Beware Zenex5ive Or PixelFX Solutions

Jul 19, 2008

Well here is our 1 month review of Zenex5ive.

We ordered one of there 1st month free servers origionally to begin selling VPS's quickly realised it was no good for this as it was too small and located in the Atlanta facility. (GNAX) Anyway we went ahead and ordered a big system at the price of $360/per month.

Our origional small order being free we couldnt grumble too much however when we asked for information such as an ETA all we ever got was arrogance, along the lines of "It will be done when its done" and this such attitude. When we ordered the larger one we run into an issue with PayPal freezing our account due to an incoming fraudulent transaction, 2 Days later i paid for the server again out of my pocket and all was setup. (6 Days after Order was made).

We then asked for additional IP Space and RAM for the system provided them with ARIN justification etc as requested and followed the rules all the way along.

When we realised we could buy for much less at FDC Servers direct we then began buying from them, by now we were ordering 2x Large systems per week! This seemed to make the attitude of the rep of Zenex5ive get even worse still. After the downtime at FDC the other day we decided enough was enough after investing alot of money ourselves to move into our Own Facility it would seem a Jeliously fued would start as Zenex5ive Decided that he would terminate our server (1 Day after Payment due date) we had every intention of paying the final invoice and sticking to the terms of service at Zenex. This sparked an MSN Convosation, he terminated the server THEN sent me a message on MSN which read exactly "When will your invoice be paid".

At this point i invited the owner of Zenex5ive into a convosation with my business partner (As with all legitimate business you would have both partners present at the time of any major changes or discussions) He didnt seem to like this and began with personal insults. Below quoted from an MSN Chat Log:


Originally Posted by Zenex

i am not a kid like you. i got better things to do.


Originally Posted by Zenex

sure, i will make sure to post this in WHT about you guys running scam

Not sure where this come from?

I have no idea why the insults suddenly arrised, My business partner put it strait to the owner of Zenex5ive that there attitude stinks. This is nothing to hide at the end of the day if he wants to run a successful business then he will have to keep up with it and not let his personal attitude reflect onto his customers.

Due to this we have now declined to pay the invoice and are seeking legal advise. Luckily we was planning on leaving and had backed everything up just this morning so a small setback but nothing major to us.

If you would like Zenex5ive Services visit FDC Servers or GNAX Direct. You get it cheaper and the service is MUCH better.

Also when FDC Lost the routers this week Zenex5ive replied to my message on MSN Asking if he knew of the downtime "Yeh theres a router down there isnt an ETA" and didnt answer any further questions i asked.

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My Review

Aug 29, 2008

After trying alphared,limestone and I tried zenex5ive as well.

Few facts:

- Support ( very good support they work 24/7, they always helped me fix any problem I had in less then hour. ) rate: 10/10

- I got server only few hours after I paid, again 10/10

- Server works great, they don't sell crap. 10/10

- Really cheap price for great service. 10/10

So if you are looking for cheap BUT very good/reliable service then you should try

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FDCServers Vs Zenex5ive

Jul 21, 2008

100Mbit Burstable Unmetered Dedicated Server #1

* CPU - AMD Sempron 1400
* Memory - 1GB RAM
* Hard Disk Space - 80GB HDD
* 100Mbit port - full duplex
$ 139 /month

AMD 1400
1 x 200GB HDD or 2 x 80GB HDD
100Mbit Port
Unmetered Transfer

WHICH should I go for? Getting pretty much the same thing from both. Plan on having a media site and need flexibility and reliably.

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Beware Of HostGator

Apr 2, 2007

HostGator is the worst hosting company ever. They took my website down in November 2006 without notice because they claimed my site used 11% of the CPU. The support department told me they would send me a .tar file of my site and a mysql export within one week which I told them was unacceptale because the site has paid advertisers (not Google Adsense) and I already had another dedicated server with PEER1 to move the site in question to immediately. After several hours of tying up their phone support, they finally relinquished and put the .tar file in an ftp for me to download. I told them cancel my account immediately and do not bill my credit card again.

