Colo Service Providers Near To San Jose,california

Apr 12, 2007

I require information regarding colo service providers near to San Jose,california.I require high bandwidth for my work so that would be a major concern and also the cost should be affordable. Does anyone have any direct experience with the colo providers there?

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Fremont/San Jose Colo

Aug 17, 2009

I am currently looking for colo in the San Jose / Fremont, CA area.


100mbps port

3mbps of bandwidth - and prices per each additional mbps

3 amps


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San Jose Area Colo Heavily Impacted

Oct 5, 2009

I've been looking to colo a couple servers (total of 3U and 10mbit commit) in the San Jose/San Francisco area and calling around I'm getting quotes of around $1500. These quotes seem ridiculous to me--in pretty much every other market I am used to paying a little over a tenth of that--but sales guys just stand firm and say they are impacted.

Where can I find shared colo for reasonable prices in the San Jose/San Francisco area?

I don't think my requirements are really that out there--I need a mix of level3 and something else other than cogent.

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Cheap Colo That Is In Southern California

Mar 2, 2008

I was wondering if anyone knew a cheap colo that is in Southern California. I am hoping to be paying under $150 month (if possible) but no more than $200 month and I need something that allows atleast 3-4 TB of transfer/month (More would be a big plus).

I currently get colo for free with the company I work for but I won't be with them forever and I would like to have a backup plan if I have to ever move my server somewhere else.

Northern california and other places near socal (arizona, etc...) *might* be ok but I would really prefer somewhere that I can drive to if need be.

The server is a regular 1U server with two HD's with a conroe based xeon 2.4 GHz dual core processor. Its power consumption shouldn't be that high.

To be honest I would love to have it colo'd at a place like as I had a really good experience with the 1.5 years or so I had a dedicated server with them before getting free colo at work but the one thing I didn't like was its in Chicago so latency is high (I like to run game-servers).

I don't have much experience with co-location although I have used a lot of dedicated servers so finding a dedicated provider isn't usually a problem for me.

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Colo In Southern California (orange County)

Feb 6, 2007

provider to colocate my mid-size tower (not rackmount) somewhere in Orange County, CA. The uses will mainly be for web serving but also some game servers as well.

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San Jose - San Jose - Servicio Co-location Racsa

Dec 27, 2008

What this company? I only know its IP: San Jose - San Jose - Servicio Co-location Racsa

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Recommended Colo Providers

Apr 8, 2008

I have the following cpu:

Dell PowerEdge R300 1U Server
1 x QuadCore Intel Xeon X5460 3.16 GHz Processor
8GB RAM ( 4x2 GB DIMMs )
2 x 500 GB SATA II Drives
OS: CentOS 5 64bit

I would like to run this as a virtualization instance for my clients ( 3-4 max. on this box depending on their needs ). I need a provider that can get me the following:

3-4 TB of bandwidth depending on need ( 100 Mbps preferred )
Windows Server OS's / licenses to install as needed
cPanel licenses to install as needed

Which providers can meet these requirements? Which do you recommend for value, support, and network?

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Colo Providers That Offer Cpanel

Jun 5, 2008

In our search for a colo provider, we have contacted a number of providers for quotes. However one problem pops up, good rates but no Cpanel.

We found on provider that meets our requirements: good rates and Cpanel.

We contacted Colo4dallas but no Cpanel. No response to phone call or website form from NY NOC after 2 days. FDC was very responsive and helpful.

Are there any other's with a good rep, good rates, and Cpanel? We are just waiting on shipment of the box now.

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Similar Bluehost Service Providers

Jan 8, 2009

I need to find some webhosting companies that offer the same services as

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Providers In Europe & Asia Geared Toward Self Service

Aug 13, 2008

There are definitely several US-based providers (Softlayer, SingleHop, etc.) that have portals that allow self service -- OS rebuilds are especially important to me.

It seems harder to find in Europe and Asia though. I need servers in both, so if anyone has advice I'd appreciate it.

I know that Giga-International has these features as options, but I've read reviews that indicate that they are generally oversold. So they are not my first choice.

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Has Anybody Used CIHost's Colo Service

Apr 11, 2007

I am planning to colocate two of my Mac Mini servers with CIHost.Has anybody used them previously?Could you please give me further details on their service?

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Colo In NY/NJ For Critical Financial Service

May 31, 2007

I work for a small financial service provider and we are currently designing a new server side application for which we are now evaluating colo options. The service will employ direct connectivity to several exchanges (NYSE/Arca, ISE, Nasdaq, etc.). So, one point is the cost of connecting to other data centers.

Our bandwidth consumption is pretty low (<1Mbps), however we do require the lowest possible latencies.

To begin with, we only need about 6u but as most centers require a half rack min, we might do that just as well.

