Hostgator Review

Sep 28, 2008

We have used them on numerous occasions and found them very reliable. not if anyone else has ..

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Might As Well Do A HostGator Review

Oct 24, 2009

I've had a few sites with HostGator. I build sites and sell them sometimes. Anyway, the one I have with them now is a adult tube site, so I do not want to post a link to it here. If a mod posts here I will pm them the site URL. I'm eight days into this website, but I have used them a lot the past year.

Off to the review....

- setup was quick as usual. I signed up, paid and had my details in my email within five minutes.

- speed is quick both HTTP and FTP. I will do around 100k unique visitors this billing period as I purchased some advertising and it never slows down

- support is excellent via live chat and ticket support. They can usually solve your problems. I have never used the phone support. tickets get a reply within a half hour

- i had acted on around nine dmca complaints notices they had forward to me and heard back from them within a minute or two when I told them I was removing the fast

- you cannot beat the prices for what you get

This is about the only unlimited hosting provider I can trust

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My Hostgator Review

Nov 7, 2009

Im a Hostgator Customer for over 6 months now. I purchased the Business Shared plan. Im running a vbulletin forum with a few members that post on my website. Im also running dedicated servers which use the MySQL database remotely. I was satisfied with Hostgator for about 3 months. After that period the problems began. Somebody DDOSed my Site and of course Hostgator suspended me immediately saying that my index would use too much resources. I was on vacation and got phoned by one of my moderators that we got suspended. So I called the Hostgator support. They told me the same thing, they e-mailed me. So I asked him to activate my page again since its nearly impossible that I can jump from maybe 100 visitors a day to over 1000 visitors in a second. Well the connection broke up since I was walking in the woods but they activated it. About 2 weeks later the same thing happened, they suspended me again. I went into the chat this time and they told me that they dont think that it's an DDOS attack. I told him the same thing again, like I did to the guy on the phone. They activated it again. Everything was fine until 1 month ago. The Site was unavailable for me and many others. I went into the Hostgator chat and they told me that somebody is using a script that is overusing resources making everyone's content on the server unavailable. He said he will look into it and open a new ticket for me. After 1 hour I got suspended. They said that my Shoutbox is using too many resources and that I need to remove it. So I renamed my Shoutbox folder to deactivate it temporarily. I have been running this Shoutbox since the beginning and I/they never had problems with it. So recently the server where my webhosting account is on keeps restarting or crashing for some reason. They told me that Apache keeps crashing and that they are working on it to get it resolved. I was fine with it, but it kept happening. So to get to the end, I have been in the Hostgator chat 6 times today already since they still didnt fix it. Im really starting to think that there will be more and more problems, so Im already looking for another webhost where I can host my Website. I barely use 100GB of Bandwith and I really dont think that Im using much resources running a simple forum.

I also talked to the support many times about their maintenance frames. I think they really should inform the customers by e-mail if they shutdown the server for maintenance or warn before they start working on the server if it will affect the availability of Websites.

Overall Im not happy Customer of Hostgator anymore. Im really impressed how they are forcing me to leave. I was always nice to the customer support since I already worked in the same branch so I know how you feel when a customer is yelling at you.

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Review -

Dec 17, 2008

Review -

Hola again WHT folks...another review here for one of my many hosts I have used in the past (I am writing a review for each). This time I am talking
I started up with hostgator in early 2007 (feb?) and was with them up until august this year. I had a easy setup and was pleased with the speed I had everything running. At that time I needed to wget a large file (like 14 gigs) from my old dedicated host layeredtech. I requested ssh access and wget which I had enabled in a hour or 2. I moved the large file in a few hours and was very pleased at the backbone speed of that transfer. They have a ticketing system which is very standard in the marketplace today and worked well. I really am partial to whmcs over modernbill recently, a few years ago I would never have said that! And of course Cpanel rocks over plesk (that pest). Anyrate on with the review!

So I had some oddball perms that I could not change which I had to open up a ticket for, ya hate to hit the ticket system hard and heavy at first but sometimes thats life. A bit later I got the file untard and was up and running. I was using alot of resources for a low price (think I was on baby...) and was happy with the transfer speed for the most part. Sometimes it was a bit laggy, but I was shared so I cant really complain and I had pretty high transfers also.

