Any Reliable Torrent VPS Hosting

Feb 3, 2009

Does anyone know a good torrent VPS hosting service? It does not matter if they have seed hosting or not, I just want to be able to host my torrent site which have links to other seed links.

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Torrent Hosting

Feb 18, 2009

I work in torrent marketing niche (legit and fully legal marketing) and I need a solution that will allow me to host about 3000 torrents at a time. I don't know how to solve this so I'm looking for help from someone who knows a bit about hosting and torrents. Please help me to find the best solution for my needs. I would prefer hosting it on couple smaller vps servers than on one dedicated. I used to host it on windows server, but utorrent crashes with more than 600 torrents. I think I would add no more than 300 torrents per vps.

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Looking For Torrent Hosting Site?

Aug 22, 2006

i am looking for a site that will host a torrent site.

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VPS, Windows, Torrent Hosting And Umetered Bandwidth?

Jul 17, 2007

I've been looking for a VPS with windows, ability for torrents and unmetered bandwidth. I've tried leaseweb and I did not like their service one bit for support. i did not use their 10mb unmetered though. I then tried FDC and they were ok, but now I'm looking for something else that is more like FDC then anything. With FDC I was running windows 2003, unmetered bandwidth and was doing some torrents a bit. Not music or movies though, i hate 99.9% of the music out and don't bother with movies or software or any of that junk. my speed was fine at up to 100mb literally. downloading from the net to my FDC server would go as much as 80mb or so, peaking a bit faster for like half a second. Anyhow, the speed their was fine.

So I'm just looking for something else is all. The server I was on was a VDS and cost was for me $79. I had 512mb ram and 100gb drive space.

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What Kind Of A Hosting For A Fast Torrent Search Engine

Jul 26, 2008

I want to host a torrent search engine (not a torrent site with actual torrents hosted, only a search engine).

It has to be really fast. I have a few questions?

What hosting is required for this site to be lightning fast? Most of it is due to the coding of the site but how much of it is reliant of the server? Any suggestions?

Also, is it better to start small and upgrade as more visitors come? Or is it just better to get a big server?

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Huge Traffic Torrent Tracker Site Hosting

Nov 12, 2007

Current Forum users: 550,000 users

Traffic: 700,000 to 1,000,000 page views a day with 70,000 Ė 100,000 visits a day.

Monthly bandwidth needed around : 18000GB (18TB)

Now can someone tell me what kind of solution i need to host this website & keep sit running smoothly.

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Reliable VPS Hosting

Apr 13, 2009

I've been using a Ubiquity VPS for a bit over a year now, and have been generally satisfied, for two reasons:

1) The performance has been excellent. It's still pretty fast considering how much we're using it, and I was able to record just over 200 days uptime.

2) The support seems to be competent and no-BS. Nothing ticks me off more than being lied to, or being told that something that is clearly beyond my control is my fault. While there have been various teething problems (I signed up just before they did a big infrastructure upgrade, and then the whole "someone pulled the plug on the entire company thing".

We're now looking to procure some additional virtual boxes. Not out of any slight to them (primarily to do with SEO, but also a matter of eggs and baskets), we'd like to get them from different firms.

I can generally handle the technical stuff running on the VPS myself, so in terms of ongoing support (once the basic "provision everything, get forward and reverse DNS for the server's IP set up" is done), all I really need is a company that will keep the lights on, the machine plugged into the network, and replace hardware when it fails promptly-- in short, self-managed VPS.

Each one would likely host only a single site, but the sites are apt to be fairly database-intensive. Linux-based.

So what I was thinking, to start with, would be:

* 512M memory
* 20G disc
* 500G transfer

or higher. I'd honestly prefer a bit more memory (the current VPS, hosting probably 75 domains of minor traffic, is a 1Gb setup, and will occasionally breach the red line; I've kept it reined in to 20 simultaneous Apache processes to keep memory use low).

I shopped around a bit, and was able to find a variety of providers offering packages of this size (and frequently larger-- 768M/40G/600G seemed a common size) at about $50-60 per montt.

I'm leaning towards a VPS primarily because of the assumption that the low end fully-dedicated boxes are relatively poor spec-- low permanent capacity (compared to the burst capacity I could get on a decent VPS), and most importantly, no redundant drive subsystem. Data loss is my big fear. That, and really weak performance.

But of course, nobody is going to tell you "Your VPS is on a Duron 750 shared equally between 32 VPSes", "We have RAID. When there's a roach in the lunch room, we spray it." or "We really suck at support and end up taking it out on our customers."

