Dedicated Server With

Jun 7, 2005

Has anyone here used/using a 1and1 dedicated server?

From looking at details of what you get it looks great but when you see a good deal you just to question it.

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1and1 Issues, So Now Looking For A New Dedicated Server

May 22, 2008

I'm currently running a dedicated managed business server with 1and1 (UK).

As most of you know their level of service leaves a lot to be desired, and from personal experience this has been dropping even more in the past year. Emails to their support staff sometimes take days before I get a reply. And I've been experiencing server downtime that has sometimes lasted for hours before the server has finally been rebooted, and that from a managed dedicated server plan!

Today for example the server went offline at about 11:00 GMT and didn't go back online until 16:00 GMT, so it was down for 5 hours! Even though I had tried to contact the support staff a number of times during this period. This kind of downtime happens at least once per month and I also get a couple of other shorter periods of downtime most months.

I run a site that has been growing in size steadily over the past couple of years, but I don't think it is overloading the server, so I don't think it is anything I've done that keeps crashing and taking the server offline.

The site is currently getting about:8,000 unique visitors per day.
600,000 page views per month.
60GB of bandwidth per month (this is increasing by about 5GB per month).
20GB HD space (but content is constantly expanding so will eventually need at least 50GB)
But even earlier last year when the site's traffic was still only 20GB a month with 3500 unique visitors per day the server was just as unstable!

I've checked the server logs and the server load is averaging at 1.02 with a peak of 2.62, CPU usage is averaging 24% with a peak of 56% and all other system resources are quite low. Are those figures acceptable? I personally thing they look fine and can't see what could be crashing the server.

Could my site's database access activity be crashing the server? The site uses between 26-80 sql queries per page due to the site being a database directory of over 5000 page entries, with each containing a mix of ajax and web2 technologies to deliver its content. Is that creating a high load on the DB server? Not sure as the server, as mentioned above, only has an average CPU load of 1.02.

Anyway. I'm less than happy with the level of support and service from 1and1 for a managed dedicated server. Even if the server does crash, it should be rebooted quite quickly as it is supposed to be managed. So I'm now actively looking for a new dedicated server.

What would you all recommend based on the current load and traffic my site currently requires?

Budget wise I current spend about £60 ($120) per month so don't really want to spend any more than that if possible.

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Allow The Anonymous FTP - Plesk In 1and1 Dedicated Server?

Mar 28, 2009

how to allow the Anonymous FTP - Plesk in 1and1 dedicated server?

I could see the button there but it's disabled! I think I have done all I needed to be able to access to it, but it's still "offline".

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1and1 Dedicated Server Review And Some Shared Hosting Ramblings (couldn't Resist)

Oct 23, 2009

I've had a couple dedicated servers with 1and1 for a while now(about 6mos). I have to say that my overall experience was pretty good. At the time the prices where pretty good, and are very comparable to most hosts. I received the speeds promised, the server was setup very quickly.

The only negative I had with the server was the kernel. I attempted to install vmware on they system however they did not have the headers needed by GCC to compile vmware. It was an annoyance, but I just opted to update the kernel since there where a few releases since their custom built kernel was made. Once I was running the new kernel the vmware process went smoothly, and everything worked perfectly.

As for 1and1's support team, I have to say their standard support I would not rate a 10/10, however their dedicated server support team, and one particular rep I've come to know in their sales / abuse department (more on the abuse dpt. later) are very knowledgeable. And always addressed any issues or questions promptly. Which honestly no issues besides vmware stand out in my mind, which was just a minor inconvenience, which you would find on most hosts. Since its an un-managed root server your responsible for keeping the system up to date, and run the latest kernels anyway right?

Ok, so I mentioned I came to know a rep out of the abuse department of sales. Now this isn't particularly related to my dedicated servers but I did have one of their hosting packages. Well I never kept tabs on the site and the scripts had a couple vulnerabilities, php5 wasn't enforced.

Anyway to make a long story short, the site was hacked and fake bank sites and other scripts where loaded onto the server. Which is where The abuse department came into play. Now I know (getting off topic, but it may be the same with a dedicated server) hosting companies don't want to run sites like these, and I thought that the way these companies usualy handle these types of situations are to send a take-down notice to their client, as its possible they may not even know its there. But 1and1 opted to completely disable all access to the server, http, ftp, ssh, everything. So at first I didn't know what happend. I call up tech support that night(prob around midnight -- 24/7 tech support is always great), they let me know the account was dissabled do to an abused related complaint. They told me I would have to wait until morning when their sales department opens(as abuse is located in sales).

