Mirror A Site Running Server 2003 Web Services

Dec 19, 2008

Mirror a site running server 2003 web services

I'm a network admin at a university and one of the departments is hosting their site on their own personal server running Server 2003 and Windows Web services. They've been asking me how would they go about mirroring their site in the event of a power loss intentional or otherwise. There are times during holiday periods where building maintenance will shut off power but they still want students to be able to get to their site. So they want to set up a mirror on another server in an office offsite.

I've done some research on the subject but I haven't been able to find anything dealing with mirroring Microsoft hosted sites.

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Windows Server 2003 Software Array Mirror/Mirroring

Jan 8, 2007

We damaged a file on a windows server 2003 system which caused us to get a grey screen where the login windows should be (it was setup as a domain controller)

We tried booting it in safe mode and all the other modes etc etc.... but to no avail... we couldn't get it to work.

So we wanted to replace the file manually using another pc (by inserting one of the harddrives into the pc, and copying the file to it).

We used a windows XP machine.... imported the harddrive using disk management..... we had to un mirror the drive to be able to access it.

Once the mirror was broken i gave it a drive letter, copied the the new file to it, and, removed the drive letter i assigned it, and tried booting with *just* that drive in the windows 2003 server.

Now it wont boot, it just reboots everytime i tries to start up, probably because we broke the mirror on a different machine.

It still boots from the other untouched drive... that was in the mirror, but we have no way to edit the files on there.

So is there any way to actually get this, once mirrored drive, to boot now its a single disc?

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Trying To Create A VPN On Server 2003 Running On A Xen VM

May 22, 2008

Im trying to create a VPN on Server 2003 running on a Xen VM, however when i try and create the VPN it wont let me because theres only one network adaptor.

Is there a way i can create another adaptor some how so i can get this to work?

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Media Server Running Windows Server 2003 Std: Yes Or No

Jul 10, 2007

Most people probably run Linux on their media servers, but since I don't know much about Linux and the media server we have is unmanaged, I was wondering how you guys feel about running Windows Server 2003 Std on a media server instead of Linux. We'll only be using the server to host Flash video files (.flv) and we'll be serving those vids on websites hosted on other servers, resulting in approx. 50,000-100,000 media views per day (filesizes range from approx. 5MB to 10MB). We don't want to run Windows Media Services, just a Web server (IIS6) and have the Flash video players on the external websites take care of the streaming/downloading part.

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Setting Up A Mirror/Mirroring Site With A 2nd Web Host

Aug 10, 2005

I currently have a mirror site set-up on a seperate server (with a seperate web hosting company) for risk management purposes.

For zero downtime dependability, a load balancer cluster checking both servers in real time, and directing traffic at only servers that were online has been suggested.

However this option is rather expensive. Does anyone know of any other options?

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Looking For A Host That Would Mirror/Mirroring A Current Site

May 20, 2009

I was asked earlier today by one of the tech people at the university that I go to if I knew of any hosts that would offer some space/bw/access for a website that already exists. From what I was told, the host would not be the primary server for the website, so it would not require very much bandwidth, and the entirety of the website is only 300MB, so space isn't really an issue either (As most hosts now a days offer 1GB+). The catch is that they were planning on using rsync to update the mirror host, with the latest content from the live website, every 3 hours or so. Preferably, they want to spend as little money as possible on this and not buy a dedicated server or VPS somewhere, as that would be very costly.

So, does anyone here know of a host that would offer such a thing and allow SSH access to setup the rsync?

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Best Practice How To Mirror (or Sync) Site To Another Plesk Host

Sep 28, 2008

I'm looking for a method to basically clone my plesk site to another hosting provider also running plesk, the idea is so if my site A is down, I can just re-point the dns entry to Site B, and minimize downtime.

It makes sense to me to pay 2x hosting costs so I can have a site mirrored in case the main site goes offline, then I can just switch the dns to the new host. The trick is how can I automatically keep Site B mirrored as part of site A. Using Plesk Backup doesn't seem practical as it's not automatic. Does Cpanel have a site mirroring feature?

Would something like rsync work? Doesn't this require shell access? I'm looking for best practices to be able to mirror Site A to Site B in an automatic method..

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Mystery Mirror/Mirroring My Client's Site Is On Another Domain But Why?