I cannot be sure as to why some files seemed to disappear which I mentioned earlier in a different post. I had several people with access, sometimes I had timeouts while uploading large multi gig datasets, so I am unsure what the issues may have been. It was not important enough for me to open up a ticket over as I was tired of supporting other peoples works by this time and needed to cut that cord. Let me sum it up...

--Hostgator is pretty reasonable on transfer speeds in my estimation.

--They are alive on the ticketing system so you will not wait for days.

--I did not have downtime I did not cause.

--I did have some files that turned up missing that should not have been accessible by other people, however it was not important enough for me to open up a ticket.

--I had somehow setup double payments in their system with both paypal and a mastercard (seems like something should have caught that) and ended up with a 40 some dollar credit. I had to open tickets and call a few times to get that straight but no big shakes. In the end they saw what I was pointing out and I received credit.

I would recommend them based on my experiences except for one thing I do not like at all (which is a common theme among many hosts)

You get a discount if you purchase hosting the entire year in advance. I totally get it you can estimate the future resources you will need to allocate and purchase and the discount is a thank you. I however have been burned in the past and am not alone in my reluctance to fork out ubber bucks for a year of service which I am unsure about the quality of. My main gripe is thats the advertised price, but its not the price you will get when you sign up.

That is a psychological trump which makes you as the buyer say "well I am not going to get that good of a deal because I wont blindly trust them" Which means like me I will check around and see if I can beat that (hey we eventually become smarter hosting shoppers)

I would however like to point out that I received a very nicely worded private message from the president of hostgator over the missing files issue I had experienced and I really think this is a SIGN OF OWNERSHIP! I commend that you own the good/bad/unknown and wanted to help me get to the bottom of it. I now wish I would have opened a ticket on it so we could backtrack it. It is not often you get that level of commitment from a hosting provider and this company is moving in the right direction on several fronts.

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Aug 1, 2008

I'm been with HostGator for about 2 years now and I love their service! Its really easy to get in contact with HostGator staff either by Phone, Live Chat, or Ticket they always resolve whatever issue i'm having in a timely manner. I also like calling HostGator and not talking with someone in India who has no knowledge of what I'm trying to get help with and doesn't even know much about that company, I get that enough when I call Dell lol. Anyways, I just wanted to let everyone know that if you are looking for Shared, Reseller, or Dedicated web hosting then choose .

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Stay Away From HostGator, My 12 Days Review

Apr 12, 2008

I have been customer with HostGator for almost two weeks and my experience has been TERRIBLE, AWFUL etc.

The server I am being hosted on is overloaded daily to the point when my SSH times out and my website is unaccessible. I have been told that the customers who overuse their resources have been removed and that it should work fine - surprisingly, it does not.

Days ago I have been also assured, by the live support rep, that load averages will stay around 2s or 3s after the server will be filled as the accounts were still being added. That is not happening even though there are no accounts being added anymore to the server (as I was told few days later).

As I am writing this, the load averages are: 121.74, 66.47, 49.90

The overload has been causing problems DAILY.

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Hostgator Dedicated Server Review

Mar 24, 2009

I had posted the review a week back but for some reason everything went bazook with WHT.

I lost all my posts but am making an attempt to write the review again of my exp with HG.

Well, I had been with these guys for close to 14 months. I never knew there was bright world beyond HG for dedicated server untill I came to WHT. I had taken a xeon 2.4 with 2 gb ram for $219 everything was fine untill the server started giving me problems off late. It was supposed to be a managed server but these guys had just no clue whatso ever on any kinda problem. The took like close to 12 hours just to figure out the problem which was an issue with fan.

Imagine they were putting the blame game on me till they figured out it was a problem with the hardware(fan). When I went to claim refund for meeting the SLA, they told me that it was my fault and the onus was on me to ensure the server is up and running. WTF? How do you expect me find and why do you think I took managed service if the onus was on me to make sure the server is up and running.

