MSSQL Server + MSSQL Express

Aug 4, 2008

I already have MSSQL 2005 on my server, one my the client requested us to install MSSQL express and they want to use the FOC version.

Can I run MSSQL server + MSSQL server express concurrently? Anybody can give me guidelines how to install it?

Do I need to uninstall MSSQL or it would be as easy as installing MSSQL express on top of MSSQL server.

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SQL Server Express And MSSQL

Nov 1, 2007

I have MSSQL 2005 running on the W2k server, can i install SQL Server Express on top of it w/o causing any disruption to other services including MSSQL.

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Plesk 12.x / Windows :: Unable To Add MSSQL 2014 Express Server

Aug 9, 2014

I have Plesk 12 on Windows Server 2012 and SQL 2014 Express, and I am unable to add the SQL server to Plesk. It looks like it is waiting for a long time for something, then I get this error:

Get database server version failed: mssqlmng failed: [DBNETLIB][ConnectionOpen (Connect()).]SQL Server does not exist or access denied. (Error code 1)Click to expand...

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MSSQL Express 2005 Instead Of MSSQL 2005 ?

Dec 27, 2007

I`ve just got a new Windows 2003 Web Edition box and now I`m going to install a database server on that.

MSSQL 2005 license would costs 270$/mo for me, So thats not possible to use it because of its price.

I`m not sure if MSSQL Express 2005 or MSDE (which are free) can handle all requirements of ASP.NET programmers or not.

Is there any limitations for major scripts on those? or will those make any doubts for programmers?

Please share your experiences and suggestions.

* I`m going to install "Hosting Controller" on that box.

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MSSQL Server Attacks

Oct 11, 2009

I can see lot of MSSQL Server attacks. In event viewer "Login failed for user 'sa'. [CLIENT: Some IP]"

Most of the attack coming from Chaina. Tipically what I'm doing manually is get that entire IP range and block from Windows Firewall level.

Now I have plenty of blocked IP ranges all over the world.

What would be the best way to avoid from those kind of attacks ?

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Nov 26, 2008 2.0 + mssql server 2005 + ajaxtoolkit support

I need windows hosting with 2.0 + mssql server 2005 + ajaxtoolkit support for a website project that is being developed. It can probably be launched on shared hosting, but I would prefer at least a VPS. With any success this site would eventually need to be hosted on a dedicated server.

I have been offered a 1U Dell server for free with Windows Server 2003, Dual Xenon Processors, 2 GB ram and 2 x 80gb hard drives. It would probably serve the site well for a long time, but I would need to set it up (or get it setup $) for the above requirements and get it colocated somewhere. BTW, I'm not too familiar with Windows hosting.

To launch the site, I don't really want to spend more than $100 per month. And I'd prefer to stay in the $50 per month range if possible.

Open to any and all suggestions, comments, questions at this point? I've searched and see a lot of suggestions for shared hosting, but I'd really like your opinions on colocating the dedicated server.

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MSSQL Database's Backed Up And Then Moved To A New Server

Jan 5, 2007

one of my servers currently died (it was a 1u System) Dual Xeon, 3GB RAM. I need the DATA off my SCSI harddrives.. i have a 2U system only, but when i try and put the SCSI harddrive into the Machine, windows crashes on the "Windows 2003 " starting screen. Windows, ugh, horrible. I need to get into windows to get my MSSQL database's backed up and then moved to a new server.

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Plesk 11.x / Windows :: Delete Inactive MSSQL Remote Server

May 13, 2014

I have an account which used a remote MSSQL server which I have since deactivated, but before deactivating I forgot to remove the DB and Server from plesk.

So now I can't remove the remote MSSQL server from plesk as there is a DB associated with it, and I can't remove the DB because it obviously can't find the remote server! I'm now stuck in a loop!

How I can force remove the DB/User from plesk and then the remote server ? I'm now receiving errors whilst backing up the account, so needs to be done.

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Plesk Automation :: Remote MSSQL Server Webadmin Link

May 22, 2013

When using a remote MSSQL server, the Webadmin link fails to load in a redirect loop.

Is there any way to change this link or disable it?

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Plesk 11.x / Linux :: Upload Backup MSSQL Server File - Filemng Cp Failed

Mar 19, 2014

I'm trying to upload backup ms sql server file. But the Control panel tells me error: "Error: copy_file failed: filemng cp failed:"

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Mar 20, 2007

I am planning on starting a new project and am curious as to if there would be an issue with hosting the websites (IIS) and the MSSQL Databases on the same server?

Basically housing all of the websites and SQL DBs on the same server?

