Anybody Had Bad Experiance With VT6 Support

May 2, 2008

Iv herd a few good things about VT6 on here so I thought id give them a try but so far I'm not very impressed! Their support takes days to respond and when they do eventually respond its not with any sort of meaningful answer half the time. I'm on their extreme account. Iv had better support from shared hosting costing less than half as much!

I have a couple of questions about how cpanel is meant to work. I have one main domain on my account and 4 add on domains added on with their own folders. Now are these add on domains supposed to be controlled by the main cpanel account page? because I was having trouble deleting files with the file manager. It was saying that I had deleted the files but when i accessed the account via ftp they were all still their and had not been deleted. And what was showing in ftp was what you could access with the web browser. I then discovered that I could log in to each sub domain in cpanel as if it was on it own separate account. So i have a completely different cpanal control page for each addon domain surly this cannot be correct? I was able to delete the files I was trying to delete by logging into that particular domain names own cpanal like so

I can do this with each of my addon domains is this correct?

Also is their anyway to edit the php.ini file in cpanel? I simply need to make the session save path writable.

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Atechosting, Bad Experiance

Jul 11, 2008

I had my site with for 7 monthes, but suddenly the site went down for about 1 week, so I moved to

I have signed up for a month, but unfortunately, after one week only, my site went down, just 15 hours ago

I can't access the site, cPanel, Mysql databases, or even their site, atechosing

I'm in a real need for a reliable shared hosting company

is there anyone can recommend a reliable host,

I don't need much storage space or bandwidth

2 gigs space, 20 - 30 g bandwidth are enough

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Any Experiance With Limestone

Dec 5, 2008

I am planning to buy server from Limestone. Does anybody has experiance with them?

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Experiance From Virtuoso Net Solutions Inc

Aug 1, 2007

this company is terrible! what a way to treat customers or potential customers, so much for good customer service or even so so customer service, these guys are just plain aweful!

I really wonder how a company like this stays around!

Checkout the convo. between myself and Chad over there at Virtuoso. I am pimpbucks.


From: PimpBucks []
Sent: Wednesday, August 01, 2007 2:33 PM
To: Sales
Subject: Re: Virtuoso Net Solutions Inc : Order Details

You are WAY to funny.. I expect my money back within 24 hrs! Or I will report YOU for spam, harassment and credit card theft.

On 1-Aug-07, at 2:32 PM, Sales wrote:

I have reported you for spam, harassment and fraud. Your IP has been reported
for harassment

Do not contact us ever again

From: PimpBucks []
Sent: Wednesday, August 01, 2007 2:31 PM
To: Sales
Subject: Re: Virtuoso Net Solutions Inc : Order Details

fine you go ahead and report a perfectly good credit card you moron, report me to the authorities too!

I unfortunatly read about you AFTER i signed up.

If the money isn't back on my card by tomorrow I will be processing a chargeback.

On 1-Aug-07, at 2:27 PM, Sales wrote:

If we’re so bad why did you both sign up?

We’ll be reporting this to the actual bank as fraud.

I suggest you work on your social skills and refrain from your childish vulgar language.

Any further emails will result in reporting you to proper authority.

From: PimpBucks []
Sent: Wednesday, August 01, 2007 2:26 PM
To: Sales
Subject: Re: Virtuoso Net Solutions Inc : Order Details

holly **** you really do need to work on your social skills. I thought it said bank NAME! Those posts about you and your company over at webhosttalking are 100% correct, your a dick head thru and thru.

On 1-Aug-07, at 2:21 PM, Sales wrote:

It was already marked “fraud” therefore it was not charged.

You could have explained why you inputted epassporte as bank phone number,. but you did not so therefore this is fraud

From: PimpBucks []
Sent: Wednesday, August 01, 2007 2:20 PM
To: Sales
Subject: Re: Virtuoso Net Solutions Inc : Order Details

refund my card then.. its not fraud at all.. but i expect a full refund!!!!

On 1-Aug-07, at 1:15 PM, Sales wrote:

This was marked as fraud due to the following reasons:

Credit card bank phone number provided: epassporte

Billing address is California. IP address used to purchase is from Canada

Domain shows up as another owner, not matching billing card first/last name.

To correct these factors, you must provide a valid bank phone number which you should have done originally.

From: Pimp Bucks []
Sent: Wednesday, August 01, 2007 11:23 AM
Subject: Re: Virtuoso Net Solutions Inc : Order Details

Wondering how much longer until the account is setup.

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Flash Support And Real AudioVideo Support?

Mar 13, 2008

Has anybody heard of Flash Support and Real AudioVideo Support? offers this kind of support and I wonder if it's effective?

What do you think of it?

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Softlayer Support Vs Theplanet Support

Jul 12, 2008

I'm undecided between an upcoming dedicated hosting server and am moving between Softlayer and ThePlanet. My decision partly comes down to support.

