Network Solutions As Hosting Service

Jan 3, 2009

Any comments on Network Solutions as a hosting service?

I have never created a website and would rather not have to deal with coding and all that stuff. I planning a very basic site, but I want it to look good.

It seems Network Solutions has a really nice and easy-to-use web page software package.

But then again I have no idea what's really going on.

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Network Solutions Offers VPS Hosting

Sep 26, 2007

the original domain registrar itself finally joins the VPS fray. Just saw this on their website:


After roughly a year or so (I think) of offering the hosting we all know, looks like they've finally decided it's time to take the next step.

(to think I'll be moving my domain name away from them next month...)

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Network Solutions Shared Hosting Hacked - And How To Fix It

May 14, 2009

Just wanted to share my experiences with you once again. There are a select number of companies on this planet that really seem to go out of the way to be obnoxiously bad at their jobs. Comcast, AIG, United Airlines - the familiar litany. Well, my experience with online hosting would put Network Solutions right up there with those in competition for the title 'Worst Company in America.'

Here's the current problem. Yesterday, May 14, 2009, at about 6:00AM, one of my users reported that my site had come up with a malware/virus alert on his computer. This was odd, as I am not a malware host. Further, my work computer had been infected the day before, though I had only visited reputable news sites; and my own site.

Lo and behold, upon investigation I found that my site had been hacked to carry the FakeAlert-CL trojan, which had the effect of causing my computer to pretend it had been badly hacked to get me to buy some spurious anti-virus software. Essentially, buying "protection" in the Mafia sense.

Luckily for me, this is not my first rodeo with Network Solutions' laughable excuse for security. This exact same thing had happened 18 months or so ago. I realized then that a worm had infected NS's shared hosting servers, and had changed every file with "index" anywhere in the title to include an < iframe > tag linking to a malware site (from which the computer would be infected).

So here's my workaround. I downloaded and repaired the three index files which control my site. I then deleted the infected files, and re-uploaded clean ones. Being prudent, and having experience with this, I also uploaded *backup* copies with different file names. This proved wise. NS has now been hacked 3 times in the last 18 hours in the exact same way. Each time I get hacked again, I simply delete the infected 'index' file and rename my backup to replace it, then upload a new backup for later use.

Some notes: this has affected my entire Movable Type system by corrupting the templates. However, it attacks only the base index.php file; if you simply fix that one file, then rebuild your Movable Type database, the offending code snippet will be removed. Secondarily, some sections of my site (my bulletin board, for instance) do not have 'index' in the title of their operative files. If I could remove every index file from my site and rename them, I would, but unfortunately too many of the components are hard-wired for that name. Finally, I tried CHMODing the index files to 444, which should have prevented even an Administrator from overwriting or changing them, but it had no effect.

So, back to NS. I contacted a person from NS' marketing department (who contacted me after I posted a previous complaint on this board) and let him know that I had been hacked. He told me he was referring me to "third level support" (meaning what? they speak better English?). I have since been hacked twice more, and have emailed this same PR guy both times. The last time I asked for a phone call; no shock, I have not yet heard back. Maybe this post will prompt a response.

At any rate, to those of you experiencing this with Network Solutions, hopefully my solution will help you. To those of you considering a hosting provider, DO NOT CHOOSE NETWORK SOLUTIONS.

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Network Solutions - Would You Pay To Go Elsewhere

Jun 20, 2008

I impulsively signed up for 2 years of web-hosting at Network Solutions @ $89 /year, thinking I was covered by their 30 day money back guarantee. Normally I due a little research but I was actually calling them about another matter and made an (uncharacteristic) impulse decision, thinking I was covered by the money back guarantee. Reading the fine print today, their user agreement says it will cost $24.95 per contract year (x2) to cancel. In addition to this bit of marketing shenanigans, a additional bit of research seems to indicate that they are not exactly a "preferred host" among experienced users.

Q's - Is it worth $50 to walk away from NetSol and start fresh with a new host? Although I'm a newb with simple hosting needs, I still get just a frustrated with poor customer as the next guy. Am I likely to encounter any added grief, compared to other hosting options, by staying with NetSol?

