WiredTree V.s. Liquidweb

Apr 1, 2008

So, I plan to switch to one of those two dedicated server hosts. I am not sure which one is better. I kinda like them both, but have no experience with them. What do you think?

Liquidweb.com offer:

Processor: Intel Q6600 QUAD CORE
Hd1: 120GB 7200RPM SATA / 8MB Cache (+Upgrade to 250GB drive)
Hd2: 120GB 7200RPM SATA / 8MB Cache (+Upgrade to 250GB drive)
RemoteBackup: 50GB Remote Backup (+Offsite Backup)
OS: Linux - CentOS 4
ControlPanel: CPanel / Web Host Manager (+ServerSecure) (+Fantastico/XController)
SetupFee: $350 Setup Fee
Monthly Fee: $249 /mon

Wiredtree.com offer:

CPU E6420 (Dual-Core 2.13Ghz 4MB Cache)
250GB SATA II 7200 RPM 16MB Cache
250GB SATA II 7200 RPM 16MB Cache
100 Mbs Public + 100 Mbs Private
2000 GB Transfer
$199 setup fee
247$ per month
Fully managed
Linux CentOs, MySQL

I am leaning to Wiredtree because they are new and small company (i think) and I think these new companies are quite nice to their customers in fullfiling their needs but that is non objective opinion. Both companies have good reviews out there. So it's simply choice of user experience with them.

So, in your humble opinion which one should become my favorite host for the next few years.

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Liquidweb Or Wiredtree

Jul 17, 2008

I'm practically ready to click on that 'order' button for a VPS.

I am just stuck in deciding between Liquidweb and Wiredtree.

I'll be running a few scripts and cron jobs, so there may be periods where I hit the server resources a little harder.

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LiquidWeb Vs DedicatedNow Vs WiredTree

May 23, 2009

I have finally sort listed three people to get a reasonable Managed Dedicated Server.

LiquidWeb, I have some experience with their plans, but they are bit expensive. Their support is very good.

Dedidcated now, I think they are in business for long time and reading few good reviews.

WiredTree, I have read good review for VPS, but I don't know about their Dedicated Server side. Also their site doesn't look very professional?

Whom you think have good plans & support?

My earlier post is here, they will give some idea about my requirement;

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May 15, 2009

i wanted to get a comparison, reviews or just which one you think is best and why because i just cant choose

it seems that wiredtree, liquidweb, servin and knownhost are the best of the best, so anyone with exp with any of them or all, id appreciate the feedback!

how is rackspace? i hear they are extremely expensive though

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VPS Reviews At Wiredtree / Jaguar / And Liquidweb

Jul 26, 2008

at wiredtree / jaguar / and liquidweb ... Can anyone tell me their experience with the following companies....

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Servint / Liquidweb / Wiredtree / Futurehosting / Knownhost?

Oct 17, 2009

After reading many topic about VPS providers I finally found some providers who fits my needs.






It seems that those 5 have the best reviews and the best packages/price for my needs.

I think that Servint will be the best choise even if they are all good providers.

99% I will go for Servint,but I'd like to know how your experience is with Servint as a customer.

Just checked their speed and this seems to be perfect,to The Netherlands.

Most of my visitors will come from the US,but speed to The Netherlands must also be perfect to work with cpanel etc.

in the past I tried a VPS from FH and their speed to The Netherlands wasn't so good as the speed of Servint.

What I also like about Servint is that they have their own datacenter in Washington DC.

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LiquidWeb Promo Vs. WiredTree Promo -- Opinions?

Oct 11, 2008

Just looking for opinions on which offer you guys would take... and why, please.

$50 Monthly - VPS Basic
Dual AMD Opteron 2212
50 Gigabytes Storage
400 GB Transfer
512 MB RAM Guaranteed
4 IP Addresses
Linux - CentOS 4

$44.10 Monthly - VPS 384
Intel Dual Xeon Harpertown
40 GB RAID-10 Disk Space
600 GB Bandwidth
384 MB Guaranteed SLM RAM
4 Dedicated IPs

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WiredTree VPS

Mar 4, 2009

I had a VPS for some time with WiredTree and I couldn't be happier.

