Crissic Is [bad]. Need Reliable Alternatives

May 14, 2008

First: Of course Crissic had some advantages as well, they were always nice, they let you do a lot, have a nice client area and so on. In fact, Crissic would be very good, they just need to change their servers or server provider to more reliable things.

I need a reliable hosting that servers doesnt have problems all day. I need to resell stuff and I need online websites to do that, as well as I need online websites to gain money from affiliate networks. Crissic cannot fulfill this, in less than 2 weeks since I am customer there were a lot of downtimes ranging from minutes to hours, there were hardware failures including an 7 days old backup (at least with 15% redeem), somehow an domain couldnt connect at all (I guess some nameserver or DNS error?) and now after I was awake and checked my websites the server does not seem to handle sessions anymore and produces errors on a few of my websites. This hosting ruins all my business and I cannot keep them doing that!

I am searching for reliable alternatives now but with a cheap price and good specifications like Crissic had. Here is exactly what I need:

* Reliable Hosting, NO Downtimes every day. NO Downtimes every 2nd day as well.
* Minimum Diskspace: 3 GB
* Minimum Traffic: 30+ GB
* UNLIMITED Add-On Domains. DNS entrys should be automatic and it MUST be free, had some hosters before that provided unlimited add-on domains but they charged 1$ for each add-on domain then.
* Unlimited FTP-Accounts
* 200+ subdomains
* 200+ e-mail accounts
* PHP4 / 5 + MySQL and GD Library
* Cron-Jobs
* ALL CPanel Functions like on Crissic (at least as much as possible, I need it)
* Price Range between 5-10$, but there should be better hosting packages available for 10-20$ - WITH Upgrade possibility
* No Contract, I do not want to get stuck for 24 month with an hoster
* Good Support is required!
* PayPal Payment possible
* Audio/Video + Flash/Shockwave support and/or if I have additional requirements like for an video hosting script, the hoster should be able to install it and not charge more than 5$ for it
* Money-back guarantee would be great since I do not want to be disappointed by hosters that promises everything but keep nothing
* DAILY Backups

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Crissic Solutions

Jan 7, 2009

if you remember recently Crissic Solutions went offline. I was told by Skylar when he came back online i would receive a refund within 5-7 days.

He has yet again, unavailable everywhere i look, and guess what.... i still have no refund that was promised.

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Crissic VPS Accessible

Dec 25, 2008

FYI, the VPS'es on at least one Crissic node (beta?) are back up at this time. The VPS'es on another node (alpha?) are not up, and the control panel at is not.

You might want to jump in and rescue your data if you need to and haven't done it yet.

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Crissic Solutions

May 27, 2008

I thought I would take my time to post and talk about a company hosting VPS's and Dedis...

I was attracted to Crissic when a friend that knows about servers mentioned he had a discount code and they were very cheap.

I decided to try it out and bought 1 month of 128mb "small" VPS for $8.

This was going great once we had sorted out the Nameservers

I was in the process of setting up my domain, When i noticed a email claiming my VPS had been using too much power and had been shutdown. When I inquired, I was told I had installed a bruteforcer and was over using ram. The wierd thing being, I needed my domain to access FTP.

I wasnt sure how to link my domain to a IP, So I gave up for the day. Then I noticed another email claiming my VPS had been shutdown and My Package Canceled according to there TOS they can cancel when they want.

I then noticed Under the privacy act they are not allowed to look through my personal files (even though none exist)

They are in there TOS, not allowed to moniter what I do unless they notice harmful files exiting for entering my VPS...

I am very annoyed since im down my money and my VPS... *since it got shutdown within the first day*

I would go with VPSlink rather than these since they are 24.7 down with no support...

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Dec 29, 2008

I've had a VPS with Crissic for a few months. Every single month I have had multiple days of outages where I cannot access my VPS. The worst case was the past 7 days, I still cannot ssh into my vps, I was told 7 days ago by Skylar it was an "IP issue" and would be resolved in "a few hours"! I have left numerous emails, posted at least 4 help tickets but every help ticket is automatically closed within 24 hours by their ticket system before anyone even responds to the ticket! I even tried posting followups to a ticket but it still closed. As a last resort I called the 1-877 support number today and no one answers nor does it give me the ability to leave a message. This is ridiculous! I would rate the support an F at this point - absolutely horrible. And no one is available on their "Live Help" feature either. I have a 99.99% SLA so I better get a refund or I will file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

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Bad Crissic Backup Service

Oct 23, 2008

First of all, forgive me if I am posting this on the wrong section .
I am the owner of, a really small service provider running on a2b2, and PROUD OF IT.