OK, I had my site back up in several hours, and thought I was done with them for good, but they have continued to bill my credit card $29.95 per month since the incedent. I have called support and they said I needed to log into CPanel and cancel my account from there, however, they locked me out of Cpanel. I told them I was going to do a chargeback on the fraudulent billing and their representative stated they would file a judgment against me with the credit bureaus if I reversed the charges.

Here we are, now in April 2007 and they are still continuing to bill me for an account they cancelled and I have no recourse at this point but to do a chargeback through Bank of America for the 5 months they have billed me since I have not been on their service.

I have an impeccable credit rating and it is the absolute most dispicable act I've ever seen from an internet company since AOL pulled the same trick on me back in 1995.

I urge anybody reading this to never have any dealings with HostGator or you will seriously regret it.

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Beware Of The Planet

Oct 1, 2008

The Planet used to be great. All the people that made them great left for softlayer.

The Planet support now runs the gamut from mediocre to bad. But their billing policies are atrocious. They add charges to your service without you ordering it. They promise to refund you but don't. And when you cancel, they bill you anyway. When you call, they will admit their mistake. They will claim to refund you, but then don't.

It's a nightmare. So far Softlayer is as good or even better than The Planet used to be.

When you cancel with The Planet, make sure to change your credit card number so they can't charge you. If you are contemplating hosting with them, don't. Everything good you heard about them was true, but only because of the people who left for Softlayer.

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Mar 25, 2008

I have been with VPS4LESS for quite some time and in the beginning they were quite good, helpful and the service was really good for the price. They had occasional downtime and all but I wasn't complaining as simply you get what you pay for (and I wasn't hosting anything critical back then).

Because I had a few VPSs with them I decided to cancel some as I wasn't using them anymore. I opened a support ticket and next thing I know; they have managed to DELETE MY VPS AND ALL THE BACKUP FILES accidentally and I have lost all my work and web sites stored on that server for good.

I am lost for words now, seriously. How can you misread something this important and CRUCIAL!

Just thought I'd let you all know as you may be tempted for their offers: DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH THEM, THEY WILL LOSE YOUR FILES!

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Dec 22, 2008

I have had the hardest time contacting and I just wanted to share my experiences with everyone. I ordered a dual-xeon 2.8ghz from last month. The first 20 days of service were fantastic, all of my support issues were handled promptly and with okay results. Afterwords things quickly went downhill. My server disconnected me from SSH about every 1 - 2 minutes. Every attempt I made to contact this company failed; numerous support tickets, 3 phone calls, 10 e-mails (All of which are down by the way. I get mail not sent errors for every one.). After a few days of dealing with this frustration I decided to attempt another support ticket (Don't try their live support system as they apparently never use it.). After many login attempts and a few recover password attempts I found that my account was either suspended or deleted. Just great, because I did not realize I was on a paypal subscription and had just been billed for this server. I immediately attempted every possible means to contact this company for a refund, including the phone number listed on their paypal account (This number doesn't even have an answering machine. I assumed it was because they were tired of hearing all of the complaints their dedicated customers were leaving.). Yesterday I received an e-mail stating my server would now be managed by I received no warnings or prior e-mails, it was just spontaneous. After logging in to my account, another attempt for a refund, I found that my invoice had not been paid. I contacted's customer service and they confirmed my invoice for this month had not been paid. Awesome! After several days of ripping my hair out and being forced to open a Paypal dispute, which I have found can only be used for tangible products, I am still out $79.95.

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Beware Of Thenynoc

May 27, 2008

thenynoc support is ok for me, and the network speed is alright.

When it comes to downtime, not to mention to the previous downtime, but the recent on may, they had been down for about whole day, i then submit cancellations on may 21, because they required at least 14 days notice.

I just couldn't understand why they shutdown my server before my next payment cycle which is on 12th of June, i thought i had pay for whole month?

