Aplus Vs Jaguarpc

Aug 4, 2007

i am trying to find a webhost for my website, i don't have any scripts or none of that
just html files so i don't think the cpu thing applies to me but i need loads & loads of BW because i share my mp3 collection between my friends aplus is offering a share account with 2TB of BW for 9.99 and JPC is offering unmetered 1mbps does the jpc thing mean all downloads will be slow if the files are like 8megs each and like 40 people are trying to download?

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Aplus.net Review

Mar 5, 2008

Well its been about a week now that i have left Aplus.net

About 6 months ago i decided to go on shared hosting for my small forum and website that i started. I have no idea where to go, i have new at this shared hosting stuff. So i decided to get hosting with Aplus.net because i bought my domains from them. BIG MISTAKE EVER

Only six months and i had problems from the very beginning. I'm not going to lie some of the customer service is fine. The employees are nice. But damn! I only have about 10 users on my forum that you can consider as actively. But i keep getting to many connections open or other errors. And the server is SLOW. Even my website was slow. Like COME ON.

Anyways they were nice enough to move me to a new server. But same thing. SLOWNESS.

I didn't want to move because i thought all companies would be like that. But i decided to go for it. So i moved with HostGator.
And i've never been Happier!!!
WOW. This is how my Small forum should run FAST.
And the server panel is alot faster.

I decided to write this and hope if someone is with aplus and they are having the same problem as me. MOVE COMPANIES. I was a bit scared about moving compainies but it was well worth it. I still have one site that i am in the process of moving to HostGator.

Lesson is: Aplus.net sucks!

I even got screwed because i payed for 2 years.

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Aplus.net's Epro

Mar 24, 2007

a web host that can provide the following:

1. Full CGI access (not just the CGI-BIN Directory)

2. PHP

3. MySQL (preferably unlimited)

4. Miva Merchant 5 with e-store connectors

I like what Aplus.net is offering plus their monthly storage & transfer.

I've looked around quite a bit and the only web host I was able to find that offers full cgi access is aplus.net and ix web hosting.

Unfortunately, both have bad reviews but I guess it's a step up from Ipower (which I currently have) since their ratings are even worse.. Not that I've had any problems with them.

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Www.aplus.net Donít Ever Use For Your Server Provider

Apr 25, 2008

this is a news update to a company to keep well clear of www.aplus.net.

There so called award winning service and 24hr customer service is to laugh at ...

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Aplus.net Initial Setup Review

Aug 13, 2008

Bought a new server from Aplus.net last night.

Got a great deal on a simple server for a side project. Paying $59.99 a month for the server which makes it very affordable for medium-size projects.

* Setup Fee: Free
* Celeron 1.7 GHz CPU
* 512 MB RAM (upgradeable to 2GB)
* 60 GB IDE Hard Drive
* 500 GB Monthly Transfer
* 5 IP addresses*
* Premium Set-Up Options

The sign-up was quick and easy and I was sent an authorization email. I authorized and was able to immediately log into my account.

I processed the order a bit late at night so the next morning I received a call on my cell from my personal tech rep saying the server was already up and running (they said it would take three day, more like 8 hours)

He offered any assistance to help me get up and running and gave me a direct line to his phone in case of anything. Then he emailed his contact info and an introduction to my e-mail as I requested.

So far I am very pleased with the setup and the individualized attention, although I may not require it, it is very comforting to know it is there.

First impressions mean a lot to me and Aplus.net's first impression is stellar to say the least.

Hope this helps, I will be posting a review a bit down the line on how it progresses.

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Jaguarpc For VPS?

Sep 15, 2008

Has any one been with jaguarpc for VPS?

I have and I found them to be slow and unreliable.

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JaguarPC Down

Jun 30, 2008

My VPS is down, and I thought it maybe a planned downtime, but I can't even reach jaguarpc.com.

I am receiving timeout errors, anyone else having problems?

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JaguarPC VPS

Aug 10, 2007

My JaguarPC VPS keeps killing the services everynight, and the techs reply saying it won't happen again, but it does.

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Oct 16, 2007

just changed to JaguarPC's VPS for less than 3 days. Till now, bad experiences.

Firstly, the VPS was activated after more than 24 hours, too far away from their stated "in a few minutes".

Secondly, Server has been down for nearly three times during the last 24 hours. At least, I got three times today, when all my IPs were not pingable. Responses from JaguarPC was either they were rebooting the server, or that server was offline and they were contacting their datacenter.