So I call up the number they gave me the next morning. And meet Bob (I'm calling him bob because his name escapes me at the moment). He was very pleasant and understanding that I needed my site up as soon as possible. He looked at my account he saw I had been with them for about a year and a half, and said he didn't think I had posted any of the content anyway(he disabled it himself imagine that haha). He emailed me links to all the files in question, informed me that php5 was not forced and recomed I fix it. Since that was the only reason we had this isue in the first place. He was also able to tell me what files the hacker used to exploit and gain access to the server, as well as searched the the user directory for any backdoor scripts. Which he did find some and sent me the locations in the email.

So, finally we got of the phone he re-enabled the server. I went through the email went through everything, I just opted to delete everything as i felt the whole system was compromised anyway, and re-upload the site. I forced php5 for all php scripts and never heard anything about it again... and the site still runs today!

Their normal tech support isn't all the great, at least not when it comes to apache. I inquired about mod_rewrite not working and the first rep i spoke to didn't know what i was talking about, I explained in more detail, she put me on hold for about 10-20mins and researched it. Said she found details about my issue and shot me an email. I checked the email, it contained how to moddify headers using MS ASP which has nothing to even do with my "LINUX" shared hosting plan.

I called in a second time frustrated, remember I usually talk to guys from their dedicated server support. When I spoke with the second rep. The first thing I asked Him was if he was familiar with "Apache Mod_Rewrite" (exact words) are you familiar with this, and if not can you please give me to someone that is. He assured me he knew what I was talking about, I explained the situation, and what the other rep sent me was completely off topic. He apologized and assured me he knows exactly what I'm talking about.

He sent me an email with another link to their FAQ yet again. However this time is was on creating 403 redirects in apache. Well I do admit at least they got closer this time right? I laughed and walked out of the room. Took a shower and relaxed. Finally, I decided I'd take one last look at .htaccess configs before trying another call. I played around with different setting and... eureka! I found the solution; for some reason mod rewrite on 1and1's shared hosting servers doesn't support sub-directories; that is you need to access the files in your root directory to successfully process a rewrite.

So whats the moral of the story? Call Dedicated Server Support! lol

So anyway since this is a dedicated server review. So for my Dedicated server experience I would rate it a "9 out of 10".

For my overall experience with 1and1, I would rate it an "8 out of 10". Not the best I ever had, but I would do business with them. There are other minor issues I've had with their shared hosting, but I don't feel like getting into them.

Anyway hope that helps sombody, I kno it was a long post... so for the people that read it all congrats, because I lost concentration over about 80% of that post lol

Little humor there.. anyway thanks for read'n the post... just my little contribution to WHT.

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1and1 Dedicated?

Jul 28, 2008

Has anyone had any experience with 1and1 dedicated? let me know how you liked it.

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Oct 10, 2006

I'm looking to buy a dedicated server from - there features are great, but i hear so many bad things about customer service, I wondered what your experiences are before i purchase:


For £69 inc VAT (A Month)

Free FTP backup space 80 GB
AMD Athlon 64 3,000+
1,024 MB DDR RAM
2x80 GB hard drive (RAID1)
Fedora Core
Plesk 8 (100 domains)
Unlimted 100 MBit Bandwidth (Wow)
24x7 Telephone Support (Sceptical About this)

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Dedicated Hosting: MediaTemple, 1and1, Or Someone Else?

Mar 26, 2008

I run a development/consulting business that hosts several sites that are all over the map traffic wise (anywhere from 30 visitors a day to thousands).

I have been getting by with MediaTemple's Grid-Service and have been overall pleased with them, but it's clear it's time to upgrade to a more dedicated solution. Specific pain points include:
MySQL memory limits reached with exporting thousands or records through a web app
Inability to install the latest bug-tracking apps like Trac because of old versions of Python or MySQL
Inability to have SSL on multiple sites under one account.