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Beware ANRHost

Sep 26, 2008

I signed up with ANR host on September 5. It was stated in the automated receipt email that "You will receive your account information including username, password, and IP address within 24 hours of the receipt of this email if you are paying by credit card. "

3 days later and no account information email. I contact support with my problem and get no reply (on the website they brag about having 3 hour response time). 2 days later I decide I had enough- I send another email with a request to cancel the account and refund my money (there's a 30 money back guarantee).

Still no reply. I send the request again with a different email provider. Still no reply. 8 days after I initially signed up I finally get an email from something that is not a machine. All the emails I sent were finally answered!! Only not, because it's a one line reply asking me what's my domain name (this after I already gave them my username and email).

I send them my domain name. No reply. I send them another cancellation request, this time complete with my domain name. No reply. It's been 16 days since I requested to cancel this account and it's still hasn't been done yet. Looking at their TOS I see that "It is the Clients Responsibility to secure email confirmation from ANRHost. that account has been cancelled. If the client has not yet received email confirmation of account cancellation, then the account remains active, and you will continue to be invoiced."

cute. They can't be reached by phone/fax/mail, just in case you were wondering.

I signed up with Hawkhost and I'm very pleased so far!

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Hostdime Beware

Sep 6, 2008

Been talking with Hostdime for quite awhile and just like every other company we find advertising "hard to believe deals" they do this because their service stinks. We pre-paid for ip's so that we could order additional servers without having to purchase individual ip's each time. Ordered a server using a promotion from here and it was deployed same day. Wasn't deployed with the ip's we paid for or working login information. So we have a server that we can't login to, isn't on the ip's we paid ahead of time for, and the 24/7 service they advertise doesn't exist. It's been at least 4 hours now since we submitted our ticket regarding these issues and nothing, so 24/7 is just an advertising word to HostDime, they aren't around 24/7 to resolve issues.

So before you do what I did and jump on board with one of these great deals, keep in mind they do NOT have the service the claim to have.

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Beware With Titahost

Nov 4, 2008

a friend of mine recommended me this Titahost dedicated server.

Fisrt month: i had like 6 or 7 days of downtime, and whenever i asked about it through the Support Tickets they rarely responded, and when they did, it took like 4 days or so.

Second month: right after i paid for my second month, the server went down again. And this time it went down for good, never came back up. I didnt used one single day of the second month, so i asked for a refund through the Support Ticket, and what they did?

They simply closed the ticket.

In the end, Titahost "took" $120 from me

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Beware Of Vonetwork

Jan 26, 2007

I've been with them for 3 year or so (I don't even remember, it's been that long). They were OK in the beginning, responded within a reasonable time to open tickets, had a user forum, etc. And, of course, the price was pretty good.

But... either they grew too big or it's their last year of school so they're busy with school projects or whatever.

1. We have email outages almost daily in the past month. They have been sporadic in the past 6 months or so. For 10 days in a row, email had a 1.5-2 hour delay. Vonetwork (VON) standard response: "There was a long queue. It should be normal soon." In the meantime, my customers rely very much on their email and are mad at me for these issues.

Their support ticket is a joke (PerlDesk), it always gives you an error after one submit tickets and one never knows whether they've gone through. VON either responds hours (and I do mean hours) later, or don't respond at all. Most of the time, when one ads a note to their response, they don't follow up at all. I always have to open new tickets just to remind them about my tickets which are still open!

Their forum doesn't exist anymore.

Of course I know you'll tell me "move on, what are you waiting for" - that's exactly what I'm going to do (although it's so damn painful to move all my client's sites) but wanted to warn anyone else who gets lured by vonetwork's low prices. It's very true what they say, you get what you pay for.

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VPSLAND - Beware.

Sep 24, 2007

It could happen to you too!


Posted On: Sep 22 2007 04:52 AM
Our sever is not responding to any connections (SSH, http) and .....


Posted On: Sep 24 2007 12:10 AM

You should now see this issue resolved.

I undertand weekend understaffing but this MINOR issue took about 48 hours to resolve.

