Some of the managed server "top players" I talked to were LiquidWeb, AxisHost, and RackSpace. Others were smaller companies that I had saw posted on the dedicated forum offers section.

AH took far too long to get back to me, quite a few days actually. LW would meet at a price for me (my budget was $150- about $170) at $150; however, gave me a very 'downgraded server' compared to what was being offered other places. Finally RS was just way overprices and couldn't come down to my range. Most companies gave me a round-about answer, seemed flaky, or just weren't interested in really helping me.

I had known about VertexHost because I used to host/use Infopop's Eve forum software and they were also on the forums there because they had used UBBThreads before developing their own forum software. Anyway, long story short, I decided to see what they were up to.

Billy from VH was very quick to answer all of my questions and made my sales ticket critical and a top priority. He not only told me what would need to be done in terms of transferring my forum and files (I was coming from Plesk to CPanel) but offered to do it for me.

I agreed that it would be best to have him do it, and he happily did it, free of charge I might add.

Along with transferring my forums over, he also made it so I lost no time while waiting for my domain to propagate. He set it up so the old IP from PowerVPS would send people to the database on my new server with VH.

It was such a seamless transition... my forums were down for only about 2 hours total. I might also mention those 2 hours were from a little before midnight until about 2 AM; a time when the forums are slow any way.

I don't want to get any more long winded than I already have, so in a nutshell VH not only met me on price, but they also transferred everything for me, made sure I had little down time, and were very knowledgeable about any question I had.

I cannot stress enough how highly I recommend them. I'm a loyal customer who likes to stick with what works and who appreciates my business. I do not foresee my leaving VH any time in the future. I can now sleep peacefully knowing my site is in good hands!

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Spam...false Positive

May 21, 2008

After few days of not getting even "one" spam out of average 70 messages a day...the company manager got angry! He thought the mail system is down.

Our provider - a VDS subscriber who rent us shared plan for a website - said: we changed nothing. I confirmed: did you install any new anti-spam software on the site...they said: NO.

In a next conversation with the company manager, they told him they installed a new anti-spam software on the whole server and cannot make it off for our site specifically.

The problem is, they already had a kind of anti-spam software which only "marks" spam-like messages with "**SPAM**" in the subject line, and doesn't mark others. I am afraid some customers' emails get marked and deleted with this new software they claim implemented, based on false positives.

Many times I get my emails in Yahoo and Hotmail go to Spam/Junk folder for some not-widely known reasons, like sending to myself, while putting recipients in CC, and other strange reasons like just using CC in an auto-reply!

something any non-tech person might do.

I am thinking in switching to a new host where we only host mails (mx record), so we don't have "any" email deleted without our check.

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Positive Review About Host-monkey.com

Mar 18, 2009

In this thread i would like to recommend about this company.

I was looking for a good anualy package in respectable price, and then Host-monkey offered a cheap deal and i said why not.

I just want to say that after i joined i got alot of help, anything i wanted and anything i needed.

The site contain realy good costumer system that provide many services.

After few days i decided to upgrade my plan and it was fast and courteous.

The server is realy strong and fast for me, even that im from far away land from usa.

I hope you will choose it too, you wont dissapoint.

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Very Positive Review For: Dingloo At Auroinfotech.com

Jul 17, 2008

I desperately need someone to trouble shoot and eventually fix a mySQL/PHP program we had a month ago. The problem was costing the company I do work for nearly $1,000 per day in lost money. I received 15 people contacting me off a post I made on WHT, and elected to work with Dingloo from auroinfotech.com. And what a great decision that was!

Dingloo and his associate from the get go showed great communication skills, professionalism, and most importantly... fixed the problem very fast!

I truly appreciated the work he and his associate did, and the speed in which they completed it. Our PHP script is 100% fixed (and its a very complicated PHP script) and is working great.

I love to give positive reviews, as I feel people who do an excellent job need to received praise. Thanks again Dingloo for your hard work, I truly appreciate it! You've made work around here a lot better, and we all thank you in the office!

We will continue to use your PHP/mySQL/Admin services in the very near future. I put this in the Ded. Server Forum as this included Admin work on 5 of my servers, and other Admin Duties beside programming.

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My Positive Experience With Hawk Host

Jul 27, 2008

I used Web Hosting Talk to help me choose a shared web server and the choice I made was Hawk Host.

I just want to say I have had nothing but positive experiences with Hawk Host in the two months I have had it. No down times, no slow downs. Nothing.

Today (a Sunday afternoon) I had a problem with a Moodle course I am running on Hawk Host. This turns out to be a problem not with anything at Hawk Host, but with Moodle itself. I didn't know that at the time, though, so I turned in a trouble ticket at Hawk Host.

Within an hour -- remember, it's a *Sunday afternoon*, Tony had not only gotten back to me via e-mail, he had implemented a solution that is going to solve the biggest aspects of the problem until I can get things resolved with Moodle itself.

