PHP And MySQL App To Test Host Performance

Jan 26, 2008

I have the hatchling plan on HostGator. Is there a PHP and MySQL open-source application where I can put up there to test its performance on running PHP and MySql applications? I want to see if there is any performance issue on this host before migrating a large ZenCart app to it.

What are people's experience on HostGator running PHP and MySQL?

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Methods To Test Server Performance

Nov 2, 2008

I have LAMP -server running and I was wondering how to test it's performance.
So is there any good tools for that? I'm interest how many http queries my server could handle etc.

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Web Server Performance, Load, And Stress-Test Tool

May 25, 2008

Is there a website/tool/software I can use for testing my web server performance?. I need a server based solution because I don't have enough bandwith to run it from my pc.

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MySQL 5.0 Performance Better Than 4.1

Jan 7, 2007

I am considering to upgrade to MySQL 5.0. I am using 4.1 at present. Now I wonder if it will really improve performance... I really have some busy databases... Also wonder if 5.0 is fully downwards compatible to 4.1

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MySQL Performance

May 24, 2007

I have a site that runs from a MySQL database. The database isn't big, it has only 16.1 MB on 17 tables with 103,978 records, and all are properly indexed.

My problem is that my MySQL has a particular problem with this database because I'll have to wait around 5-10 minutes to receive the query results.

I've tuned MySQL, I've tuned Apache and in the daily usage i have usually low Load Averages of 0.19 0.22 0.40. My server specs are Intel P4 at 3GHz with HT, 2Gb of RAM (in dual Chanel), 2 Hdd of 250Gb (backup) and 300Gb (main hdd), both with 16 mb cache. I'm running Debian 3.1 with 2.6 kernel and there is no swapping to disk as i had previous on the 2.4 kernel.

I will post my.conf below and maybe you'll give me a suggestion.

# The MySQL database server configuration file.
# You can copy this to one of:
# - "/etc/mysql/my.cnf" to set global options,
# - "/var/lib/mysql/my.cnf" to set server-specific options or
# - "~/.my.cnf" to set user-specific options.
# One can use all long options that the program supports.
# Run program with --help to get a list of available options and with
# --print-defaults to see which it would actually understand and use.
# For explanations see
# [url]

# This will be passed to all mysql clients
# It has been reported that passwords should be enclosed with ticks/quotes
# escpecially if they contain "#" chars...
# Remember to edit /etc/mysql/debian.cnf when changing the socket location.
port= 3306
socket= /var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock

# Here is entries for some specific programs
# The following values assume you have at least 32M ram

# This was formally known as [safe_mysqld]. Both versions are currently parsed.
socket= /var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock
nice= 0

# * Basic Settings
user= mysql
pid-file= /var/run/mysqld/
socket= /var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock
port= 3306
basedir= /usr
datadir= /var/lib/mysql
tmpdir= /tmp
language= /usr/share/mysql/english
# For compatibility to other Debian packages that still use
# libmysqlclient10 and libmysqlclient12.
old_passwords= 1
# Instead of skip-networking the default is now to listen only on
# localhost which is more compatible and is not less secure.
# * Fine Tuning
key_buffer= 32M
key_buffer_size= 32M
max_allowed_packet= 16M
myisam_sort_buffer_size = 32M
table_cache= 3072
sort_buffer_size= 4M
read_buffer_size= 4M
read_rnd_buffer_size= 4M
join_buffer_size= 2M
thread_stack= 512K
wait_timeout= 300
max_connection = 60
max_connect_errors= 10
thread_cache_size= 100
long_query_time= 2
max_user_connections= 50
interactive_timeout= 100
connect_timeout= 15
tmp_table_size= 64M
open_files_limit= 3072
max_heap_table_size = 64M
# * Query Cache Configuration
query_cache_limit= 2M
query_cache_size = 64M
query_cache_type = 1
# * Logging and Replication
# Both location gets rotated by the cronjob.
# Be aware that this log type is a performance killer.
#log= /var/log/mysql.log
#log= /var/log/mysql/mysql.log
# Error logging goes to syslog. This is a Debian improvement :)
# Here you can see queries with especially long duration
log-slow-queries= /var/log/mysql/mysql-slow.log
log-queries-not-using-indexes = /var/log/mysql/mysql-index.log
# The following can be used as easy to replay backup logs or for replication.
#server-id= 1
log-bin= /var/log/mysql/mysql-bin.log
# See /etc/mysql/debian-log-rotate.conf for the number of files kept.
max_binlog_size = 104857600
#binlog-do-db= include_database_name
#binlog-ignore-db= include_database_name
# * BerkeleyDB
# According to an MySQL employee the use of BerkeleyDB is now discouraged
# and support for it will probably cease in the next versions.
# * InnoDB
# InnoDB is enabled by default with a 10MB datafile in /var/lib/mysql/.
# Read the manual for more InnoDB related options. There are many!
# * Security Features
# Read the manual, too, if you want chroot!
# chroot = /var/lib/mysql/
# If you want to enable SSL support (recommended) read the manual or my
# HOWTO in /usr/share/doc/mysql-server/SSL-MINI-HOWTO.txt.gz
# ssl-ca=/etc/mysql/cacert.pem
# ssl-cert=/etc/mysql/server-cert.pem
# ssl-key=/etc/mysql/server-key.pem