I've read many reviews on WHT about both companies, but not necessarily comparing them from people who have experienced both.

So my questions (keep in mind this is my first dedicated. I have used VPS in the past with good support) Which offers MORE support (not better) - I'm curious which company might consider my support questions as "part of the default service package" or "need additional service plan for that" More detailed support - my usual experience with support is support staff assume you already know a high level so it may take going forward and back 5 times via email to get a full answer
Overall support satisfaction - any other comments

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Hivelocity Support, Or No Support

Nov 23, 2008

I've been with Hivelocity for 2 years. Occasionally we have problems, but it works. Their support staff can do very simple things relatively fast, however if you have some serious problems, e.g. failed disk and need to be replaced and do restoration from backup, it will be hell!

They will NOT do what asked in Reload Request, delayed answer to chat, no answer to tickets for many hours.

So far I'm very disappointed of Hivelocity support.

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Vps That Support Vpn?

Nov 7, 2008

Do you know any vps that support vpn ?

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VPS Support

Aug 18, 2007

How much support should I expect/look for?

If I were to purchase a VPS without cPanel ( or any other panel), what kind supports should I expect from my host?

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Will VPS Support Do This

Jun 1, 2007

how common is it in the VPS industry to do custom installs/configurations/updates on request. For example, I don't know how to configure qmail and I will want someone to do this for me. Does this kind of service exist? Is it a standard to be expected or is it fee-based thing?

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HostGators Support

Aug 4, 2006

Everytime I go to hostgators live support my firefox crashes.

This usually happens before I initiate the chat or after.

Does anyone else have this problem?

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How Many % Of Hosts Support ZIP In PHP?

Nov 25, 2008

How many % of hosts have Zip support in PHP?

If you (the replyer) are a web host, tell me if you are supporting. (yes/no)

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IMAP Support

Oct 27, 2008

IMAP Support

Im used DirectAdmin on my primary linux server, i need to IMAP support in php.ini for resolve my ticket import system in "WHMCS" But i dont know how can enable it on DirectAdmin.

Can you help me?

Need More Power?!PersianWhois.Com

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Support Tickets

Sep 29, 2009

Do you personaly think that some companys don't answer right on support tickets or don't think the right way, (like dont care) when answering a support ticket in there billing system or support system then with the client comes on a forum such as WHT and posts what happens the provider comes and helps the client much more then he would of or had in the support tickets. I see many people come on wht and bring there problems they have with there provide, Im not saying this is a bad thing to do im just trying to show every else how i see it as that the hosts don;t care about there clients but when something goes public the hosting provider trys more to fix it...

Could it be that he or she dsnt want to lose customers thats the way i think it.

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GeekStorage Support

Jul 31, 2008

GeekStorage's support is awesome. They usually answer within 10 minutes and so far (only been with them for 2 weeks!) they have solved every issue perfectly.

The quality of their support and their attention to detail is the best I have seen in the past 5 years.

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Liquid Web Support

May 19, 2009

I've got give LW some props.

I was at a crossroads on my server running php 4x and needed to be able to run 5 and allow the sites using 4 to still run it. I read about how to do it but would of totally screwed it up.

LW support came to the rescue, installed both the 4 and 5 and now I can select the php version to run from the accounts cpanel.

Took a while to work through it but it's up and running and I'm a happy camper.

That's why I've had my server with them going on 3 years now.

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Web Hosting That Support SVN

Jun 1, 2009

I want to buy a hosting service with following feature



3 Rsync


5 Wordpress, Drupal support ( plan to run multiple wordpress and drupal site in this hosting plan)

6 multiple domain name support in one hosting plan

7 a lot of bandwith

8 great customer support, and low down time

I do some research and have a chat with and they seem to support everything i need however, after reading some review seem like they try to force you to update to dedicate server when your bandwidth is up.

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On-Call Support

Mar 26, 2009

We are a web company that currently has a WHM/cPanel server that we manage ourselves. However, we are looking for a service that will be on call for us 24/7 in case something were to go amiss and our technical team was not available to restart services, restart the server or do whatever technical troubleshooting was required to get things back up and running quickly.

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Fantastico Support?

Nov 25, 2006

Fantastico applications are offered almost everywhere, but so far I've only found one web host that dares to provide Fantastico support.

Can anyone here recommend any web hosts that do provide support for the 3rd party applications available through Fantastico's installer?

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Support For PostgreSQL *and* ASP.NET

Apr 30, 2009

I am looking for a webhost with a package that supports both ASP.NET *and* Postgres. So far, I have been able to find ones that support one but not the other.

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'Freelance' Support

Oct 24, 2009

I'm in the process of migrating some stuff to a new VPS. Some things I can do myself, some the provider has offered to help with (Future Host), but there are a number of little issues and tasks that I either don't have the time for, or aren't confident in doing myself.

I'd like to 'hire' a freelancer. Can anyone give me an idea what a going rate for doing some general WHM/cPanel tasks might be?