Anyways, I am about to go ahead and get another VPS back with them, just wondering if there is anyone else I should look at in terms of service support. WiredTree responds in like 15 minutes, is there anyone quicker (not that I need quicker, I just want to know of WiredTree is pretty much the creme de la crop )

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Mar 4, 2008

Got my VPS with[url]on Friday and I just wanna say that those guys are AMAZING! Can't possibly ask for anything more... they set up my server at 3am... WHO DOES THAT? So if anyone is looking for a reliable and friendly company --> WiredTree.com is a must have on your list!

Had 2 little problems as I had no idea how to transfer my domain name and as soon as I try to call them they were right there helping me get my domain name up and running with the new server, also had a phpbb problem which has nothing to do with wiredtree but they took the time and helped me with that also!

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Has Anybody Ever Used WiredTree

Jun 29, 2008

I just saw the add on WHT about wiredtree managed VPS and browsed their packages. I was suprised to see the space they are offering with vps at very resonable price. For $44 > 40GB space + Cpanel + fully managed...

I would like to know more about them specially about their uptime, speed and their customer support. Has anybody been with them?

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Going With Knownhost Vs Wiredtree

Feb 5, 2009

although i had some doubts on wiredtree in a sales chat, i went with knownhosts for the simple fact of quality of my sales chat.

i know this might be might dumb but when you say yep, i kind of think only kids say stuff like that. or i might think that is only a lazily response for some serious queries. this is one thing i got with my wiredtree chat. dumb i know but working with kids like that is a total turn off for me. i take my online business seriously so i hope my hosting provider does the same as i depend on them. the other thing i noticed with wiredtree is their slow response to questions which tell me the guy was focused on other stuff. this may be harsh but when you compare the likes of knownhosts, i was surprised by the pro answers and fast response on each chat question.

as for price, i think wiredtree is double what knownhost charges. as the economy sours, my $ mean everything to me. their current promo is pretty good to.

from this site, both providers look awesome but i thought i would go with knownhost. if things fail, there is always wiredtree which sounds really fine to.

i thought i would type this out as zac was looking for reviews on why i might go with someone else but does not mean i won't be a future customer. i just think knownhost was a little more impressive to me at first glance.

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WiredTree --> Servint

Apr 9, 2009

I'm no longer happy at WT and have (almost) decided to move to Servint. Does anyone know if Servint's sales is open 24/7? I sent them an email an hour ago, without a response or acknowledgement.

From what I've read here, Servint seems like a solid choice - but I'd be eager to hear from any current clients about the support/uptime etc and also if their forums are busy or not?

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Wiredtree OR Servint

Oct 16, 2009

Which one you vote taking into consideration like VPS quality and support? (Leave the dollars part) I have to choose between both guys.

I need less downtime + good support.

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WiredTree Going Downhill

Oct 29, 2009

I've been a happy and devoted customer of WiredTree for almost two years now and have noticed some ugly changes sweeping through the company recently.

In the last few months:

1) Ticket times are taking longer and longer to receive a response and more "new" people are responding back. From 15 minutes, it now takes a lot longer to get a response.

2) Servers are going offline a lot more often. Half a dozen times in the last month alone.

3) Notifications for any work being done that would affect your service are no longer being sent out.

4) More and more of my site users are complaining about slow server speeds from all over the US.

I'm not sure if there has been a change in management or they are overselling their resources but WiredTree is becoming more and more like Bluehost and it's terribly disappointing. The hosting company I grew to trust and respect is no longer the same company.

Unless things change, I would highly suggest anyone looking to WiredTree for a fast, solid, dependable VPS solution keep looking.

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WiredTree Cancellation

Apr 30, 2009

First of all excuse me for my bad english. My native language is spanish. All times on this thread are GMT -5.

On March, 19th, I ordered a VPS with WiredTree - one month using this promo. WT service is pretty good but unfortunately response times from their datacenter to my country (Peru) was terribly bad in sometimes. I open a support ticket to ask about this situation but WT technicians told me that there was no any problem at their side and it should be probably an issue with my ISP.

Since I never had an issue like this with my old provider and having in account that very low response times have been occurring only when I visit my site and not any other site, then I decided to move back to my old provider.