I had a deal with Skylar, the owner of, which I am not going to talk about it in this forums, but, all I can say, is that he offered me a 1 year 50gb backup account, (well, he didn't offer , it was our deal).

About 2 months using it, and it was running perfectly until then, I thought: ok, let's see how's the server going, and then, I made df -h and it shows: 3GB Available.
WHAT? 3 GB available on a BACKUPS SERVER? How's this possible!!!??

So, opened the first ticket regarding this, waited about 6 ~8 hours and he said (Skylar): We're working on the issue, bla bla bla.

Well, fine.

Some days later, it shows 158 GB Free.... Problem solved.

Now, some days later, I see that the backups was taking DAYS to do, haha! It's true, DAYS! (It was NOT a2b2 problem.)

So, logged in by SSH to the backups server (took me 5 minutes to log in!), and it was
SUPER slow, reaaaaaaally slow, downloaded a backup (at 200 kb/s xD) which I needed, and logged out.

Tried to contact Skylar on MSN, but he then log out some time later. (without answer)
Heh, I thought: well, this is a temporary problem, etc etc.

3 Days passed, yesterday I opened a ticket regarding that problem:

Dear Crissic,

The backup server seems to have issue for some days already.

It's more than slow, it's super slow.

This has been all day... the backup service was great, but it seems that last week problems arrived.

3:40AM up 136 days, 18:31, 1 user, load averages: 4.25, 5.27, 5.45
$ df -h
Filesystem Size Used Avail Capacity Mounted on
/dev/da1s1d 1.9T 1.8T 168G 92% /
So, let's see, load is high and this is super super slow, and there are some GB's free for backups, but... can we really use it? I mean you guys should just put some more drives.
Please fix this instability issue, as this is causing my server to don't make the backups, which is really really serious.
Note: it was opened as CRITICAL! 20 Hours without answer... what a poor service.
Every service providers know that backups ARE URGENTLY.

About some minutes ago, received an email regarding my ticket, saying that I didn't have any action, so the ticket was closed(automated ones), bla bla bla, I replied to it saying: No answer from crissic on a critical ticket, at backups service??? <- Only to keep the ticket opened.

And then, tried to contact Skylar on MSN, until he log out, 2 minutes later .

The server doesn't even answer anymore :

I know that I didn't gave him money, but our deal was 1 year of free 50gb backup, so I deserve respect and to be treated as a loyal client, I don't even should say FREE, because it was paid, in another way.

I have all my bills at a2b2 PAID (anyone from their staff can confirm), I DO NOT owe anything, all I want is to have a good service, I'm a honest guy.

From a2b2, everything is perfect, from Crissic, this is horrible. Really... I don't have money at this moment to buy another backup account.

This serves to prove you, that maybe Skylar is not a good person as you thought so.

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Choosing VPS, CheapVPS Or Crissic

Jun 29, 2008

I just saw two quite nice deal in the VPS offer forum with CheapVPS and Crissic.

They both around $15/month after discount with 512RAM and 20gb(Crissic's is 70gb) harddisk and 300gb+(CheapVPS is 600gb) bandwidth.

The harddisk space is more important to me at the moment but after a search in the forum I can't find any possitive feedback on Crissic, and both nice/bad feedback on CheapVPS. Seems more people are using CheapVPS.

I am wondering if anyone can help me to choose between them in terms of the reliability and stability of their server/service?

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1 Day Review Of Crissic Solutions's Vps

Jul 4, 2008

Just 1 day,I feel so sad with them.I think the company is just 1 man running.I bought a small plan on 7.2,the price is good $6.99 for 256 RAM 30G Disk 160G bandwidth/m.Everything is good after they spent 7 hours to setup my vps,not bad.

I spent the whole days of 7.3 to rebuild my vps from centos to gentoo & update it,& the bad thing from this moment is begin.

everything is ok during the update time,but I forgot the my openvz server's kernel is 2.6.18,I updated my linux-headers to 2.6.25, it causes I can't fininshed emerge -e my sytem,so I reboot it,but it die & never running again,I do anything I can do,reboot in the HyperVM,& ssh to the console access,but nothing help.

so I submit a ticket to them,at last they just rebuild my vps back to centos,do nothing for me.I know it's the unmanaged service,& if the vps I can rescue it,I won't sumbit a ticket.

