JaguarPC Or RockMyWeb

Jul 24, 2007

I'm a webdesigner currently on a shared Reseller Package hosting 10 business php-based websites and a couple of low volume joomla websites. I'll be concentrating to market joomla webdesign customization bundled with hosting packages and will be expecting an increase on client base.

I'm seriously considering on a high-end VPS plan and have shortlisted 2 providers. My budget will be around $80.

Would appreciate if you could give me some inputs, suggestions and reviews on these 2 providers and your expertise if these packages could perform well for my needs.

Quad Core Intel Processors
45GB Diskspace + 100% FREE = 90GB
512MB RAM Guaranteed + 50% FREE = 768MB
700GB Bandwidth + 50% FREE = 1050GB
+ FREE Control Panel (Plesk, cPanel/WHM, DirectAdmin, Interworx)
$89.97/month - 15% Discount = $76.47/month

Dedicated CPU on a Multi Core Woodcrest
1GB Dedicated RAM
1.5GB Extra RRM RAM
60GB Hard Disk
700GB Bandwidth
Cpanel Add $15
Gold management
Free Website Monitoring
$74.99 - Less 33% - %50.24

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Rockmyweb - Still Down

Dec 8, 2008

I have been with Rockmyweb for about 1 year now. I find the value for the package great and the service has been very good too.

My question is that I have experienced at least 3 to 4 times this year where the server has gone down due to their upline (FDCServers). The Internap network that they claim to be great seems to cause the problem all the time. Faulty switch, bad gateway, etc.

This is my first VPS so I have nothing to compare it to. Is this normal for VPS's?

As mentioned, the support has been great when I can submit a ticket. However their support system seems to be provided by the same supplier and when their network goes down, I have no way of connecting to the control panel or help desk to submit a ticket.

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Does Anyone Know What Happened To RockmyWeb

Jun 1, 2008

I've been with RockmyWeb since the beginning of the year. Does anyone know what is wrong with their servers? Today my server went down and I can't connect to Rockmyweb to submit a ticket.

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RockMyWeb Comments

Jul 18, 2007

I've been with for exactly one month now, and I want to share my experiences. This is a one-month experience, so it will be mainly about new purchase and initial support. This is a quite long post, I wasn't really considering to write that long.

I'm a shared hosting provider in local language. One of the websites I host has grown too much to be on a shared server. It didn't even fit on a standart VPS with 256 MB guaranteed, 1 GB burst ram. So we decided to go with VirtuallyDedicated,

with the plan 1.5 GHP, since it was better than a dedicated server with pentium-4 processor and 1 Gb ram, and was cheaper. The website being hosted is, along with a dozen of small websites.

I requested a custom quote, with cPanel and management, less diskspace. They prepared the quote within 3 hours, I paid within 24 hours, they set up the VPS within 12 hours, including initial management. The process was painless.

Initial support:
We had some requests about the VPS within the first 3 days, before moving the websites. The tickets was being responded within 2 minutes, some being even within the same minute. That is the fastest response time I've ever got from a provider (I've been with 6 different VPS providers, as far as I remember.) It looks like someone is always waiting for tickets at any time. My tickets were usually being opened in their nights, due to the time zone difference between us. I'm very satisfied with their knowledgeable support.

One point about their support is that they act as if the customer is their friend. I mean, They don't send this reply:



The issue is being worked on.

Best Regards,
Blah Blah
Customer Service Represantative

Instead, they send this within the minute:


Hi, I'm having a look at it right away.

I, myself, actually use the former type of reply to my own customers. But the latter was quite nice, considering they are sending it right away, and start working on the actual problem within the minute. And they are solving the problem, too.

Support within the month:
After initial configurations, we had some problems. Our website was using too much resources, and the server needed to be optimized a little bit. I opened a ticket. They replied 4 times, without my reply. They informed me about the process well. After 4 replies, they said the server should be fine now.

After 2 days, they sent me an email, asking if I'm satisfied with the optimization. This is the first time I'm getting an email from a provider after some time, asking about my satisfaction.

