1G MSSQL, .net 3.5, Hosting Recommendation Needed

Sep 8, 2009

I need a hosting with .net 3.5 support. Prefer 1G MS sql server space. traffic 10-20G is ok. need a stable hosting with good & capable technical support.

anyone can recommend one? I plan to use discountasp, but their sql is too small, 500M only.

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VPS Recommendation Needed For A Low-end Server

May 13, 2007

I've searched quite a bit for myself now, but I have yet to find a place that offers what I need. Most of the servers seem way too overpowered for my needs, but the lower-end server offerings I've found don't have the necessary space and/or bw.

What I'm looking for is something along these lines:

I basically only need to run Apache/Lighthttpd, PHP and MySQL, along with a custom program that would only use 1-2% cpu at its peak and not more than 1mb memory. The web server part would probably not serve more than 10-20 simultaneous visits at its peak.

CPU and memory requirements are therefore very small for me. However, I need 10gb space at the very least, along with ~200gb bw.

I would preferably like the server to be located in Europe, or have very good connectivity to Europe, as I need as low pings as possible.

Unmanaged and no control panel needed.

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Firewall Load Balancing Recommendation Needed

Dec 27, 2006

Can any one recommend a firewall which supports load balancing? We have a number of servers with in our rack which are currently hosted behind one firewall box but I would like to have the firewall load spread across multiple boxes.

Ideally this needs to be an open source solution. We have Looked at IPCOP, pfSense, m0n0wall but these dont seem to support the sort of load balancing we require.

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Need A Recommendation For Dedicated Hosting In Frankfurt.

Nov 12, 2008

Need a recommendation for Dedicated Hosting in Frankfurt.

Looking at setting up a dedicated server in Europe for my applications. Hetzner.de seems to be a popular, reputable and quality choice but as far as I know, their DC is in Nuremburg.

Due to low latency requirements, I am hoping to find a good provider in Frankfurt (or even in Lamdanet Frankfurt would be ideal).

So if anybody can point me to some large and solid providers in Frankfurt, it would be appreciated.

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Hosting Recommendation For A Complicated Client

May 16, 2009

I'm trying to make the best recommendation for a client who has some complicated needs.

They are a university that has opened a public policy and educational office in the national capital.

I do not forsee a substantial amount of traffic being generated on the site - something a simple hosting package from ICDSoft should be able to handle.

However, there are three issues that complicate matters:

1) They may actually have huge spikes in traffic. They anticipate occasional mention in the national TV/radio media and in these cases, they don't want their site to buckle.

2) They do some audio and four video podcasts a month. They have around 50 viewers of each right now (not too substantial) but if they become successful, that number could increase by a lot.

My initial thinking was to try to host these on an outside service - even a free one - like OurMedia.

3) They want to send out email newsletters. Right now they have 850 subscribers for the list for the new location, but as people visit the site, they will sign up more.

I presume they will want to have the email's originate from the same location that the @[url] is to prevent being marked as spam, right? So, if they were to use constantcontact, emails would be from @constantcontact. But if they wanted it to be from their @[url].edu, we would need to send them from the .edu's own SMTP server, right?

I have thought about the 'cloud computing' thing - does that scale up automatically or not?

I also want to know from ICDSoft how much concurrent bandwidth/connections I can get simultaneously (is that the right way to word the question to them?)

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Any Recommendation On Good Hosting Companies

Apr 7, 2008

Are there any recommendation on good hosting companies which can provide good support, excellent uptime, >50GB space, >1GB mySQL/MSSQL database space and supports ASP.NET 2.0 and AJAX with a resonable price?

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Recommendation For Hosting Unlimited Domains

Aug 11, 2008

I have about 14 domains I'd like to host on one server. They combined use about 50gb of bandwidth, 15,000-20,000 unique visitors per month. About 3-4,000 page impressions per day.

I currently use hostmonster.com and their uptime sucks, and I keep getting suspended for using to much cpu quota.

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Win/MSSQL Hosting

May 19, 2008

what level of hardware/hosting plan I need for one of my clients.

Current stats:
~65 ecommerce orders per week
~5000 unique visitors per day

MSSQL 2005

My first recommendation to them was RackSpace due their good reputation, but they were not able to pay for the plan suggested to them by RackSpace.

My other question is what type of plan do you guys recommend based on the above stats/requirements (managed/VPS/dedicated/etc.)? VPS is what came to mind for me since we'll probably end up using this setup for more than one website/domain and since they are so price sensitive.

I'm fairly comfortable setting up and administering Win2k3 and MSSQL. I'm sure that plays into the choices a little.

I know there is probably some information I have left out that would help you guys make a recommendation. Please just let me know what else would help.

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Firewall Recommendation For Shared And Dedicated Hosting

Nov 8, 2009

I own a small hosting business business, around 50 clients on a shared server and 8 clients dedicated. I do not own a firwall I do everything via iptables on each server which is a pain in the ass.

