KVM Easy And Fast

Apr 7, 2007

What's the latest KVM technologies that's easy to use and have fast response time?

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Easy Way To Do This With Ftp

Jul 2, 2007

Is there an easy way to copy an entire directory recursively by FTP in ssh to another remote location, a shared hosting account.

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Easy Way To RDNS

Sep 20, 2007

my host won't do it for me, they said I have to do it myself... Is there anyway you guys can show me how to reverse dns in centos?

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Easy Load Balancing

Oct 12, 2006

I'd really like to set up load balancing for one of my CPU heavy apps. (it's on about 10 machines that are NOT identical, ie. some big, some small)

Currently, I just use a PHP script to direct people to various servers, but it doesn't handle balancing & failover well, and I don't like that the URL changes to www2, www3, www4, etc.

I've looked in to some simple balancers like Pen, Pound and Balance, but I can't find a crucial weighting / balancing configuration. I've also looked at DNS round robin, but that doesn't seem to be sticky, or have weighting or failover.

So, is there any simple http load balancing software that can handle my requirements?

- Stickyness
- Weighted Balancing ( preconfigured or based on responsiveness)
- Failover

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Want To Ban Spammers? 8 Easy Steps

Feb 20, 2008

1. Install CSF

2. Install Iptables if it's not installed (apt-get install iptables on redhat/centos)

3. In WHM under "# ConfigServer Security&Firewall" click on firewall deny ips

4. Open a 2nd window, Goto Main >> Server Status >> Apache Status

5. Check if there are any spammers with lots of connections to a specific file, that's how I got a lot of the IP's.

6. Goto http://ws.arin.net/whois/?queryinput=

7. Enter the IP you found at "Server Status" and enter it at ws.arin.net to get the proper CIDR which you can easily add to your CSF deny hosts file (which is open in another window)

8. Get a tea and watch the server status closely.

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Install ImageMagick Easy Way?

Mar 22, 2007

Is it possible to install ImageMagick easy way, through rpm command? If so, can someone post command to install it? I have Linux CentOS 4.4-32.

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Replacement For Easy CGI Web Hosting

Dec 9, 2008

As many of you may have also experienced, Easy CGI went from being one of the best hosts (I had them for 7 years and they were great), to one of the worst. They migrated to new servers and literally destroyed our site, lost data, did a search and replace of our code (yes, this actually happened), and brought our sites down completely. After about 100 hours of on-line support, chat, phone calls, emails, etc. we have to move on.

The things that were great (prior to the debacle) about EasyCGI was the Windows hosting, fast performance (FTP access was great), and the controls that were available.
I'm finding it difficult to match what we used to have. I've tried GoDaddy's VPS packages and that was a complete bust due to FTP performance (would have literally taken us months to just upload our web site ... about 10 GB total).

I tried Network Solutions, but they are only Linux and although they told us they support ASP Upload, ASP Email, and a number of other controls, now tell us that those are not supported.

I've also tried APLUS.NET and 1AND1. Same peformance issues.

anyone have any recommendations for hosting that would meet these needs?

Windows (Virtual or Shared)
30 GB + disk space
Unlimited Email
Form Mailers (CDONTS or ASP Mail)
DSN with Microsoft Access databases
Ability to work with SQL Server (not MySQL) databases
ASP Upload (or similar) that can be coded in ASP to upload files
Unlimited FTP accounts (we create a folder and FTP account for each of our customers)
Unlimited (or very high) transfers monthly (~ 1000 GB/MO +)

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Installing Php Soap As Easy As

Nov 8, 2007

having the libxml2 library and --enable-soap when compiling php? that all?

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Easy Exchange Administrator

Aug 22, 2007

Does anyone of you guys use Easy Exchange Administrator?

Hows your experience with it as well as the stability?

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Easy Way To Backup A Site On A VPS Completely

Jun 10, 2009

The most common way is tar the whole files and downlaod it. But as there's also mysql DB. The common way is usually take a lot of time to restore it.