Also, we need 24/7 on-site support in case of emergencies. The facility should be very professional, with minimal down time and high security.

On my list to check out right now are:

Savvis Weehawken (NYSE primary facility)

Which other centers in that area might be suited for our requirements? Also, what kind of cost are we going to be looking at?

Has anybody worked on similar projects and can give some additional insight?

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Plesk Automation :: How To Develop Packages For External Service Providers In Parallels

May 15, 2014

I want to develop a package for Parallels Plesk Automation to introduce some services like backup email, database, websites. I want to know whether it is possible with Parallels Plesk Automation and if so any links to developers site/documentation.

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US/EU Datacenter And Colo Service With Economical Ip Pricing

Sep 1, 2009

Can anyone recommend service provider in US and EU who can provide IP's at economical price. Something like /24 for $50 or less.

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San Jose Datacenter

Apr 15, 2008

Anyone know which providers have san jose datacenters?

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San Jose Gaming

Mar 12, 2008

where I can find San Jose Internap colocation? I'm also open to San Francisco or LA.

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ColoCrossing In San Jose And Atlanta

Dec 30, 2008

I've read quite a few good reviews about ColoCrossing. Most are related to their Chicago datacenter. I was wondering if anyone has experience with their other locations, specifically, San Jose and Atlanta.

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Remote Hands/Builds In San Jose

Aug 28, 2009

We're currently looking for someone who can do our servers builds + network remote hands in San Jose..

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Colocation Recommendation In San Jose Area

May 7, 2008

I may be interested in colocation in the san jose area and am looking for a few different providers to compare.

I'm looking for the following specs:
Full 42U Cabinent
100MBPS Unmetered
40AMPS of power.

My budget is around $2000/month.

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Need VPS Host In San Fran/Oakland/San Jose Area

Aug 2, 2007

As the title says, I need a VPS host in San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose area. Here's the catch though, the ARIN/WHOIS record for the host server absolutely must reflect that location due to the nature of our application.

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Datacenter In California

Nov 27, 2008

Is there a great webhost with their datacenter in California?

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Take A Colo Package Or Colo In A Carrier Hotel With Your Own Network

Dec 16, 2007

Please give me the difference. Colo in carrier hotel, we can choose our preferred network provider, but should we do that if we cannot have our own tech in datacenter? How about the supporting service from carrier hotel? Just general question, cause I dont address exactly which facility.

And the second would be more expensive? Saying the same number of rack, amount of bandwidth... Who is providing IP addresses then?

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Sacramento, California Colocation

Jul 23, 2009

im looking for colocation services near sacramento. Im looking for the following, also i would only take unmetered...

1U Space
1Mb Unmetered

10Mb Unmetered

10Mb Unmetered

100Mb Unmetered

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Comcast Peering In California

Jul 14, 2009

Are there any co-location companies in California (preferably northern) that have a peering agreement directly with Comcast?

Not sure if it's peering or transit I should be asking about. Basically I'm trying to get the best path I can afford to Comcast customers in California.

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CoLocation Southern California

Jul 14, 2009

Are they any decent Co-Location around Southern California?

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VPS Host On California Faster For Me

Jun 5, 2008

I live in Hawaii and half my sites serve Hawaii. Webhosts in Hawaii are really expensive. Does it matter where on the mainland US that I host my sites? Would they serve the fastest if I host them in California considering it's the closest to Hawaii?

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Dedicated Server With Dc At California

Sep 5, 2008

i just need a low end server with the best possible speeds to california.

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California Server Provider

Nov 12, 2008

We're currently in need of a reliable provider in California. We're currently using ServerBeach and their LA data center but we're having major issues with their service and support (highly recommend staying away from them at all costs).

Normally we go through referrals from other data centers but we're having a hard time locating a solid provider in the California area.

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Dedicated Hosting In California

Mar 2, 2008

Anyone know a dedicated provider offering servers in California? Im looking for < $60/month.

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Finding 3000GB BW In California

Jun 12, 2008

to fire up a P4 in California to target Asia. GBLX or Sprint or AT&T transit is a must. The usage for this server would be a ~7mbps average with 5 hour daily bursts up to 20mbps(comes out to around 2300GB).

PacificRack seemed perfect for my needs, but won't answer sales emails...I've read good things, but i'm worried about signing up.

My budget is around $200, this shouldn't be a problem right?

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2 Hosting Companies: One In California And One In NYC

Dec 31, 2007

2 Hosting Companies: One in California and One in NYC..

If they have exactly the same plan ( Same servers ) at the same price and I lived In NYC would it be better ( Faster ) for my site/forum to choose the NYC host?

What I need to know is it beter to pick a host who i live closer to?

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