I just recently purchased a Sonicwall Pro 2040, I wanted to know how do you all recommand to set it up? Should I use MIPS / VIPS? should I do Reverse NAT? Transparent Mode?

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1and1 Hosting Advice Needed

Jan 16, 2009

I'd like to go with 1and1, using ASP.net and MS SQL Server, and the ability to setup lots of databases, websites and URLs, but I'm not keen on maintaining the server, updates, backups etc.
I'd also like to access the web space and upload files, from any computer.

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Information Needed On Web Hosting Services

Apr 21, 2009

I am Smith Lewis. I am here because I am looking for some information on web hosting services. I hope all you my friends help me in the same.

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Work Needed Behind Reseller Hosting

Apr 12, 2009

Does anyone have experience running a reseller service? Are you basically acting as another hosting company with customer support, etc?

My friend and I plan to do some freelance site design/coding on the site, and I was wondering whether it would be clever to do reseller hosting as well for any clients without hosting...

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Hosting For Mp3 Site: Advice Needed

Apr 4, 2007

I am planning on launching an mp3 site for a music studio. the problem now is, i dont know what type of bandwidth usage to expect from users and i dont want my client to think its my fault. (some of them dont really want to know the technical basics)
To give a hint of the advice i am looking for,: say i have 300 different mp3 files at 3.0 mb per size what size of hosting and bandwidth should i look for that can cater for upwards of 100,000 users who will listen to up to 6 hrs of music on the site.

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Large MSSQL DB Hosting

Jul 1, 2009

Does anyone know any shared hosting or semi-private VPS hosting for a site with large MS SQL2005 DB? Our DB is currently 1GB already but could get up to 5-10GB when all is said and done. The site is a B2B networking platform with many users, company profiles, products, etc.

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MSSQL 2005 Hosting

Dec 23, 2008

i am finding a MSSQL 2005 server for one of my application for my client.

Actually, it is a small business program. It will not have a heavy load on the server.

Do any hosting packages company for that with reasonable price? It is not a website. It is a C# software application. So the port will not be 21 or some web port.

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Recommendation On A Shared Hosting Reseller With Unlimited Bandwidth

Apr 17, 2008

an recommendation on a shared hosting reseller with unlimited bandwidth(or atleast about 1500gb) and about 60-70gb harddrive? And preferably have servers in the US and europe, so i can pick one in usa and 1 in europe.

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1and1 Hosting Advice Needed For Newbie

Jan 22, 2009

I'm looking to host my own website(s), money isnt really an issue, but I'd like some advice on which package would be most suitable. I can't upgrade to different platforms, so I need to get the right package from the start.

I like the sound of the dedicated server, but my experience of supporting servers isn't great, so I'm wary of getting this option.

The VPS looks good, could anyone please tell me how this works? What the difference between thi sand a dedicated server? Do you need alot of server support experience to use this?

Would the normal MS hosting package be suitable? I take it its not very flexible.

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Hosting Needed For Investment Affiliate Sites

Apr 5, 2008

I say relative, because I have built several websites in the past, going back to 1998 or so, but have never really pursued it heavily, and only recently have decided to get into the game on a more proactive scale.

In searching for a web host, I run across common TOS which seems on the surface to exclude what I want to do, which among other niches I've got in mind, include investing (gold, real estate, forex, commodities, etc.).

Maybe some of the hosting vendors here can help me with clarification. I do not want to host an investment platform, like a stock or forex trading platform. I just want to publish info sites with affiliate links to the investment products I deem worthy.

Any problem with that? If so, does anyone know of good hosting for such sites?

I've perused many hosting forums lately and find this one to be among the top of the top! Good job WHT owners!

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Europe Based Asp.Net 2.0 And MsSql Hosting

Nov 30, 2007

I need europe based asp.net2.0 hosting with mssql, and approx. bandwidth and space 100Gigs-1000Gigs
multiple domains also price is <10$ ...

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MSSQL Database Intensive Hosting

Oct 4, 2009

We were on shared hosting until we were asked to move off due to our database using a lot of the CPU - how much, we dont know.

Anyway, moved to a 1GB Hyper-V VPS, seems like we have one core of an E5420 but presume the server is shared between 12 people.

When our ASP application runs, the MSSQL server reaches 100% CPU and the website performs slower than the shared server we were on.

Where can we go from here? Seems like going from shared to a Dual/Quad Core Dedicated Server is a large jump and a massive jump in price.

What about a host with a high performance dedicated server for MSSQL shared between customers.

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Windows Hosting With MSSQL Database

May 7, 2008

Any windows hosting provider with MSSQL database?

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ASP.net 3.5 / ISAPI-Rewrite / MsSQL Shared Hosting

Mar 19, 2008

Since about 2002 I have constantly had my own co-located and then dedicated box. Before that, the only paid host I ever used was verio.net. Now that I sold off most of my sites, it is time to move to a smaller, shared hosting plan.