Is this going to cause major problems? I originally thought that I should house the DBs separate but am starting to think that we can house the web and dbs on the same machine but I wanted to get some advice from other that know more about Windows then I.

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Using MSSQL Server + MySQL On One Server

Jan 27, 2006

How do I get MSSQL Server and MySQL working on the same server?

I have MySQL running but in PHP.INI when I uncomment the extension=php_mssql.dll line MySQL stops working.

Why is this?

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Win/MSSQL Hosting

May 19, 2008

what level of hardware/hosting plan I need for one of my clients.

Current stats:
~65 ecommerce orders per week
~5000 unique visitors per day

MSSQL 2005

My first recommendation to them was RackSpace due their good reputation, but they were not able to pay for the plan suggested to them by RackSpace.

My other question is what type of plan do you guys recommend based on the above stats/requirements (managed/VPS/dedicated/etc.)? VPS is what came to mind for me since we'll probably end up using this setup for more than one website/domain and since they are so price sensitive.

I'm fairly comfortable setting up and administering Win2k3 and MSSQL. I'm sure that plays into the choices a little.

I know there is probably some information I have left out that would help you guys make a recommendation. Please just let me know what else would help.

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MSSQL - Setup

Jun 1, 2008

I have around 5 servers each running an instance of MSSQL. Four of them hold small databases (largest is 4GB) and all fairly active (I was monitoring the largest for around a minute with SQL Profiler and it used about 2000 rows).

The largest server is used as a central database for logs for the above four servers.

This server runs across 4 * 15k drives in RAID10, but the RAM is a huge bottleneck (64bit OS, 32bit MSSQL). I also watched this server for around a minute in SQL Profiler and saw around 2000 rows being used again.

Now I'm looking to centralise everything into a single instance of MSSQL. I can't afford for MSSQL to be slow, but it will be housing 7 databases (3 'main' databases, 3 log databases, 1 misc. database).

I'm looking at this:
- 2 * Quad Core Xeon 5405 - 2.00GHz (Harpertown)
- 12GB RAM
- 250GB SATAII - Windows installation / Programs
- 250GB SATAII - Backup drive, MSSQL transaction logs
- 10 * 73GB SA-SCSI 10k (RAID10) - MSSQL instance, all databases here

I'm just wondering if anyone could hazard a guess if this would be sufficient? I've tried to explain things the best I can. I guess to summarise would be that there are a lot of read and writes that would happen if I conbined all the databases into a single instance.

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MSSQL Licencing

Apr 29, 2008

I see that SQL Server Express said to be free but does that mean its free for commercial use? personal use? development use? I don't see any information.

Also I read on this board that some hosts offer this. Are they just using the free free version or something else?

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MSSQL Best Way - Can't Beat It...

Jun 5, 2007

what is the best way to connect to a MSSQL from a Centos box?

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Adding MSSQL Support To PHP

Jul 15, 2008

I installed mssql support to my cpanel server as you mentioned on cpanel forums. When i request some data it gets charecters in error and writes them to mysql server.

I've installed this on previous server and didnt have this kind of problem.

I set same configs with old server (mysql.php,etc.) but it's not working.

[ ]

cPanel Ticket Message;

we are still having same problem on mssql, there are difference with 2 dedicated but we did not solved it yet. for example, you can see on first screenshot, there is some character errors while it getting datas on mssql server and we think that, it will cause problem and not showing totals but we did not have any problem on old server without characters problems

New server :

Old server :

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ASP.Net Site With MSSQL 2005

Oct 20, 2009

I am looking for a company to host a relatively simple data driven ASP.Net 3.5 website and a MS SQL 2005 database. There will be minimal traffic on the website as it is for a small business and also minimal media will need to be hosted. Features like Ajax should of course also be enabled.

Data security is of importance although as the developer of the site, I would like the flexibility of being able to configure the database (run scripts) through management studio remotely.

Email features will also eventually be required.

The company should ideally be based in the UK and decent support id (and when) the need arises.

Any recommendations? What sort of price range should I be looking at?

Most companies seem to support MySQL- but this is not flexible.

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MSSQL Mirroring / Failover?

Jul 8, 2008

I'm building the infrastructure for a live event site.

I have specced 8 app servers but I'm still unsure with regards to MSSQL.

The site functionality makes a single write to the DB with no reads. A simple option would be to have a MSSQL DB instance on each of the APP servers and simply collate the information after the event.

I've also been looking at the mirroring function of 2005 as it would mean we could get away with two MSSQL servers instead of 8.