After that,I make a mistake,they don't have a refund for vps,but I request it,all right,no refund is ok.I say I'll make a review for my vps,but they sad I can't paste the ticket to the public space because of the TOS,if i do it,my vps will be terminated immediately.i don't care.I feel sad with them,so spent $6.99 to let everyone know the company & the unreaonable TOS,it worth

here is the ticket,I'll let you know: ....

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Crissic Down For 2 Days, No Reply

Dec 15, 2008

I'm a customer of crissic and now their server is down for about 40hours.
And Skylar is not responding again.

Anyone else having my problem?

What should I do?

Can anyone from LSN help me and restart his server? This time is much worse than Cpanel license being expired. At least at that time websites worked...

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A Months' Review On Crissic LLC

Sep 19, 2008

I ordered a VPS from Crissic on 27th August, the details were sent in less than two hours. Skylar was really helpful over the Livesupport via Kayako, answering my questions patiently... I can be an arse at times but hey :p... Requested to chat on MSN and was given without any further questions asked.

VPS came in readily with everything installed. There are some hiccups with the VPS itself as yum wasnt working properly. Skylar and technicians took time out to solve it for me and diagnosing the problem and all. They managed to fix it and gave an explanation..

Up till today, I havent experienced any downtime with the VPS at all... well cept for 2-3days ago when LimestonesNetwork were having problem, other than that, there wasnt any problem or anything..

The support I have gotten from Crissic is amazing and quick. I would definitely recommend him to anybody. Following from what I have received from Crissic, I went along to order my second VPS and now I'm glad!

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Crissic - Inexperienced And Careless Web Host: Part II

Nov 3, 2008

Today I'm back to encourage you to stay away from Crissic: I know the prices are tempting, but know that you will have no one on your side when a problem comes up. I finally closed my account with them after numerous major issues with my VPS.

I've had a simultaneous account with Slicehost for the past few months, just to see if paying the extra buck is worth while. Now I know it absolutely is. I'm paying double the price for half the resources with Slicehost, but their service is amazing and reliable, their support is stellar, and peace of mind that the server will stay up and running without load issues, memory or drive failures is worth every penny. The point of this post is not Slicehost though, back to Crissic.

When I signed up for Crissic, I knew that it was a relatively new web hosting startup, but I had no idea it was a one-man show. Yes it's probably possible for a single guy to run a small web hosting company--the problem, particularly in the case of Skylar, is that when something is beyond him, it isn't getting fixed.

A recent support incident occurred where I was suddenly unable to access my VPS via SSH or the console. I contacted support, here are some of his responses to my status inquiries: ....

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Dnsreport Goes Pay Only - Alternatives?

Aug 30, 2007

One of my favorite web tools, dnsreport dot com, has gone pay only apparently

Is there any other service that is as close to advanced with the nice breakdown it does? Perhaps some tool I can install on one of my own servers?

I know the super skilled will says oh just run this, that and the other command line tool for the same info but I really liked the way they did it and how it explained the details.

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SimpleCDN Alternatives

Jun 8, 2009

I was wondering if there are any other CDN provider offering cdn solutions at a similar or lower pricing than SimpleCDN?

Is there any alternative around? Or they are the only one to provide cdn in that price range?

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UltraDNS - Alternatives

Oct 4, 2009

Wanting to know my options for Alternatives to UltraDNs.

I know UltraDNS work's fine (for deep pocketed one's), but I Do NOT want to get Bankrupt using its services, it's just way out expensive.

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Shoutcast Alternatives

Feb 5, 2009

Any one know of a better auto streaming program as I keep having trouble with my shoutcast server.

It constantly needs rebooted and has issues where people have trouble connecting.

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Alternatives To Mod_auth_mysql

Aug 13, 2008

I'm on a shared host right now and my server doesn't have the mod_auth_mysql installed. I was wondering if there were any additional alternatives for authenticating content using information from my CMS Users table? If I posted in the wrong forum, I apologize in advance as this topic could go either way, programming or server configuration. Thank you for your valued time.

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Leaseweb Alternatives

Sep 20, 2008

Purchased a 3-month test period on a dedicated server a few days back but directadmin failed to boot from the outset, support wiped everything and reinstalled onto another partition which worked fine for about 12hrs.

Now I can't even FTP, tried rebooting from service centre etc. nada! probably hardware failure, Prices seemed too good to be true , glad I didn't move my entire site across [active forum with over 10,000 members] as the response time seems to be in days rather than hours.

Any reliable alternatives offering similar packages for similar money?

