Huge Traffic Torrent Tracker Site Hosting

Nov 12, 2007

Current Forum users: 550,000 users

Traffic: 700,000 to 1,000,000 page views a day with 70,000 100,000 visits a day.

Monthly bandwidth needed around : 18000GB (18TB)

Now can someone tell me what kind of solution i need to host this website & keep sit running smoothly.

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I Have A Site That Gets Huge Traffic Spikes. What Setup Should I Have

Sep 16, 2007

I am currently moving from my current dedicated servers because they simply cannot handle the load. I have a site which frequently makes it onto radio, digg and other similar sites.

I need a dedicated server that can take a beating from Digg and offline Media. For most of the month the server load is really low, the site hardly uses up anything. However, when it hits those sites, it suffers.

I am OK with using Shell, just basic tars/logs/sqldumping/httpd.conf editing/rebooting etc.. anything beyond that like installing and configuring software I cant really do.

I guess I am looking at a dedicated option (linux based) with a host that'll setup software/modules modules for me when I ask, but doesn't really need to hold my hand all the time.

How are's servers? Do they manage the servers?

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Looking For Torrent Hosting Site?

Aug 22, 2006

i am looking for a site that will host a torrent site.

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Torrents Tracker Hosting

Apr 29, 2008

i`m on the lookout for hosting for a torrent tracker site..

first of all must be offshore..russia, china, malaysia, netherlands and sweden...

guide me to some good hosting..must have enough bandwith..

i don`t specify he price cause i`m not sure yet how much..i wanted to see the "market" first..

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Hosting A High Traffic Site

Jul 10, 2008

We expect a site on one of our boxes to receive a significantly high level of traffic tomorrow as it is an event that will be covered and has already been covered by the press. The site operator expects > 100,000 hits a second.

It's a PHP page that pulls records from a database and lets people submit a form to insert a record. We have already put a caching script in place so that refreshing the page does not result in doing another database query.

The site was overloading a shared server, and we've moved it to one of our VPS boxes - it's the only VPS on the system at the moment. The box is a Quad Xeon 5410 with 4GB RAM with a 4 10K RPM drives in a RAID5 setup.

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Hosting For Corporate Site (low Traffic, Uptime Important)

Nov 2, 2007

i work for a small but fairly successful and quickly rising company. we're looking for hosting for our corporate site. we could host it ourselves but that would put an extra burden on engineering and we're stretched pretty thin as it is. we moved to bluehost on my recommendation. i've been using them for 2 years now and never had a problem. unfortunately less than two days after we switched the server is now down. it's been down for over 4 hours now and we've blown past several estimated times from tech support. i know this is a rare thing but it doesn't look good and i don't think the higher ups much want to stay with them. so here's some info about our site. requires SSI, CGI, Perl 5.8+ with Perl DBI 1.32+ and Perl DBD::Mysql > 2.1021+ Perl Modules, ImageMagick 6.0.6+ Perl Module or GD Perl Module ( 2.17+), PHP 5. small traffic with occasional spikes. approx 200 uniques daily. occasional spikes if we happen to show up in the news. we do have the possibility of showing up in all major US news outlets. it's happened once before which resulted in almost 1,000 uniques which quickly tapered back off to normal levels. we're currently using 154MB of disk space and 8GB of bandwidth last month. we need multiple ftp accounts to allow marketing and contract web devs to upload their own files. probably around 10 or so would be adequate. email not required. we have a hosted exchange server. uptime and quick response to server outages important. being a corporate site and not our application downtime isn't truly horrible but it is perceived as such. this site is our identity. we're a tech company and it looks bad when our corporate site is down. even when our application isn't.

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Action Plan For A Huge Traffic Increase

Sep 30, 2007

Let's suppose you have a site on a shared hosting plan, and all of the sudden it gets a huge surge in traffic as a result of being featured in the news or something like that. What would be a good plan of action to deal with the surge quickly?

(ex. maybe your hosts takes the site offline from bandwidth overuse)

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Huge Site Scalability

Jun 11, 2008

I'm just curious as to what kind of things the huge sites--Youtube, Myspace, etc.--are doing to try to keep scalable. What sites do you guys just hate for failing in this regard, and perhaps most importantly, what are some ways we can prevent downtime?