We also had a cPanel licence issue (cPanel suddenly forgot about its licence, and started saying "cannot read licence file"). This was solved within 36 hours. They said the problem needs to be fixed by cPanel support staff itself, and their support over weekend is not the best. They kept updating me every 12 hours, saying they are waiting the cPanel staff. After 36 hours, the issue was fixed.

About their system:
Their VPS technology is different from my other VPSs with other providers. They don't use Virtuozzo, they use some kind of custom system (it doesn't seem to be VMware or like). This is the only thing I can complain, I was used to VZ and their custom panel is quite different. They provide VPS restart utility, and this is actually the only thing I need from a VPS remote panel.

They don't provide equal-share CPU, they allocate guaranteed CPU. This was very important for us, because the website we were hosting was being kicked off the VPS providers due to high CPU usage. With rockmyweb's allocated CPU, we are not interfering with other VPSs on the system, and we feel quite more comfortable. Also, we have 1.5 processor cores guaranteed, much higher than any other VPS providers will provide for this cost.

Their backup system is also satisfying. They charge 0.25 per GB backup used, not allocated. So I don't pay for unused backup space.

Overall, I'm satisfied with their service, and very happy with their support over the first month. I'll update this topic with additional information and comments (both positive and negative) over the time.

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Rockmyweb Experience

Aug 25, 2007

not a full review here. I have only had the account a few days, but I had to make a few comments about them. There seems to be a lack of feedback, which is a shame. I guess WHT attracts the complaints more so than the compliments!!

Initially I have been looking for a vps in the Michigan/Illinois area. After going through many companies, sending emails back and forth. I came across Rockmyweb.

Right off the bat, something attracted me to their service. Maybe it`s the fact they offer considerable resources on quality hardware, plus an ideal datacentre location for me.

I fired in a few pre-sales inquries which were promptly answered by Devon in a very friendly manner.

Eventually I opted for a Direct Admin machine with them. Something I have never used, however it was cheaper than a cpanel license through them. Considering this is an unmanaged service, they have been extremely helpful.

I spent some time working with Direct Admin, but after using cPanel for a good four years one finds it hard to adjust. After bugging Devon most of the night with various questions, I felt guilty about asking to switch to Cpanel but did so.

I figured as this was unmaged, he might not be too impressed. But no, he was happy to switch me over. He wiped the VPS as requested and installed cPanel for me. I paid the extra for the license costs but there was no charge for all the work involved.

I want to stress, the service is unmanaged however Devon has really gone above and beyond in helping me out. I`m no system admin guru, but he has helped more than perhaps he should!

cPanel has been installed, they have hardened the vps and I have made a few changes myself, updated apached etc.

Hard to say how well it runs. I have no domains hosted, but I can say that cPanel loads up extremely quickly. Quicker than any other cPanel vps I have had. When I recompiled apache it was done very quickly.

The plan I have is:

SM-Value 512MB Base System
350GB Bandwidth & 2 IP Included
30Gb Disk Space

For a steal at $40.99

There is a $7.99 first time setup fee which covers their initial server hardening. Upon request they installed apf and bfd, which is just great considering these are unmanaged.

In a few more days I will likely transfer a few domains to the plan, then I`ll get a better feel for how things are running. Give me a few weeks, perhaps a month and I will come back and update this review.

If the service is as good as I think it will be, I expect to remain with them for the long term. Perhaps with many more vps purchases down the road.

Mods, I have no domain to submit yet. Nothing is on the server.

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RockMyWeb Review

Jul 27, 2007

first of all, I must say that this is my first experience with VPS and I always had a shared hosting in the past. I have a communication and marketing company in Montreal and we're growing fast so I wanted to have more control.

I spent a lot of time on this forum searching for DEALS in the VPS Hosting Offers section. I wanted to start with a small plan but with a good company.

I wrote an e-mail describing all my actual and future needs and saying that it's my first time experience with VPS and send it to many VPS provider I found. I received a few answers but the most complete and satisfying one was from Devon Bessemer at RockMyWeb which made a plan specificly for me and that was exactly in my actual budget.