Thirdly, just after I've uploaded all of my websites and repointed the domains, I realized that named was not working. I tried several methods and failed. So I turned to their support. When I think the problem should be fixed, I got the reply from the support, stating the server was offline, they've contacted the data center. Further more, they asked ME to contact them once I find the server is back online, so that they could go on with my named server problem.

So, my sites are still down. They are not big sites though. I'm now thinking hardly, if I made a mistake when I decided to change to JaguarPC.

Anyway, their 24/7 support responsed really fast...

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Jaguarpc Is Down

Dec 3, 2007

One of two VPS at jaguarpc.com is down. I can not reach support or main jag site either.

Anyone with same results? What is happening!

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VPS: JaguarPC

Jul 6, 2007

I'm trying to find a VPS Hosting service [url], and wonder if JaguarPC is reliable.

If not, which other services do you recommend me?

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Support From JaguarPC

Oct 16, 2009

Jaguar PC seems to have some aggressive pricing. Can anyone speak to their level of support once you are a customer?

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Leaving Jaguarpc.com

May 1, 2008


Please cancel next month invoice (monthly payment from 2008-05-04) and my account.


>>To cancel the account please go to the following link
>>and fill in the form. Please note the account will be
>>canceled within 72 hours of receiving the form

After filling the form:

>>Your cancellation request has been sent.
>>Please check your email to verify the submission.

(email box still empty)

>>We are sorry to see you go and would like to extend a
>>special discount and trial period to show our appreciation of >>your business. We will process this cancellation request
>>within 72hrs and appreciate your consideration on this offer. >>Your services are active and should be considered so until you
>>receive a cancellation confirmation.

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Disappointed With Jaguarpc

May 14, 2008

i joined jaguarpc a week ago with the intention of setting up a java based mud server on the system. after the vps was set up, i sent a ticket in requesting help on installing gcc, yum and java. when java 1.4.2 was installed, i requested a newer version be installed, in which case they informed me it would cost $70.00/hr to perform. i had linked the installation page for the program i was installing that stressed the need for the most up to date java jdk, of which 1.4.2 is not.

i then decided to attempt the install myself. however, there were numerous errors involved, to which support attributed to corruption of the data files. the solution? reinstallation of the os. the cost of this procedure is $15.00. i sent a response to this, making sure that the reinstallation was really necessary to make the latest sun java jdk work. the tech confirmed that it was needed to get rid of the corrupted libraries.

I paid the $15.00 for the os reinstall, and had the tech install gcc, yum and the newest sun java jdk. however, when i attempted to check the version, a memory error occurred. after trying to set the xms and xmx settings to no avail, i sent a ticket to support asking for the issue to be looked into.

support responded with this:

Java requires a lot of resources to initialize which a VPS can't provide and that is why it is failing to initialize. If you really need Java you should go for Dedicated sever.

when i replied asking why this was not revealed 10 tickets ago, the support responded with:

We are sorry for that. In fact Java is quite resource intensive and can't run correctly in VPS environment. Even if you add more RAM it will work for sometime but again afte some time starts failing. So it is recommended that you do not use Java on VPS and go for Dedicated server.

thank you for apprising me of this after i pay to get the os reinstalled. nearly all of my tickets concerned java, and i stated that it was needed by the program i wished to run. at no point before this was it mentioned that the latest version of java would not be capable of being run on the vps.

overall, i am disappointed with this company, and plan to cancel my account.

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JaguarPC Won't Stand By Own TOS

Nov 7, 2008

There is a site hosted with JaguarPC that is spamming my forums daily with links to their illegal, copyrighted software and movies. While I understand this isn't JaguarPC's responsibility as it's not taking place on their servers, the fact that the site in question is a warez site is. The site is evilsfunhouse.com

I have emailed JaguarPC about this and received no reply. I then tried to post on their forums but all new posts are moderated and my post hasn't shown up.
From their own TOS:

Any material that, in our judgment, is obscene or threatening is prohibited and will be removed from our servers with or without notice. This includes but is not limited to unauthorized copying of music, books, photographs, or any other copyrighted work. We do not allow any content that may be construed as offensive or illegal including, but not limited to pirated software, bit torrents, IRC, Proxies, hacker programs/archives, copyrighted MP3's, Warez, copyrighted material, trademarks,

I'm unsure as to why they place this in their TOS and then ignore it when a customer abuses it. Is the money being paid to them more important? At least a reply to me about my inquiry would have been nice but they have ignored me altogether. Has anyone had any experience with JaguarPC pertaining to their TOS and is it like them to ignore their own terms?

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JaguarPC Windows VPS

Aug 17, 2007

As far as I know VZ for Windows does not allow burstable RAM (only Linux). In Jaguarpc's website (Win VPS section: [url] they advertise guaranteed & burstable RAM.