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Exim - Easy Email Redirections

Feb 4, 2008

I going to develope website which allow users to register their anonymous email address.

Lets call that domain privateemail.com

so, user is able to register address: user@privateemail.com and he provides us his valid email, lets say user@gmail.com

From now, we want to redirect all emails sent to user@privateemail.com to user@gmail.com.

Is there any easy and fast method to add such redirection into Exim (or any other MTA)?

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Easy (aka Dumb) Zend Optimiser

Sep 1, 2007

What is a quick way to check if I have zend on a server? (I think I installed it, but I can't remember for sure).

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Unmanaged Virtual Private Server (VPS) - How Easy?

May 27, 2008

how easy is it to set up an unmanaged vps?....

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Good Hosting For Magento: Installation More Easy

Jun 12, 2008

I want to share my recent experience with the Magento installation.

I tried to install Magento on my basic Goddady Hosting but it failed because the zend and PHP version is too hold.

I tried as well to install on one of my other customer hosting (1and1.fr)

And after a long time of uploading all the files and configuring the .htaccess files, It failed when I was on the almost last step : database information.

So I finally found a better hosting solution for Magento which works good.

This is the link for the tutorial how to set up your Magento Store

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What's The Easy Way To Backup Websites/mysql Database

Jun 12, 2008

Due to LayeredTech price hike, i'm going to cancel my server with LT within two weeks.

Does anyone know an easy way to backup all the domians and mysql database in FreeBSD/DirectAdmin? Is there a built in feature in DirectAdmin that can do that?

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Easy Methods For Migrating My Date/site From One Server To Another?

Dec 28, 2008

Going to be migrating over to another server pretty soon.

Does anyone have any easy methods for migrating my date/site from one server to another?

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: Easy Way To Convert Subdomain Into Domain?

Apr 7, 2015

I've got a customer that has a website at hisdomain.com . He created a subdomain called dev.hisdomain.com for the new version of his website. Now he wants to take it live. Had he created dev.hisdomain.com as a subscription instead of a subdomain, it would have been easy to "rename" the old site to old.hisdomain.com and then rename the new site to the current name.

Am I going to have to move all the files around at the command line or is there an easier way to switch around the sites? The server in use is CentOS 6.6

I thought that those were my options.

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Any 'easy' Smtp / Pop / Imap Package Or Installer W/o Having To Read Up On Exim Etc.?

Oct 31, 2008

any 'easy' smtp / pop / imap package or installer w/o having to read up on exim etc.?

I want an email server quickly, w/o having to become an expert...

I'd go w/ a hosted service, but I open allot of pop3 connections... (program I use downloads one email, closes connection, reopens... repeat)...

There's lots of cookbooks out there, but they require quite a bit more time commitment (and configurability) than I want / need.

Is there any dumbified installs available? I tried with webmin, but even that wants me to manually configure a postfix / imap server bridge.=

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Bay Area Colo With Easy (cheap?) Access To A Cable TV Feed

Jun 19, 2008

Like the title says it: Is there anywhere in the bay area where I could colo a box and get a cable tv feed without paying an arm and a leg? Nothing illegal going on here either

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Fast EU Peering

May 13, 2009

on a .eu hosting company with good routing/peering around europe. I have customers all over europe but still wanna save money and centralize to one hosting company.

I am looking for a gigabit uplink but nessesarily i dont need flatrate traffic since we only hit peaks a few times a day..

What are your thoughts on companies providing this kind of service at a fair price?

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Fast Uploads

May 25, 2009

i have moved my hosting to a new provider and i was wondering what is the quickest way to upload my 500MB files to the new server? Is there anyway i can speed this up like have a dedicated uplink port to my server, or via VPN or something, cos at the moment i have an upload speed of around 10KB/s,

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Fast Host

Feb 5, 2009

anyone know or can recommended a good and fast host? for share plan

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