That wasn't the end of my horror story. I don't remember the number of times I had to suffer with restarting the Apache / Mysql and downtime and when I did goto them, they said my RAM usage is too much. Hmmm when I further digged out and I felt cheated when I found out that they gave me a cheap DDR-200 MHZ RAM which is way outdated technology. I was like WTF? All those problems were because of that Cheap DDR-200 MHZ RAM for which they were charging me a bomb.

Imagine they gave me a trash Hardware and charging me a bomb for that crap and they kept blaming me for it.

I scrapped my Xeon 2.8 to Q9550 for a bit more but it was worth it.

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Dec 1, 2008 Dedicated Server Review

Can you review hostgator dedicated server...?

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I Need HostGator Unlimited Shared Hosting Review

Mar 16, 2009

HostGator is offering unlimited disk space, bandwidth and domains in shared hosting BABY Package.

Does it mean i can host 10 domains in baby plan and each site is eating + 200gb per month.

Does 10 Domains hosting in this account mean that they will host using addon technology?
What role dedicate IP will play for my websites?

If my domain registrar is different but my host is hostgator then will this plan will work for me or do i need to transfer all the 10 domains to hostgator?

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Review Of Hostgator, LunarPages, SLHost, HostingZoom, And JaguarPC

Dec 27, 2007

I thought I would do a review of some of the web hosts that I have used or am using over the last year or so.

I'll start off by talking about the 3 webhosts i currently am using.

1. Lunarpages (regular shared hosting account).
2. HostingZoom (regular shared hosing account)
3. Hostgator (Reseller Account)


I have had a shared account with Lunarpages since early July.

Positives: Of the different webhosts I have used, they seem to keep php, and other software the most up to date (on the elara server). A webhost that uses older versions of software that have security issues makes me nervous. Another positive of Lunarpages was the free "Coffeecup" software.
Negatives: I really wanted to like Lunarpages when i signed up with them. Of all the hosts I have used in the last few years, the Lunarpages server I'm currently on is down the most. In fact, I currently use my space there just for testing out software (like Joomla) and setting up demos for my current web design clients to learn on (they can learn on the demos as opposed to messing up their live sites!). The server generally has some issue at least ever couple of days were the site is unreachable (either a hight server load and everything times out) or some other issues....

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Review :: HostNine, HostGator, Peakhost, HostLatch, Underhost, Pluthost ..

May 26, 2009

Just thought I would share some the experiences I've had with hosts that I've been with over the last 6 years:

Decent host and cheap. If you're looking for a single page site or a site that doesn't have much traffic, this is for you. I moved my sites off their servers (they are sister companies and I was with both) because I wanted a reseller account which they didn't offer. I also thought they slightly oversold the servers.

This was a great host for me. Their support was great and hosting was perfect for what I needed. I was with them for 3 years. Highly recommend if you're looking for a reseller host.

After I realized that I didn't need a reseller host anymore I tried HostGator. I got suckered into the unlimited features and signed up. After figuring out that I had unlimited space but not unlimited inodes(files) I went back to hostnine shared account.
So I was cruising around some forums and came across a cheap offer for the Peak I signed up for their offshore server and haven't had problems since. I'm not going to say how much I paid for a years worth of hosting, but it was less then a big mac meal. Always been up and support has been quick. Great Host.

Stay away. Far away. They had serious downtime because they combined VPS and shared accounts on the same server. After having a VPS that was effected by this I requested a refund (was only 2 days into service) and was denied.
Great host. Great for offshore and onshore. I had them for a few months and purchased a years worth of reseller service. Great service and never noticed downtime.

Great new host. I had a VPS from them(offshore) and it seemed ok. Dropped service because I realized I didn't need offshore VPS when I had already purchased offshore from peakhost.
Just started a VPS from this host. Great uptime, fast servers and support seems to be quick.
Bought this off a special I found on DP. Good shared hosting, although a little slow. Could just be my side though.

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Shared Webhost Similar To Hostgator, But Not Hostgator

Jun 3, 2009

I would like something similar to the business package located here:

But I do NOT want HG, too many bad experiences.

My only requirements are...