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Torrent Hosting

Feb 18, 2009

I work in torrent marketing niche (legit and fully legal marketing) and I need a solution that will allow me to host about 3000 torrents at a time. I don't know how to solve this so I'm looking for help from someone who knows a bit about hosting and torrents. Please help me to find the best solution for my needs. I would prefer hosting it on couple smaller vps servers than on one dedicated. I used to host it on windows server, but utorrent crashes with more than 600 torrents. I think I would add no more than 300 torrents per vps.

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Any Reliable Torrent VPS Hosting

Feb 3, 2009

Does anyone know a good torrent VPS hosting service? It does not matter if they have seed hosting or not, I just want to be able to host my torrent site which have links to other seed links.

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VPS, Windows, Torrent Hosting And Umetered Bandwidth?

Jul 17, 2007

I've been looking for a VPS with windows, ability for torrents and unmetered bandwidth. I've tried leaseweb and I did not like their service one bit for support. i did not use their 10mb unmetered though. I then tried FDC and they were ok, but now I'm looking for something else that is more like FDC then anything. With FDC I was running windows 2003, unmetered bandwidth and was doing some torrents a bit. Not music or movies though, i hate 99.9% of the music out and don't bother with movies or software or any of that junk. my speed was fine at up to 100mb literally. downloading from the net to my FDC server would go as much as 80mb or so, peaking a bit faster for like half a second. Anyhow, the speed their was fine.

So I'm just looking for something else is all. The server I was on was a VDS and cost was for me $79. I had 512mb ram and 100gb drive space.

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What Kind Of A Hosting For A Fast Torrent Search Engine

Jul 26, 2008

I want to host a torrent search engine (not a torrent site with actual torrents hosted, only a search engine).

It has to be really fast. I have a few questions?

What hosting is required for this site to be lightning fast? Most of it is due to the coding of the site but how much of it is reliant of the server? Any suggestions?

Also, is it better to start small and upgrade as more visitors come? Or is it just better to get a big server?

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High Traffic Site On ASP.NET

Apr 18, 2009

We currently have a website for our client developed on with SQL

Its a straight forward web application with 2000 visitors per day

The traffic is going too heavy and its now at 130 GB per month

Our Queries :
Can we still have this site on a shared environment ?
If yes, suggest few providers offering high bandwidth

What other alternatives are there?

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VPS For High Traffic Site

May 11, 2008

I own an anime linking site which you guessed it links to anime. I have around 10000 hits a day and would like a vps with litespeed since it's so much faster.

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Block Traffic From Another Site

Oct 5, 2008

In AWStats I am getting a lot of traffic from one URL but it is all spam traffic. How can I make it so that any visitors that come from that URL cannot access my site?

They have a link on their site to mine...

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Web Site Traffic Statistics

Jan 12, 2007

Is it common to get informative and appropriate website traffic statistics via your host? or is this some I should look at joining/purchasing independantly?

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What Would You Setup For A Traffic Intensive Site

Mar 28, 2008

Calling on all hosting and server experts here. (If you're not an expert, still feel free to take an educated stab at this. But please leave out total made up answers or foolish answers like "Have LittleJoeShmoe Hosting services do it all for $9.99/month".)

If you knew or were planning on developing a site that you knew would generate millions to tens of millions of page views a day, how would you go about supporting a site of such traffic? The site would not serve up videos, but the average page size would contain up to 75-100kB. It would incorporate databases (user logins, accounts, user submitted content, server side scripting, CMS, etc.)

Don't assume anything. Don't assume you have too little or too much money. Just, what would you plan out to accomodate such a scenario?

What hosting companies would you use? Would you do it in-house and build your own datacenter? Farm out the server management? How much would it cost to implement your plan? What platform would you recommend for a site to handle this much traffic?

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Can A Gallery Site Handle The Traffic On Shared

Jun 9, 2009

Let's say I run a gallery site that is powered in php with no mysql required. Can a shared host handle traffic that receives 50k+ hits daily?