So, according to their TOS:


Account Cancellation

Client must submit service cancellations by opening a ticket through our client portal at least 7 days but not more than 30 days before the end of the service's billing cycle. Cancellation requests are not accepted through phone, email, fax, or any other method besides through opening a ticket through our client portal. You must have all account information to cancel an account. Only the authorized account holder may cancel the account.

In the event of cancellation, customer will automatically be billed for any excess bandwidth usage during the then-current monthly billing cycle.

I open a billing ticket: (13 Apr 2009 15:07)



Please mark my account for cancellation. I'll not renew my VPS. You can cancel it when my current billing cycle expires (19th).

Thank you,

Well. I have done what their TOS says. Nothing more to discuss.

However at April, 28th, my card was charged for the amount of US$49.00 (April billing cycle). Why they charged my credit card if I already requested account cancellation? I dropped an email to billing asking about this issue.

What WT says? (28 Apr 2009 15:55)



It looks like the account cancellation was never followed up on since we requested a confirmation for the cancellation of the account in the last email. It also looks like you were trying to request the cancellation outside of the requirements of the Terms of Service. We can schedule the cancellation for the end of this billing cycle. Please, let me know if you have any questions about this.


So I reply: (28 Apr 2009 16:15)


Hello Jacob,

I'm very disappointed about the way how you want to manage this issue. It isn't as easy as you think: "We can schedule the cancellation for the end of this billing cycle". No! I want to get my money back to my card, it's my right.

What do you mean when you say "It also looks like you were trying to request the cancellation outside of the requirements of the Terms of Service"?

Thank you,

Then I got: (28 Apr 2009 17:03)



> I'm very disappointed about the way how you want to manage this issue. It isn't as easy as you think: "We can schedule the cancellation for the end of this billing cycle". No! I want to get my money back to my card, it's my right.

I will speak to my supervisor to see if there is anything that can be done about this. I will be able to get back to you about this tomorrow.

> What do you mean when you say "It also looks like you were trying to request the cancellation outside of the requirements of the Terms of Service"?

We require a 7 day notice of cancellation prior to the end of the billing cycle. The account renews on the 19th, so the last date of service is the 18th and the request would have needed to be made on the 12th, at the latest. As I mentioned above, I will speak with my supervisor about this and see if there is anything that can been done. Expect a reply to this tomorrow. If you have any questions in the meantime, please, let me know.


And WT's final position: (29 Apr 2009 13:53)


Hello Jonathan,

I'm sorry for the delay in response. I have spoken with my supervisor and he has reviewed this ticket. He told me if the cancellation had been confirmed, we could have proceeded even though the request was made a day late, but since there was no confirmation we cannot reverse the payment now because the server has been online for the past 10 days. We can proceed to cancel the server at the end of this billing cycle. Please, let me know if you have any other questions.


So I have been charged for a service that I requested to be cancelled. I haven't using their VPS anymore after my first month with them finished. Why are they charging me?

I feel that the 'trick' is in the confirmation request. WT's position is understandable at some point of view however they need to understand that in their TOS it doesn't says that people should reply with a confirmation to the cancellation request. In fact, what you can ask after a client had requested account cancellation could be ignored. Account cancellation request is sent when someone has decided to not continue being your client.

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WiredTree Or FutureHosting

Jan 8, 2009

I have seen numerous comparisons between KnownHost & FutureHosting, WiredTree & KnownHost, etc etc, but never seen a comparison between WiredTree & FutureHosting.

FutureHosting ordering system is so confusing, and their separate charges for sevices monitoring, response time guarantee levels and hardware firewall charges are pushing me away from them. If you are their customer, please tell what options did you select while signup and how is everything going.

I need to decide between the two, what do you people recommend? FutureHosting or WiredTree?

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WiredTree And C Class IP

Oct 18, 2009

Does WiredTree offers C Class IP hosting?

I need it to host a network of websites, who has interlinking...

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WiredTree VPS Review

Mar 16, 2009

After leaving my last hosting provider [url]

I moved to WiredTree.

I setup my VPS account with Wiredtree on March 5th. It has not been long enough to give a detailed review, but I will come back and update this thread.