I'm testing it for 5 days now and I'm really enjoying my experience. At first I took the free Virtualmin Control Panel but I didn't really like it because I used the work with the very visual-oriented CPanel. Because I wanted to keep my monthly fees very low, Devon suggested me Directadmin for 5$ a month. It is great, easy to use, pretty for resellers and has a lot of nice features such as the 3 levels CP admin/reseller/user.

The speed is also very impressive. I chose the metered 100mbits instead of unmetered 10mbits and it rocks ! File transfer is at least as twice as fast as the shared hosting I had (Wirenine) which was already a fast one.

The support team is rocket fast, never got an answer in more than 30minutes and they solve all my problems easily.

So here's my review, I'm not a geek, don't know as much as many professionnal on this forum but found out a company who cares about people and who's offering a good service.

I highly recomment this VPS Hosting company to people of this forum.

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10 Month Review

May 22, 2009

since Rock My Web is now offering services again, it's probably time to give them a review!

I have 2 VPSs with Rockmyweb. I got the first in September of 2008, and my large one where I host my client websites at the end of October 2008.

First and foremost, I will say that this is the longest I have been with a provider in a few years. I have been burned by companies that disappear, with others that keep changing datacenters and the like. Rock My Web has been nothing short of fantastic from a performance standpoint.

I am in their Chicago DC. Speed from there to Toronto is fantastic. The servers themselves are also quick, and not overloaded. I realize that their new offerings in other DCs are less expensive, but I am happy to pay a bit of a premium to be in Chicago.

Not bottom of the barrel pricing, but very competitive. I have VPSs with other providers that are a bit cheaper, but none of them offer anything in Chicago. Good value for the money, IMO.

Haven't really need to speak to support much, so really can't comment. That's the ideal situation, right? Since the fall, there was only one major (i.e. a few hours) downtime, and that was related to the datacenter. I would like to see them get an offsite node to report downtime on, but since there has been very little, it hasn't been a major issue.

If there has been anything that has caused me a problem, it has been with the billing system. Part of the problem was my own doing - I cancelled an add-on package without realizing it was on a paypal subscription. Getting the credit sorted out was a 3 month process.

Their VPS Control Panel:
They do not use HyperVM, but rather a control panel of their own. The earlier version was funky/buggy, but the later version is a lot better. There are some neat functions in it, but there are still a couple of little quirks to work with.

All in all, I am very happy to be a customer. The service is solid and quick, and great value for the money. I wish them the best with their new offerings. There is a reason that I host my clients on their servers and have for a good number of months.

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Our 48hrs Review Of RockmyWeb/VDNet

Oct 25, 2007

After a few managed dedicated server purchase, I decide to purchase a small VPS for development needs. I browsed around WHT. Many provider offers were appealing, but ressource wise, none really compared to RockmyWeb / Virtuallydedicated [url].

I contacted their pre-sales team and ask various questions. Very responsive. Even follow up with me after a few hours to see if I had any more questions. They alos offered me an extra 10% OFF.

So I ordered and even took the fully managed service for an extra 10$ a month. An invoice with 10% OFF was sent to me. I paid. Next day and 9hrs later I got my root access and an IP. I also found out that their service was only guaranteed with a 99.7% uptime on the node I was on. This is when I started to get surprise.

First, the VPS control panel was under construction and not accessible for another day or so.

The welcome email said, cPanel is currently being installed.

1h30 later cPanel was installed.

I then ask to install CSF Firewall. I was responded that they do not install CSF firewall nor support it. If I wanted to install it on my own I could. So much for fully managed.

I logged in WHM, and the setup wizard had not been done. I emailed to ask why WHM had not been setup and all they did was a plain install. To which I was responded:


Of course it is a plain install. We install CPanel/WHM and if you need help, you open a support ticket to have us configure it for you. What were you expecting us to do?