FWIW - I will need hosting for four small sites, two that are nothing more than "multi page" splash pages and two will be new vBulletin powered sites. The vBulletin sites will start simple, but hopefully progress as my skills and traffic grow. While I recognize my needs are modest by any standard, I don't want my learning curve with vBulletin (and as a first time Site Administrator) to be hampered by a mediocre host and/or customer service.

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Bluehost Vs. Network Solutions

Nov 2, 2009

New to the board, although I've looked through it for awhile. This is my first post. My company currently hosts internally and plans to move to external hosting. What's your take on Bluehost vs. Network Solutions for shared hosting?

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Network Solutions Monkey Buisness

Feb 6, 2008

My boss sent me a link to a story about Network Solutions scamming people into paying their inflated rates for domain registration. I don't know if this has been covered here before, but i thought I would spread the word just in case. There is already a discussion on it on Sitepoint.

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Server Outage At Network Solutions

Aug 16, 2008

I'm kind of annoyed. Not so much the server outage; I know those happen.

What is annoying me is the inability to get anyone on the phone.

I've been calling each of their 4 numbers in succession for the last 45 minutes. Finally connected with someone who has no idea what's going on, only that it is allegedly affecting their entire customer base. Man, if you're not going to answer the phone, at least put on a voice message, or maybe a banner on your Account Manager page.

their site didn't go down, just the ones they are hosting.

I'm a newbie at this so, for the vets, if you are experiencing a server outage, how long do you give your hosting company to give you an answer before getting "assertive" on the phone.

It's not a big deal to me since currently I only use my site for email. However, there must be some folks losing a bit of cash by being out of commission for an extended period of time.

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Network Solutions - Locate Files Outside Of Doc Root

Apr 24, 2008

if anyone knew if with Network Solutions advanced hosting package on unix there was a way to store the documents outside of document root? If not is there a good way to secure a folder/files that is in the document root from users?

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Webhostforasp And Other Hosting Solutions

Aug 22, 2008

i am a new member and planning on hosting several web sites in the near future.

For the moment, i have found that is closer to my requirements, but didn't find a lot of feedback under webhostingtalk. Does anybody that has worked with would like to share his impressions?

I also checked ************.com, but though they answered my questions really fast, i ran into many negative comments from webhostingtalk members. So, i have second thoughts about it.

I want also to check on and in order to reach to a final decision (not excluding the chance of using different hosting solutions per site, based on each site specific requirements).

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High-End Complex Hosting Solutions

Jun 29, 2009

Other than Rackspace, can the good folks here recommend some data-centers that have experience in handling the following solutions:

SAN (F/C, 10Gbps), 9TB usable capacity, complete redundancy, and real-time mirroring to an additional SAN in a separate geographic location.

redundant Brocade SAN switches

Servers: Quad processors, quad core, 48GB RAM, 8x146GB SAS Drives, multiple 1Gbps NICs

VMWare installations and handling.

Load balancers (preferably Brocade)

Dedicated L3 switches

I'm not just looking at providing this, but someone who can truly manage it 24/7 - management from VMWare and SAN perspective.

I saw some niche datacenters, but ran into the following problems:

(a) singular location.

(b) support for VMWare and SAN provided during business hours only

(c) no prior experience in real-time SAN replication / VMWare, Oracle/MS-SQL Replication.

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Open Source Hosting Solutions

Oct 20, 2009

I have been getting multiple emails a month for a service which I have never purchased.

The information they have harvested off the internet (since I know where they found it) and have obtained solely for use in attempting to charge me is-
Invoiced To
Steven Crothers
12345 Main St.,
Detroit, MI, 48021
United States

Which is completely obvious that it is fake.

I respond to EVERY invoice with a cancelation request, yet the tickets that get opened in the WHMCS billing panel get deleted a day later, however I have tickets in there that I have opened by use of the ticket insertion form that have stayed - none of which were ever answered.

The latest ticket information-
Department:Billing And Invoicing
Date:09/10/2009 10:05
Subject:The Second Time...

It's still open without a reply.

I have put tickets into their Kayako system as well (They have two support systems, I would assume its due to poor management of their company). One of which was answered, with simply the output of `uname -a` on some server somewhere with my name as the hostname.