-No more than $15/mo
-Unlimited domains
-At least 100GB of bandwidth a month
-Supports PHP
-Some type of control panel (preferably cpanel)

Any suggestions are GREATLY appreciated.

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Hostgator Anyone?

Sep 3, 2008

At work, at home, and a couple of associates are with Hostgator on their reseller plans.

My employer's account with Hostgator... in about two years we only ever had one major problem. We wanted to change the primary domain and so the support boys and girls at HG did that for us. We then had a huge problem with propagation, and some of the packages didn't transfer over. That saga took about five days or so to fix but was pleased with the eventual outcome.

We had a mediocre problem about a year back when all of the websites under our reseller had crappy response times for about a week... something about a dictionary attack on the server I think. After that was fixed everything was fine.

A few times Hostgator support helped me out when they didn't have to... many many times they went a little further to help me solve a problem, and a couple of times very promptly helped me fix a problem I'd created which would have got me fired had it not been done fast.

Some people complain about Hostgator response times to support tickets. I simply did not have a problem with that... they always got back to me within 2-6 hours. When I couldn't wait that long (which only happened a handful of times), I submitted a ticket by email, then got on the phone or live chat, and they very helpfully escalated the priority.

I haven't had any memorable problems with my personal reseller account with them the whole time I've been at Hostgator.

Their support is very very good... Brent seems to be the driving force behind the desire to be the best, and the fact that he's very well off yet still goes on to the support forums and is actively involved semi-frequently goes to the ethic of the company as a whole.

They DO go over and above - at least they have for me.

Recently, I was banned from their support forums permanently.. you can read about my side of the story at

Even after what I think was a unfair ban from their forum, I'm still perfectly happy to keep my business with them, as well as my employer's... and will still be referring people to them. Why? Because their service is undeniably splendid.

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Has Anyone Used

Jun 22, 2006

I am posting looking for anyone who is or has hosted with

I am looking to move a site to their service that handles around 150,000 pageviews a month and was hoping I could get some input from actual users of I want to do the basic shared hosting plan.

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IE6 & Hostgator

Feb 22, 2009

I experienced a problem with Hostgator servers where IE6 seems to cause problems and the response from Hostgator was sort of "They don't care and people must upgrade to IE7"

The problem is that on other servers several installations of a particular hosting BILLING system works 100% fine but with two separate installations on separate Hostgator servers the following happens.
With IE6

1) Get a BLANK page regardless whether file in public or admin was called and the page only show if you click GO in url bar.

2) Refresh page don't help and page stays blank until click on Go (in other words you can click refresh till you are blue in the face, the page stays blank. You MUST every time click on GO for a page to be displayed - All links or submit buttons gives a blank page)

3) With such blank pages the "View Source" option however give the complete and correct page up to the last </html>

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Hostgator Vps

Nov 1, 2009

is hostgator start a vps planes?

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What Do Ya'll Think Of

Apr 12, 2008

Do you guys like and are there similar or better options?

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HostGator Rip

Apr 20, 2008

I was messing around today and found this: (see for whois information)

This is a complete rip of HostGator's site and appears to be done by HostMonster. Anyone else notice this?

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Hostgator, 7.95 Or 9.95?

Feb 23, 2008

HostGator's website publishes $7.95 for the Baby plan; but on the order page this is $9.95. Is this what others are experiencing as well?

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1and1 Or HostGator?

Jul 13, 2005

I'm a newbie and trying to figure out which host to use. I'm going to have about 20 different sites all with different names. I think i've narrowed it down to either 1and1 for $9.99/mo(2gis/50gigs) or Hostgator for $9.95(5gigs/75gigs) both with no setup fee.

Does anyone have experience whem either??or other recommendations.

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HostGator Or 1And1?

Jan 1, 2009

See folks I want to run a forum and I have decided to either use Hostgator or 1and1 hosting.
Which was is better if I want to host a forum with members no more of 1000 or so?
What is there MySqL Database limit?

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Warning. Hostgator

Jan 15, 2008


My experience:

I signed up for their hosting on Sunday morning and completed payment for the first month using hostgators online payment system and paypal.