So I ask, what was the features announced on the website about fully securing the VPS:


At rockmyweb, we dont just set you up with a default install and leave you
hanging. We fully install an updated control panel, custom configure your
firewall, secure your services, and use BFD to lock out hackers. Prepaying
gets you our secure secure setup for free!.

I ask to at least do the initial WHM, since I didnt know what were all the ip's associated with my vps.

They told me how can they configured cpanel when they dont even know what I want and what hostname I want. I reminded them that I had provided an hostname in the signup process, to which they said:

That the hostname is not referring to the one hosted on the server and that I should provide all the informations because they cannot read minds.

Not being confident anymore in their services and what fully managed VPS was, I ask for a refund, even propose a partial refund, to compensate for their work. But was responded that they not refund for such a ridiculous thing.

They then told me to have installed BFD and some initial hardening.

I then requested a few install from their support team. I must say, that their support team have been very good and responsive. They always responded very quick and done what ask to. No problem here.

Still being not sure of what had been done on the server, I registered my new VPS with Platinum server management and ask them to do a security assesment on the server. Their report indicated that a firewall had been installed but nothing else had been done to secure the server. They propose to do their initial security package. They reported once done with a 2 pages long report of what had been done on the server.

Even if I received some great service from their support team, I dont understand their meaning of fully managed. With my previous experience, fully managed means that the server is delivered ready to roll for hosting and that the provider is a bit more proactive when it comes to setup and prepare the server. It should be, just create an account and upload your files. Voila. But instead, fully managed means they will do all I ask, if I ask.

Im still not sure about their services, and decided to further test the response of the VPs before transferring some of my files on this VPS.

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[REVIEW] 1-month @ RockMyWeb And Counting...

Aug 27, 2007

After my BuyAVPS and PrimaryVPS VPS' fell through, I decided to get a new
unmanaged (I manage it myself of course ) VPS from

The specs are:
640MB guaranteed RAM, with 1.5GB RAM burstable
40GB HD space, with the 500GB monthly bandwidth on the faster 100MBPS port.

I think this plan has a dedicated amount of CPU that I can use, which seems to
be 100mHz per core (8).

My VPS was set up within 15 minutes of placing an order.

It performs great, I haven't had any issues with the performance. There were
some issues with downtime 9 days ago, but it was sorted out quickly.

As far as support goes, I have had a couple of questions here and there and
they have all been answered very quickly.

Over all I'm very happy with their services My VPS is used to provide small
hosting to about 20 or so people, and I have about 25 domains hosted on it
at present. Currently only using about 50GB bandwidth per month, but it's
steadily increasing.

One of my domains hosted with them: [url]

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Jaguarpc For VPS?

Sep 15, 2008

Has any one been with jaguarpc for VPS?

I have and I found them to be slow and unreliable.

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JaguarPC Down

Jun 30, 2008

My VPS is down, and I thought it maybe a planned downtime, but I can't even reach

I am receiving timeout errors, anyone else having problems?

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JaguarPC VPS

Aug 10, 2007

My JaguarPC VPS keeps killing the services everynight, and the techs reply saying it won't happen again, but it does.

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Oct 16, 2007

just changed to JaguarPC's VPS for less than 3 days. Till now, bad experiences.

Firstly, the VPS was activated after more than 24 hours, too far away from their stated "in a few minutes".

Secondly, Server has been down for nearly three times during the last 24 hours. At least, I got three times today, when all my IPs were not pingable. Responses from JaguarPC was either they were rebooting the server, or that server was offline and they were contacting their datacenter.

Thirdly, just after I've uploaded all of my websites and repointed the domains, I realized that named was not working. I tried several methods and failed. So I turned to their support. When I think the problem should be fixed, I got the reply from the support, stating the server was offline, they've contacted the data center. Further more, they asked ME to contact them once I find the server is back online, so that they could go on with my named server problem.

So, my sites are still down. They are not big sites though. I'm now thinking hardly, if I made a mistake when I decided to change to JaguarPC.

Anyway, their 24/7 support responsed really fast...

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Jaguarpc Is Down

Dec 3, 2007

One of two VPS at is down. I can not reach support or main jag site either.