Even with multiple sites, we have not touched any limits traffic or storage wise, just with memory using MySQL. A key selling point for using the Grid was its theoretical ability to scale for traffic spikes, and we have not had problems because of high traffic.

Key requirements we're placing a premium on in a managed-dedicated solution:
Ability to have up-to-date versions of PHP, Python, or MySQL or be able to install them ourselves, but not necessarily to be on our own in terms of having to do all updates ourselves.
I don't want to be restarting Apache every 15 minutes, or every day, or ever, really . My only trepidation with going with a dedicated solution is the sense that we'd be on our own more when it comes to traffic spikes or an app not behaving quite as it should. Is this an unwarranted fear?
More flexibility for our memory issues.
Backup included.

Having been a long-time MediaTemple customer, I've looked at their Dedicated Virtual server, but am somewhat concerned at the lack of backup support. We are also looking at 1and1 closely.

Does anyone have comparative perspective on MT and 1and1, or any other large host we should be looking at?

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Need Dedicated Servers (Download Static Content) 1and1, GoDaddy, ...

May 15, 2008

Ok, I'm a few lost about which dedicated server to choose.

First, I need 2 dedicated servers. These servers are only to download static content.

Downloadable files are small (50-400k).

I'll use lightweight server.

If there are too many user, I'll buy another server.

I search for excellent uptime, US server and fast download server.

I've visited some popular web hosting but if you know better, lets me know

Price (Root Server): $99
CPU: Single Core AMD Athlon 64 3500+ 2.2 GHz
HD: 2 x 160 GB
Bandwidth: 2,000 GB
Bandwidth Cap: 100 Mbps

Price: $68
CPU: Celeron 2.0GHz
HD: 1 x 120GB
Bandwidth: 500GB
Bandwidth Cap: 10-20 Mbps

Also, the price between 1and1 and GoDaddy is $31 but 1and1 give more on cpu, hd, bandwidth(4x), connection...

One of my question is 1and1 offers a average price for dedicated server or GoDaddy spends a part of money with Amanda, Candice and Danica?

Do you have some suggestion for dedicated server or web hosting?

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Buying From 1and1, Is There 1and1 Partner ?

Dec 13, 2007

I want to buy vps server from but I am from Turkey. 1an1 said me " The dedicated server packages are only available for US and Canada only ". For this reason I cant buy VPS server from 1and1. is there anybody sell vps and dedicated from 1and1? or does anybody help me for buying vps or dedicated server. I can pay broker price.

I want to use 1and1 because when I send email on 1and1 based server, all mail to inbox. I am building Email hosting company in TURKEY. If you know other hosting company as 1and1. all email going to go inbox. I may work with him.

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1and1 Server Ping

Oct 7, 2009

So I'm wondering what if anything I can do to get a better ping from my 1and1 server.

It's located in Wayne, PA and my ping floats around 70ms and I'm in South Lake Tahoe, CA. I only ask because there are servers with Peer1 hosted in New York, NY that give me a ping around 20ms.

Thanks for any help or advice.

Its a Windows Server 2008 Web Box.

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Server Crash On Weekly Basis 1and1

Mar 19, 2008

I have a lynix root server with and recently the server has been going down I have no access to FTP/the sites or root. Their support tells me to look in var/log but im not sure what file to look in or what im looking for as far as to why the server would crash.

So far my solution has been to re boot the server and it has been working but i need to find the cause of this...any suggestions on where to look or what to look for?

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Anyone On A 1and1 Root Server Hosted In Germany?

Jun 4, 2008

My server hosted with (and therefore in Germany) has been down since 6PM UK time (20 hours ago) - support is just excruciatingly bad - the structure they have set up to make sure the actual datacentre people aren't customer facing is atrocious... you can't speak to anyone who knows anything, it's so frustrating.

I'm writing this to ask if anyone else has a root server in Germany as the latest fob off is that a router CPU has gone down knocking all those root servers offline. I'm surprised to not have seen any other threads from disgruntled customers if that were the case. They even added the router is in Canada... which begs the question - why would that knock out my German server??

My server isn't even accessible by the serial console and the reboot/recovery system isn't restoring it - they swear it's network related, but surely I'd be able to get in via the serial console?