max_allowed_packet= 64M

#no-auto-rehash# faster start of mysql but no tab completition

key_buffer= 32M
sort_buffer_size= 32M
read_buffer= 16M
write_buffer= 16M

key_buffer = 32M
sort_buffer_size = 32M
read_buffer = 16M
write_buffer = 16M

I thought that i might need to start rewriting my code in order to be able to fix things but i need at least another opinion from someone who knows more.

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Dedicated Host With GoDaddy Performance

May 8, 2008

We've been using GoDaddy as our dedicated host for about 2 years now. Throughout this time our performance with them has slowed. We have 2 eCommerce websites that receive moderate traffic but not outrageous and a few personal websites for ourselves that get roughly nil. Our entire server uses maybe 60GB of traffic a month as reported by plesk.

A fairly consistent problem we have however is page load time. Our server's CPU load reported by uptime is usually very low in the 0.05-0.15 range even during peak hours. So we doubt that the CPU is the problem. Additionally I have tried saving a static copy of our index page and uploading it to another part of the server and the load time between the static and dynamically generated page appears to be identical.

It appears as though our server allows at max 1-2 connections a time per IP address, or perhaps even globally, to receive data at one time. If I load our index page which is fairly image intensive it takes quite some time for the page to load in. It appears as though 1-2 images at a time are typically loading and that's about the limit. My ping time to the server is usually 50-60ms which really doesn't seem too bad to me, or perhaps I am wrong. If I hop over to a site like Google News however their front page contains probably 50 images and they seem to all load in a matter of moments and my ping to is actually worse than my ping time to my own server.

For the lifting our server does I feel it's fairly beefy even given that it's a machine approaching 2 years old. It's a P4 3GHz w/ HT, 2GB RAM, 120GB RAID1 HD. The machine we had prior from another host was a Duron 1400 (iirc) w/ around 512MB RAM and 60GB HD and it didn't stumble on these tasks the way our server with GoDaddy has - again leading me to believe it's either some configuration option or is it just the quality of the GoDaddy network that is leading to these slow load times or page timeouts all together.

We recently purchased a new server with GoDaddy a few months ago and are preparing to migrate our current server to the new box - however given the worsening problems with load times we are simply considering moving elsewhere if it's not something that can be fixed with a config file or in Plesk.

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MySQL Performance Benchmarks

Jun 15, 2009

I have published 2 articles about MySQL benchmark results. They can be viewed here:

- super-smack: [url]

- sql-bench: [url]

If you have any results to compare, please let me know, either here or via comments.

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HD Performance With MySql On 2nd Drive

Aug 5, 2008

question regarding hard disk performance.

Right now i have a busy running forum Running on a Single Xeon 5335 with 4GB of RAM,

single 73GB SCSI 15K. And the site seems running fine most of the time except at peak.

The load sometime goes up to 8 for about 1 hour. So i am looking to upgrade my server.

The next server i am thinking about is

Single C2Q 9300, 8GB of RAM, 1x750GB SATAII as primary drive for for webserver, 1x150GB Raptor 10K to serve MYSQL only.