Jan 29, 2009

I'm having an issue with a client site and I am not sure what to do at this point. Conversations with the host (GoDaddy) haven't led to a solution and to be honest, I'm not sure it's their issue to handle although I will be firing off an email to their domain dispute department shortly. I spoke with a couple of supervisors there and they were as baffled as I am.

Here's the situation:

When people Google the name of the client's business, it returns their site but on a different domain. The entire site is there, nothing is changed but the URL. It's like having an unintentional mirror site except that none of the forms work which is what tipped off the users that something was wrong but of course, they don't notice that they're not actually on 'www.clientsite.com' so they think it's just a form error when in actuality, they're not even at the right domain.

There is really no way for this other domain to profit from mirroring the client's site; it's just a business profile type of thing with a few forms for contact, employment applications and vendor applications. No secure info is transmitted other than perhaps the occasional email address but we're not talking a heavy volume site, it's a niche market and really not something that would be a typical target. There's no eCommerce, no subscriptions, no financial info.

I'm at a total loss. Could this happen if this other site is hosted on the same server as my client's site? Could it be an actual error of some sort or would it have to be intentional?

The whois for this bogus site leads to DomainsbyProxy.com and I'll be sending them a letter as well but I'd really appreciate any input you all might have on HOW this could happen. Should I also contact Google?

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Site Running In Multiple Server Issues

Feb 11, 2007

Current Status

My main website is a dating/magazine/community site.

I use server ONE for as my main server for:

apache - php

This server uses FreeBSD with CPanel/WHM
Server ONE load averages are about 1-1.5

A year ago I got another server (server TWO) to host a php chat script, and unload the main server. This server hasn't a domain attached to it and I'm using it through its IP.

This server runs:
apache - php

And it also uses FreeBSD but with Webmin.

The load averages for Server TWO are about 0.20.

Recently I transfered all the images of Server ONE to server TWO, with a good result for loads on server ONE.

What I want to doSome users of the site complain that they can't see any images of the site due to IP based images src.

So I want to set up a redirection so images.example.com to redirect transparently to the other server.

When I tried to setup a subdomain redirection through Cpanel, I just got again the IP of the other server.

Who can this be done?

If I must setup DNS stuff in server TWO, in order to achive it, can I use it also as spare nameservers for the domains hosted on Server ONE?

What else is easy to transfer to server TWO in order to unload server ONE?

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Sharepoint Services 2003 Upgrade Lost Data

May 29, 2007

We have recently had an IT guy perforn the upgrade from wss 2.0 to wss 3.0 and we have since lost the entire database architecture and I believe the data stored therein. Is there someplace on the server where the data records could be stored and has anyone had similar problems with this type of upgrade? The IT firm says it's a problem with a security patch from microsoft but I can't find anythying referencing that online.

The following may provide some background on what transpired and how it has been handled thus far; these are from correspondence between our company and the IT firm in chronological order:

Our initial inquiry:
5/23 We have several questions regarding the upgrade of the SPS software, not the least of which being why was the upgrade performed without any advance notice to our office, this notice would have allowed us to take the precaution of having our people save their work in progress and prevented the loss of data and time that we experienced. In the future we would ask that we be shown the professional courtesy of prior notification before commencing any major work to the server environment.

At about 1:00 yesterday all of the computers at the shop went down, we contacted (IT REP) and he said that you had started the install of the 3.0 software that morning and at the time he said that the install was complete.

And since that time we have had multiple problems with the system. First we have no remote access, and receive a server error of the server application is not available, the lay-out of the pages does not process properly iethe column order displays in a random sequence and not as called for in the column settings. The default page now has the added search feature however the format of the prior software has been retained which causes the navigation of that particular page to differ from the rest of the site.

Please contact us as soon as possible, as (COMPANY OWNER) has no access to the system and no e-mail.
Reply from IT Rep:
5/24 IT REP worked on the phone for over 7 hours yesterday. The Microsoft Tech and IT REP agreed to continue this morning. I know as of last night the remote portion of the Companyweb and the internal site were functioning. However, they are continuing to work to retrieve the existing data.

Did you ever add the other external hard drive to your backup rotation? If so, please let IT REP know. I have meeting this morning until 11:30, if you need anything please contact IT REP.

We will discuss what caused the problem and future prevention after all is resolved.
Our response:
5/25 I am inquiring as to the progress toward restoration of the company web. As you are already aware, the data contained in the company web is crucial to the day to day operation of our business. We are not able to access any of our scheduling information for installations, production or customer service issues. While we have been able to track most of these items thus far, the amount of information available for scheduling next week is quite limited.