The payment was accepted and confirmed. An email was sent some time later confirming the account had been set up.

The email specified a user ID for cpanel as well as nameservers which I used to point two of my domains at the new hostgator account.

I used cpanel and FTP to set up the add-on domain, create some email accounts and upload content for the two domains (the same content as on the old servers which should now be shown and

All appeared to work fine with no problems. I could use outlook to access email and the web sites were available on the new server (the old server was down).

A day and a half later, I WAS HORRIFIED TO SEE

- the emails accounts could not be accessed
- the cpanel user did not work
- Hostgator did not email me or attempt to contact me in any way to tell me there was an issue. (they had my valid mobile phone number - there are no unidentified calls in the period concerned).
- the web sites that had been pointed at hoistgator were showing a suspended message and spammy hostgator context ads. My non-spam mostly non-ads content had been uploaded to the hostgator account.

One of those domains is freeware software on a site with ZERO ADS that has never been moneterised and sometimes gets 100's of uniques a day.

HOSTGATOR WAS STEALING TRAFFIC FROM MY ad free unmonetized site and showing a nasty spammy ad page.

Not only was I rather angry but also amazed that any company would ever do this. Just think how you would feel if all your sites - pages were hijacked and showing some of the nasty ad pages.


Checking my yahoo email, there was no email from hostgator saying my account had been suspended (if I hadn't checked it they would have continued stealing the traffic until I noticed).

The only email from hostgator was a request for a copy of my passport or utility bill! I am left wondering if they are really a front for an identity theft scam? I am rather unhappy that they have even my name - address - tel no - paypal email.

I obviously immediately changed the nameservers on the two domains back to the old servers. But since nameserver changes take upto 72 hours to fully propogator, hostgator could still be stealing some of my traffic now. The two sites contain nothing that any T+C I have ever seen would have any reason whatsoever to see as a problem. The two sites are and for anyone here who wishes to verify this claim.

Hostgator COULD be showing my content instead of their spammy ads - I uploaded it.

Hostgator was mentioned by a few on here and I thought them to be a big company who have a reputation to protect. Are you guys really comfortable with a company who behaves like this. Will they suddenly suspend your sites tomorrow and steal your traffic until you happen to notice?

I have requested to them that they provide access TO MY PERSONAL AND BUSINESS EMAILS on the email accounts I set up. I would also like any log data that was collected. I will report back here what the response to that (politely worded) request is. Giving me access to any email and log data that they have effectively kidnapped-stolen hardly makes amends for the wrong they have already done. Like any other victim of a common thief I may just have to accept that I lost something and will not see it again.

Additionally, search engine robots may have visited the sites and got 404s, any users who dropped by will certainly not be back, the damage caused is ongoing and difficult to fully quantify.

Hostgator did not email me or attempt to contact me (they had my valid mobile phone number). They did not tell me why the account was suspended and the trafic STOLEN. I have had web sites for 4-5 years and have never been involved in anything remotely dubious on the web. You can judge for yourself if there is any reason for them to do this [sites,]. I had sent at most 10 emails whilst testing the 3 or 4 email accounts I was creating.

Obviously I will never use hostgator or any related company.


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Beware Of HostGator

Apr 2, 2007

HostGator is the worst hosting company ever. They took my website down in November 2006 without notice because they claimed my site used 11% of the CPU. The support department told me they would send me a .tar file of my site and a mysql export within one week which I told them was unacceptale because the site has paid advertisers (not Google Adsense) and I already had another dedicated server with PEER1 to move the site in question to immediately. After several hours of tying up their phone support, they finally relinquished and put the .tar file in an ftp for me to download. I told them cancel my account immediately and do not bill my credit card again.

OK, I had my site back up in several hours, and thought I was done with them for good, but they have continued to bill my credit card $29.95 per month since the incedent. I have called support and they said I needed to log into CPanel and cancel my account from there, however, they locked me out of Cpanel. I told them I was going to do a chargeback on the fraudulent billing and their representative stated they would file a judgment against me with the credit bureaus if I reversed the charges.