So if you needd some toy remote linux machine VPSLAND is a bargain but if you do some business stick to reputable hostings.

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Colo4Jax/Aeori Beware

Oct 7, 2009

I had a server with Ray from colo4jax for several months. The response time were extremely slow (Up to several weeks in some cases). I just want everyone to steer clear of this guy.

I worked for a very reputable company, JWMedia running and many other websites. We had one server and a backup server with Ray. I also had my personal server which just hosted a few of my websites and development projects.

I parted ways with JWMedia last month, Deciding to do my own thing running my websites. I received an email from Ray stating that JWMedia had a back due balance of $1,000. I directed Ray to the owner, and told him I was no longer working with JWMedia. After a week or so, I noticed my websites were offline on my personal server. Taking my live websites down, and leaving my development projects stranded. I had lost thousands of dollars worth of time.

Ray took my server offline, and notified me that unless I paid the $1,000 back due balance for my employer my server would be wiped clean.

Ofcourse, Not wanting to lose my clients work, My websites and email I paid the bill. I was blackmailed into paying someone elses bill. I'm guessing this is illegal, I'm going to be taking this to small claims now that I have attained all my data off the server.

I just wanted to post this to people who are either with Ray (Be careful, Don't keep live sites here!, Or potential clients)

I noticed he had changed his company name from Colo4Jax to Aeori, I'm guessing there has been some issues in the past, Dealing with Ray is very shady and his business ethics are very disturbing.

Since this epidemic I have moved to TailorMadeServers, Who have been nothing short of excelent. It has been around a month with them and they have very fast response times. They are very very helpful and come highly recommended from me.

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Mar 28, 2009

our contract is suppose to end by APril 10 but they terminate their services without any notice and on my first week with them our database was corrupted for at least 3 times so i had to back up and upload and at exactly 12AM ph down, we experienced downtime services for so many times.

i am very much disappointed with the way this hosting provider has treated me. I am very patient with them eventhough they gave me very poor service, i still stay with them but despite of it, they terminated the services without any prior notice. I hope that none of our collegues shall experience the same and that is the very reason i am sending this message to serve as a warning to all of us.

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Beware Ndchost Bite

Aug 13, 2008

Just want to make sure you dont get burnt by ndchost. Not happy with the service I decided to move away from nchost. Before pointing my domain away I sent one of many emails to support and asked them to cancel my services and that I was moving on.

I did this 14 days before the end of the month cycle.. anyway..

The next three months were still billed and I was forced to mention this right here.
I repeatedly sent them a email for a refund because of the cancellation. They have not responded to my emails.

Each time I sent a email a auto ticket did respond.

So there you see, beware of this "company".

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Beware Of SITE5 Hosting

Aug 12, 2008

I don't know who the heck is running the show over at SITE5.COM But....

I've tried for a few days now to contact their support Dept and have gotten ZERO response from them.

I'm getting free hosting from a friend, who's got a reseller package from these guys. Servers are nice and fast, BUT, my stats are broken. I don't have a flippin' clue how much bandwidth I'm using.

I've contacted support. My host has, zero, zip, nada response.

anyone else noticed this?

Someone needs to tell Site5 to get their act together.

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Beware Of Retaliation From

Jun 11, 2008

When, after months of efforts, I couldn't get my account to work my last recourse was to contact my credit card company. With the chargeback complete, cancelled my account and shut down my website in order to retaliate against me. is a very mean-spirited company who will pursue you with a sick vigor if they don't get their way (something for nothing.)

You're best bet is to not use services at all.

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Beware Of RDosti Hosting

Oct 24, 2008

I bought 2 shared services from RDosti Hosting.

I send one email to my 670 friends regarding starting of a new yahoo group.

That group was a adult group and email does not contain anything adult content.

R Dosti blocked my both 2 shared services complaining that because i send SPAM thats why they blocked my services.

May i ask sending one email to 670 friends is SPAM enough to block your hosting?