My question is can anyone suggest a good hosting plan? I do not need a lot of space or bandwidth, but I do require a few things:

- ASP.net 3.5 is a huge plus, but 2.0 is do-able

- At least one msSQL database

- Daily backups is also a huge plus. I don't need this second, but eventually I will want it.

- Good technical support is a must. I have dealt with to many companies even with my dedicated hosting that offered horrible tech support. A three day wait on a question is not acceptable. Phone support is a plus, but a 24 hour reply on an email is enough.

- ISAPI-Rewrite, or an equivalent is a must. I rewrite my URL's for SE rankings, as I believe everyone should, so the ability to host a rewrite script is a must. Though I use ISAPI-Rewrite, if their is an equivalent that is do-able.

- Need to be able to run at least (2) domains. My main company domain and then a second domain which is basically a landing page. In future I need a 3rd domain added, so ability to upgrade or add on a domain cheaply is a must too.

If you own a hosting company that matches this, or can suggest any please do so. If you suggest and they offer a referral program feel free to let me know your referral code as you obviously deserve the credit for suggesting the company.

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MSSQL Server + MSSQL Express

Aug 4, 2008

I already have MSSQL 2005 on my server, one my the client requested us to install MSSQL express and they want to use the FOC version.

Can I run MSSQL server + MSSQL server express concurrently? Anybody can give me guidelines how to install it?

Do I need to uninstall MSSQL or it would be as easy as installing MSSQL express on top of MSSQL server.

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MSSQL Express 2005 Instead Of MSSQL 2005 ?

Dec 27, 2007

I`ve just got a new Windows 2003 Web Edition box and now I`m going to install a database server on that.

MSSQL 2005 license would costs 270$/mo for me, So thats not possible to use it because of its price.

I`m not sure if MSSQL Express 2005 or MSDE (which are free) can handle all requirements of ASP.NET programmers or not.

Is there any limitations for major scripts on those? or will those make any doubts for programmers?

Please share your experiences and suggestions.

* I`m going to install "Hosting Controller" on that box.

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VPS Recommendation

Apr 30, 2007

I have a colocated server with cpanel right now.

The cPanel license on my server just expired and I don't feel like paying for another month as there's 3-4 sites on that box that are still active.

I pay $80 a month for the colo with cpanel

So my questions are

1) What do you recommend (reseller vs vps) and who do I go with
2) How do I get my 4 sites off to the new cpanel with an expired license?

If anyone can help that'd be great. Looking to move within 48 hours

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OS Recommendation

Sep 25, 2007

I have a E326 from IBM for a few months now (unused). But I need to put in online asap so I need a suggestion if you worked with him as a normal hosting server (no cluster) for the O/S.

I preffer CentOS is it ok with this server ? Otherwise fedora, suse?

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VPS Recommendation

Jun 23, 2007

I've been reading a lot on this forum lately for a good VPS solution for me, but I've not been too lucky. Perhaps I am just too lazy to read all the posts.

At any rate, I've been with Alpha Red for about a year now and I feel I need to get something new (been having some problems with my mail server and speed, and since it isn't managed, I don't want to worry about fixing it myself). Thus, I am looking for a good VPS solution.

My needs aren't critical, most personal/business type sites, with some client hosting (clients can get very demanding traffic, however, as they will commonly get featured on Digg or YouTube). Because of the clients, I feel I need something clustered with redundancy. I tried out Mosso and just couldn't stomache the simplicity and lack of control.

Disk space would be around 10GB or higher, bandwidth around 500GB or higher (1TB would look amazing to me), and managed is really a plus. However, my budget is only around $150/mo (currently paying $139 for a very slow dedicated server).

I've been tempted to try MediaTemple, but recently looked at Zone.net's clustered VPS, and KnownHost.

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Windows VPS Recommendation

May 9, 2009

I am planning to launch a site in India for which i require a windows vps. my requirements are as

space - 5gb

ram - 1 gb

transfer - 50gb

MSSQL 05 DB - with 300 mb space

1 domain name with sub domains


your recommendations will go a long way in helping me make an efficient decision.

how is verio vws basic plan

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E-mail Recommendation

Jan 4, 2009

opinion about what E-mail would be the best as a autoresponder and email campaign program. Something that can be configured to forward emails to different addresses from different recipients, automatic responces and scheduled email campaigns, all that kind of things. I would prefer an open source solution but if not any I would pay for that.

how to extract the text from an incoming email (through a script maybe) and input to another ougoing email?

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Recommendation For 20-40 Domains

Apr 2, 2008

I plan to host 20-40 domains that will include ~20 blogs total and roughly 20 SQL DB's. I anticipate 5-10 GB traffic / month.

With these requirements, can I realistically make use of a shared hosting plan (like HostGator's)? They claim unlimited domains, though I'm not sure how far I can really take this.

Update: shame on me: GB's, not TB's

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Recommendation For Webmin?

Jul 10, 2008

I'm planning to operate my own dedicated server and bad news is I'm not much of a technical person. A friend recommends that I can use free Webmin as a front end (control panel) rather than paying for others. Do you think Webmin is suitable for newbie on this front?

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