Here we are, now in April 2007 and they are still continuing to bill me for an account they cancelled and I have no recourse at this point but to do a chargeback through Bank of America for the 5 months they have billed me since I have not been on their service.

I have an impeccable credit rating and it is the absolute most dispicable act I've ever seen from an internet company since AOL pulled the same trick on me back in 1995.

I urge anybody reading this to never have any dealings with HostGator or you will seriously regret it.

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Best Package With Hostgator ?

Dec 27, 2008

I decided to try hostgator , so please advice me Which package is the best for newbie to buy in hostgator? I am interested in cheap price and best server uptime.

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HostGator? More Like GhostGator

Jun 16, 2008

Sometime ago I was openly discussing which hosting company would be great to start a reseller account with, now, I was seriously thinking about going with Hostgator based on user reviews, but then went with my gut and signed up with MediaTemple to test them out.

However, based on reviews I've read around the web, I couldn't discount Hostgator, so... whenever a client asked which hosting company they should use, I told them that we use Mediatemple, but they could take a look at Hostgator if they feel MT is too pricey.

Big. Effin. Mistake.

It all started out smoothly. Clients paid. Got the passes. Setup emails, FTP's, etc. Done.

3 Months down, nearing the end of the projects, suddenly everything went tits up.

We couldn't log in, couldn't access the ftp, nothing. We emailed them, they sent us passwords to login (which did not work), and even suggested that we pay again to help reset their system (client paid again, still didn't work).

Now, get this: After emails from one of clients, they (HG) said that it may have to do with the fact that he was based in Asia (Hong Kong), which was causing problems with the system, including payments, and because the domain had a .asia extension.

HUH?!?! Say what?!

Our client couldn't be bothered, so he signed up with somebody else, and luckily enough, because his domain was with Namecheap, we were able to easily remedy the problem.

Last I heard, he said he was going to try to get a refund from HG, but he wasn't holding out much hope.

That wasn't the end of it though.

One of our clients, this one a personal friend of mine, whom I also gave the same advice (HG or MT), went with HG - and guess what? The exact same thing happened!

HG was, this time, saying something about problems to their password systems, and so they gave us links to reset the systems and re-enter our passwords. My friend tried, and still nothing. HG can't claim any .asia excuse on this one, because the domain is a .com, or credit card issues - as my friend paid in full for the entire year (and the CC is a US-issued one too). Eventually, we just gave up, and I've offered to let my friend sit his site on my MT server for the meantime.

Shady. Real Shady.

Anyhow, if any of you are thinking of hooking up with HG, especially if you're from outside the US, be wary.

Now, regarding Mediatemple? For all their bad press, their customer service (and their control panel setup) is spotless. I've had a few instances of downtime, but nothing insane. I think I'll be sticking with them until the need arises for an upgrade to AWS or Mosso.

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HostGator - Not All So Rosey

Apr 6, 2006

Ive had a reseller account with HostGator for just over a year and I pay my $25 every month at the right time. Ive never been late.

I have the "Aluminum" reseller account - Everything unlimited including mysql databases..

The service until this week was insane - their the best.

But then Tuesday and Wednesday my site was down in particular my forums

After a ticket to the support department they fixed it (3 hours) and said all was working fine.

I was happy..

The next morning I get an email from them saying - My site has grown to large for my reseller account (5Gbs/50Gbs) and that its causing abuse on their server! The joke is my site is tiny compared to what some of you have

600 Visitors a day
+- 30 ppl on the forums at all time
11 gbs bandwith

They said the forum is "crunching" their CPU...

So without warning they moved my site to a dedicated server and said:

Your site has been determined to be causing high loads on the server and the cause of recent downtime. It is not suitable for a shared hosting environment and will need a dedicated or semi dedicated hosting solution. We sell semi dedicated servers for a month which come with 500 gigs bandwidth and 25 gigs disk space.

Instead of just suspending your site we have moved it to a dedicated server giving you one week to decide what you want to do. You can move it to a new host or put it on a semi dedicated / dedicated server with us. It is your decision to make but we will not be able to host it in a shared environment any longer and at the end of the one-week it will be terminated off the dedicated server.