Anyone with same results? What is happening!

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VPS: JaguarPC

Jul 6, 2007

I'm trying to find a VPS Hosting service [url], and wonder if JaguarPC is reliable.

If not, which other services do you recommend me?

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Support From JaguarPC

Oct 16, 2009

Jaguar PC seems to have some aggressive pricing. Can anyone speak to their level of support once you are a customer?

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May 1, 2008


Please cancel next month invoice (monthly payment from 2008-05-04) and my account.


>>To cancel the account please go to the following link
>>and fill in the form. Please note the account will be
>>canceled within 72 hours of receiving the form

After filling the form:

>>Your cancellation request has been sent.
>>Please check your email to verify the submission.

(email box still empty)

>>We are sorry to see you go and would like to extend a
>>special discount and trial period to show our appreciation of >>your business. We will process this cancellation request
>>within 72hrs and appreciate your consideration on this offer. >>Your services are active and should be considered so until you
>>receive a cancellation confirmation.

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Disappointed With Jaguarpc

May 14, 2008

i joined jaguarpc a week ago with the intention of setting up a java based mud server on the system. after the vps was set up, i sent a ticket in requesting help on installing gcc, yum and java. when java 1.4.2 was installed, i requested a newer version be installed, in which case they informed me it would cost $70.00/hr to perform. i had linked the installation page for the program i was installing that stressed the need for the most up to date java jdk, of which 1.4.2 is not.

i then decided to attempt the install myself. however, there were numerous errors involved, to which support attributed to corruption of the data files. the solution? reinstallation of the os. the cost of this procedure is $15.00. i sent a response to this, making sure that the reinstallation was really necessary to make the latest sun java jdk work. the tech confirmed that it was needed to get rid of the corrupted libraries.

I paid the $15.00 for the os reinstall, and had the tech install gcc, yum and the newest sun java jdk. however, when i attempted to check the version, a memory error occurred. after trying to set the xms and xmx settings to no avail, i sent a ticket to support asking for the issue to be looked into.

support responded with this:

Java requires a lot of resources to initialize which a VPS can't provide and that is why it is failing to initialize. If you really need Java you should go for Dedicated sever.

when i replied asking why this was not revealed 10 tickets ago, the support responded with:

We are sorry for that. In fact Java is quite resource intensive and can't run correctly in VPS environment. Even if you add more RAM it will work for sometime but again afte some time starts failing. So it is recommended that you do not use Java on VPS and go for Dedicated server.

thank you for apprising me of this after i pay to get the os reinstalled. nearly all of my tickets concerned java, and i stated that it was needed by the program i wished to run. at no point before this was it mentioned that the latest version of java would not be capable of being run on the vps.

overall, i am disappointed with this company, and plan to cancel my account.

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JaguarPC Won't Stand By Own TOS

Nov 7, 2008

There is a site hosted with JaguarPC that is spamming my forums daily with links to their illegal, copyrighted software and movies. While I understand this isn't JaguarPC's responsibility as it's not taking place on their servers, the fact that the site in question is a warez site is. The site is

I have emailed JaguarPC about this and received no reply. I then tried to post on their forums but all new posts are moderated and my post hasn't shown up.
From their own TOS:

Any material that, in our judgment, is obscene or threatening is prohibited and will be removed from our servers with or without notice. This includes but is not limited to unauthorized copying of music, books, photographs, or any other copyrighted work. We do not allow any content that may be construed as offensive or illegal including, but not limited to pirated software, bit torrents, IRC, Proxies, hacker programs/archives, copyrighted MP3's, Warez, copyrighted material, trademarks,

I'm unsure as to why they place this in their TOS and then ignore it when a customer abuses it. Is the money being paid to them more important? At least a reply to me about my inquiry would have been nice but they have ignored me altogether. Has anyone had any experience with JaguarPC pertaining to their TOS and is it like them to ignore their own terms?

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JaguarPC Windows VPS

Aug 17, 2007

As far as I know VZ for Windows does not allow burstable RAM (only Linux). In Jaguarpc's website (Win VPS section: [url] they advertise guaranteed & burstable RAM.