I had to come back here to share my experience. I don't post a lot of forum messages at any of the forums I visit, but I read a lot. This time, however, I simply had to write about this. I do not think it is possible to provide better customer service than I have received at Hawk Host.

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If Mod_security Gave False Positive

Mar 11, 2008

I don't really know much about how mod_security rules work, I've just clicked on default configuration in WHM.

Anyway one user on our vbulletin board has pmed me saying he can't access the board. He gave me his fixed ip. And I noticed it is in CSF denied ip list as:

lfd: 5 (mod_security) login failures from xx.xx....
I've checked mod_security log and it has like twenty entries for this ip saying: ....

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60 Day Review - 3DGWEBHOSTING - Extremely Positive

Apr 10, 2008

--An extremely positive review of 3DGWebHosting

We now have passed 60 days with 3dgwebhosting (3dgwebhosting.com) and what had started as a VPS only endeavor continues to expand based upon the incredible level of support and technical performance we are receiving.

If you would have asked me three months ago about 3dgwebhosting I would have been unable to respond...I did quite a bit of research when we decided to switch from a shared hosting offering with some large shared hosting providers to a VPS. I contacted close to a dozen providers and inquired regarding performance, packages, support, etc. and at the end of the day there was a level of comfort with 3DG that I did not have with the majority of other VPS Providers. Don't get me wrong...there were some shining stars in the bunch but something about 3dg (beyond the great pricing and flexibility) sold me on giving them a try.

Being a serial entrepreneur I have always been partial to working with smaller (at least those that felt smaller!) customer-centric firms for all of my support services from back office to technical. This was no exception. Performance is obviously critical in the technical space but I also view customer service and attentive vendors as critical factors in vendor selection.

Well the short of it is we have been on board with 3DG for over 60 days. Performance has been top notch and the level of customer support has been unmatched by any technical services provider I have used in the past. In addition, 3DG has become a strategic partner and has provided some great insight into how to globalize our technology and incorporate our clients’ needs into our technology platform (i.e. SharePoint). I truly did not expect to see this level of involvement on a consulting front and level of customization on a technology front from a hosting provider – a pleasant surprise! Kudos to David and the 3dg team. We have many sites on the VPS but our primary is glotegy.com.

If my business provides a level of service that is worthy of praise I always hope that my clients will speak their mind and help me spread the word about what I am trying to do. With that said I cannot recommend 3DG highly enough!

Since the inception of the VPS we have also put in place a dedicated server at 3DG that is running Office SharePoint Server and will be live with a hosted solution of Microsoft Dynamics 4.0 CRM with 3DG sometime next week.

Sorry for the long post but as you can probably tell I get pretty passionate about my business and those firms who help me with my global endeavors! To sum it up...finally...3DG is attentive, customer-centric, and a valued business partner.

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Bird Hosting Windows VPS Positive, Thumbs Up Review

Dec 23, 2008


We've been having trouble with uptime and a SQL box through Lunar Pages in the past couple months and we couldn't take anymore trouble. As such, we went looking for a new Windows VPS provider. Given I'm not a Windows person by default, my daily computer is a
Mac, I needed some hand-holding for the transition.

Through the research for a Windows VPS supplier here at WHT, I selected several firms to investigate and communicate with. Principally Host My Site, Liquid Web, and Bird Hosting. After conversations with each via email and phone calls, Michael of Bird Hosting [url] quickly rose to the top.

Michael, once we informed him of our intention to move to him, had our single-domain Windows VPS migrated from LunarPages to Bird Hosting overnight. Even when a SQL access issue rose up, Michael has been quick to respond and get our support system up and running again.

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Is Immutable-bit Set On Wget An Rkhunter False Positive Or Do I Worry

Mar 12, 2008

Got this error on rkhunter 1.3.2


[12:16:24] /usr/bin/wget [ Warning ]
[12:16:24] Warning: File '/usr/bin/wget' has the immutable-bit set.

Is that a concern? What does it mean?

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Spam Test For Outbound False Positive Mail

Jul 9, 2007

I tried a little searching both in Google and on here but this is probably going to be a private or member-based thing anyway.

I've gotten a couple comments that some of my outbound personal mail is ending up in spam folders. I think it's almost completely limited to having Outlook (or Express?) as a client... which I assume doesn't even do network-based lookups. Nonetheless I don't seem to be on any blacklists, and running it through my own spamassassin filter comes up basically zero score. But the fact that more than one person has had the problem concerns me greatly. Also, I haven't seen any significant reason why the content itself would trigger anything.

I realize a public spam test service would basically be a "testing ground" for spammers to evade detection, but there's obviously legitimate uses as well... is there such a tool somewhere? Thanks for any advice. Public information sharing is key to a forum, but PMs are welcome in this case.