I know a shared host can handle 50k+ hits daily if the site is pure html but I'm not sure if that still applies the same for php

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Verio For High Traffic Video Site?

Jan 14, 2009

do you suggest verio for high traffic video site?

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Launch Potentially Very High Traffic Web Site

Aug 19, 2009

I am writing a financial statement for my business plan and like to know what numbers should I expect from the the host. If the potential traffic will reach 405,000 visitors a month what my requirements for the hosting company should be?

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Internet Traffic To Our Site Hampered For Certain Countries Only

Jun 4, 2009

This is not strictly a technical issue with our server as such, but this subforum still seemed most relevant. If not, please move the thread to a better suited one.

Bizarre problem: in the last 2-3 days, visitors from certain countries (France, Holland, Serbia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Montenegro) are having difficulties in reaching our website hosted on However, other countries (USA, UK, Germany, Russia) don't seem to have this problem at all. The server itself is a-OK.

The website hosts an IPB forum. The problem is that every so often (very often), upon clicking on a link, the browser hangs on "connecting", and often times out and returns a Bad Request message. Sometimes, when a clicked link that's waiting is refreshed, it immediately loads the page up quickly, as if nothing is wrong.

We cannot call our hosting company, as it's really nothing to do with them, the server works perfectly, it's just that traffic from certain countries has difficulties to get through a certain node in the USA (that is where tracert usually breaks down, or gets through after several attemtps).

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Mysql Server Hanging On A High Traffic Site

Feb 28, 2008

My video sharing site has high traffic, alexa rate:3,000

My site has 2 servers to split the load. 2 servers share a mysql server. Using rrdns to load the balance.

Server A running mysql 5.0,lighttpd
Server B running lighttpd.
Server B connect to A's mysql database.

During peak time. B can not connect to A's mysql server. It says server not responding. But A still running fine.
When I check mysql log file.
/usr/libexec/mysqld: Forcing close of thread .....

And when run top, the load average is 20.

The spec of Server A
Intel(R) Xeon(TM) CPU 3.06GHz dual core.
2G Ram.

Here is the my.cnf


# Default to using old password format for compatibility with mysql 3.x
# clients (those using the mysqlclient10 compatibility package).
max_connections = 1000

My question, do I need another maching C to run lighttpd, and just keep mysql on A.
Or I can do some mysql optimization on A.

Also, if my site keeps going, can I have 1 mysql server and 5 http servers?

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: Traffic Notification On Restored Site In Web Admin Edition?

Jun 14, 2015

I'm getting a traffic notification on a site I restored from a backup that originally came from a standard Plesk edition. Web Admin Edition doesn't appear to have access to Subscriptions, and all I can find with regard to limits under Webspaces is a hard disk quota, which isn't even editable. How do I amend of remove the limit?

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Is There Anyone Knows For A Good Hosting,which Is Allowed : Adult Site & Casino Site?

May 21, 2008

is there anyone knows for a good hosting located in uk,which is allowed : adult site and casino betting online site ?

im looking for vps and dedicated server.

please help me i really need as soon as possible.thx

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Hosting In Europe When Traffic Is US

Sep 20, 2007

I am about to set up a domain to build landing pages for PPC advertisements on, and maybe later a full fledged website. At the moment I have a shared hosting account in the Netherlands, that's where I'm from. Now I'm wondering if there will be any issues to consider when I send US traffic there.

I like the hosting company I am with now, they're cheap and they have good service, and I haven't found one is the US yet that offers the same so I'd rather stay with them if it's not necessary to switch.

Does it matter much when I host my site on a Dutch server?

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How Much Traffic Can Shared Hosting Support

Apr 2, 2009

How much traffic can a typical $5/mo shared hosting account support?

A lot of them claimed "unlimited" bandwidth and storage. Of course there's no such thing as unlimited.

I have a site based on Python, Django, MySQL or Postgresql. It doesn't have any video or other bandwidth heavy elements, but the whole site is dynamic, each page takes about 5 to 10 DB query, 90% reads, 10% writes.

What kinds of traffic can a shared hosting account support for a site like that?

