Choosing Web Hosting Service

Oct 3, 2007

i was recommended by a good friend to come here for advice. i'm looking for a web hosting service that will allow multiple domains & do php for my zen cart ecommerce website. i am currently spending $200 per year for web hosting just for my ecommerce website alone. does anybody know of any good reliable and cost efficient web hosting service that will allow me to do this at the same cost or slightly higher than what i'm paying?

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Plesk Automation :: Choosing Hostnames For Service Nodes?

Mar 23, 2015

I can't seem to find if there is a way to specify what hostname is used for a service on a service node. For instance, if one creates a service node named web01, and makes it a DNS service node, is web01 what will be used when creating NS records in zone files, or is there a way to change that?

The site is offline (and was unlicensed again last week).

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Before Choosing A Hosting

Oct 19, 2008

I've an original post with thread number 727551 which has date got old (forgive me for coming back late). So I decided to post a new thread here. But really thanks for all your helps, and I found I'm lucky to find a good place to ask my questions, as I see lots of valuabe responses when I come back.

I have some further questions about having "multiple domains" with a single hosting plan. Forgive me for not having much concept about this:

1. Does it mean that the "multiple domains" will all be sharing a single IP address (or should I say if I go to Shared Hosting plans, websites from all other people who share the same hosting machine with me will have the same IP)?

2. Would there be negative effect for my search engine rankings of each of these domains, if I have my domains sharing the same hosting (and if they really share the same IP)?

3. In case people know one of my domain name, would there be any way to check for my other domains in the same hosting, so that means they will know all my other websites?

I ask this because I'm thinking to launch different websites on a same niche.
And after looking into different hosting companies and their reviews, I found there are really different (and quite confusing) opinions around. Actually I expect I do not need much at the very beginning. I found there are lots of cheap offers, price as low as $1 per month, but I just afraid there will be problem later on. I'm thinking may be just go to those big and more famous one, say host gator, to avoid any unnecessary headaches later on.

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Choosing A Type Of Hosting And Provider

Apr 20, 2009

my company's current hosting contract expires in May and I'm in need to find another one that will hopefully suit me better and cause much less headache.

I'll try to list some basic needs I got:

10gb bandwidth
10gb space
Mass email marketing ability! This is important!

I have a member list of about 30,000 who I email twice a week! These people are opt-in recipients of these emails.

On top of that I'd like to start mining and sending out opt-in requests of about 50-100,000 a month to NEW emails that I don't have direct permission to email.

I obviously have software to manage, clean, send out in batches, and do whatever else you have to for proper email marketing.

From some research I got the idea that I would be better off with some offshore VPS/dedicated host that won't shut us down for emailing. We will do our best to keep the bounces at minimum as well as keep up-to-date blacklists/unsubscribers.

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Choosing Hosting For Unpredictable Bandwidth Spike

Aug 11, 2008

The company I work for is doing a promotional site that will probably involve a good chunk of progressive (as in, not quite the same as streaming) video -- basically my best guess is that everyone who views the site will likely download between 6 and 50 megabytes of video depending on how long they spend on the site, etc... I would imagine most people would be at the low end of that, maybe 12 megs, but it's hard to predict...

The tough spot is there will be TV and banner ads purchased for this promotion, and it's not entirely clear to us how good response will be. It could be 5,000 visitors in a day ... it could be 250,000 in a day... the response to various advertising campaigns our clients have done has just varied a lot...

So let's say we have 150,000 visitors downloading an average of 12.5 megs of video - that's about 2 terabytes of transfer in a month.

How much should we expect to pay for that kind of data transfer, and are there good providers that will scale with us? I don't think we mind sacrificing a few hundred bucks our first month only to find that traffic was low -- but if it's going to cost thousands to move 2-3 terabytes of data via a CDN, what are our other options? Does anyone scale well even if it's unpredictable? I realize we have to pay some sort of premium for that scalability or it's not really fair to the hosting provider.. but what price range should we be looking at?

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Choosing An OS

May 14, 2007

I know absolutely nothing about these operating systems and am going to be solely relying on lxadmin or cpanel to manage my website.

However I would like some suggestions as to which OS I should choose (i.e. which is the fastest, most stable, etc.)

Here are the possible choices:

CentOS 4
OpenSuse 10, Slackware 10.2
Debian 3.1, Debian 4.0
Fedora Core 3, 4, 5

what is meant by VPS hardening?

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Dedicated Hosting VS. Self Service

Feb 7, 2009

I'm having trouble deciding whether it'll be alright to use dedicated hosting for an upcoming service.