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Which SSL Certificate

Jul 7, 2008

I want to use SSL on my website.


I don't really get the differences (and it seems all companies offering SSL offer different types of certificates.. don't even know where they overlap)

Can someone recommend where I could get an SSL certificate and why I should choose between a $15/year one and $100+/year?

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New SSL Certificate

Aug 26, 2007

I am running a site that currently has a Geotrust SSL cert installed (Plesk 7.5.3). That certificate is about to expire and I am going with one from a new vendor. My question is, do I need to generate a new CSR before requesting the new certificate or do I use the CSR from the current one and just upload the new certificate file (overwriting the current one) when I get it?

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SSL Certificate

Jan 18, 2007

how i get SSL certificate on my online shopping site?

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Which SLL Certificate

Jun 20, 2007

Which SLL certificate would be needed if I was just setting up a site that accepted payments? Also, were would be the best place to buy one?

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Ssl Certificate, Sub-domain

Sep 8, 2009

i just got this ssl certificate but i have some doubts how exactly should i set up the whole magic. i created the secure.domain.com which suppose to be the sub-domain for the login page which means when user decide to sign up/login to immediately transfer to the ssl state(sample: see ebay.com and then their https login page). so, far the home page which is domain.com(or www.domain.com) it doesn't need to be covered by the ssl. so, i was just wondering how do i play the game? i know it's kinda tricky and the key is somewhere in the sub-domain name(cP set up), .htaccess and/or index.php files but not very clear to me.

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Suggestions For SSL Certificate?

Oct 29, 2009

My online store is almost ready to publish and Im trying to work my head around this SSL thing.

So through reading on here Ive determined that only the cart or PII areas need to be secured, not the entire site.

My host provided a free SSL cert but I discovered that it is a domain verification SSL only and there is no "clickable seal" or business verification. Verification is important however Im not sure I need an EV cert (nor that I can afford it).

Im looking for business verification, clickable seal, 128/256, 2048bit, free reissue.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a SSL cert and what I might need? There was someone in the ads forum offering a GlobalSign OrganizationalSSL cert for $100yr. Does this seem like a good deal? There isnt a lot of feedback about GlobalSign on the net.

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Renew SSL Certificate

Jun 24, 2009

anyone can tell the right way to renew SSL certificate? if possible, a way that won't be alerting users that the certificate has changed

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How To Choose SSL Certificate

Jul 16, 2009

I am now in process of choosing ssl certificate from certificate authority for one of the sites I administer and I got confused.

I visited numerous sites offering certs and I concluded:

- I don't need EV certificate

- 128 bit certificates can vary in price at different providers from $25 to $100 and higher

- some sites are offering 128 bit at lower price and 256 or 515 bit certs at higher prices

I don't understand why are some certs so expensive? Doesn't 128 bit cert form any provider at any price provide the same level of security?

I thought 128 bit encryption is unbreakable. Why do someone buys 256 or 512 bit cert at higher price?

Some of those more expensive certs are offering "higher level of security", warranties... Is that only marketing or there is some real value behind additional features?

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How Do I Restore Ssl Certificate

Jul 13, 2009

How do I install an SSL Cert with just the .key and .crt in root WHM?

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SSL Certificate Self Signed

Jun 7, 2009

I got a plesk VPS and purchased SSL from GoDaddy. After I installed it, I was getting an error message from firefox about “SSL is self signed”. I obviously did something wrong, but what?I first logged into the SSL certificate section and created a new one...

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Creating An SSL Certificate - Www Vs No Www

Apr 25, 2009

When you create a SSL certificate for www.mydomain.com vs mydomain.com, is the "www" vs "non-www" decided when you generate the CSR (for example, in cpanel/whm)? Or is it "decided" when you actually purchase the certificate?

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Certificate For Dovecot On

May 7, 2008

i recived below email from my server!

what is this and what should i do i don`t use any SSL

Certificate for dovecot on server.test.com was expired and a self signed one was created to replace it. You should install a new certifcate as soon as possible to replace the self signed one that was installed to replaced the expired one. You can install a new certificate in WHM under "Manager Service SSL Certificates", or by clicking this link: [url]

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Install An Ssl Certificate

Jun 23, 2008

i have to install a ssl certificate for one of the websites on my server, i have openssl installed on a centos 5.1 with whm/cpanel i have found this comand to generate a CSR but didnt work dunno what im missing...

openssl genrsa –des3 –out www.mydomain.com.key 1024

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Certificate For Dovecot On

May 8, 2008

i recived below email from my server!
what is this and what should i do
i don`t use any SSL

Certificate for dovecot on server.test.com was expired and a self signed one was created to replace it. You should install a new certifcate as soon as possible to replace the self signed one that was installed to replaced the expired one. You can install a new certificate in WHM under "Manager Service SSL Certificates", or by clicking this link: [url]

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