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Iweb Support

Jan 18, 2009

I moved a web site over to about 4 months ago. I've found them to be quite responsive to simply queries and issues - quite a change from the previous host I might say. Last week I ran an FTP download to perform a backup of all the material. After about 12Mb, the transfer was aborted and I could no longer access the site by FTP, or HTTP and I couldnt get email. The site is not down though as others can access it, but I cannot access it from any computers on my network (PC and mac). I chatted with support and they said they'd have to look into it - this was last Wed (1/14). I still cannot get connected. Further diagnosis from my end leads me to believe that IP was blocked due to the FTP transfer (I was able to duplicate this from a different IP). Apparently, the problem has been escalated to the sysadms but they are swamped and can't get to my problem. I figure unblocking the IP should be an easy quick fix. Perhaps understanding why it happened and how to rectify that will take longer.

My question to the group is, is this level of service normal for, and are my expectations of a quick fix unreasonable?

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Servint Support

Oct 22, 2009

Anyone on Servint vps, is there support tickets system getting slower .
awaiting a responses of nearly 2hours at a time

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How About The Support Of

Apr 2, 2009

they say they have 24x7 support,but I have ticket sumbited on 3/10/2009 on their controlpanel,until now,nobody reply,I don't know why.

therir vps & vps controlpancel I very like it,but the support is too... slow

the ticket is :


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Support From JaguarPC

Oct 16, 2009

Jaguar PC seems to have some aggressive pricing. Can anyone speak to their level of support once you are a customer?

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PHP 5.3 And DKIM Support

Nov 5, 2009

Does anyone know of any hosting sites that offer support for:

PHP 5.3 (not 5.2.11, but actually 5.3)

Allowing me to enter DNS TXT records to set up DomainKeys/DKIM

I don't need a lot of space or bandwidth at all,

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VPSVille Support Do Not Won`t

Feb 13, 2009

I have order VPS from VPSVille UK base data center CPanel 4 VPS plan. i have old VPS server with Cpanel too and i have try to transfer few Accounts from the old one to the new vps from VPSVille.

The sites hosted on the old server are working fine with NO ERRORS OR PROBLEMS!

Some sites have transfered and all work fine like mySQL, mail, viewing images, flash etc. But some of the sites have some errors like [url]can`t connect to database i have transfer the site automatically from WHM transfers option and manyaly creating full backup and then restoring to the new server and all the time i get the same message, the problem is not just with joomla i have problem with [url]forum PHPBB3 forum i have already transfered joomla and phpbb3 site from the old to the new server ( and ) and all works fine on but with the user tehnolog mysql do not work like they should i have.

Additionally i have transfer [url]and on the user account paffi i can`t view any hosted image i have try to upload new images from my HDD not and i can`t view them too, Mysql is working on paffi but i cant view images. when i try to open any image i get this screen: [url]for example

User accounts paffi and tahnolog are hosted on the same old VPS and the bout f them work fine there.

I have try to contact VPSVille support and they just escape from helping me saying like i need to contact my old host because my sites do not work, i need to contact webmaster etc, etc.

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Slhost Support

Oct 28, 2009

I am with slhost from years. But from some days their support is not good, they are not reply on time as they are previously.

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Sep 7, 2008

Stay away from I signed up for the $10 a year special and without checking into the company and I went ahead and registered on August 16, 2008. A couple weeks went by and I wanted to change some information and domain on my website and they wouldn’t let me delete that account and reopen. The reason was is I wanted to reset the stats and other information so they wouldn’t show up on my domain.

Anyway, the support is horrible. All they want to do is make excuses. The website clearly says that if you are unhappy with our service within 30 days you can get a refund. No questions asked. I have been in email for almost a week regarding this issue.

I sent a Billing ticket on September 3, 2008 and to this day… No reply. I called the 866 number… No reply… I try to use the support chat on the website… No Reply! Used the Support Ticket and they won’t help. I used the member forum… It ended up in war with other users. I finally go a hold of someone yesterday and they couldn’t help me because he was a support team member and I needed to talk to billing.

I asked for the Owner and this person told me he was off until Tuesday. I know it is just $10 but I feel like they are falsely advertising the 30 day money back guarantee.

In each of these tickets that I sent I asked to have my account deleted and canceled.

They still haven’t honored my request for that. I also demanded a refund of my $10 and still haven’t responded.

I tried to catch the website and now it is down. It has been in this state since 0200 EST.

Stay away from…

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VolumeDrive Support

Apr 4, 2008

I tried contacting VolumeDrive to set up an account, but didn't ever hear back. Anyone had any luck with them?

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Jul 4, 2008

EuroSrv has the worst support. I asked them to do 1 simple thing there saying that My password doesn't work and i never even logged into the vps. They got in and they said wait 1-2 hours. If i wanted to wait 1-2 hours i would of installed that crap my self. They still never installed it after 14 hours.

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