I than have attempted to reach anyone via livechat at [url]they constantly tell me that I am not allowed to speak to anyone until I pay my bills up to current (now remember, I have NEVER ordered anything from them, they don't even have valid information on file). Just tonight I demanded that I required to speak to a billing agent or I would be pressing harrasment charges against them for the 23 emails I have recieved in 3 months from them trying to extort money from me. They than banned me from their LiveChat software.

I have no idea what to do at this point, they are just sending me bills every month. I mark it as spam, but its frustrating to have a company trying to extort money from me on a very regular basis.

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Review: Rageki Web Hosting Solutions

Aug 22, 2008

I have been with Rageki Web Hosting Solutions since the beginning of July and have had no problems at all.

The owner is great and if downtime occurs for some uncontrollable reason he is fast to keep customers informed via email.

I am happy with the use of Direct Admin for management as it provides a light and robust way to manage your websites.

Rageki Web Hosting Solutions also provides very reasonably priced plans great for those looking for entry level or more advanced hosting solutions alike.

Again all I have is Praise for Rageki and I recommend if you are in the market for a new host that you give them a try.

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Fail Over Web Hosting Account Solutions

Dec 8, 2008

how can I implement fail-over web hosting with 2 cpanel account on a separate server to get 100% uptime.

It has frequent database update (1 mysql db) and files uploaded from ftp time to time.

Is rsync is the solution?

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Easiest Automation Of VPS Solutions For Hosting Provider?

Sep 20, 2008

I'm doing some research on offering VPS hosting solutions, nothing firm yet as do we start to offer them or not.

So, what are you experiences for as automated as possible VPS hosting offering? Using multiple servers as VPS hosts etc. ready made images etc.

Or am i better of by doing custom tailored my own?

The basic plan is to offer as automated as possible, with minimal support overhead etc. using 2co/paypal/moneybookers subscriptions etc. basicly as simple, and yet as powerfull as possible. Sounds like custom tailored system is the best option.

How about just the server backend only automation wise?

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Software As A Service Network Setup

May 5, 2008

I was thinking of doing the following:

-- OPTION 1 --

Each server has everything it needs to provide the clients on that particular server. Meaning each server has cpanel, apache, php, mysql, smtp, pop, bind, etc.

So as the number of clients increases simply drop in new servers with each having everything on them.


-- OPTION 2 --

The other option is to go with a centralized database, where each server has everything except mysql and I have one dedicated very high power box with ALL clients hitting the one MySQL server.


Each option has its advantages/disadvantages.

Option 1 allows for very large scalability, simply drop in new servers. Option 2 will eventually run out of power and require a cluster to handle the mysql traffic.

Option 1 allows for fault tolerance and issues to only effect customers on that single server versus effecting all clients with a centralized server.

Option 1 however has major issues with rolling out new database schema and changes. It becomes a NIGHTMARE to make the changes to say 5, 10, 50 servers versus making the change on 1 centralized mysql server.

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Anycasted Network For Hosting Available

Oct 11, 2009

I have a requirement for a set of servers to be deployed worldwide on 1 or more anycast networks. Rather than re-invent the wheel and do our own thing, I was wondering if anyone knows of any hosting companies that have data centres/facilities around the world and will provide ip space on anycasted ip's to be used at these facilities? There are content delivery network providers renting cdn space, so the networks exist.

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Limestone Network - Dedicated Hosting

Feb 14, 2008

I recently signed up with Limestone Networks after dealing with Ipower's nonsense for so many years

[url]read it, it's kind of funny in a horrific kind of way )

I was impressed with the detail and attention I got with all of my questions- Talk with Ryan - he's such a helpful and upfront person if you are looking for a good dedicated server.

They may not be the cheapest out there, I wouldn't know but from the amount of SUPPORT I received even before I signed up made it worthwhile for me.

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Understanding Hosting Network Connectivity

Apr 26, 2007

1) All VPS hosting services emphasize their high level of network connectivity (Tier 1 etc.) but how to learn about this topic and choose the fastest service?

2) What is really the state of the art and fastest network connectivity available?

3) Is there a map/list of the biggest US network hubs and which web hosts are connected to them?

4) Is the old ping response time the best metric to verify a web host speed connectivity?

5) Is there an indipendent and unbiased website that reviews and report web hosts ping response times?