Am I missing something? If not, is that a typo or a Marketing trick?

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JaguarPC Or Liquidweb

Jul 8, 2007

JaguarPC or Liquidweb? I'm stuck between the two.

Both are currently running specials. However, JaguarPC's offer is more attractive. One thing I'm unsure of is that Liquidweb offers 4 IPs while JaguarPC does not state how many IPs come with the offer.

I'm leaning towards JaguarPC because of the price. I'm just afraid that I may get what I pay for.

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Jaguarpc - Any Speed

Apr 10, 2007

I am considering Jaguarpc, but have seen a few comments saying they run slow. Any feedback for either vps or shared?

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JaguarPC Vs. ZipServers

Oct 27, 2007

I'm currently a JaguarPC reseller client, and I'm full satisfied with them, they've a great support with great friendly customer care & their service is so nice.

Now, I'm planning to upgrade to VPS, then when I searched here for reviews about JaguarPC VPS, I found some bad reviews. I found an Advertisement for ZipServers and visited their site and found some prices near to JaguarPC prices but I can't found any reviews about them here !!

here's what I'm planing to buy :

38GB Diskspace
576MB RAM Guaranteed
1536MB RAM Busrtable
750GB Bandwidth
cPanel + Fantastico
ClientExec License
Virtuazzo Control panel

ON ZipServers
40GB Diskspace
768MB RAM Guaranteed
2GB RAM Busrtable
550GB Bandwidth
cPanel + Fantastico
ClientExec License
Virtuazzo Control panel ((Not mentioned in their website , but their sales representative told me it's included))

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JaguarPC VPS - Reviews...

Oct 26, 2007

I am intrested in JaguarPC as a new VPS Provider. Can anyone give me some insite/reviews on how they are support wise, network wise and/or anything else you would like to share about them?

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Jaguarpc Reviews

Aug 28, 2007

I am thinking of getting a vps from jaguarpc tomorrow, does anyone want to give some feedback on them?

I am planning on running cpanel and whm on it along with teamspeak servers maybe and game servers (not too many)

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JaguarPC Review

Nov 14, 2007

For about 4 months now Ive been using their VPS service. The service is great, and cheap too

Never had any down time or problems. The support is one of a kind. Awesome helpful replies to all of my stupid questions(I DO ask a good amount of stupid ones lol) within 3 hours max.

JPC rocks, and I never see myself needing to leave

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JaguarPC Or RockMyWeb

Jul 24, 2007

I'm a webdesigner currently on a shared Reseller Package hosting 10 business php-based websites and a couple of low volume joomla websites. I'll be concentrating to market joomla webdesign customization bundled with hosting packages and will be expecting an increase on client base.

I'm seriously considering on a high-end VPS plan and have shortlisted 2 providers. My budget will be around $80.

Would appreciate if you could give me some inputs, suggestions and reviews on these 2 providers and your expertise if these packages could perform well for my needs.

Quad Core Intel Processors
45GB Diskspace + 100% FREE = 90GB
512MB RAM Guaranteed + 50% FREE = 768MB
700GB Bandwidth + 50% FREE = 1050GB
+ FREE Control Panel (Plesk, cPanel/WHM, DirectAdmin, Interworx)
$89.97/month - 15% Discount = $76.47/month

Dedicated CPU on a Multi Core Woodcrest
1GB Dedicated RAM
1.5GB Extra RRM RAM
60GB Hard Disk
700GB Bandwidth
Cpanel Add $15
Gold management
Free Website Monitoring
$74.99 - Less 33% - %50.24

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VPS - Jaguarpc Or Jodohost

Apr 30, 2007

VPS (Windows) and I am not sure for which to decide

Somebody has experience with these companies?

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Jaguarpc Down Time

Aug 11, 2007

I noticed when I got home just now that my VPS and sites were not loading.. and i tried to go to go there website and its not loading either... You think this will come back soon?

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JaguarPC New Special

Jul 4, 2007

Wow im looking at the new jaguarpc specials and they look really nice. What do you think about moving from another provider?

Its 2 months free and 15% off for the life of the plan! it's making me feel that i should rush and sign up before its too late...

But im happy with my current provider, its just the 10$ less and the bigger specs thats making me really think about it

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PowerVPS, Liquidweb Or JaguarPC?

Oct 7, 2007

I want to get the best available thing out there...which means:

-reliable company
-reliable service
-customer satisfaction
-FULLY managed support

After reading reviews I came down to Liquidweb, PowerVPS and JaguarPC. Liquidweb seems to be the most estabilished company, PowerVPS totally specializes in VPS solutions, and JaguarPC hmm they are certainly the cheapest of these 3.