Am I missing something? If not, is that a typo or a Marketing trick?

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JaguarPC Or Liquidweb

Jul 8, 2007

JaguarPC or Liquidweb? I'm stuck between the two.

Both are currently running specials. However, JaguarPC's offer is more attractive. One thing I'm unsure of is that Liquidweb offers 4 IPs while JaguarPC does not state how many IPs come with the offer.

I'm leaning towards JaguarPC because of the price. I'm just afraid that I may get what I pay for.

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Jaguarpc - Any Speed

Apr 10, 2007

I am considering Jaguarpc, but have seen a few comments saying they run slow. Any feedback for either vps or shared?

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Aplus Vs Jaguarpc

Aug 4, 2007

i am trying to find a webhost for my website, i don't have any scripts or none of that
just html files so i don't think the cpu thing applies to me but i need loads & loads of BW because i share my mp3 collection between my friends aplus is offering a share account with 2TB of BW for 9.99 and JPC is offering unmetered 1mbps does the jpc thing mean all downloads will be slow if the files are like 8megs each and like 40 people are trying to download?

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JaguarPC Vs. ZipServers

Oct 27, 2007

I'm currently a JaguarPC reseller client, and I'm full satisfied with them, they've a great support with great friendly customer care & their service is so nice.

Now, I'm planning to upgrade to VPS, then when I searched here for reviews about JaguarPC VPS, I found some bad reviews. I found an Advertisement for ZipServers and visited their site and found some prices near to JaguarPC prices but I can't found any reviews about them here !!

here's what I'm planing to buy :

38GB Diskspace
576MB RAM Guaranteed
1536MB RAM Busrtable
750GB Bandwidth
cPanel + Fantastico
ClientExec License
Virtuazzo Control panel

ON ZipServers
40GB Diskspace
768MB RAM Guaranteed
2GB RAM Busrtable
550GB Bandwidth
cPanel + Fantastico
ClientExec License
Virtuazzo Control panel ((Not mentioned in their website , but their sales representative told me it's included))

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JaguarPC VPS - Reviews...

Oct 26, 2007

I am intrested in JaguarPC as a new VPS Provider. Can anyone give me some insite/reviews on how they are support wise, network wise and/or anything else you would like to share about them?

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Jaguarpc Reviews

Aug 28, 2007

I am thinking of getting a vps from jaguarpc tomorrow, does anyone want to give some feedback on them?

I am planning on running cpanel and whm on it along with teamspeak servers maybe and game servers (not too many)

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JaguarPC Review

Nov 14, 2007

For about 4 months now Ive been using their VPS service. The service is great, and cheap too

Never had any down time or problems. The support is one of a kind. Awesome helpful replies to all of my stupid questions(I DO ask a good amount of stupid ones lol) within 3 hours max.

JPC rocks, and I never see myself needing to leave

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VPS - Jaguarpc Or Jodohost

Apr 30, 2007

VPS (Windows) and I am not sure for which to decide

Somebody has experience with these companies?

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Jaguarpc Down Time

Aug 11, 2007

I noticed when I got home just now that my VPS and sites were not loading.. and i tried to go to go there website and its not loading either... You think this will come back soon?

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JaguarPC New Special

Jul 4, 2007

Wow im looking at the new jaguarpc specials and they look really nice. What do you think about moving from another provider?

Its 2 months free and 15% off for the life of the plan! it's making me feel that i should rush and sign up before its too late...

But im happy with my current provider, its just the 10$ less and the bigger specs thats making me really think about it

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PowerVPS, Liquidweb Or JaguarPC?

Oct 7, 2007

I want to get the best available thing out there...which means:

-reliable company
-reliable service
-customer satisfaction
-FULLY managed support

After reading reviews I came down to Liquidweb, PowerVPS and JaguarPC. Liquidweb seems to be the most estabilished company, PowerVPS totally specializes in VPS solutions, and JaguarPC hmm they are certainly the cheapest of these 3.

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