This is winding me up good and proper, I can't concentrate on any other work and I just find myself trying to find other ways of getting any kind of real information out of 1and1 given their complete lacklustre attitude to coming forward with any themselves. 1 hour of downtime I can put up with, 20 hours without a hint of belivable feedback is just unacceptable...

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Dedicated Virtual Server Vs Regular Dedicated

Sep 3, 2007

What is the difference between Dedicated Virtual vs Regular Dedicated Server?

Also what are the pros and cons of going with Virtual?

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Dedicated Server Along With Dedicated Support

Apr 1, 2008

to move from shared windows hosting to Dedicated windows hosting. This will be our first dedicated server and experience with dealing it too.

Someone suggested me Rackspace. But they were charging premium rates 440 USD for entry level windows server.

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Dedicated Server Vs Virtual Dedicated Server ..

Sep 7, 2008

I am currently using a shared hosting but due to increasing traffic and server load my existing host is not able to provide reliable services and I am planning to upgrade my hosting service.

While I was searching for Dedicated Servers, I learnt about Virtual Dedicated Servers but I am not very sure about their reliability? Are Virtual Dedicated Servers useful? My website current serves over 2500-3000 visitors a day resulting in 30,000 pageviews and I am expecting the traffic to grow by atleast 2 folds in the next few months as I start some PPC campaigns and Email Marketing for my website. Can a Virtual Dedicated Server cater such needs assuming my website to be more of less dynamic website written in php?

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Jul 14, 2008

What do you guys think about this company?
Is it good as SoftlayerThePlanet is?

Would you recommend them?
Yes? why?
No? why?

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Looking For 1and1 Ip

Nov 26, 2006

looking for an ip from - i will look if the webhosting server are the same like in germany. if not may its interested to get backlinks from an unbranded ip outsite germany.

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Is A 1and1 VPS Right For Me?

Sep 19, 2007

Well, my current hosting at is expiring in a couple of months and I don't want to stay with them for a minute longer.

I have about 5 domains that I require hosting for, and another few which will be aliases to these domains.

I had a look at and would need a separate hosting package for each domain.

I then looked at 1and1's virtual private servers. These hopefully fit the bill as it is quite cheap at £15/pm.

I was wondering if this fits my needs. Would I be able to host several websites here? Or just one domain?

Also, they say that I have root access, will I be able to do just about anything on there then? E.g. install imagemagick, edit php.ini, enable wildcard DNS and use mod_rewrite for subdomains... etc.

Given that I have root access to the VPS, how can it be that they say the max number of email accounts is 150, what else is restricted?

I'm a bit confused as to what sort of abilities a VPS will give me. 1and1's site doesn't explain what I could use it for as well as I would like.

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Anyone Used 1and1 VPS?

Feb 8, 2007

Is it any good? Any reviews?

Anyone used it since they started?

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Jul 7, 2006

i recently saw an ad for 1 and 1 in pc magazine and was wondering if anyone has tried out their services. it looks pretty legit and extremely cheap pricing. i might look into going to them for my future domain purchases. from my experience the cheaper the fees the cheaper the service.

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1and1 Getting Better

Jul 13, 2008

1and1 has always getting a lot of fudge here on WHT and a lot of times they deserve it. In the past their support has totally sucked. However, I have noticed lately that their support is actually improving A LOT!! I've been getting responses within a few hours and that is really good considering it would take days before. Also, in the past their responses were just generic and non-helpful but lately they have actually provided personal help and attention and fixed all the issues I've had. I know this should be expected from a registrar/webhost but I have to say I'm quite impressed. They are after all a really budget company.

Btw, I use them for all my domain registrations and also have a small hosting package with them for my static small sites. I'm not brave enough to put my more busy sites there yet.

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Does Anyone Have VPS From

May 30, 2008

Does anyone have VPS from 1 & 1 ? How do you like their server/service ? Their price is quite cheap...

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Godaddy Vs 1and1

May 8, 2008

Which one is better in shared hosting between godaddy and 1&1?

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DNS Conundrum With

Sep 8, 2007

This is the problem I'm facing:

I have a domain registered with ( I have a VPS running Linux with a different host. I have configured bind to run as my nameserver for the domains and (I have run dig to verify the bind is configured properly.)