At, someone stated that a $5/mo shared hosting account can typically support 10-20,000 unique users per day or 100-200,000 pageviews/day. Does that sound about right?

Any recommendation for a good hosting company that'd suit my needs? My site will start small but hopefully will ramp up quickly. I'd like a hosting firm that can support that growth.

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Requirements For In-house A/V Hosting? How Much Traffic

Jan 23, 2007

I'm trying to come up with a cheap , middle of the road, and high end set of solutions (list of equipment) for in-house hosting of video-casting / audio-casting on a site that can get big spikes of traffic at times. With some particular attention /consideration to the back-end, server requirements/needs. When or at what point does one need a a dedicated server for media? How much bandwidth is needed? how much traffic is a breaking point?

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Traffic Accounting Packages For Dedicated Hosting

Oct 31, 2006

Can anyone give me some recomendations of some traffic accounting packages?

I'm looking for something that drives the backend stats you get as a customer when you login to your Dedicated Server providers control panel. Traffic graphs / total throughput stats etc

The obvious way to do this is to ping the switch ports and generate graphs and stats using RRD tool. The other way to do it would be to mirror the external switch port and generate stats from there (this would discount 'internal' traffic between boxes, although there will be a seperate private LAN for this).

We can obviously roll our own, but to save on man hours are there any out the box packages (open source or otherwise) to generate the graphs, traffic levels and dump it all out in a nice customer friendly report (i.e not something like Cacti).

In other words, what does everyone else use...or is it a case that everyone has based the backend on mrtg / rrdtool and built their own reporting lauyer ad-hoc on top?

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Paid Hosting Taking 404 Error Traffic

Oct 23, 2009

HostGator is the only one I know of taking your 404 traffic by default. I have never experienced this with any other host I have used.

Personally it does not bother me much because I know how to change it simple. I'm a big fan of HostGator otherwise. They do provide a great service. I just find it weird your 404 page is a HostGator ad with a coupon code.

Is this a popular thing I have just never run into? I know it is the norm with free hosting providers.

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Creating A High Traffic Hosting Setup

Oct 3, 2008

creating a setup that will host a site which is expected to receive 50-60K visitors in the first few hours after its launch. The site is membership based and the backend (member system) runs on PHP5-MySQL5.

Here is what I have thought of until now.

Site's sales page (which also happens to be the first page that visitors hit) hosted with Amazon S3 service. All public media files are off loaded to amazon S3 service to keep the number of requests on the hosted setup to minimum.

At the front we can have a high performance firewall like Cisco ASA 5520 followed by two dedicated load balancers in Active/Active state.

Behind the load balancers we have 3 front end servers acting as web-servers. These have SAS disks, 4GB RAM, RAID 1 setup, Dual Xeon Quad core processors each.

Behind the front end servers - we have a dedicated load balancer for the database cluster.

The database cluster consists of 3 Storage/API nodes and one of the front end servers acts as the management node. Each storage node has 8GB RAM, Dual Xeon Quad core processors, 4x RAID 10, SAS setup.

The private network is on a GigaLan.

Do you see any possible/obvious flaw in this design or anything that should be added/subtracted from the setup?

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High Traffic Hosting Solution (dedicated Server?)

Jul 23, 2007

I'm working on launching this online store for a poster designer, and we're becoming more and more aware that we need a really robust and fast server. This site is looking at extremely high levels of activity whenever this designer posts a new poster. We're talking 1700 people surfing the store (downloading med-high resolution poster images) and 300 posters sold in 16 seconds kind of thing.

So, we need a really robust hosting, to work with PHP5 and MYSQL.

My previous go-to hosting provider was Lunarpages, but their customer service has gone down the crapper, and I've just about had it with them. My main questions are:
Should I be looking into getting a dedicated server, or are there hosting companies that can handle this kind of traffic on a shared server? I don't have experience administrating a server, so if we got a dedicated one we would have to pay the host to do at least some of the setup/administration, I would assume?
Dedicated server or not, what's a hosting company that has really good customer service, where we can be assured of getting somebody knowledgeable without having to wait on hold for 20 (or even 10) minutes?

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