So who can be trusted in those departments?

I'd prefer someone with no-gimmick pricing, because we're researching today but may not provision immediately.

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Reliable ASP .NET Hosting

Jan 8, 2008

We currently have our sites hosted with 1&1 but after a nightmare of intermittent downtime, poor service and complex setup requirements for basic ASP .NET sites we have given up!

We want to leave the domain registrations with 1&1 as they do that side of things well and I donít want the issues of moving domains to another provider.

But what we need is a fast reliable host that will allow us to leave our domains with 1&1 and will host our websites, their subdomains (and hopefully emails if possible) with the domains still registered at 1&1.

Also the things we need to resolve from 1&1 are:

1 - using asp or aspx custom error404 pages for all webpages, we can do this for aspx sites though our web.config but all other extensions go to a single .html page (not very dynamic)

2 - different error 404 pages per domain

3 - ability to do extension-less url rewriting in ASPX - we could not do this with 1&1 due to the inability to change IIS settings for the application to forward all requests to the asp .net application

4 - different IIS applications for each domain without requiring a folder in the url, 1&1 require us to move the domains into folders for this to work but moving our domain to a sub folder therefore loosing links to pages in google etc

5 - great technical service and attention to problems

Also all of our customers are in the UK, is there any latency or issues with slow loading using say a US based host?

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Most Reliable VPS Hosting

May 19, 2007

Which company provides the most reliable VPS hosting?

By reliable I ALSO mean the following:
short response times for tickets (under 1 hour)
REAL 24/7 support
true 99.9% Uptime

but most of all I would like you to suggest a host that you are 100% satisfied with. I want a really reliable VPS host to move to, besause I have already been very very unsatisfied with my VPS hosting company.

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Reliable .NET Hosting

May 29, 2007

Are there any webhost, besides that offers .NET hosting, and are actively updating their software, SDKs whenever Microsoft releases something new?

I'm looking for a host that offers .NET 2.0, MS SQL 2005, MS AJAX(Atlas) to name a few.

I like what discountASP offers, but it's a bit pricey as I have to pay $10/month for the basic plan, and another $10/month for MS SQL. Somewhere between $10-$15/month would be good.

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Reliable Web Hosting

Dec 10, 2007

I am currently with Yahoo web hosting, but I will move to another company because Yahoo does not support PHP 5.

What I am looking before all is a solid, reliable web hosting company:
- a company that will still exist 5 years from now
- a company that will not lose my customers data
(this is the prime reason I was with Yahoo)

Besides that and supporting PHP 5, the only other main requirement is scalability: being able to move easily from shared host to dedicated server.

Money is not a key factor: I am not looking for the cheapest deal.

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Reliable Windows Hosting

Mar 23, 2007

do you know for some reliable (with up time really >= 99.99%) Windows hosting? I have a hosting provider which have a lot of down time and I need to change it.

I need this:

- multidomain support (at least 3 web sites allowed)
- MySQL database
- ODBC, Access
- 100GB bandwidth (with possibility to upgrade to larger plan later)
- 500MB disk space
- MS SQL Server database is a plus, but not neccessary at this time

Does it exists anywhere?

I see CrystalTech includes all of these in Intermediate plan [url],although there is no "real" multi domain.
Anybody know something about CrystalTech, especially support and server's up time?

I found IX too, [url]

Their unlimited plan looks excellent, is it really that good after you buy it?

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Cheapest Reliable Dedicated Hosting

Jun 6, 2009

I am currently with SoftLayer and the minimum fee I paid is around 180$ per month.. I was wondering for the same plan like in SL, is there any other companies provide better price?

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Cheap And Reliable Reseller Hosting?

Feb 25, 2009

Please recommend me a linux & windows (dual) reseller web hosting that is cheap and reliable with automated billing software and anonymous name server along with 2 dedicated IP.

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Reliable Hosting For A Vbulletin Forum

Oct 9, 2009

I am the owner of the vbulletin forum. The forum is young but it is growing rapidly. It has 11000 posts, 800 members and about 30 users online. I use many mods which are server intensive.

I was on a semi-dedicated hosting (Westnic), which I shared with my friend to reduce the costs. Now I feel I should move on, because this package is becoming too small for both of us.

I wanted to upgrade my hosting package to a bigger one, but now when I have read so many horrible stories about this host, I really don't want to stay with Westnic.

So I am looking for a reliable host for my forum.

I am still now sure whether I need a semi-dedicated, VPS or a dedicated server. Also, I am not sure how much dedicated memory a forum like mine would need. Also, I am not sure about the location of the server - does it really matter?