I wonder if the HDD performance on my current server server with future server be the same of better? Since the future server has better CPU and RAM, the only thing i worry is the HDD performance.

So in short, Single SCSI 15K V.S Combination of SATA + RAPTOR. What do you guy think?

i am using Litespeed as webserver and i also will be using litespeed on future server.

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Performance Gain In PHP 5 And MySQL 5

Nov 26, 2007

I was wondering if there is a significant performance gain if you use PHP 5.25 and MySQL 5x instead PHP 4.47 and MySQL 4.22?

Let's say that the scripts to be used are all compatible to the said versions.

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MySQL Performance Regression

Nov 8, 2007

I've decided to give VPS a shot. So...

I'm runnning the same query on a 1 & 1 VPS, where the MySQL server is local, and on a 1 & 1 shared server (where the MySQL server is remote).

The MySQL version on the VPS machine is 4.1, while on the shared server it's 4.0.

The exact same query takes 20x longer (!) on the VPS.

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Improving Performance On IIS - PHP And MySQL Apps

Sep 21, 2007

I'm having some performance issues on IIS with my PHP and MySQL applications. I'm also starting to see some errors.

One of my main apps is vBulletin. I've tried posting there for help, but not many people there have experience with IIS.

See this thread:

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Best Processor For Superior Mysql Performance

Feb 4, 2007

Which Is better and would give me better mysql Performance since mysql eats up huge amounts of CPU and RAM.

AMD 64Bit 3200 Or a Intel Core 2 Duo 1.86 GHz

I know theres many other factors involved but I need to know which processor would perform better with mysql.

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Shared Hosting With Good Mysql Performance

Jun 7, 2008

I'm going to be rolling out a php/mysql driven site soon and I'm pretty much resigned to the fact that the mysql performance dreamhost has given me isn't going to cut it, its probably too oversold. Simple one table one column selects can take 30 seconds or time out depending on how badly the server is being hammered. HTTP requests are usually snappy, but the mysql performance is bogus.

What is a good host for me to launch this site with? Storage wouldn't need to be too terribly high, at least initially. I'm tempted by MediaTemple's slick marketing, but I've seen on here that some people have had poor sql performance (contrary to what some personal friends have experienced, so I'm torn). I was reading about downtownhost on here, but their load times seemed slow when I hit a couple domains listed on here that are hosted by them.

This host needs to be located in the US. Honestly, I like dreamhost and their panel, save for the sql sluggishness I'm getting.

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Mysql Delayed Writes Performance Boost, Worth The Risk

Jul 19, 2007

During my poking around performance tips I found the DELAY_KEY_WRITE option (and innodb_flush_log_at_trx_commit = 0 for innodb)

which supposedly for mysql will disable the immediate disk flush for every transaction written and instead update only once every second at most?

One thing I've never had to restart on my vps is mysql, it's been great. So is this safe to turn on? Am I risking corruption? Will the performance gain be worth it with only a 16M cache?

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: Enable To Create New MySQL Database Server - Test Connection Failed

May 7, 2015

I freshly installed Plesk 12.0 on Ubuntu 14.04. Everything works accept the MySQL database creation.

When I try to create one, i get this error :

error: the test connection to the database server has failed because of network problems: connection refused...

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Why Asking For A "test File" Is Not A Reliable Way To Shop For A Host

Jun 1, 2009

I did not put this under the tutorial section because it is not comprehensive enough. Its just a simple rant.

Those of you shopping for a host come to this forum, and are often given the advice to ask for a "test file" to download.

1) Hosts who offer test files will most likely put the file on their fastest server, not the server where your site will actually be hosted.

2) If they have servers in multiple data centers, they will use the one that is the most well-connected, not necessarily the one where your site is going to be.

3) Even if your account is assigned to the same server as the test file, what does your ability to download a static file actually prove? A test file does not show how well a server is going to perform, which is usually the biggest factor in page load times.

4) Barring all the above, and assuming your site is going to consist only of static files, most web site visitors are not all in the same area, so your results may differ from the rest of the people visiting your web site.

A test file can be helpful in rare circumstances, but as a potential customer you would have no way to really know whether your download is a true test of what you can expect, so it is best not to rely on something like that unless you are downloading it from your own hosting account with that host.