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Network Monitor Software For A Hosting Server

Jun 12, 2007

Anyone know a network monitor software for a hosting server?

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Reliable + Large + Good Network Hosting Company That Does Colo

Apr 22, 2008

I have a 1u server that I'm looking to colo. I looked around the forums but I can't seem to find exactly what I need.

I'd prefer if the hosting company was large, owned its own datacenter (as opposed to leasing), offered proactive (automated) monitoring services, remote reboot, and a superb network with little or no downtime.

I like liquidweb but it looks like they only have 500gb / month up and down or a dedicated line capped at 10mbps line. I need something in between, around 1000GB / month up and down with 100mbps port. Support doesn't really matter, nor does price.

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How To Turn Off Auto Renew On Network Solution Hosting Account

Mar 27, 2007

Does anyone know how to turn off auto renew on a NetSol hosting account. I have very bad experience with their customer service. Im trying to do this from last month and still no luck.

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Dedicated Hosting VS. Self Service

Feb 7, 2009

I'm having trouble deciding whether it'll be alright to use dedicated hosting for an upcoming service.

1. In what scenario would dedicated hosting be insufficient?

2. When should I go for self service instead?

3. What do you recommend for learning server administration?

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PRofessional Hosting Service

May 27, 2009

I'd like to ask all of you, what did you think a professional hosting company must have/offer that you want to buy hosting?

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File Hosting Service

Sep 23, 2009

I'm making a website which sells digital goods. Are there file hosting services that allow customers to download directly from them when they buy something? Instead of hosting files on my own web host?

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Setting Up My Own Web Hosting Service

Oct 23, 2008

I'm currently trying to setup a personal web hosting service for my friends where they get an area of web space, etc, for them to use. Basically, a free web hosting service, etc with PHP, and all possible.

Does anyone know how I could go about setting this service up? ( If I were to get a HostGator/webspace account, etc)

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German Hosting Service

May 30, 2008

I want good German web hosting services in order to host my sub domain. I have a site which is already hosted on U.S server and I have a sub domain [url].

Now I wanted to host my sub domain on German servers.

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Do Not Use Hosting-Ie- Awful Service

Apr 14, 2008

I ordered a VPS from Hosting-IE on the 25th March and was initially told it would take 4 days or so to setup. A week later I emailed them, and was told by Max that it would be setup that day.

Throughout the next week I emailed a few times and received no response at all, and got fed up so a few days ago I just filed a complaint with Paypal to try and get my money back (After waiting nearly 3 weeks for a VPS I think I should). Now Hosting-IE are saying to Paypal that they gave me the info, when this isn't true.

So I just lost 60 euro's, not that much but still enough to get annoyed about. Gonna see if I can file a chargeback with my credit card company.. hopefully it should work.

Anyway, definately stay away from Hosting-IE! I should have read up on them before I ordered..

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Digg Like Service : Hosting

Nov 6, 2008

What type of hosting account i need to choose for a digg like news service(or social bookmarking). Is Bluehost enough ?? They have unlimited data transfer/domains/space near 6$ /per month. What other factors should be considered for a file hosting or image hosting site??

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Insurance For Web Hosting Service

Jun 27, 2008

1. Is it worth to insurance web hosting service?

2. Have you heard about this?

3. Any insurance company offer this?

4. Has any web host been sued so far for damage to data or loss to business?

One of our data centre has reported that it has lost each and everything in fire at its place - including all instruments, servers, machines and so on. We were having 100 domains with them on our server. Our clients are very much co-operating with us.

What shall we do in this case as far as our 4 questions are concerned?

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Choosing Web Hosting Service

Oct 3, 2007

i was recommended by a good friend to come here for advice. i'm looking for a web hosting service that will allow multiple domains & do php for my zen cart ecommerce website. i am currently spending $200 per year for web hosting just for my ecommerce website alone. does anybody know of any good reliable and cost efficient web hosting service that will allow me to do this at the same cost or slightly higher than what i'm paying?

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Best Hosting Service For Oscommerce

Sep 24, 2007

I want an Oscommerce based store and would like to know what are the best options for hosting Oscommerce? May be Godaddy or yahoo or any other? Kindly guide me in making this decision in the light of your experiences.

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