1. In what scenario would dedicated hosting be insufficient?

2. When should I go for self service instead?

3. What do you recommend for learning server administration?

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PRofessional Hosting Service

May 27, 2009

I'd like to ask all of you, what did you think a professional hosting company must have/offer that you want to buy hosting?

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File Hosting Service

Sep 23, 2009

I'm making a website which sells digital goods. Are there file hosting services that allow customers to download directly from them when they buy something? Instead of hosting files on my own web host?

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Setting Up My Own Web Hosting Service

Oct 23, 2008

I'm currently trying to setup a personal web hosting service for my friends where they get an area of web space, etc, for them to use. Basically, a free web hosting service, etc with PHP, and all possible.

Does anyone know how I could go about setting this service up? ( If I were to get a HostGator/webspace account, etc)

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German Hosting Service

May 30, 2008

I want good German web hosting services in order to host my sub domain. I have a site which is already hosted on U.S server and I have a sub domain [url].

Now I wanted to host my sub domain on German servers.

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Do Not Use Hosting-Ie- Awful Service

Apr 14, 2008

I ordered a VPS from Hosting-IE on the 25th March and was initially told it would take 4 days or so to setup. A week later I emailed them, and was told by Max that it would be setup that day.

Throughout the next week I emailed a few times and received no response at all, and got fed up so a few days ago I just filed a complaint with Paypal to try and get my money back (After waiting nearly 3 weeks for a VPS I think I should). Now Hosting-IE are saying to Paypal that they gave me the info, when this isn't true.

So I just lost 60 euro's, not that much but still enough to get annoyed about. Gonna see if I can file a chargeback with my credit card company.. hopefully it should work.

Anyway, definately stay away from Hosting-IE! I should have read up on them before I ordered..

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Digg Like Service : Hosting

Nov 6, 2008

What type of hosting account i need to choose for a digg like news service(or social bookmarking). Is Bluehost enough ?? They have unlimited data transfer/domains/space near 6$ /per month. What other factors should be considered for a file hosting or image hosting site??

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Insurance For Web Hosting Service

Jun 27, 2008

1. Is it worth to insurance web hosting service?

2. Have you heard about this?

3. Any insurance company offer this?

4. Has any web host been sued so far for damage to data or loss to business?

One of our data centre has reported that it has lost each and everything in fire at its place - including all instruments, servers, machines and so on. We were having 100 domains with them on our server. Our clients are very much co-operating with us.

What shall we do in this case as far as our 4 questions are concerned?

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Best Hosting Service For Oscommerce

Sep 24, 2007

I want an Oscommerce based store and would like to know what are the best options for hosting Oscommerce? May be Godaddy or yahoo or any other? Kindly guide me in making this decision in the light of your experiences.

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What Hosting Service Should I Choose

Nov 28, 2007

I have a question for you. I searched on for some good web hosting in UK and i found 2 services:

[url]- Web Hosting Shop, I like what I saw there mostly, and that was the nr1 choice until i find [url] .

If anyone used those domains and have an opinion about it, please tell me.

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Choosing My Server

Jan 4, 2009

Im planning to put up a gameserver with a website for a mmorpg and i dont know how powerfull processor should i choose, what control panel, what operating system, 32x or 64x bit, what bandwith...? I was thinking about choosing iWeb Quad core Xeon, 100mb uplink, Windoes server 64x with cpanel.

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Choosing The Right Web Host

Jun 17, 2008

I am about to start a website in which I will feature lots embedded video clips from sites like youtube, toudou, etc.

I am new this, so I'm wondering how I can choose a proper web host for my site, so that people can always reliably view the videos and at decent speed. I'm not looking to spend a fortune as this is my first website.

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Choosing The Right Host

Jul 16, 2008

Choosing the right host is a very important decision. I've compiled a short list of do's and don't when it comes to web hosting.

1) UNLIMITED features. Rarely trust companies that offer unlimited space/bandwidth etc. as this is blatant overselling. When was the last time you saw an unlimited hard drive?! Companies that offer unlimited hosting features may not be around long and their other services tend to suffer - e.g. support.

2) Free hosting. Be wary of free hosts, particularly ones that seem to be giving far too good a deal to you - they probably are. The Webmaster-talk forums are regularly spammed with free hosting, and one that keeps cropping up is called ********.com. I urge you to ignore this as a highly reputable hosts do not spam forums!

