Easy Way To RDNS

Sep 20, 2007

my host won't do it for me, they said I have to do it myself... Is there anyway you guys can show me how to reverse dns in centos?

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Apr 11, 2008

I think this is related to rDNS.


If you take a look at URL above, the lookup for the IP leads to nsmx.net where as the lookup for nsmx.net leads to another IP.

The IP should resolve to host6.nsmx.net, how am i supposed to fix that?

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Sep 22, 2007

i cant sent emails to Hotmail from my domains so make a Spam Database Lookup from dnsstuff for my main ip
here are the results
" has no reverse DNS entry; some mail servers may not accept your mail."
and i also not listed to any database.

Can someone check the and tell me if

- RDNS are ok

- and if this spam databases include Hotmai spam databases?

My hosting provider tell me that RDNS are ok and that Hotmail black listed the server IP

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Comcast PRO And RDNS

May 7, 2008

I have Comcast Business PRO Internet service for work purposes. I've got two web/dns servers and two mail servers, each having their own IP. These are all fine.

There had been a couple situations in the past where I would receive a "Relaying Denied" message from my PINE when sending mail out. At examination of the maillog, It's essentially telling me that these messages are being generated because of the lack of reverse DNS.

xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx-Oregon.hfc.comcastbusiness.net., instead of my.domain.com.

I did a couple searches on Google, and read somewhere that Comcast is unwilling to create rDNS entries, but they've not specified, so far, whether they subscribe to PRO or residential service.

Before I spend 90 minutes on the phone with Comcast, I thought I'd see if anybody here has been successful with rDNS and Comcast PRO before. It seems to me that by denying this, it defeats the purpose of the "dedicated" service that I signed up with ...

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Manual Rdns

May 27, 2008

I was told by the data center NOC that I can manually handle rdns/ptr requests myself, as long I do the below.

Set up your name servers to respond to the reverse dns inquiries that we would forward to you.

Can anyone shed light on this? What if someone requests rdns on 32 IP's in one shot for example, how would you go about doing this?

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Setting Rdns

Jan 15, 2008

I set rdns by contacting the dedicated server host. I am switching to a colo environment soon, do I still contact the ISP who issues the IPs for the rdns requests or can I set them myself somehow on my servers?

If I eventually get my own IPs through ARIN, how do I set rdns? Do I just get some script to set the PTR records on my own servers?

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DK, SPF And RDNS Is Ok, But Spam Too!

Nov 8, 2008

Im configured domainkey, spf and rdns exactly on my server, but my outgoing email to yahoo is spam too.

My sent email to yahoo (Header): ....

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How To Set RDNS For My 2nd IP Address

May 16, 2007

I have two ISP lines coming to my router which is connected to a Exchange mail server. Both ISP has given me dedicated IP addresses such as:

ISP1 =
ISP2 =

Now my ISP1 IP address has a reserve DNS set and when the mails are send via this line no problem, but my ISP2 IP does not have a reverse DNS so some mails are bouncing back due to the face the receiving mail server is checking the IP against the DNS.

How can I solve this issue, or normally who can set this rDNS?

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New VPS RDNS Not Resolving

Nov 15, 2007

Just got set up with a new VPS and while looking to see if my IPs were blacklisted, I came across a RDNS warning. I've been on some form of shared hosting since I've been on the Internet, so much of the VPS stuff is new to me (though it is managed). Everything I've read says that RDNS is important for sending mail so the receiving end can verify where mail is coming from, but I thought I would ask here regarding my specific issue.

I've got four IPs on my account. The first ip, x.x.x.67, is the host IP(ie host.example.com). Most of my domains are using that IP at the moment since I just got set up, but I do have another domain on the last IP in my account, x.x.x.70. When I first did a RDNS check on my main IP I got a domain that I've never seen before, and all other IPs on my account don't resolve at all.

I sent a ticket off to the host, and they set the RDNS record correctly for the main IP on my account, but the other three still fail to resolve. When I asked the host about it in a ticket, the response that I got was


Normally, we set RDNS for the main IP address to hostname of the server.

The RDNS for your server has been setup properly. Please get back to us if you need any further assistance.