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Find A Reliable Hosting Provider

Jun 16, 2009

find a hosting provider which will meet the following requirements

1. Multiple sites (more than 6)

2. MS SQL Server 2005 or 2008 (two will be enough may need 500Mb on one)

3. More than one FTP user

4. ASP.NET 2.0 and 3.5 Support

5. PHP support also needed

6. $10 monthly (120$/Year) maximum

Supporting more than 2 sub domains on each domain will be an added advantage

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Fast, Reliable File Hosting

Nov 4, 2009

I have a VPS account now and I host a setup.exe file on my site, but about 10% of all downloads are incomplete and result in a corrupt setup file. I am guessing that maybe it's because too many people are trying to download the file at the same time? Whatever the reason, I need more reliable file hosting. Can anyone suggest a place to host just my files, which will provide speedy, reliable downloads? I'll still keep the VPS for my site, but need to put the files elsewhere. I don't want any free, ad supported sites, or ones that require the user to visit another site first.

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Starting A Business Need Reliable Hosting.

Jan 20, 2009

I have started up a UK based company with a few people and our work is mainly based with online websites.

I need a reliable UK web host, with servers based in the UK and the availability to call up for any support.

The company needs to have many years in the business and are available to transfer my CPanel accounts.

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Reliable Hosting Which Support LayeredPanel

Nov 6, 2008

I'm currently with hostgator and bought website which uses LayerPanel control panel under another hosting provider which down always, and hostgator not support that panel only CPANEL, please advice any reliable hosting like hostgator which can support LayeredPanel with live chat support 24/7 as it's at HG.

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Professional And Reliable PostgreSQL Hosting In The US

Apr 10, 2008

As the topic says, I need a host who knows what they are doing with PostgreSQL and is located in the US.

Budget is $40/month. 40GB+ bandwidth and 2GB+ HDD.

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Low Space And Bandwidth, Reliable Hosting

Aug 30, 2008

I am planning to create a website for my business. Its a bulk exports business and there will be very few visitors, less than 1000 a month. Also space needed should also not exceed 100 mb as I will only have some html information pages and a few pictures of my products.

However, the webhost should be reliable and have an easy to use interface as I am a beginner in this field (I hear cPanel is good). Also I have 2 more domains/businesses which I hope this same hosting should cover so it should have addon hosting.

Please recommend a reliable hosting provider with a good interface and price under $25 per year.

The registrar I will be using for the domain is Namecheap as I am planning to register a .in (India) domain name and very few have that option.

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Reliable Shared Windows Hosting

Jul 10, 2007

Long story short, my client has had issues with the last couple of hosts. We now need a new reliable yet affordable windows host urgently.

He has an ecommerce shop running on a shopping cart called Product Cart.

Basically need the following:

Budget: No more than $20 a month

At least 500mb of web space
MS SQL DB 50MB minimum
Ability to use third party private SSL certificate
Supports Linkpoint Connect payment gateway.

The recommended server configuration runs Windows 2000 or 2003 Server,

We've already tried CrystalTech but they don't include ASPupload.
We were ready to sign up for DiscountASP but it turns out to be $30 a month if we use a private SSL certificate and SQL DB.

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Quality, Reliable Hosting For Up To $10 A Month

Feb 14, 2007

I am about to open a third web site and am looking for a good place to host it. My two existing sites are currently with a local (Croatian) The Planet reseller which has quite good support (and are partly sponsoring me), but tend to be a bit too weak when it comes to high load peaks (when sites get dugg mainly).

So for a third site I am considering something else. Having read some discussions I can conclude that these days the actual amount of space and bandwidth isn't such a good measure of actual quality and these numbers are mainly used for marketing.

I also learned that best web hosting depends on specific needs and desires. So here is what I want and I hope you can make some good suggestions.

I want a reliable, high uptime, fast web hosting with great customer support (24/7, quick, knowledgeable and friendly) which wont impose bad mysql limits and will not crash when slashdotted or dugg.

It would be good if it would use some sort of a reliability boosting system like clustering (although I guess it doesn't have to be clustering necessarily).

I also need it to have at least 2GB of web space and more than 100GB of monthly bandwidth but with an option of extending this if need arises *without downtime*.

If it would anyhow be possible for it to be Free Open Source Software friendly, possibly offering a webmin control panel in addition to or instead of cpanel. Of course, it has to run on GNU/Linux. I don't need *anything* Microsoft related on it.