WHAT!! I have already paid for the month of April for the hosting. But they will just terminate my site in one week?

Also if 30 concurrent mysql db connections makes their server lag - how would I use my "unlimited" mysql dbs they promise in my reseller acc's info.. ?

Is it just me or am I being treated unfairly...?

Now today my site is slow, lags and times out etc.. im loosing visitors.. my banner manager is broken because of their unwarned server move - I have advertisers breathing down my neck asking why their ads arent online.. etc

Im looking for a hosting package (no reseller) that can host my site and watch it grow with NO problems - Has 2b Linux.. I got about 20-25$ to spend per month

any ideas/feedback

I dont understand how my site can be to big for a reseller acc...

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HostGator DOES NOT Oversell

Apr 16, 2008

I know someone who owns a HUGE Invision Power Board forum.

He is only on a shared hosting package with HostGator. He has about 3000 guests on his forums all the time.

HostGator definately DOES NOT oversell...

(Whois lookup if you don't believe me).

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Problem With Hostgator

Nov 3, 2008

Salutations from sunny Athens. Ok, here goes. I have a problem with my forum, It just got temporarily suspended due to high server loads. I just cannot understand why the loads are so high, can someone have a look at the log and help me plz?... The site is Its a internet forum, based on vBulletin.

They have sent me, OUT OF THE BLUE AND AFTER THEY CLOSED ME DOWN, a notice with that log, telling me I had the option of either upgrading to one of their dedicated servers or moving to another host. Nothing more, no warning, no time for me to asses what caused the server load spike, nothing. I cannot even have access to Cpanel so that I can take a backup for the site. I am losing money every minute from this, I am pissed, and I am trying to find out what happened. I will certainly change hosts (and probably move to a VPS service).

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May 31, 2006

So I finally have a site that is getting a lot of traffic. Yeah for me. That is when the problems start.

05/29/06 - I get a call from HostGator stating that my site keeps crashing their server and that I need to move to a semi-dedicated. I had a choice of upgrading or they were going to move my site to a 7-day temp server. That is totally fine with me so I say okay and upgrade.

05/29/06 - I receive a welcome email for my new semi-dedicated server and I think all is good. Next, I receive an email stating that they needed my account login and pass so they can transfer the files. I respond with the login details. So I assume that the transfer has been made and everything is okay.

05/30/06 - Everything is cool. Site is running smooth.

05/31/06 - My site gets suspended at around 1pm. No warning we are going to take your site down, no 7-day move to a temp server (like they said they would), just a big SITE SUSPENDED page. I call wondering what the heck happened.

Call 1 - HG: It appears that you have two accounts and the site that was using the most cpu power is on the "Baby" plan. Me: Huh? I thought that was transferred over to the semi-dedicated. HG: No transfer ever took place. I am then told that I have to fill out a bunch of forms in order to have the transfer happen. Fine, so I do that.

Call 2 - No response received from the transfer form submission so I call to see what is up. I am then told that a transfer DID take place. Then why is my site not up? Please allow 1 hour for updating is their response. Fine.

Call 3 - (one hour later) ME: Why is my site not up? HG: The site needs to be transferred. ME: HUH?!?! (I am furious at this point, but I keep my cool.) Okay so WHEN will it be transferred?? HG: I will have it done IN ONE HOUR the manager said!

Call 4 - (several hours later(I had college)) ME: Why is my site not up? HG: The transfer is taking longer than expected (only a 3 gig site) so it will be, yes, ANOTHER HOUR!!! I am pulling my hair out by now.

Call 5 - (one more hour) Me: Why is my site not up? HG: We needed to change the dns settings (I think this is what he said). Me: Okay how long will that take... you guessed it ONE HOUR!!!!!! OMG.

Call 6 - It has only been 30 min. so we will see if this really takes an hour or not. I am sure I will be calling them though.

Here is where I may have caused an issue:

In the initial email asking for my account login details I responded with the login details AND I also asked (in the same email) to see a CPU usage log. They treated this as a support issue so the login details for the transfer never made it to the transfer department!? Their response to this was that they thought I wasn't sure if I was going to go with a semi-dedicated plan... well I ALREADY PAID FOR IT. So why would I not be sure if I wanted to upgrade when I already paid for it?? Only they know.