The only way to really know how a host is going to perform is to try it out. This is why hosts offer full money-back guarantees and free trials.

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JaguarPC Performance VS. LiquidWeb Performance

Jul 13, 2007

I am using dreamhost host 3 of my web sites and 1 blog. Dreamhost is great, offers alot space and bandwidth.

but I think they are oversellling their space, sometimes it gets really slow. (overselling ? ok, I dont really know, but sometimes its really slow, and most my asian readers said need to refresh to load the page. I am wondering if theres a way to check if they are overselling or not.)

I am thinking about buying vps, even tho, I still got 5 month left with dreamhost.

I found 2 vps companies are highly recommanded on this forum, JaguarPC and LiquidWeb.

theres already a post compared both companies in terms of price and service. I say I will pick JagarPc, cuz, its basic plan just 20 USD, and htey got promotion now, its even cheaper. and basic Liquidweb vps plan is 60 bucks.

I am wondering why Jagarpc is so cheap , are they overselling? how can we check if they are overselling.

I found a few posts saying how good jaguarPc is. and they are not overselling, but those members just signed up this month, and only have 1-3 posts. I cannot really trust those new members.

Can someone share their experience with JaguarPC? compare JaguarPc performance and liquidweb performance. antoher question is switch from dreamhost to JaguarPC basic vPS plan, will performance gets better?

last question: VPS account allows 3 IP, 3ip = 3 domains? if not, how many domains can I have?

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Best Host For ASP/PHP/mySQL

Feb 24, 2009

My current web host (SectorLink) has been acting flaky lately so I'm in the market for a My requirements are at least 6GB of space, the ability to run multiple websites on the same account (I'm currently at 7) and ASP, PHP, and mySQL capabilities. I'd also like the price to be competitive with what I'm currently paying ($11/month) though I'm willing to go up a bit.

I'm currently looking at 3 hosts, but I'm open to any suggestions. My short list right now includes:

HostGator - Not a Windows host, I know (though they're working on Windows plans), but they do offer ChiliSoft ASP capabilities. This host would give me unlimited space and domains for $14.95 per month.

AllReseller - This host would give me 50GB of space and unlimited domains for $11.95 a month.

Aspnix - This host would give me 10GB of space and 7 domains for $7.77 a month.
Has anyone used any of these hosts? What were your experiences with them? Could you recommend any other hosts? Side Question to any classic ASP developers out there: Have you used ChiliSoft ASP and, if so, how good is it at running scripts originally written for IIS?

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PHP 5.2.x & MySQL 5.x Host

Aug 27, 2008

host with PHP 5.2.x & MySQL 5.x.

- under 10$/month (monthly payment)

- at least 15 multi sites allowed.

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Better Mysql Host

Jul 4, 2007

my site is mainly based upon mysql ...mean I need to insert 25-30 mb data everyday .I saw several webhost saying 5 gb space ...does it mean i can store 4.5 gb data in mysql ? lets take that i will use only 0.5gb to store file&codes.

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Mysql And Ms Sql Host

Nov 7, 2007

I am trying to find a reliable host that can provide both mysql and ms sql for the same site. I know this is not how the site should be designed, and a complete redesign is in the works to streamline everything to mysql, but for now I need a host that can provide both. Our current host is absolutely horrible ( as there is an excessive amount of downtime (typically a few times/day for various periods of time). Thus far the only one I have been able to find is Mosso, but it seems a lot of people on here are anti-mosso, or have had problems with mosso.

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Best Host For Legacy Php < 4.47 And Mysql <4.1.21

Aug 3, 2009

Looking for linux and the above, on shared or virtual plan. A number of sites will be on the account and can run sites without 'www' .

phpmyadmin, real FTP's (non anonymous), SSH/SFTP access, decent uptime, spam filters and support in place. No outsourcing of support, and they house their own servers.

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Remote Mysql Host ...

Apr 24, 2008

but first, is it a good idea to have mysql on a remote server? let's say my app makes about 400 reqs per second.

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Mysql Cluster Host

Nov 16, 2008

I there any good shared or reseller host that has clustered mysql servers facility?