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Sep 27, 2008

yet another review, yet another VPS burned through because of incompetent sales staff, incompetent DC staff, and even more incompetent network admins.

Since noon, I have been getting alerts off and on that my vps (monitoring, off site support, a few projects) was down. Not a worry, I open a thread here. Now, maybe it's just me, maybe not, but that's not the point. The point is that for 3.5 hours, my VPS with nynoc was down.

Now, I opened a ticket with them about this, giving them the options which were fair:
credit me with a month (reasonable, given my going rate, or the going rate for ANY tech @ hourly rates) and apologize for downtime, or

Refund my $10 credit (overpayment) and I'll find service elsewhere starting Oct. 7th.

Their response? "There was no downtime".

Ok, so they deny downtime, not a surprise, others like to pull the same thing. I show them proof of downtime, to whit, they respond again "There was no downtime".

So, I show them more proof (this time from their own systems). Their response? We're not going to argue, there was no downtime. Immediately after that, they locked my account in WHMCS like little children, and locked me out of my VPS (thankfully I was still able to restart it).

So, is this wrong? nope, not at all. Not UNLESS you're holding someone else's money for services rendered, and refusing to deliver said services.

A bit of an explanation on the 'overpayment' part:
Somehow, when the system created the email subscription link (via paypal), their system created it @ $5.x more than it should be. So, the subscription continued on paying $5 or so more a month , which WHMCS rightfully put in as 'credit'. My thoughts were that I'd let it build up, catch up to a month, and then cancel the subscription, resuming when it was necessary. not a bad idea really.

Now, for the proof here, the same stuff that was shown to them:
Image 1 - From their network and VPS node - shows downtime from approx. noon to approx 3.30

Image 2&3 - My network - same thing
Image 4 - Total downtime today, again , from my network.

So, is it unreasonable to expect individuals reimburse you properly for downtime? Not at all. Consider that the reasonable tech makes $30-50/hr, and 3 hours of sitting and waiting for someone else to come up and deal with the problem, so the tech can resume work. Yeah, that's a bit of a rip off, and it's unrealistic to expect full reimbursement (which I didn't). A month's credit for their screwups is more than reasonable given the amount of time loss.

Is it unreasonable for individuals to expect 'credit' to be paid appropriately? Not at all. Again, if the business didn't want it to be paid appropriately, they should turn it off immediately. If they let it build up, they are responsible for refunding it, in case the customer DOES decide to leave.

This brings us to this:
Is it reasonable for a company to simply 'terminate' service, and lie to the customer because they don't feel like admitting their wrongdoings? Of course no, that's the childish way out.

Taking people's money, early termination of service = theft, no matter how you slice it (and yes, I DID give them a specific termination date if they chose to go that route).

Now, it's back to the grindstone, yet again, trying to find a VPS that is actually respectable, reasonable and well known, while being reasonably priced!

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Beware Of

Dec 20, 2008

I've used them before and haven't had issues, but recently purchased a $30 server. I paid through paypal and 3 days later still hadn't heard from them. I e-mailed support and billing several times with no response. On the 4th day I put a claim in on paypal. Vectoral responded within 50mins:

* 12/19/2008 11:38 PST - Buyer: I still have not received my server and I've contacted you numerous times about my server and you've failed to respond. If someone e-mails your customer support you respond back. I will take my money elsewhere.

* 12/19/2008 12:29 PST - Seller: The payment is for a service, a dedicated server lease which is also an intangible item and not covered under PP policies, the user was provided with the server but then requested a refund, our TOS states no refunds are possible. This transaction is not covered under the PP buyer protection policy as its a server lease/service/intangible item. Please close case according with the PP policy. Thank you - kind regards, Vectoral Servers - Evrim SAYINKUL

* 12/19/2008 12:29 PST - PayPal: Seller escalated this dispute to a Claim.
" the user was provided with the server but then requested a refund" that line makes me the angriest. They never provided me with my server and haven't responded to ONE support ticket. On top of that they deleted my vectoral login info completely off their site, my e-mail cannot be found.