All in all, my site has been down almost all day and I have lost a lot of money and visitors too I am sure. I used to think that HostGator was awesome, but after all of this I am starting to think less. I am still going to give them the benefit of a doubt and stay with them, but if you ever need to go from a Baby account to a Semi-Dedicated be sure to STAY ON THEM AND MAKE SURE IT GETS DONE!

After reading NUMEROUS fantastic reviews I know this is not the norm of HostGator, but it happened to me!

My head hurts now.

Sorry I just had to vent somewhere as this has really upset me.

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HostGator Or HostRocket?

May 5, 2009

Was actually wondering what you guys recommend as far HostGator Reselling opportunity vs HostRocket re-selling opportunity. I came prepared for this questions, so here are my goals:

Long Term - I've biz established already and would like to add hosting as unlimited bonuses and even start a hosting business slowly as my own forums start to pick intensity

The 24-month option of HostRocket seems irresistable with unlimited bandwidth and 1tb of space (as their chat), kind of skeptical as it isn't in writing, but it seems they have a better offter at first then Hostgator, but they don't provide a billing system like: whmautopilot. PL nameservers are also $2/month with HostRocket, but Hostgator reseller options has them included.

Am I missing something guys? Tried my best to describe this, let's see!

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Bluehost / Hostgator

May 27, 2008

I conducted a couple of questions for each host and this is what was said, it seems HG is abit shy on giving out details, where bluehost didn't mind telling:

Please wait for a HostGator operator to respond.

Welcome to HostGator Live Chat! You are now chatting with 'Jefferson S.'

Jefferson S.: Welcome to HostGator, how may I assist you?

Stuart: evening Jefferson

Stuart: could you tell me how many shared accounts use the same ip address

Jefferson S.: no, i don't have that information

Stuart: couldn't you find out?

Jefferson S.: no, I can not see how many accounts are on a server and we do not give that information out

Stuart: ok its just a performance related question i thought you could answer and to many accounts on the same ip isn't good really as you must know... for your information Bluehost have 500accounts per server and a couple of hundred that use the same ip.

Jefferson S.: we fill our servers 80% capacity

Stuart: ok thank you for your help Jefferson

Jefferson S.: You're welcome!


Ann A. [5:48:14 PM]: Thank you for contacting the Sales Team. Please give me a moment while I review your question.

stuart [5:48:14 PM]: could you tell me if you have any uptime stats and do you own your servers or lease?

Ann A. [5:48:52 PM]: Hi! We average 99.9% network uptime. You can google bluehost uptime, there's several sites that monitor uptime for different hosts. We manage our own servers, which are located in Orem, Utah, USA

stuart [5:49:47 PM]: how would you say you are as a company compared to hostgator?

stuart [5:50:59 PM]: thinking of an answer lol

Ann A. [5:53:23 PM]: Our hosting packages are pretty similar. The way we run our scripts is more secure. Bluehost's scripts run using user:user based permissions, which means your scripts and files are as secure as Linux itself. HostGator runs scripts as nobody:nobody, making the individual script security not as secure.

Ann A. [5:53:46 PM]: We also offer free backup restores, which I think hostgator charges for.

Ann A. [5:54:08 PM]: They also use cpanel, which is what we use. I'm not certain what their cpu and process limits are,

stuart [5:54:31 PM]: excellent answer thats what I call good customer service! even though you had to ask a collegue lol
[5:54:53 PM]: how many people share the same ip?

Ann A. [5:55:43 PM]: On average we have 500 accounts per server. Each server has multiple ips, let me see if I can find a more exact number. one moment please.

stuart [5:55:55 PM]: thank you

Ann A. [6:01:35 PM]: Thank you for waiting. There's probably a couple hundred that share the same ip address.

stuart [6:03:16 PM]: thank you Ann for answering the questions ohnestly..hostgator wouldn't tell me theirs they just said they fill their servers 80%

Ann A. [6:04:06 PM]: Have a good day Stuart!

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