So far I have been very happy with my server's uptime, performance, and Wiredtree's support. I have never used a VPS account before, I have always used a shared hosting account or a reseller account. Some of the configuration options are new to me and I have had questions. So far I have entered a couple of tickets asking these questions.

I have always marked my tickets as low priority and I have still received a response within minutes. I have moved almost all of my domains and have not see any issues.

Like I said I will periodically update this thread as time goes by, but so far I am very happy with Wiredtree.

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WiredTree Vs. GeekStorage

Nov 11, 2008

I am in the market for a VPS. I am looking to be with a stable company, and although I desire the best possible value, I also need a solid, stable product, and this will be used for a business project. It seems to me GeekStorage is newer on the scene, but I have not been afraid to use a brand new company before. Wiredtree obviously has a very good reputation on WHT and other places across the web, but there isn't much on GeekStorage, and what there is is mixed. However GeekStorage has some very active forums on their site, and the people seem to be knowledgeable. Their offers seem to be very similar, although GeekStorage gives a little more RAM at a little lower price (with their current special). Also they do offer DirectAdmin, although I think I am going to go back to cPanel anyways.

Any GeekStorage customers out there willing to pipe in, Wiredtree customers welcome as well.

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WiredTree Whats Ur Take

Jun 16, 2008

Whats ur take on Wired Tree folks, shall i jump the ship and provide them with utter bunny mayhem (cause i am known to be intolerably insane when my server is down). How is their overall support, and network and performance ? Anyone current got "Server" from them who would like to throw some light on their performance and services ?

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Switching To WiredTree.com

Jul 9, 2008

As you may have noted from my previous posts im now switching from my old host to WiredTree.com, after a while i'll give a formal review, buy guys, trust me these guys are outstanding. The response time for a support ticket is literally within MINUTES...i can actually submit a support ticket.. sit for 5 or 10 minutes, refresh, and ill get an answer, and an answer that actually helps. This host is great, plus, they offer cPanel pre-installed, and free. Now that's great. So far i trust these guys completely.

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Willing To Sign Up With WiredTree.com.

Sep 16, 2008

The experience I had in the past was with shared hosting. Now I am willing to operate a download website at which the files will be hosted on my server. I am not willing to invest a lot of money in the website resources in the first few months since I don't expect to receive a lot of traffic at the very beginning. Therefore, I decided to go for something in between shared hosting and dedicated hosting.

I decided to choose [url]

Intel Dual Xeon Harpertown
512MB Guaranteed SLM RAM
60GB RAID-10 Disk Space
800GB Bandwidth
4 Dedicated IPs
cPanel / WHM
Virtuozzo 4 with Power Panel
Fantastico, RVSkin, WHMCS Available

1- What do you think about WiredTree?

2- Can I control anything related to htaccess (like modrewrite) in VPS?

3- Do I truely need Fantastico, RVSkin, WHMCS cpanels or is cPanel just enough?

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WiredTree And ManageMyBox

Aug 17, 2008

Just a few words that I thought I might add on these 2 companies. I've been mostly a lurker on these forums but here's my 2c anyways.

Manage My Box

I've been with ManageMyBox for over a year now, and they have had great service. All my issues (except 1 so far) have been resolved quickly and professionally. I've had near-perfect uptime with them. Now back to the issue I'm having with them right now. My sites are quite small, and never progressed far enough over the past year to warrant a dedicated box. So as of yesterday, I notified them that I would be moving over to another service at the end of my billing cycle (21st of every month). Lo and behold I awoke this morning to find my server gone! I've opened an issue with them and they've just bounced it from support to sales.. with still no result today (guess noone works sundays).

Overall, I would recommend them to whoever's looking for a solid dedicated host. Just if you plan on swaping to a new service, move everything before you notify them you're cancelling.

Update - Yay It's back up! Thanks ManageMyBox!


Now I was going to swap services to WiredTree, and from all the good reviews I've read about them, I was expecting to run into few if no problems. Anyways, a long story short, I paid yesterday, was called by one of their representatives to verify by phone.

Now I'm still awaiting an email containing server information and client portal login.

I've sent them an e-mail 10 hours ago, and all I know so far is that my ticket has been sent to billing. I was under the impression when I was contacted yesterday that everything was going to be set up within hours.