Their number on [url]is disconnected; also, directory services cannot find them either.

I could careless about $30, but it's ridiculous they won't answer one e-mail, then respond to paypal with details about their TOS.

I'd be VERY careful if you plan on getting a new server through them. It almost feels like they've gone bust or something.

If you have a server through them and wanna cancel because you love me, I'll give the e-mail I used and you can tell them they lost your service because of this. Them losing just one client is worth it to me.

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Nov 24, 2008

I opened an account as a reseller with DSI hosting. Moved all my accounts over to them.

Within a week of the final move I started getting down times Every night for about half an hour or so. So I dropped them an email kindof hey guys is this some kind of reboot time nightly or what this downtime is making me look bad. After 450 minutes of downtime in the first week of November I get this email from them.


Due to recent employee changes and continuous server attacks we regretfully have to discontinue service.

We can no longer provide reliable customer service and server uptime. All servers will remain up for a period of 10 days from this notice for clients to generate backups and remove their accounts. You should due this ASAP.

Server port 80 is under constant attack and will be kept up as much as possible, all other ports including whm, cpanel, ftp and webmail have been going all along with no interruption (as of today).

There is no easy way to resolve these issues without destroying customer data and assigning new ips or just blocking all server access.

With this being said this is the best solution for our current clients. Please backup and remove all data ASAP.


Now the website says nothing about them closing. In fact everything looks Business as Usual.

I have been doing this a couple of years now mostly just for friends but can only imagine how devestating something like this would be to someone who has quite a few accounts.

Just beware that if you are wanting a host this is not the one to choose.

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Beware Of Doing Business With X1Services

Dec 1, 2007

Just to sum it up, they cancelled by account exactly 46 days after I opened up the account. 45 days is the limit to open a ticket with paypal regarding scams.

So I confronted them here after getting nowhere with their non-existant support.

I got my account enabled.

Now they have throttled my account to 20kb/s. I had a few friends and colleagues test it as well to make sure it was indeed throttled and not just my internet. This was an account that was going at 800kb/s earlier before this incident.

Any ticket I open up now is closed without reply.

These guys are scam artists. They are probably going out of business and I urge others to consider them carefully before giving them your money.

They are also known as circavps.

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EukVps *Consumer Beware* Do Not Use Them

Dec 7, 2007

I had recently purchased a VPS server from in october and everything seemed fine for the first couple months, then around end of november i did not get a Invoice for my bill, i tried to contact them email and chat no response then around the 4th of december my website was just OFF. So then i played some phone tag and found out from the datacenter in dallas (it was not a technical issue) and thats all they could tell me since i was not a direct customer so to speak.

So then i did some more research reguarding and seen some things here reguarding and the people who worked for them actually took customers and so fourth.

Then i called (merchant services) and asked them in reguards to eukvps and ratings they have been in good standings since they were established earlier this year and have racked in over 20K in sales. Well i could not just sit without my website being up so i got a new hosting provider here locally in chicago (where i live) so i know its not going no place. also as well contacted again and they are issueing me a refund tommarow for 2 charges.

I have lost all of my data on my site due to them i am very displeased and aggitated in that aspect. Just letting you know if you get anything from INDIA and the guys name is Arun K , or harshad or Alex do not do business with them.

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BEWARE / Softlayer

Oct 3, 2009

How pathetic can you be to steal my website , and advertise another hosts servers

I hope Softlayer deals with this infringement immediately.

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DrVPS Is The Biggset SCAM ! BEWARE

Oct 8, 2008

i toke a VPS from that company and once they get the money they cancel it

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Jan 7, 2007

On 3rd of Jan 2007, a person by the name <name removed>has made a fraudulent purchase for a hosting site I developed and designed.

The whole site can be viewed at [url]

I developed and designed the site. I'm writing everyone a message here to warn everyone NOT to sign up their hosting packages when they see the above stolen site. The site is sold only exclusively so only the fraudulent buyer owns a copy of it. And I will not sell this site to anyone again. I can't tolerate cheat and will seek legal advice to file a case against Paypal and this fraudulent buyer.