It would be helpful to have some indication of when we expect to be restored as well as an estimate of the percentage of data which may be lost, so that we can begin to formulate our response to the situation.

I am certain that you and IT REP understand just how serious the consequences of this situation can become, and assume that you will be capable of providing us with periodic updates as to your progress.

I would also be interested to find out if there are plans to work this out over the weekend or if it has been decided to place this on the back burner and resume restoration of our vital data on tuesday. IT Reply:
5/25 At this point, this is a Microsoft issue that they are working on to resolve Im only facilitating their ability to access the server and work. I am doubtful that they work on the weekend, but I will find out. IT REP and I have spent roughly 25 hours in the last 2.5 days working on this, myself until almost midnight last night, so he and I are putting forth every conceivable effort to resolve this. In the mean time, I have turned off the automatic updates (which are enabled by default) to prevent this type of thing from happening again. Keep in mind that if there were 2 hard drives being used in a rotation as IT REP suggested, wed have backups from before the failed patch to revert to.

As soon as I have any indication of a target time for resolution, I will not hesitate to let you know.Our next question:
5/25 Have we checked to hard drive that is currently in use to see if there is anything salvageable on there. Isn't the server partitioned and mirrored?Latest IT correspodence:
5/25 I have a few suggestions from microsoft that we were going to try, but it looks as though someone took the external drive off the server, so we were unable to do it. I was just checking to see that someone did do that, and that it's in a safe place until it can be reconnected.. The server uses a RAID 5, not mirroring. Mirroring wouldn't matter either, as in a mirrored configuration, 2 drives mirror each other - when the primary is written to, the secondary (mirror) is immediately updated. I'm pretty sure we can get the data files (.dwg, .xls. ,doc, etc) out of the sharepoint database, but we'll need the drive reconnected. The Microsoft engineers have left for the day, but we'll be back on it next week on Tues when they're back in.

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Mirror/Mirroring Site Hosting/aka: Impressed At Ability Of Cheap Hardware To Serve Static HTML

Nov 5, 2009

We recently began to mirror a large number of open source projects with a dedicated mirror server on our network and I was surprised not only with how popular the mirror server has become, is, but also of the ability of the hardware we're using to keep up with the load.

At an given time, the mirror seems to be pushing at least 50 Megabits of trafficthe server is also an IRC server (irc.igsobe.com) for customers and internal staff communications.

The hardware is a low end Dell Pentium 4 @ 2.66 GHZ server, running with 512MB of RAM and a 400 GB ATA hard drive. CentOS v5.3 is the operating system.

If you're interested, you can view the HTML logfile analysis here but that doesn't tell the full story as FTP users make up a good portion of the traffic. We've received over a quarter million hits in the first few days of November alone.

18:14:15 up 65 days, 9:04, 5 users, load average: 0.31, 0.69, 0.56

The only change that I made to the default configuration was lowering the maximum number of Apache servers to 128.

Just thought I'd share this information as I wouldn't have thought a server with such a small amount of RAM would be able to serve up so much data, even though we are talking strictly static HTML files.

I'll definitely keep this in mind when clients ask me for those "what type of dedicated server should I use for XXX" type discussions that are had all too often with clients.

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Running MS SQL / Coldfusion On IIS / Windows 2003

Jun 25, 2009

We currently have a dedicated development server with our company's host (not hostgator) in which we are charged a decent amount to have on a yearly basis. I was looking to cut down costs and wanted to see if it would be feasible to have a windows box we have in the office setup as our development server. We would install windows 2003 on it along with anything else we need. The current development server is hosted under a IIS 6 / Windows 2003 / CF 7 Environment. If it is doable, what kind of problems would we run into vs having it on a real server? It would only have at the most 3-4 connections possibly once or twice a week so speed is not a huge deal.

Also, how tedious is installing, setting up and migrating everything over for the MSSQL database going to be?

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Running A Site With On Db From Two Cpanels

Apr 16, 2009

I am having a site developed that will have a "front end" - ie the actual website with a login members area etc. The "back end" will be a set of scripts that work behind the scenes, including a bot that visits other sites and passes info to those sites.

The concern I have is, if I put the whole lot on one Cpanel, and then it gets whacked by a surge of traffic etc, the "back end" will crash as well.