I just hope that this happened b/c everyone is away on the weekend.

Now I have a nice 36hr shift to look forward to tomorrow morning so I guess I'll check-in in 2 days and update everyone as to my progress.

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Wiredtree First Thoughts Review

Feb 3, 2009

I was having problems with shared hosting so I'm having a crack with a VPS from wiredtree. I have been with them 3days so thought I'd post up an early review on my first thoughts then update 3months on, 6months and 12months.

I'm new to the VPS world and have never had any experience with server management/functions other than with-in cpanel so you could say I'm a total noob, so this is coming from a newbie perspective. Ok so here goes for the pros/cons so far.


- The set-up was fast once sorted (see the first con).

- The payment system and ordering process was easy to follow.

- The support is very fast helpful and understanding (this is for their online support not phoned them yet).

- The start-up e-mail is useful and gives clear direct instructions.

- The prices are fair and in-line with the market.

- Their 'Grove' control panel is clean and clear and gives you access to vital functions and information, such as DNS, server stats, billing and support.

- When I set-up my account they didn't ring to confirm I had to chase them to get it sorted but once it was confirmed my server was up in under 1 hour.

- On their bottom package they give 348mb ram which before you put anything else on the server over 60% of this is used by other functions/softwares. Of course these things can be turned on/off when needed but I feel this should be mentioned at sign-up so people can understand and plan what they are going to need.

- Their knowledgebase has so far failed me as the issues I have had (mostly due to being a noob) are not listed on it and there are no other way other than submitting a ticket to find out about the small easy to solve problems, but their support is fast so no biggy.

Overall its not been a bad start It has had some floors but I'm happy and things are running smoothly.

Like I said these are only first thoughts on the service and I will update at later dates to give a clear picture on their service.

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2.5 Months Review Of WiredTree.com

Sep 24, 2009

After having a dedicated server for more than 70 days from WiredTree.com, I thought that it would be a good time for a review.

I came across them through good reviews in this forum and took the opportunity to get one of their special offers (Core i7). As a short summary in advance: I can fully recommend them to anyone seeking a managed dedicated box.

I just had contact to Sales twice - Once as I tried to bargain for an even cheaper offer than the special one they already had (without success, by the way) and a second time when it came to an eventual server upgrade. Response time was quick, the answers were professional and friendly and there is nothing I could complain about.

Server Setup:
I was in a totally different time-zone than WiredTree while ordering the server. As they have the practice to call their new customers for identity verification, the call reached me at night time and I could not pick it up. So I called them in the morning and they called me back again. It must have been deepest night time in Chicago at this moment. From this telephone call on, it took less than 2-3 hours (as far as I remember) until the server was ready and online.
Another thing is their "ServerShield Server Hardening" that they perform before you get the box. I never received a dedicated server before with so many tweaking measures taken in advance. MySQL performance was improved, the firewall was well configured, security checks were already made, everything felt fine-tuned in advance. So, again, very good job done by WiredTree.

Hardware Quality:
You might say: "You've only been with them 70+ days. Of course, there was no hardware problem during that short time". Well, I read here at WHT about customers of other hosts who had the first failures already at the moment they received the new box. So - No hardware problems at all until now.

I am not very experienced in server management and tend to get nervous if something doesn't work and support takes more than 30min. to answer questions. I know that this makes me annoying sometimes, but at least I always try to be friendly. Fortunately, WiredTree seems very good prepared for nerve-wrackers like me... Support never took more than 15min. to answer my requests and in at least 2 cases, they even bent backwards to help me with problems that had nothing to do with them. Every single request got solved in a very short time. I contacted support at the most unusable hours of the day because I often travel between different time zones - They were always there, like an own IT-Crowd in your pocket. Two thumbs up for their support staff.

100% Uptime during the whole time. No hickups at all, no problem that I would be aware of. Fine speed all the time. There is really nothing negative that I could say.

No billing issues at all. Everything worked correctly.