3) Your ACTUAL needs. You might be excited by hosts that offer 5GB of storage space and 1000GB (1TB) of bandwidth for very low prices, but you should at the very least be wary of such companies. Besides the con issue, ask yourself - do you even need such large resources? For most small companies and individuals starting up, a maximum of 500MB web storage space and roughly 5GB bandwidth will be adequate. Once your site is up and running, you will be able to see whether you do need more or not and if necessary, you can upgrade. Some hosts ( being an example) seem to offer incredible packages for very low amounts of money. However, companies like this are often unreliable and may end up throwing you off their server if you start using these extreme amounts of resources. See tip no. 5 for solution.

4) Do your research. It's very important to do adequate resource on whichever host you choose: don't just take their word for everything. Check what the technology experts are saying on the issue (e.g. look through reputable technology magazines for reviews). BE CAREFUL WHEN SEARCHING REVIEW SITES - THEY USUALLY EARN COMMISSION FOR EACH SIGNUP SO WILL PUSH THE HIGHEST BIDDING HOST!! While it sounds infantile, type queries like "..... .com sucks" and also search through their own support forums (assuming they have them) to see how quickly issues are resolved. Try contacting their support or sales departments with questions to get a good perspective of their response times. Remember, if their sales department take a while before they have your custom, imagine how long they may take when they do have your custom!

5) When your needs outweight most plans. If you've outgrown your current plan and you are using very large resource amounts, it may be time to think about renting out a VPS (Virtual Private Server) or a Dedicated Server. I emphasize that this will not be necessary unless you are receiving a lot of visitors (traffic) and unless you are storing a very large amount of data (e.g. hundreds of photos, movies or software downloads). VPS' are now relatively cheap and combine reliability with speed and of course more space and bandwidth. A typical entry VPS may offer you 10GB storage and 100GB bandwidth. If you have extreme needs and you are already running a very busy site, you may even contemplate renting out a Dedicated server from a hosting company. Dedicated servers are computers entirely dedicated to your own web site and are very reliable (if you choose the right host) but are overkill for the vast majority of people.

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Choosing A Host Is No Fun

May 1, 2007

I'm moving from shared to VPS. This forum is helpful, but I seem to notice everyone recommends the hosts that advertise here. That makes me wonder about conflict of interest.

Anyway, I'm looking for a company that has great customer service and will walk me through the first baby steps of having my own VPS for the first time. That and uptime. Everyone else seems to have the same features. So how to choose?

I called 3 hosts today: JaguarPC, LiquidWeb and Spry. Jaguar sounded okay. The sales kid at Liquid didn't seem to be able to answer any of my questions that weren't on his cheat sheet. And Spry had me on hold forever (with good music, though) and dropped my call a minute in.

Also, will they help me lock my VPS down like a fort so it's ueber secure? Will I have to install PHP, MySQL, phpMyAdmin, and all the other programs I didn't know I needed myself? I have no experience, so it would be good to know. I'm a graphic desiger turned web designer turned noob PHP developer -- I'm scared that I'm not geeky enough.

Anyway, does anyone have the same feeling that all hosts seem the same when you're shopping around? I know I'm going to have to give in, close my eyes and jump at some point (very soon). But this is no fun.

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Suggest Best Adult Hosting Service

Jun 8, 2008

i am living in India.Can i publish adult videos ? I would like to launch new porn site. Which is the best hosting ? Shared or dedicated ? Which sites offer adult hosting ?

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Google Email Hosting Service

Jan 28, 2009

I am looking for a host for my emails, i have about 25 and another 15 forwarders and was wandering if anyone can tell me how is the google email hosting service, i am referring to the free service. Were any emails lost? Does the service decides on it's what is spam and waht is not or can i configurate that? Is the lack of customer service noticable?

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Network Solutions As Hosting Service

Jan 3, 2009

Any comments on Network Solutions as a hosting service?

I have never created a website and would rather not have to deal with coding and all that stuff. I planning a very basic site, but I want it to look good.

It seems Network Solutions has a really nice and easy-to-use web page software package.

But then again I have no idea what's really going on.

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Secure File Hosting Service

Feb 9, 2009

I don't know where to ask this question so hopefully I'm in the right forum. I have a friend that owns his own company and travels alot. He needs a place where he can store his work files (mostly document like word, excel, pdf, drawings, etc...) which contains very sensitive information. He need a place where he or the people in his team can transfer files and that he can setup access levels for his users. He need access to his files with a secure tool such as sftp or something else that you guys can recommend.