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Best Host For PHP, MySQL Sites

Feb 27, 2007

I am reading the BYO Database Driven Website Using PHP and MySQL and I am ready to play around a bit. I was wondering if anyone could recommend a quality provider with this language. I have had problems with some in the past when using Joomla so I am trying eleviate that problem from the get-go.

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Best ColdFusion Host W/ MySQL

Oct 11, 2007

I've been with CystalTech for a while now. They're descent, but expensive.

I've been hearing a lot of good things about HostNexus.

A friend is recommending intermedia, but they don't offer MySQL.

This is for mission critical stuff, but I can't afford dedicated. The stats don't justify it to the powers that be.

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Max MySQL Connection On Shared Host

May 31, 2009

What is the standard number on maximum mysql connection on most shared host providers and which one give the highest number.

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Host That Allows MySQL Backup/restore Via FTP

Sep 24, 2009

I need to get the h3ll away from Godaddy, fast!

However, my site has a large MySQL database (200 megabytes) and it's impossible to backup or restore via phpMyadmin. Godaddy has a feature on their control panel, where you can restore/backup your MySQL database to a special diretory on your web http file space, which you can upload/download vis FTP. I use this alot.

Is there any other web hosting company that offers such a feature? I haven't seen this anywhere except on Godaddy.

As to why I need to get away from Godaddy:

Basically what they did was, my site was getting too much traffic (even though it's still well under Godaddy's advertised limits for that plan)... so they sent me an email that says:

"Your site is using too much server resources. We have moved you to a new server to protect our other customers. Please identify steps to reduce your site traffic and contact us."

They moved my site to what is, apparently, a punishment area (Godaddy Hell) where all the high volume sites go. It is so extremely slow, my site might as well not exist... it is inaccessible to my visitors for all intents and purposes.

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Shared Host , Reliable Mysql

Apr 16, 2009

I know there are a million "looking for cheap shared hosting" threads. Hopefully my particular values/interests justify a new one.

I'm a (mostly PHP/MySQL/CMS) web developer, using Dreamhost for years (perhaps DH was better back then) to host staging/development sites for clients (once I've developed a client site, I usually make them get their own host somewhere more reliable), as well as for low-traffic sites, transferring files, etc.

What I don't like about Dreamhost:

a) SLOW. my guess is this is 25% web server overselling, and 75% MySQL server overselling. My simple sites are tolerably slow - including lightweight php/mysql sites (textpattern CMS, etc.) - BUT my Drupal and Silverstripe and ZenCart experiments are intollerable (5+ second page loads).

b) funny ownership policies - I can't (easily) create a client FTP user that is restricted to one of my subfolders. Each user = exclusive file/folder ownership.
c) not much else. I seem to get a-little-too-frequent DNS problems/outages, and used to get a-little-too-frequent server lock-ups... but I don't expect perfection from a cheap host. And of course I send my mail through google apps, I wouldn't trust a cheap host with my mail.

What I like about Dreamhost:

a) the control panel functionality. Yes, it's ugly, but god it does a lot of nice stuff that cPanel doesn't (and frankly, cPanel is usually ugly too).

b) the usual: a very low price for unlimited domains, unlimited mySQL, and huge storage.

So, who is my next low-cost host?

a) Interested in MySQL performance/protection - perhaps hosts that put MySQL [and mail] on separate servers, like DH, but don't overload them!?! Do I need to worry about this?

b) I wouldn't mind moving to a reseller account

c) I'd like a progressive control panel; I have clients on medialayer - who use directadmin (nice) - but their pricing structure is a bit tight on domains/db/storage. [As an aside, medialayer provides excellent shared hosting performance/value/support, if you don't need a lot of domains/db/storage]

d) I'd like to stay in the $10-20ish a month range

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MySQL Host - Max_user_connections Exceeded

Oct 30, 2008

I am getting the error "max_user_connections exceeded" for database user "xxxx". So every time this happens I have to feed a new database admin login to my script.
There is nothing wrong with the script since it is very popular membership script. I think my host just allows low number of "max_user_connections". please advice me on a host that allows higher number of "max_user_connections"

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Which Host For Website With MySQL Database

Apr 19, 2008

have just had a website created for me where I can store my photos on. It uses JSP + MySQL for the databse which stores the photo IDs, photo location etc. I want to get it up and running on the net but have no idea how to do this!

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