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Bqbackup Alternatives

Aug 28, 2008

i've been having huge problems with bqbackup, and now i'm looking for alternatives...

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Alternatives For HostingFest

Jul 16, 2007

I have been using hostingfest for a few months now, I had no issues and was very happy as they offered 1000mb space and 10GB b/w, also 3 sql 2005 dbs included and its space subject to the total space, so no restriction on db space.

Since yesterday it has started to bother me, the server is down! no reply from the support staff, which is unusual as they are very fast otherwise.

So i am thinking of a replacement now... cannot afford my site to be down for long


i have the basic fest plan, if someone can suggest me a good alternative??

Main requirement:

atleast 3 domains, 3 sql 2005 dbs (not lite) 2 framework
and about 10GB bandwidth

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Alternatives To RVSiteBuilder

Sep 17, 2007

I just found out that I cannot edit the text in the templates provided by RVSiteBuilder for my clients. Only clients can edit the text after they sign up with me. Which defeats the whole purpose for my needs. Are there any other programs similar to RVSiteBuilder where I can edit the text in the templates and not just pictures?

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Looking At RackSpace.. What Are Some Reputable Alternatives?

Mar 18, 2008

We were looking at a server on Rackspace for $300/month, but I wanted to see if there are any reputable companies which can provide a similar service for a bit less money.

Technically we could go with RackSpace, but there's got to be a service just like RackSpace but costing less? Our site only receives approximately 500-600 unique visitors per day, but once every two months or so we get a huge spike in traffic. Our current hosting provider has us on a VPS plan (we pay $80/mo) and today the server crashed because of a huge amount of traffic. We run an e-commerce site with many SQL queries involved, etc. I'm looking for a well established company.

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Web Host Block Php Mail... Alternatives?

Feb 14, 2009

I send out almost 50 emails a day from a PHP program on my web site.

My web host wrote an email complaining to me.

Should I:

a) take their advice (and if so, do I need an SMTP server and how do I get one set up?)

b) change web hosts?

Here is the email from them:

Hi there,

Thank you for contacting us.

Please note that the script is being abused via a web browser to send out
mail. Please refrain to use the PHP mail() function as it is deprecated and
vulnerable to abuse.

We could possibly suggest that you take a look at using SwiftMailer which is well
documented and supported.

We have commented out all of the mail() function calls on your site.

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Dedicated Servers At XS4ALL DC2 - Or Are There Alternatives

Nov 28, 2008

I've read a lot about XS4ALL and other datacenters in .nl lately.

As much as I know by know XS4ALL have a superior network over there - dont they?

I did a lot of research to find some Resellers/Hosters who are able to offer dedicated servers at one of XS4ALL's datacenters - but without luck.... My inquiry about dedicated servers directly at XS4ALL is still pending tho....

Do you know of any Resellers/Hosters who can provide dedicated servers at XS4ALL DC's?
Or can you think of any QUALITY alternatives?

As I'm handling worldwide customers a _good_ routing is a must have.

I know there are a lot of hosters outside - but I'm really looking for quality bandwith without any troubles (ecatel?)

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Colo Link Aggregation / 802.3ad Alternatives

Apr 28, 2008

I run a small streaming/cdn service and I'm looking at how best to utilize my bandwidth. Here's the scoop:

I have a 1/4 rack and 2 gbit drops from my provider. Currently I am running a single server connected to 1 gbit port - nothing fancy. Business is good so I am about to add another server. As this location is already the backup/failover for my primary colo (different location/provider), I am interested in playing with aggregation options.

I have used 802.3ad in the past, so that was my first choice. I asked my provider if they can trunk my ports on their switch - unfortunately they refused (they only allow it above a certain commit). I have any other options for aggregation? It's pure mb/sec throughput that I am looking for, rather than failover. I have the rackspace/power/etc to colo my own switch or router, I'm just curious if there is an effective alternative.

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FDCservers - Yes Or No? 100Mbit Unmetered Alternatives

Aug 6, 2008

dedicated server for my PHP/MySQL browser game. I've been working with CentOS 5/cPanel on my current server and I have no reason to change as it works very nicely. However I can only push 1500tb traffic per month with my current server and ideally I want to be able to push up to 5000-6000tb. Does anyone know of any reliable hosts with good uptime that provide high bandwidth packages such as FDCservers 100mbit Unmetered servers. I recently requested a custom quote from FDC but they never got back to me, would you recommend them?