This briefly what happened..

A payment is made by this fraudulent buyer on 3rd of Jan 2007. I checked the payment mode made is instant and not by credit card. He proceed to contact me at MSN after the payment is made. We chat on MSN and I prepared the files for him to review online and zipped up a copy for him to download from my server. Everything goes on smoothly until I received an email notification from Paypal stating the fund is unauthorized and my account is freezed.

This is the very first time I encountered this despite I've been providing online services and received payments by Paypal for years. I was fluttered and tried to contact the fraudulent buyer and I assumed it could be a misunderstanding. The buyer did not respond to my MSN message.

Within mins after I MSN him for clarification, I received an email from the said Paypal account owner stating he doesn't authorized the transaction and demand a full refund else he will commence legal actions. It is only to my awareness that this could be a fraudulent case. I MSN the fraud buyer and told him I have logged his IP which I really did. He quickly responded stating he doesn't know what happened.

While MSN with the fraud buyer, I simultaneously replied the email to the said PP account owner for verification and I requested the PP owner to sign in to MSN for verification. The PP account owner was suddenly not responsive and I carry on with the MSN conversation with the fraudulent buyer alone. The conversation turns ugly which he insisted this is an issue with PP and because I use PP, I am responsible for this to happen.

He last sentence in the conversation ends with " learn a few lessions your ****ing american, lovely 9/11, I partyed that day oh what fun" and that said PP account owner signed in shortly after. And instead of having the conversation with the fraudulent buyer and I together, he opened a new window and at that moment, the buyer disappeard offline. Yes, I do SUSPECT both identities belong to 1 person but I will not revealed much details on this part at this moment of time because I do not want the fraudulent buyer to get prepared to cover his ***.

I am very disgusted and disappointed by the way Paypal has handled this.

After receiving Paypal notification of unauthorized fund, the email request me to sign in to the resolution center to resolve it. HOWEVER, when I clicked the resolved button, there isn't any appropriate option for me to state my case as my item is not shipped, it is being downloaded. And when I click on "open a dispute", the options are meant solely for BUYERS only. Puzzled for a while and not knowing what to do, I use the option for OTHER and typed in a few lines telling me that I have logged all correspondences and the IP address which I will forward to them immediately when they requested it.

And before I get relieved from the dismay and I spent the entire day worrying and hoping for their call or email, Paypal closed the case within 36hours the dispute is opened! I was informed by a few short sentence stating the unauthorized access is valid and the case is closed. I, the seller, who have lost both items and money are not being asked for verification are shocked of how can this be justified? And I'm also liable for the transaction fee incurred!! This is ridiculous!

I have tried to contact Paypal after the case is closed. I tried to call PP but all I received is auto helpline which I couldn't find the appropriate group and I tried to go to the Help center and couldn't find the appropriate option to send my concern. The whole help center is designed to help Buyers to complain against Sellers and for PP to increase their users base. But I still send it under the option of Seller Protection Policy. I have also tried to email Paypal numerous times asking for verification on what are the steps they have taken to justify the case is closed? How do they proof that the access is unauthorized and how do they proof that the two identities are of two individuals and not in cahoots?

I was utterly angry with this and I can truly understand why that fraudulent buyer is laughing at me choosing Paypal as the payment gateway. The fraudulent buyer is obviously taking advantage of Paypal's inability, reluctance and lack of attention to protect their sellers from fraudulent acts.

The most hilarious part is, yesterday, I received a bounced mail from the email address I sent to Paypal. And today, I received an email from Paypal today telling me they have noted the transaction detail and THAT is a reply of mine which I sent within 5 mins on the very FIRST day I received the unauthorized fund notice. That means they closed the case even without even knowing what happened. WTF!!