My question is, would it be better to host the site itself on one cpanel account, but store the Db and the back end scripts on another cpanel, both on the same server. Then even if the site cpanel maxes out or crashes, the processes will continue to run? The site itself would also need to access the Db stored on the second cpanel.

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Apache Is Running, Site Is Down

Oct 28, 2008

All my sites, Cpanel and WHM are down, yet httpd is up and running. Any idea as to how I should go about troubleshooting this issue?

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Running A File Hosting Site

Sep 22, 2008

going to be starting a file hosting site, i know that the main problem on these sort of sites for the owners is Bandwith and HD space. Just want to know some perhaps some advice on how to run this kind of business as far as the hosting part of it goes.

Do i just keep purchasing servers lets say at midphase for example they offer 10TB 250 Gigs of hdspace at 200 a month, so if i go over do i just keep purchasing servers and then load balance the site across all the servers i get? is that the basics ?

When sites start to consume massive amounts of bandwidth is their cheaper alternatives then just going with the normal BW that hosts offer, like working out deals with certain companies that specialize in giving BW deals, would CDN networks be an option?

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Mirror/Mirroring Server

Jan 29, 2009

A great insight to alot of my research and thank you in advance for any advice given.

I have a server based in HK(with WHMCS) and host several websites. The speed and availability serves the Asia Pacific market/viewers well; but we have several new websites that also targets the European and North American viewers.

I have been researching on getting a dedicated server based in US to mirror our server. Therefore allowing the US/European market to access the website faster. Although we have a few problems (and very little budget to solve it too ;p)

1. We need to sync the two servers in real time ; rsync seems to be the best but is there any other reccomendations?

2. We will make the IP address in each servers the same, so our clients need not change their dns. Do we need IPcast/anycast?

3. Is there anything else that I may have oversight?

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FTP, SSH, Httpd Status Is Running. But Why Can't Access The Site

Oct 22, 2009

I can access FTP, SSH and httpd is showed as running when i check with 'httpd status'. Memory ram has half of them left(except that swap is 0,0).

I can't access my site via browser

Why tried restarting
[root@web2 ~]# service httpd start
Starting httpd: (98)Address already in use: make_sock: could not bind to address [::]:80
(98)Address already in use: make_sock: could not bind to address
no listening sockets available, shutting down
Unable to open logs
[root@web2 ~]#

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Mirror/Mirroring Server Solution

Oct 29, 2007

My company requires a Mirrored Server setup. I hope someone can direct me to the right solution which guarantees the least downtime.

- We have 20+ php/mysql websites.
- We need two dedicated servers hosted in 2 different datacentres.
- Users are directed to the first server.
- If the first server is down the users are automatically directed to the 2nd server @ the 2nd datacentre.
- The software/hardware which redirects the users need to be fail proof or have an instant backup which takes over incase that goes down too.
- Data (databases and files) needs to be synced correctly to avoid data not being mirrored correctly.

I've done some reading and there is alot of mention of the DNS round and load balancers.

However, it seems these two options are also not fail proof.

Would appreciate if someone could simply outlining what system would be best for us for 100% uptime incase of server failure.

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Windows 2003 Vs. Windows 2008 - What Is The Difference For Windows Media Services

Oct 2, 2008

I was actually curious about this since Windows 2008 version came out.

What is the difference between Windows media services on Windows 2003 and Windows 2008?

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Setting Up Redundant Mirror/Mirroring Server

Jul 7, 2009

I have a LAMP server running and would like to have the exact mirror running on another location. I would like to sync the web files and database in either real time (upon any update) or in delayed mode (x minutes after the update).

For MySQL, I believe replication can do the job unless anybody has better recommendation. What would you guys suggest for web files? Can I use different Linux flavor but maintain back the same LAMP version?

Is there any "online" 3rd party load balancing service that I could use to load balance the traffic to both servers?

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Server Management Services

Nov 19, 2007

Does anyone know of any good reliable companies that can manage our servers remotely? It could even just be 1 server admin, however looking for a company with a good rep.

Searched on Google but wasn't able to find what I was looking for. Maybe searching the wrong keywords.

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Server Management Services

Jun 26, 2008

I know about Platinum - I was wondering if anyone had any specific recommendations for server management services.

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Multiple Domain Name Server (DNS)services?