It needs to have a good track record. Please don't advertise your own hosting companies here. I'd like to hear recommendations from real people with real experience.

My budget is up to $10 a month or $120 a year. I believe I should be able to get roughly the above with a good host for that price these days. It's a competitive market. Someone honest has got to fit the bill.

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Very Cheap Windows Hosting...but Reliable

Aug 5, 2007

Can i find a good windows provider...for $7...?

It doesn't matter the space...but i need it to support AJAX.

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Reliable Low Cost WHM & CPanel Hosting Available

Aug 24, 2007

I am having really bad experiences with my current host. I guess I've overlook "quantity" over "quality". I got my current hosting account (almost 3 months now) from ebay...I guess that sums up pretty much everything. Actually I knew it was a newly startup company, but they offer WHM as well (which a function I really want for other reasons) for a really low price of one year with unlimited everything. I know.....I know.....there is no such thing, but I've figure I would not reach their limits anytime soon. So I went for it.....test drive I would rather put it. Let's make the long story short:

* 2 weeks after account setup, server down for 7 days (because their servers got hacked).

* Received email, everything was lost and "all accounts will be move to their new SUPER FAST servers (yes indeed, I've to say !) in the next couple of days".

* Waited another 4 days, nothing. Summited a support ticket; their response was all their clients account was already moved to the new servers with an new ip which I did not get notified.

* Fine, re-setup everything and.....cross my fingers!

* Everything went well for...almost a month and half. (Well...other then the company was brought by another company ) Other then that, server will be down 10, 20 mins. at a time here & there.......

* Until yesterday.....I thought it was like the usual 10, 20 mins., but it was more than half an hour, 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours,.....I went to check on "their" web site, no longer accessible. Then I know it's time for me to look for a new host.

Anyway, sorry for the long post. I think I should rather change the title to "Really bad hosting experience from....." (Rather not to mention who, but if anybody care to know...)

Well, any offers from any web host in here?

Yes, THIS is one of my site. Let me know if / when it is working! Post the time if possible.

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Reliable Plesk Based FFmpeg Hosting

Aug 30, 2008

If there was reliable plesk based FFmpeg hosting out there would you try it?

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Great Reliable Shared Hosting Provider

Aug 14, 2008

I found out about downtownhost on here and signed up and am currently using them for one of my websites which is working out great. But I'm looking for another one as well (I don't like to host all my sites with one company).

I looked at iweb but there own site was loading slowly for me so that was discouraging.

Chatted with hostmysite and they made me wait forever and couldn't answer simple questions so that was scary. I currently have 2 sites already with hostgator which has worked out well, but like I said don't want to put all my sites on one host. Looking to get my sites off of dreamhost which I recently (last 6 months) have been having website loading time problems. My sites load SLOW So my once "dream" provider has turned into a nightmare. I also host with lunarpages (oy vey) my site goes down weekly and they don't have phone support on weekends.

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Inexpensive Reliable File Storage Hosting

Jul 18, 2008

Just got a letter from InMotion. They don't like I uploaded my backup files to them, which makes their hosting benefits totally pointless to me and I will be moving to some other cheaper hosting since I basically only use email.

So I need some place to store my backups... I need only about 5 Gb, and I don't care about bandwidth, as I don't plan to download them unless all my HDDs will burn or get stolen or something so I don't need bandwidth. And it should be no more than few bucks/mo.

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The Most Fast, Stable, Reliable Shared Hosting

Dec 30, 2008

Which company is the most fast, stable, reliable shared hosting.

list a few US and UK company hosting plans.

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Private, Reliable And Cheap Hosting And Whois

Oct 31, 2007

I'm about to launch a viral project that has realy good potential to strike it big, but would like to clear a few things first.

I would not like to have it associated with my name - not that it anything illegal, but in real life I'm doing something completely different and on the record would like to keep it that way.

So that probably means keeping the whois private - but I have another question as well. Suppose the project strikes it big - would a diggin journalist be able to still get my name/data from a hosting company too?

Is there a good hosting company with an all-inclusive service that you could recommend (that would get me a private hosting plan + a private domain name/whois)? And that would be reasonably priced of course + more importanty reliable (note have problems if/when there is a massive traffic surge to my site at one point in time)

Would probably take a shared hosting plan - need only PHP and imagemagick to start with. But again - bit part of my concern is what happens if the project makes it big and there is a lot of traffic - so ideally "unlimited" bandwidth and responsive admins...

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UK Hosting Company - Reliable, Can Do Clusters, Load Balancing Etc

Jul 26, 2007


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