Their customer portal "Grove":
Well. Hmmm. Okay, one thing first: I saw several customer portals during the last 10 years. And none of them blew me away. I haven't seen SoftLayer's yet and was told that theirs should be even nicer than grandmas cheese cake, but the grass is always greener on the other side as long as you have never been there. Let's say that "Grove" is surely one of the better and nicer looking customer portals around. It bundles a lot of information and offers a good way of communication. The rest is a question of taste...

The bad news:
I cancelled the server today. The company I work for has rent several servers at another host and paid them 1 year in advance. One is totally unused (great planning, MnMgt!) and I was offered by my boss to use it cost-free for that period of time. Well, this is an opportunity I have to take... Saving $300 a month is quite a lot of money. But I am determined to go back to WiredTree as soon as my "free time" is over.

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WiredTree 1 Year Review

Jan 10, 2009

I have been a WiredTree customer for about one year and I am very happy with their services. One of the top VPS providers available on the world, WiredTree runs its servers in its own datacenter and it is the real peace in mind company. On January 15th 2008 I've started a VPS 512 in WiredTree using a a WHT promo offer and encountered not only one problem with billing, hardware, software, support! I'm running 16 monster websites of my selected customers on this VPS under cPanel optimized for VPS release 4-R32603 - WHM 11.24.2 - X 3.9. OS: CENTOS 4.7 i686 on Virtuozzo. I've recently rebooted my VPS by command line (SSH) due a new app install exigence and this task was performed in few seconds without only one problem with cPanel!

Uptime: 10/10
Management: 10/10
Support: 10/10
Price: 10/10
Billing: 10/10
Domain for verification: ....

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6+ Month Review Of Wiredtree

Mar 17, 2009

Had to call into Wiredtree tech support for a very minor question (forgot my Grove Logon name and needed to check some billing info), which reminded me I've neglected to do a six month review of them.
See here:

and here:

for background info so you'll know this isn't a puff piece. I had a very frustrating start to the world of VPS's, having migrated from 1and1 shared hosting. Had _major_ problems configuring email to work with port 587 (which is mandatory because of my ISP's blocking port 25) with both Servint and WiredTree. SerVint's fault with them, my fault with Wiretree for not letting DNS changes time to propagate.

So, bottom line is the past 6-7 months with Wiredtree have been totally trouble-free.

All the sites I host are lightning fast and stable. With the exception of a DDoS attack back in September which caused a couple hours of downtime (luckily in the wee morning hours of a Saturday), there've been absolutely no problems whatsoever.

I use mon.itor.us to check availability of my web sites and there's an occasional NOK (not OK) for smtp or pop but never anything to speak of and it's always back up within a minute or two, so I'm pretty sure the problem is on their end or network related and not Wiredtree's.

If I had wanted to stay with Plesk, I probably would have been satisfied with SerVint but they could never get cPanel to work with port 587. I just checked their web site and noticed they re-designed it and must say it looks much better.

One thing I did notice is SerVint now offers 512 MB RAM (burstable to 1 gig) with their entry-level VPS's while Wiredtree still offers 384. I don't go by the "burstable" RAM, which if I remember correctly is pretty much a marketing gimmick but I'm surprised Wiredtree is no longer equal to SerVint in that respect, as they were in August. But it doesn't matter to me as most of my sites are usually Flash, which needs consistent throughput, not processing power.

Bottom line: add me to the massive list here on WHT who are completely satisfied with Wiredtree.com.

Are they a bit more expensive than most other providers?

Are they worth every penny of it?

Most assuredly!

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Wiredtree.com :: My Initial Review

Feb 25, 2009

I will be posting a month review after my 1st months of service.
But for now, here is my initial review of Wiredtree.com

This is under my domain of aps-enterprises.co.uk which you can tell is on the Wiredtree network.
OK here goes.

Placed my order on Saturday 21st as Level3hostings main site went off line and I got a really bad feeling that my VPS would go down too, a feeling which proved all too true.

After a little while, I got the Fraud check phonecall. Although I couldnt hear them, James Webb could hear me, that was quite amusing....

Sunday 22nd, got my VPS Setup. Usually they said it would take a lot quicker to get setup, but they did have a network maintainence for about 3hrs. I was stil happy.