So basically I'm clueless. Does it matter that the other three IPs I have available don't resolve at all? The domain on the x.x.x.70 IP, which doesn't resolve, is an e-commerce site that depends almost exclusively on e-mail for its business. Doesn't the lack of RDNS resolution mean that I'll be out of luck sending mail to AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc etc on that account? Even though I don't have sites on the middle two IP addresses yet, I fully plan to put sites there within the next couple of months... could they have the same problem?

It's frustrating since I obviously have no control over RDNS records, and the host's staff is being a little obtuse about it.

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How To Setup RDNS (Reverse DNS)

Apr 2, 2008

I was wondering if anyone could assist me on how to setup RDNS?

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RDNS Getting Emails Back

Mar 19, 2008

active reverse DNS in web host manager as i keep getting emails bouncing back etc.

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How To Setup RDNS In CPanel

Jul 9, 2008

This is the output at RIPE NCC's web update interface:

***Info: Authorisation for parent [inetnum] -
using mnt-domains: authenticated by: ITECH-MNT

***RDNS: (related to ns1.infinitetech.in, ns2.infinitetech.in) ERROR (20 points):

Could not get an SOA record from ns1.infinitetech.in, ns2.infinitetech.in (

***RDNS: (related to set) ERROR (20 points):

The IP address is identical for the nameserver(s) ns1.infinitetech.in, ns2.infinitetech.in found in the submitted domain object.

***Error: There are 20 or more problem points. Delegation was not successful.
This is what I am trying to submit:

domain: 87.53.193.in-addr.arpa
descr: Reverse Delegation for Infinite Technologies
admin-c: ITGR-RIPE
tech-c: ITGR-RIPE
zone-c: ITGR-RIPE
mnt-by: ITECH-MNT
nserver: ns1.infinitetech.in
nserver: ns2.infinitetech.in
changed: noc@infinitetech.in 20080101
source: RIPE
password: secret_here
Following the guide available at:

Now, how do I create the SOA record on a cPanel based server? I created a new zone, rdns.infinitetech.in and now what? I don't see SOA record option at all in the drop down list!

Unless I misunderstood what an SOA record is, I have no idea how to implement rDNS. Anyone?

If any RIPE NCC member/participant is available to answer this question directly it would be awesome! Others, give it your shot - I do understand that most of you are ARIN members/participants.

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RDNS Database - PTR Record

Nov 13, 2007

It seems our rDNS database is not responding to the PTR record. its on a cpanel server

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Email Issues With AOL Despite RDNS And No IP Blocks

Jan 25, 2008

This is an issue I've been having for a few months now and haven't been able to resolve yet with my data center, AOL support and the company who manages the server for me. My main reason for posting this is for a fresh set of eyes and to see if anyone else has had a similar problem in the past (and how they fixed it)

The issue is this:

I set up a dedicated server to host my web design clients a few months back and no one has been able to send to or receive mail from AOL addresses. I've gone through everything at the postmaster.aol.com site and have ensured that reverse DNS records are in place for all IPs associated with the server, as rDNS is a mandatory requirement for AOL.

Once my support requested was finally elevated to a real AOL support tech, they confirmed that my IP was not being blocked by their servers and are still under the impression that the problem must be on my end somewhere. Because this problem only occurs with AOL (we can send/receive with all other big providers - yahoo, hotmail, gmail, hush, etc), my server management team are fairly certain it must be an issue on AOL's side.

When sending mail from an AOL address, it bounces back with an error like so (real emails replaced with example addresses):

451 <email@exampledomain.com>... exampledomain.com: Name server timeout
Message could not be delivered for 2 hours
Message will be deleted from queue

When sending mail from my server, it bounces back with an error like so:

A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its recipients. This is a permanent error. The following address(es) failed:

retry timeout exceeded

When attempting to manually deliver a message to AOL from the Mail Queue in WHM, I get an error like so:

Message xxx-example-number is not frozen
delivering xxx-example-number
Connecting to emr-d01.mx.aol.com []:25 ... failed: Connection timed out (timeout=5m)
emr-d01.mx.aol.com [] Connection timed out
Connecting to emr-m01.mx.aol.com []:25 ... failed: Connection timed out (timeout=5m)
emr-m01.mx.aol.com [] Connection timed out
== example@postmaster.aol.com R=lookuphost T=remote_smtp defer (110): Connection timed out

When attempting a manual telnet test from my server to AOL's mail server at , it also times out with the following:

Trying (connection timed out)
Trying (connection timed out)
Trying (connection timed out)

telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection timed out

The AOL support tech explained that if my server IP were being blocked, it would return messages with a block error code instead of timing out. They suggested my firewall was blocking AOL's server....but both my data center and server management company said that isn't the case.

Because I can't duplicate this problem with anyone but AOL accounts, I don't know what else to troubleshoot or look for. I know AOL is notorious for blocking IPs and most email related problems are usually for lack of rDNS, but neither of those issues are the problem in this situation...so I don't know what else to try. My server management company (PSM) and AOL (once they finally elevated me to a real tech support person), have been very patient and helpful....but we still haven't been able to identify the problem and I feel incompetent for not being able to contribute on my own. I've researched for weeks and certainly understand more than I did, but still far less than they do.

AOL did direct me to a Windows Server troubleshooter relating to UDP packet size limitations with some firewalls that could cause MX query timeouts with AOL, Earthlink and Quest...but because I'm on an Apache server...I didn't know if that could be related at all to my issues (not to mention that I didn't even know what any of that meant until I went and looked up what a UDP packet actually was. I'm still not entirely sure I understand it). Even so, I did send the information to Platinum Server Management a short while ago, but haven't heard back yet.

Anyways.... in the meantime, I thought I'd check here in case anyone else had the same issue or saw something obvious we might not be considering.

My server details are as follows. I included my data center and management company details to illustrate that people far more qualified and intelligent than myself have performed the most common and obvious troubleshooters so far:

Pentium IV 2.8GHz /1GB DDRAM /120GB EIDE HDD
OS: CentOS 4.3
Main Server IP:
Example Domain on the server: vedadesigns.net

Data Center: Dediwebhost.com (awesome service & fast support)
Initial Server Setup & Management: Platinum Server Management (I just can't say enough good things about these people)

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Is Rdns Compulsary Now For Mail Servers

Sep 6, 2007

I don't know much about technical details of mail servers. But i want to discuss a serious problem i am facing now. I have a reseller account with jodohost. I am not a reseller but i need this to host 20 of my own and client sites. During last few days no. of emails coming to us dropped almost 60% and suddenly i found that i was not getting emails from few of my clients. Then today i got a call from two of them and they said that all emails they were sending to me, were bouncing back.I asked them for a copy of bounced emails which they sent to my gmail account and i forwarded it to my jodohost support. This the response i got-

All of our mail servers have reverse DNS and mails are delivered. anyone not having rDNS is not able to mail much of the internet already, they really must talk to their system administrators and get reverse DNS setup.

Now they say that my clients do not have rdns at their mail servers and emails from them can not be delivered to my account.

Is rdns compulsory to send emails from a mail server these days?

But in that case i may not get emails from so many inquires?

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Easy Way To Do This With Ftp

Jul 2, 2007

Is there an easy way to copy an entire directory recursively by FTP in ssh to another remote location, a shared hosting account.

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Whitelist Domain Which Fails Rdns Check

Oct 11, 2007

i have a cpanel dedicated server.

I have a problem with a client whose mails are getting rejected because it fails rdns check, can any one tell me how to add this domain in Exim's whitelist so that the mail is sent/recieved even if rdns or any other checks fail.

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KVM Easy And Fast

Apr 7, 2007

What's the latest KVM technologies that's easy to use and have fast response time?

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Client Host Rejected: RDNS/DNS Validation Failed

Jul 6, 2008

Has anyone seen this before?

xx.xx.xx.xx does not like recipient.
Remote host said: 554 <unknown[xxx.xx.xx.xx.xxx]>: Client host rejected: rDNS/DNS validation failed. Please setup matching DNS and rDNS records:
Giving up on xx.xxx.xx.xx.