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ISAPI Rewrite Filter - Alternatives To RewriteMap

May 14, 2009

we're using IIS 5.0 which doesn't have any flexible support for rewriting URLs which include parameters (AFAIK, anyway). We're currently testing an ISAPI Rewrite Plugin, which emulates the syntax and behaviour of mod_rewrite, which is why I felt this forum category to be the most appropriate for this post.

Our URLs at the moment look like:-

[url]where 'hg' is an instance of a key. In this particular example, we wish to rewrite our URL to read [url]homegarden' where 'homegarden' is a value of that respective key.

Since the value 'homegarden' isn't present in our current URL, we need some way to associate this value with it's relevant key, by mapping one to another. The ideal solution in this case would be to use RewriteMap, however the ISAPI plugin doesn't support this directive.

One other solution, that I've seen here is to use the 'homegarden' value as the key instead. However, due to the lack of flexibility of our system, this isn't possible.

Another method of achieving this is to hard-code a RewriteRule for every instance of a key, but this solution has obvious performance drawbacks (we have around 400 categories)

So, at the moment I'm out of ideas, which is why I thought I'd try and rack your brains for suggestions. An ideal scenario would be to use something like RewriteCond (which is supported by the plugin) to attach a file which would contain the key/value map.

The current supported directives are :-


Even if it's not possible using one of the above, maybe someone can point me to solution involving a method other than using this particular plugin?

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Web Based Irc (internet Relay Chat) Alternatives To Pjirc

Jan 2, 2009

any alternatives to pjirc / jwirc / jpilot and mibbit tried all 4 seems jpilot is one of the best but the order page puts me off when its asking what bank my card with.

anyone know of any other webbased irc i missed off my list apart from those above and cgirc

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Hosting Solution Alternatives To Site5 Inode Limit

Aug 15, 2008

I currently have hosting with Site5 (started back before all the overselling), and although my sites are very low in traffic and don't take up much space, I am running up against their 25,000 per site inode limit, due to my hosting a Gallery2 photo album on one of the sites (as I understand, the base install of Gallery2 uses 14,000 inodes alone. Due to how my album is integrated with the rest of the site, it would require hours and hours to switch to something besides Gallery2). All the sites together have used 17 GB of bandwidth so far this month, although much of that has been me uploading stuff to one of the sites to set it up.

Here are my sites:

- Site#1 is a family site, with family photos and a Wordpress blog. Very low traffic (a handful of visits a day), but lots of photos. Inodes not a problem for now (I'm at about 13,000), as unlike one of the other sites, I was able to switch to Zenphoto from Gallery2 pretty easily.

- Site#2 is the newest and fastest growing. It is a site for a small community of people who play a particular online computer game. It runs Drupal, and has about 60 members now, but 5-10 have been joining a day. Most online at one time has been 10. I get anywhere from 30-60 visits a day, but growing. The site uses about 150 MB of storage right now, and this will grow. No photo albums here.

- Site#3 (running Joomla and Gallery2) is for my own gaming group of 8 people that play the above computer game together each week online. Low traffic, but this is the site with the inode problem, as I post screenshots in Gallery2 after each session. Around 25,000 inodes, and 6.5 GB of storage used on the server.

- Site#4 is my wedding site, running on Wordpress. It only gets a handful of visits each day, and will get almost none after the wedding in mid September. No photo album here.

- Site#5 is my fiance's site (running Joomla), which she has pretty much not touched in a year and I doubt anyone visits, but I'm too much of a coward to take down.

With that in mind, I'm wondering what my best solution would be:
- Switch to a VPS, and if so, what kind and who?
- Switch to a different shared host with a higher inode limit
- Stay with Site5 and take the time to farm out the photo album somewhere off the site, or to another program like Zenphoto with a lower footprint.

I'm a tech-geek wannabe and willing to learn. I'm paying about $10 a month (I think) and could probably go as high as $30 or so.

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Alternatives To DNSReport (DNSReport Now Charging Users For Dns Lookups)

May 17, 2007

Now that DNSReport is forcing logins/charging users for accounts does anyone know of any alternatives?

I can't seem to find anything remotely decent throughout my search engine hunts!

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Just Want The Most Reliable VPS Available

Jun 4, 2007

I'm looking for the most reliable VPS/network I can get my hands on. I'm willing to pay a premium for 99.999 - 100% uptime. I don't want 99.5, that translates into two or three very painful outages a year.

I don't need a managed system, or any control panel. Debian etch is preferred.

Anyone else out there shopping primarily for reliability?

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