Sep 23, 2008

i currnetly use no-ip to host my website from my home server, with windows server 2003. I was wondering if I could use two hosts at once. If so, can you recommend some free ones, subdomains are ok.

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What Are The Parameters That You Monitor On A Server/vps Other Than Tcp Services

Oct 26, 2009

What are the parameters, other than the tcp services(http,smtp,ping,dns,mysql), would you monitor on a server/vps to ensure its smooth running(free mem,disk usage,user_beancounter etc...)? if any, what is the monitoring tool/and the plugin that you use?

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Server Monitoring Tools/Services

May 22, 2008

Can you please tell me any free server/ services monitoring tools available.

I would prefer third party services rather than installing something on the servers unless its the only option

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Can Uptime Monitoring Services, Slow A Server?

Nov 19, 2008

Does websites uptime monotoring tools and services like for example: pindom, siteuptime or host-tracker can in any way affect the server or vps performance of the website being monitor.

I think that a Monitor service that do a test every 30 minutes dont cause any inpact, but if the interval on check test is every 1 minute.

Can this every minute check affect in any way the performance of a server or vps?

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Byethost Review - Server Lease And Management Services

Apr 8, 2009

Just a quick little review here:

Wanted to let you all know that I am very pleased with service I am receiving from Byethost! Many people think of Byet as just a free hosting and paid shared hosting company, but for awhile now I've been leasing a server and management service from them for io3.us and io4.us. I must say I have been very impressed!

I've received lots of personal attention and consulting to help me determine my needs, and also to make sure I end up with the best solution. Byethost has been very flexible in their solutions for me, and I have really appreciated all they've done!

I recently had to upgrade from a VPS to a full dedicated server, and once again Byethost was there to help every step of the way. The upgrade was literally totally seamless.

They ordered the server, configured it, moved everything over, verified everything with me. Nothing was down, not even for a few seconds. Byethost handled it all, and I didn't have to do a thing! That's what I call service. (Plus, from the time I ordered until the time everything was moved from the VPS to the dedicated server and running fine was less than 2 days!)

Previously, I've said HostGator was my number 1 pick for dedicated servers, but I have to change that now. If you're looking for a dedicated server (with or without management servers), I strongly recommend Byethost.com. You will be doing yourself a huge favor, saving a tremendous amount of hassle by choosing Byethost.

I now have a dedicated server and 10 Mbps dedicated line from them, and I couldn't be happier!

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Services Stop Responding, But Server Responds To Ping

Nov 19, 2007

I'm having a very odd problem with one of my Linux (CentOS) cpanel server, all the server's services (http, ssh, mail, dns, etc) stop responding but the server still responds to ping.

I can't find anything wrong at all on the log files either, and the technicians that manually restart the server have told me that there is no indication of a problem on the screen.

I suspected a hardware issue and had the data center techs run a hardware test on the server but everything cleared ok.

This issue started a couple of weeks ago, no major upgrade or install took place when it started happening. From what i can see the halts are completely random, some times it goes for days without it happening and some times it happens just hours after the reboots.

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VPS Server - CPanel, Httpd And Named Services Keeps Stopping

Nov 7, 2007

We have a VPS Server from one of the most reputable VPS Provider. We have 384 Guaranteed RAM and 1GB Burst. We have Dual Core AMD Opteron(tm) Processor 265 - 1795.503 MHz with 1024 KB cached allocated to our VPS.

It is only hosting 2 average forums (10-15 concurrent users in total) and 30 small websites, low traffic websites.

The problem we are having is, almost 3 times a week, the cPanel, named and apache services keeps stopping. I am monitoring our server when this is happen and prior to the event its only using about 300MB RAM and low CPU..

What could be causing this problem? Do I need to upgrade our RAM?

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Do You Mirror? (If So, How?)

May 3, 2007

Ok here's a potentially dumb newbie question, but I have to know. How many of you mirror your sites, and how do you set it up?

Is it as simple as getting 2 different webhosts, and setting your DNS settings to
primary: DNS.HOST1.COM
secondary: DNS.HOST2.COM

And, in the event of HOST1 going down, will the magical internet genie know to direct all your traffic to HOST2?

Also, what's this I've heard something about a "round-robin DNS" setup? I read it in a thread in response to someone who was trying to manage bandwidth. The suggestion was to set up a bunch of mirrors with a round-robin DNS so that traffic gets split equally.

This is all very interesting & new to me. How do I do it?

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