We're running a Plesk Server with CentOS

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: SMTP Banner Not Resolving With RDNS

Dec 3, 2014

SMTP banner resolution problem.

if you have 2 server and a rDNS correctly set

1 for site
1 as mail server

Smtp banner is not resolved

"Reverse DNS do not match SMTP banner"

So mail goes in spam directly.

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Easy Load Balancing

Oct 12, 2006

I'd really like to set up load balancing for one of my CPU heavy apps. (it's on about 10 machines that are NOT identical, ie. some big, some small)

Currently, I just use a PHP script to direct people to various servers, but it doesn't handle balancing & failover well, and I don't like that the URL changes to www2, www3, www4, etc.

I've looked in to some simple balancers like Pen, Pound and Balance, but I can't find a crucial weighting / balancing configuration. I've also looked at DNS round robin, but that doesn't seem to be sticky, or have weighting or failover.

So, is there any simple http load balancing software that can handle my requirements?

- Stickyness
- Weighted Balancing ( preconfigured or based on responsiveness)
- Failover

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Want To Ban Spammers? 8 Easy Steps

Feb 20, 2008

1. Install CSF

2. Install Iptables if it's not installed (apt-get install iptables on redhat/centos)

3. In WHM under "# ConfigServer Security&Firewall" click on firewall deny ips

4. Open a 2nd window, Goto Main >> Server Status >> Apache Status

5. Check if there are any spammers with lots of connections to a specific file, that's how I got a lot of the IP's.

6. Goto http://ws.arin.net/whois/?queryinput=

7. Enter the IP you found at "Server Status" and enter it at ws.arin.net to get the proper CIDR which you can easily add to your CSF deny hosts file (which is open in another window)

8. Get a tea and watch the server status closely.

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Install ImageMagick Easy Way?

Mar 22, 2007

Is it possible to install ImageMagick easy way, through rpm command? If so, can someone post command to install it? I have Linux CentOS 4.4-32.

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Replacement For Easy CGI Web Hosting

Dec 9, 2008

As many of you may have also experienced, Easy CGI went from being one of the best hosts (I had them for 7 years and they were great), to one of the worst. They migrated to new servers and literally destroyed our site, lost data, did a search and replace of our code (yes, this actually happened), and brought our sites down completely. After about 100 hours of on-line support, chat, phone calls, emails, etc. we have to move on.

The things that were great (prior to the debacle) about EasyCGI was the Windows hosting, fast performance (FTP access was great), and the controls that were available.
I'm finding it difficult to match what we used to have. I've tried GoDaddy's VPS packages and that was a complete bust due to FTP performance (would have literally taken us months to just upload our web site ... about 10 GB total).

I tried Network Solutions, but they are only Linux and although they told us they support ASP Upload, ASP Email, and a number of other controls, now tell us that those are not supported.

I've also tried APLUS.NET and 1AND1. Same peformance issues.

anyone have any recommendations for hosting that would meet these needs?

Windows (Virtual or Shared)
30 GB + disk space
Unlimited Email
Form Mailers (CDONTS or ASP Mail)
DSN with Microsoft Access databases
Ability to work with SQL Server (not MySQL) databases
ASP Upload (or similar) that can be coded in ASP to upload files
Unlimited FTP accounts (we create a folder and FTP account for each of our customers)
Unlimited (or very high) transfers monthly (~ 1000 GB/MO +)

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Installing Php Soap As Easy As

Nov 8, 2007

having the libxml2 library and --enable-soap when compiling php? that all?

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Easy Exchange Administrator

Aug 22, 2007

Does anyone of you guys use Easy Exchange Administrator?

Hows your experience with it as well as the stability?

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Plesk 11.x / Linux :: PTR Record And RDNS - Qmail Delivery Failure

Jun 23, 2014

I have a PTR record and RDNS works for me but when i want sending email to this server : error occurs and mail undelivery received.

qmail: 1403506829.587606 delivery 2978: failure:

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Easy Way To Backup A Site On A VPS Completely

Jun 10, 2009

The most common way is tar the whole files and downlaod it. But as there's also mysql DB. The common way is usually take a lot of time to restore it.

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