Also, since some files can be very large he requires a good transfer speed from everywhere in the world. He's looking at around 100GB of storage space and a very high transfer allowance. He will probably need to host his website also. Do you guys think it's better to host the files and website separately?

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Creating A File Hosting Service

Mar 20, 2009

I hired a full time web designer to help me create the site but I'm wondering what else I'm missing.

I'm guessing I'm going to need a high end dedicated server with an 100mb unmetered port? How much space should I be looking for? The file size is going to be limited to 150mb per download and if the files have not been downloaded in 2 weeks they will be deleted. What type of HDD space should I be looking for?

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Hostforweb Worst Hosting Service

May 20, 2008

I am an established web developer and a project manager in one of the TOP e-commerce company. Just giving you these details so that you can ACCOUNT and RELY on my review.

I have signed up with on 26th April 2008
On weekends I work for my business (my own not the company's for which I work full time).

Uploaded the few websites that were lying there for quite some time.
On 29 th April the websites went down, for which I opened a ticket with support and got a reply from them saying that
"there was some mis configuration in the nodes which is rectified."

Today all of the sudden they suspended the account and sent a message saying they got a message from "Bank of America" (because of phising activity)

One of my business staff phoned me to my work place and informed about this and for which I was like "WHaTTTT"

I am being in the online business since 1998 and never had a complaint from any of my previous hosting or present hosting providers other than this silly service.

After reaching home from office (which is an 1hr 15minutes ago), I opened a ticket in their support section and the ticket was forwarded to account & billing department by level2 support person.

Later I got a reply from their accounts & Billing department which had a reply saying ...

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Recommend Calendar Hosting Service

Oct 6, 2008

There are diverse salespeople who sell my wife's artistic services and those of other photographers like her. They are looking to replace their currently self-hosted calendaring system with a hosted service. Can anyone here recommend one or a place for me to look? Here are some of the features I imagine they are looking for:

1) Individual calendars by photographer.

2) Easy color coding of items on the photographer calendar. They color code based on which salesperson found the job and if the job has a hold or a confirmed status.

3) Integration with iCal on the Mac. At a minimum, iCal users should be able to subscribe to calendars on the service.

4) Various levels of security. All salespeople should be able to update all photographers' calendars. Individual photographers should be able to see only their calendars and may (or may not) have permission to change them (this is determined on an individual photographer basis)).

5) Reliability. This is at the heart of their operation.

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Shoutcast Hosting Service --What To Install

Jun 21, 2008

I am doing a business plan to start a Shoutcast Hosting Service,

We already decide to go with the FDC servers, and for running
the server I would like some help on these issues:

1. What system operation should I select for the server:
- Windows 2003 Web/Standard Editions
- CentOS 5
- FreeBSD 6.3
- Gentoo LiveCD.

2. How about the best control panel to use:
- Plesk
- Cpanel

3. Do I need to install on the the server just the
Shoutcast Server file or also the DSP and Transcoder
for Unix (sc_trans_lame)?

4. I also need the Cast-Control software to manage the
accounts and streams, but according to the instalation
manual I need to use a MySQL Configuration ?
Because I dont know nothing about SQL databases!

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Hosting Company With Web Creating Service

Dec 14, 2008

I am using to host my domain but i am looking to switch for something better (more storage space, cpanel control, extras) I used their built in web design service to create my web page instead of an outside web builder and i would like to find a hosting company that has this service. i don't want to be paying extra for this (i mean a lot of money) as i am not a business user.

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Umbrahosting Not Providing Hosting Service

Jun 1, 2008

I'm in a little shock to see umbrahosting user ( to spam this forum with their hosting offers when the sites on their servers are down for DAYS now (mine has been down for about 2 days now). No customer support (unless they want you to pay them). Terrible experience overall.

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Hosting A Public Email Service

May 10, 2007

Currently we are running a very successful site for extreme sports. We have just spent 6 months on development of our new site which we will launch in a fortnight. This will free up some of my time to look at other areas and avenues to attract members.

Personally I would love to run a hotmail style service on our website, and believe this would help with the growth of our online community.

Just interested in advice from others on areas to be aware and alert when running a service like this?

I am also trying to make the decision between SocketMail or Atmail. If anyone has opinions on these, or an alternative solution i'm all for that advice too.

Basically at this point I am wanting to get as much advice together as possible, then look to making an informed decision to go ahead or not.

Currently we operate off a dedicated server and i realise this may have to become two servers in the near future with such a service. It is fully managed by myself, and a 3rd party individual I hire to maintain the server on a monthly basis.

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