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JaguarPC Vs SolarVPS? About RAM An Specials ...

Jun 28, 2007

I am still looking for a good windows vps, i have solarvps on my list and i saw the jaguarpc specials:

15GB Diskspace + 100% FREE = 30GB
256MB RAM Guaranteed + 50% FREE = 384MB
300GB Bandwidth + 50% FREE = 450GB
+ FREE PLESK Control Panel
$49.97/month - 15% Discount = $42.47/month

So which one look better? Also is 384 MB of ram enough to run small servers applications such mysql, apache, a small vb game server, etc..

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My 1 Month VPS JaguarPC Review...

Sep 24, 2008

We opened a VPS account with JaguarPC so we could host our own support site externally from our network, we went with them due to an attractive deal we seen here on WHT for a free ram upgrade!

The VPS we got came with 384mb ram and cpanel.

We did a cpanel transfer, the server took 2 1/2 hours to transfer our support desk backup file, so download speed was not the best.

We immediately noticed when accessing the website or WHM that the general speed was slow and page loads always a delay. WHM shown our load as very low (0.01, 0.03 etc)

We contacted JaguarPC for support, the responses we got were very closed responses. Finally yesterday we were told we need to buy more ram to make our VPS respond quicker.

We still need to keep our helpdesk external so we moved it to another VPS today (which took under 5 mins to transfer our backup to not 2 1/2 hours).

Over all Jaguar PC maybe cheap and is ok for those with truelow budget who dont mind slow speeds, but its not recommended for serious users.

Also the support reps who logged in to my VPS were all in Pakistan, (i seen their hostnames in SSH as last login) I also preferred to deal with a English/American company which also made up my mind to cancel and move.

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Jaguarpc Dedicated Server

Apr 3, 2008

Since I just finished writing a review about Burst; I figured it would be a good time to write one about JaguarPC Dedicated Servers.

I purchased/used a total of 3 budget dedicated server for my own purposes. Server 1 didn't really have any issues (besides not being powerful enough), Server 2 didn't really have any issues, server 3 did have issues.

The setup time for the servers consisted of about 72 hours and my biggest complaint is the addon prices.

-Gnax Network
-A well known company name

-Didn't know what type of Kernel I needed for openvz. They installed openvz and I would expect them to know this.

-Reboot times can take an hour or more.

-Last Server would randomly die and they never bothered to troubleshoot it.

-Did not honor the advertisement listed on forum. I referred a friend to that post and they told him it was old. The only issue was that the edit date was a week old on the post. I asked when I upgraded from Server 2 to server 3 if I would receive what the advertisment ad had listed of "1 Free month". I never heard a response back but figured since I did get two free months in the past I would get another because I was doing the EXACT same thing.

-I requested a Clientexec license to use and was issued one. I was having issues with it on my account and requested for someone to take a look at it/fix it and if it couldn't be fixed to just reinstall it at the $15.00 installation price. I was then told after it was fixed it would cost $30.00. I told the tech about 5 times to just reinstall it to avoid an hourly admin fee. I spoke to Nick who did clear/waive the fee.

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JaguarPC: Site Destroyed

Apr 26, 2008

This following was a very nasty surprise from JaguarPC. The sequence of events:

1. One of the sites hosted at reseller account at JaguarPC started to consume too much CPU resources and traffic. JaguarPC offered me to transfer the domain to semi-dedicated (SDX) account. The transition went smoothly, thanks to the company.

2. After a while, the site is not causing much traffic and I requested to put it back to the reseller's account. I was asked whether I understand that if the site starts consuming resources again, it will again be disabled. I confirm the transfer and the site is moved back. Everything's fine.

3. I request SDX version of that site to be canceled. I checked that twice - I requested SDX version, no error there.

4. Today when i tried to make use of a very important mailing list hosted at the site, I found it missing. After several exchanges with Support I am told a Tech has deleted both the SDX and reseller-hosted versions of the site.

Currently they are looking for any backup of the site. Chances are the site has gone forever.

Yes, anyone can tell me I should have done ten backups a days and keep them in ten different places and so on. The last thing I expected was the hosting provider thoroughly destroying the site.

To be honest, I feel nervous currently about all my sites at JaguarPC. This one will cost me very much, in all senses, and if any other is gone due to the similar disaster, I can be in real big trouble.

Waiting for the end of their quest for backups. I would also be glad to contact that Tech and personally thank him for this.

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