Has anyone used MSSQL 2005 Mirroring? Is it easy to setup and maintain? Any caveats?

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Restoring MSSQL Database

May 5, 2009

How can my user use MSSQL management studio to restore the DB? Whenever my user try to browse for the db file, he can't browse to his own web folder due to permission error.

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MSSQL Backup Location

Aug 2, 2009

At the moment our MSSQL defaults to backing up db's to C:/Windows/Temp. On some occasions it backups up to the sql backup folder. Any ideas where these settings exist in MSSQL Management Studio?

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Plsek Mssql Backp

Jan 22, 2009

I use windows hosting and use plesk

I can see any icon except add database, inside the database folder.

In add database too i cant find any import or export option.

How do i upload a local database into my server?

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Large MSSQL DB Hosting

Jul 1, 2009

Does anyone know any shared hosting or semi-private VPS hosting for a site with large MS SQL2005 DB? Our DB is currently 1GB already but could get up to 5-10GB when all is said and done. The site is a B2B networking platform with many users, company profiles, products, etc.

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MSSQL 2005 Hosting

Dec 23, 2008

i am finding a MSSQL 2005 server for one of my application for my client.

Actually, it is a small business program. It will not have a heavy load on the server.

Do any hosting packages company for that with reasonable price? It is not a website. It is a C# software application. So the port will not be 21 or some web port.

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VPS Providers With MSSQL 2005

May 3, 2008

I would like a VPS account, but the problem for me is that my site is and has a MS SQL 2005 database. From the research I have done so far, it appears that only the shared hosting solutions provide a MS SQL database, and if I go with a VPS solution I have to own and install my own copy of MS SQL. Is this correct? Does anybody know of a VPS solution that would also provide me with a MS SQL 2005 database as well? I can't afford to pay $5000+ for MS SQL 2005 Standard Ed.

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Net 2.0, MSsql AJAX 12domains

Dec 2, 2008

I saw the suggestions to search around the site for good hosts, but it's really challenging to sort out the advertising vs real life experience and personal reviews.

Can anyone give some suggestions for a shared hosting service that can handle my needs for:
.Net 2.0
MSsql allowing remote databse connect
about 12 domains
ability to allow several domains to work off the same database
prefer telephone tech support so I can call when things go down.
Tried Godaddy, but they don't allow remote connection to a database (good luck managing large projects)

Tried EasyCGI but not flexible enough

Tried Seekdotnet but even low traffic sites go down, they jumble which domains are connected to your ftp access (one time I had access to another clients html data), and take weeks or up to 'never' to fix hosting errors (fairly sure the errors were not due to the application.)

Heard about IXwebhosting but people don't seem to fond of them hear.

I'd really appreciate some honest input on reliable, reasonable, well supported windows hosting.

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Convert A MSSQL To A MySQL Db

Jul 22, 2007

I am currently using phpdotnuke for a site, and have a forum linked to it supplied by I would like to move to a non-cms site and something like vbulletin, so want to convert the forum db from MSSQL to MySQL - and hopefully keep all the posts and login data!

As a complete novice to that process, is there any pointers out there in terms of reading material, non-command line software etc I can use? Has anyone done this conversion, and what are the dangers?

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Windows VPS With .NET2 And MSSQL

May 20, 2007

I'm looking for a Windows VPS provider that offers .NET2 and MSSQL?

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1G MSSQL, .net 3.5, Hosting Recommendation Needed

Sep 8, 2009

I need a hosting with .net 3.5 support. Prefer 1G MS sql server space. traffic 10-20G is ok. need a stable hosting with good & capable technical support.

anyone can recommend one? I plan to use discountasp, but their sql is too small, 500M only.

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Europe Based Asp.Net 2.0 And MsSql Hosting

Nov 30, 2007

I need europe based asp.net2.0 hosting with mssql, and approx. bandwidth and space 100Gigs-1000Gigs
multiple domains also price is <10$ ...

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Coldfusion 8 - MSSQL 5 Page Hang

Oct 26, 2009

We had a Coldfusion site running MySQL without issues. We are in the process of doing some upgrades and as part of that we recently switched over to MSSQL 5. Ever since that happened, we will have random page hangs. This usually happens on pages with more complex queries, but it is very random. There is no timeout error on the server, no page cannot be displayed errors, no errors of any kind, the page will just hang. We have been monitoring our server resource monitor and we can see when the page 'gives up', we will go from 100% CPU down to almost 0, and then the page simply never recovers. Does anyone have any idea what might be going on? When there is no error message of sorts it makes it very problematic to troubleshoot.

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