The problem: when I try to change the primary and secondary name servers for at using the form provided by the 1and1 control panel, I get the following error message:

The name server is not sufficient or hasn't been approved.Subdomains of the original domainname as name servers for the original domainname need a fixed IP! Please refer to the FAQ (keyword: Glue domain)!

So I enter the IP address and I get the following error message:

The name server is not sufficient or hasn't been approved.

So I called support hoping they could fix this. But it appeared that the young woman who took my call was unable to comprehend the problem (she kept referring to Plesk -- which had nothing to do with the issue here).

I was prepared for this and hoping to get passed up to someone who knew what she was doing. But before that could happen, after going around in circles with Level 1 support for about 10 minutes, I mysteriously got disconnected! (I guess I had used up my time quota.)

Am I SOL here? It seems like a chicken-and-egg problem. I can't change the DNS settings until 1and1 is able verify that my nameserver domains are valid. But they won't be valid until 1and1 changes them. And 1and1 support seems totally incapable of providing any help.

I know I could use a free third-party service, but I wanted to have some practice running my own nameserver. Also I want to be able to add subdomains myself. (Right now, I have to manually add them through and am limited to 5.)

Any help is appreciated. Otherwise, I'll just use this as an opportunity to vent my frustration at's support. <sigh>

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Changing From 1and1

Jul 23, 2008

I have been with this hosting company for almost five years now and until today the service has been excellent. I am having massive ftp issues. I have 41 different domains that I run for a variety of projects. Needless to say I keep each website in a different folder. I just tried to switch one of my blogs from blogger to wordpress. Blogger won't let me have my domain back and keeps blocking it with a 404 error. But that is a separate issue. I tried using one of my extra domains and pointing it at my new blog folder. But it keeps bouncing back to my root directory. I contacted 1and1 and they reset the server, but now they are blaming me for the issue. I can access the blog through it's subdirectory but I can't post the blog there.

Anyways, I am not ready to move over all of my websites, but I do want to move my blog to a new host. I am mainly hoping that I can escape 1and1 and blogger in one move if I change the host of this one website. It's funny I have been happy for years and recommended them to friends, but now I am very disappointed. Can someone recomend a reliable host? I am looking for one with a cheap lowend package to start off. If I end up staying I will need a lot of bandwidth as I have a podcast that had a lot of traffic. Basically, there are so many companies that I just can't tell which ones are reliable. That's my main concern. Also I use SQL a lot. Thanks!

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1and1 Or HostGator?

Jul 13, 2005

I'm a newbie and trying to figure out which host to use. I'm going to have about 20 different sites all with different names. I think i've narrowed it down to either 1and1 for $9.99/mo(2gis/50gigs) or Hostgator for $9.95(5gigs/75gigs) both with no setup fee.

Does anyone have experience whem either??or other recommendations.

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Anyone Use Lunarpages Or 1and1?

Apr 29, 2005

I am trying to launch a website for a youth group. Since this is a non-profit organization I am trying to host the site for a reasonable price but I am not sure which company to go with. I have looked at lunarpages and 1&1. There are so many out there I am not sure which one to chose.Has anyone dealt with these companies and if so how are they?

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Opinions Of

Aug 27, 2009

Not interested in reseller plans or any of that - strictly as a site for domain purchase and personal site hosting. I have them and am becoming very unsatisfied and looking for alternatives.

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1and1 Bad Cpanel

Oct 10, 2009

i am using 1and1 hosting and the bad thing about these guys is they don't even have option to create backups.

they have their own made cpanel which doesn't have option for backups and sucks sometimes.

any ideas how to get rid of it.

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1and1 Review!

Nov 12, 2007

I bought a 1and1 VPS. It was a good quality server, I don't think it was setup right. I called their tech support multiple times about my servers issues. Such as it freezing and i can't restart it. Then the tech support said he would tell their computer department, and 13 hours later, my server is still frozen and I cannot log on.

I would not and do not recommend 1and1 to anyone. It was a very bad exerience and I will always stay away from them. Sorry 1and1 but your service isn't all that great.

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Windows VPS - How Is 1and1?

Jul 20, 2007

I am looking for Windows VPS with PHP and mysql.

Any has any experience with 1and1 for Windows VPS.

Also, lately I see managed and unmanaged VPS, what is that. I was under impression VPS is always fully managed.

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