And please all, do not allow this fraudulent buyer to get away easily. I DID NOT sell any copy of this site to anyone and only to that fraudulent buyer who cheated it. So, there shouldn't be anyone owning it except that fraudulent buyer. Do not let any innocents to fall into his trap again! He is setting up a hosting business and I am sure he will read this post here.

I've seek legal advice and I'm filing a suit against Paypal and the fraudulent buyer with all the proofs I have collected and documented. It is very obvious and clear that Paypal has encouraged fraudulent attempts by their lack of commitment and dedication to their users. Being rich and influential doesn't not give them the rights to led us by the nose.

I'm giving a chronological view of the whole incident and I'll follow up with more details. I will only do so after the case is filed and the hearing is done. And the identity of the Paypal account owner will be revealed after the filing is made.

If you are that fraudulent buyer reading this, I've given you chances to admit it and paid for it but you disregard it. I will honour my word and make sure everyone gets what they deserved. This is my hardwork which I spent time and effort doing it and you take it away within mins without guilt, I've told you it is going to cost you 100 times more when you cheat. Be very prepared for it.

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SoundMixWeb Beware | Thieves | Ripping Our Content

Feb 21, 2009

I normally don't do this since I see our website getting our content ripped on a daily/weekly basis but I'm going to start posting about it as I don't think it's right for us to spend thousands on our designs to have someone else rip it and try to make a profit off of it.

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BEWARE -Sudden Iframe Injection Attacks, Catastrophic Results

Sep 4, 2007

All my sites on both my hosting accounts are infected with an iframe.

At the end of the index.html files the malicious code just appeared...suddenly 3 weeks ago.

The host blamed Joomla so I took the appropriate steps:

Upgraded my Joomla to the latest version, changed the whole account username and password, changed the configuration and template to unwriteable.

It stopped the injection for a few days but then it came back.
I would also like to add that 2 other sites on my account, one simple index.html file and an old website I have that is totally HTML with nothing to do with Joomla also got infected.

The iframe also infected a Drupal install I did as a test.

So according to these fact is this a Hosting Company not taking responsibility or can a Joomla site infected spread to other normal HTML sites and different CMS's on the server?

This situation is ruinning me and I strongly suspect it's a Hosting problem and not Joomla.

Any expert opinions from true professionals would be appreciated because if I can prove that it's not a Joomla issue I might take legal action against the hosting company since this has cost me dozens of hours of work and several hundred dollars of lost revenue.

I am attaching the iframe exploit. It installs itself on every index every folder - components, mambots, ect..additionally it attaches itself on any and every kind of addon that has an index.html file.

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Backup Solutions

Jun 13, 2009

Presently I run a site on a shared server. I run a database backup every night to the host root and two backup servers and I run a full root backup every week to the backup servers.

I have two questions. One, let's say I lose my entire forum root for some reason and need to run a backup. I use vBulletin and am wondering how that works with the database. Would the database be stored in the root somewhere, or would I have to take one of my database backups, create a new database in cpanel, and import the backup into the new database (and link to it via config.php)?

Second, I'm looking to increase my backup security. I understand that offsite backup servers are great if the site gets hacked, but let's say the server gets hacked. Not that I find it likely, but if it does happen from what I understand the hacker could destroy the rsync'd backups because the key is right there.

I'm looking for a backup solution that would keep this from happening. I'm thinking of going with an external RAID harddrive configuration with DVD backups at regular intervals (probably weekly).

I'm considering using an automatic FTP from one of my backup roots (more bandwidth) to my computer. If I do this, and my main root is compromised, is there any way the hacker could compromise my home computer or backups. Further, is there a way to get the information on my home computer without simply copying everything over every time, because that will really eat bandwidth and take a lot of time. I know rsync is great because it only updates, and thus if I lose all my folders it won't delete the backup, whereas an FTP that happened at the correct time could potentially do so.

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Crissic Solutions

Jan 7, 2009

if you remember recently Crissic Solutions went offline. I was told by Skylar when he came back online i would receive a refund within 5-7 days.

He has yet again, unavailable everywhere i look, and guess what.... i still have no refund that was promised.

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