7.16am GMT time, my VPS with LEVEL3HOSTING went down *thank god for backups!! hooray I learnt my lesson*

The VPS I ordered is a good spec and any support tickets I had to raise, all were answered and resolved in an average of 15mins!! Yep! 15mins. I used to pay an external company each month, and they resolved stuff in 24hrs. How cool are they?

So anyway, VPS is great, Uptime has been 100% one can only expect. And Support is by far, one of the best I have seen.

Only been in business with them for my 5th day, so far they will be keeping me as a customer and if I have to upgrade (which I know one day I will), then I will be ordering any upgrades through them.

This is only my initial review and I will post a 1 month one too.

Which I reckon will be a positive one, just like this one is.

Thank you Wiredtree for making my life easier for my hosting business. As they say you do get what you paid for, and believe me the services I have had from some people that saying is very true, however you guys.... I think your prices are cheap for the amount of work you actually do.

Keep it up, and I hope this review makes a few customers for you.

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My VPS Hosting Review (WiredTree)

Jan 25, 2009

I think I owe WiredTree a review since I believe I am their most annoying customer by now. Why annoying? Because I have made a total of 9 tickets and a couple of phone calls after buying their vps512 package on the 8th of this month. So far, their hosting has been my favourite ever. I never even dreamed of such a remarkable hosting company. After lurking around here and asking people for their inputs on the best vps hosts, I imagined that the vps companies would be just the same as the shared hosting companies I have been hosted with from earlier. But to my surprise, these guys were the very best.

I was puzzled whether to go for KnownHost or WiredTree, while KnownHost had a remarkable forum for all types of support, WiredTree had a very brilliantly designed website. Part of the reason, I did not go for KnownHost was because their website did not make a good appeal to me, but that wasn't the main thing. When I asked a question to wiredtree, they gave me answers in less than 10 minutes. And that has never changed even after being their customer. Their president Zac, personally provided me with their userguide which is another masterpiece. That attracted me more towards them. Their grove panel, if only it could do what cpanel and whm can do, it would be the best admin panel in the market.

It's very well designed.

So within these last few weeks, all 9 tickets I opened got answers within 10 minutes and that too in a detailed manner. They left nothing out, they configured everything (from dns, email setup, updates for the vps) for me. I am a big fan of their two support guys (Jake and James). These guys are the most hard working people. I was stunned to see the server's capabilities. The loading speed in my website is unbelievable right now. I know I am so stunned because I come from a sharedhosting. But I have bought vps' for many clients of mine, and their servers were not even as close as these guys. Though wiredtree could not help me with migrating my website's contents, they did migrate my databases. I shut down my website for 2 days only and got even more traffic after a promise to the members that my site would be blazing fast!

So my short review and rating for their services:
VPS512- it might not be the right package for me yet, but it wasn't really expensive for me, so I bought it anyway. I know I will need it very soon (2-3 months time).

Support- They dont sleep, they will answer your questions within 15 minutes and that too in a precise and detailed manner.

Server Speed- Blazing fast, nothing beats it.

Server Upgrades- They will let you know beforehand if you might experience a downtime, I faced one downtime for less than 20 minutes when they upgraded their virtuozzo.

Help with anything- They will fix your problem, they will work with you all the time and yes they never give up.

Its very easy for anyone to learn how to run a VPS, just follow the userguides they provide you with.

I would say that they are the best people in this business. I know within a year or less, I might need a dedicated server. I wont be going for a hybrid server, I will make the leap over to the Dedicated Servers and yes WiredTree will be in my top list.

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Worth Pay For The WiredTree Services

Oct 3, 2009

Worth pay for the WiredTree services?

Because I'm wanting to change from my Dedicated in GalaxyVisions to another host...

I read everywhere about the good services from WiredTree...

But they're the most expensive, too...

So, there's the question...

Worth pay for the WiredTree services?

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(mt)'s (dv)Rage Vs. WiredTree's Hybrid1

Oct 28, 2009

I have a (dv)RAGE with Media Temple, but to move to a managed solution.

I've heard very, good things about WiredTree. Their Hybrid1 server is at the same price, $100/month. Plus more storage, more transfer, same RAM. Looks like similar hardware.

Basically... why SHOULDN'T I make this move? What's the potential downside? Seems too good to be true.

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